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This is an interview with Ivan from CLITEATER. To introduce this band is a waste of time I think. Just enjoy it! And be ready for the new album"THE GREAT SOUTHERN CLITKILL" next year!

Hi Ivan, how are you. Give me an update about the band, anything important
happening in the near foretime?

Hi Jorg, thx for the interest in our band. Some important things what are going to happen are the re-releases of the “Clit e’m All” and “Eat Clit or Die” albums on Sevared Records in North America. In the meanwhile we write new tunes for the upcoming album and try to play some shows. At this moment I face some real health problems, so we had to cancel all activities in 2009 but hopefully they are gone soon so I can concentrate for 100% back on the band. More news later.

As you founded CLITEATER, have you ever believed how rapid it would grow?

Actually no. I just started as a joke and as time filler for Vedran and me. When Joost became a member, it all started as a serious band, especially when 2 labels wanted to release the first album and promoters asked us to play live. After Morris joined the band, it all went very fast and the critics told us that we were a one day fly but hey, we still running haha.

Under what premise was CLITEATER founded at that time. Had the world not enough brutal gory sexist bastards. What gave you the balls to come up with another grindband?

As I told I was bored and bought a drum computer to make songs for myself which I liked. Mortician was the biggest inspiration for me. It wasn’t, the idea that this would be grow as a real band, but it turned the other way haha when Vedran, Joost and later on Morris joined the project.

How serious do you take your self? In both ways, the music and the image.

As music very serious. I think you would be scared when you see us practicing and have discussions about a riff of lyric. About image I don’t know. Unfortunately most people say we are porngrind, but we aren’t porn grind. Those people just say what others say. For me personally is important that we have a positive image and I think we have them cause we treat everybody like promoters, fests, other bands and fans with lots of respect!

Puns with Metal classics (album titles and cover art)! What is behind it, respect or impiety?

It started in a bar. We are thinking about the first album title and after some beers I said, Clit e’m all and the others said, woow that’s an awesome name. For the second title (Eat Clit Or Die) someone send an e-mail with some new cd titles and one of them was this one. So we decided to use this also for future releases. It’s a total respect for all the bands we love all our lives, not to make fun of them. I really can’t imagine why some people think we just make this titles to make fun of our favorite bands.

To what extent are you influenced by the classics actually? It is not audible exactly.

Those bands where the first bands we started listening to when we were young and via this way we wanna send a tribute to them, what made us who we are now.

How have you got your little faithful butcher? Is he something like a running gag a like Hemorrhages pathologist?

Haha. Luisma from Haemorrage is the designer of “Andrej Nicolai” and he’s becoming our mascot. For the “cock and love” video we found a guy who was looking like Andrej Nicolai, but he didn’t had the balls to play in the video haha. Iron Maiden has Eddy, we have Andrej Nicolai.

You have gambled a lot on shows in the past. Soon you will share the stage with ROMPEPROP for a European tour. Becomes it not too much sometimes? I believe that it is always fun or can you enjoy it every time?

Yes sometimes it becomes to much, because we can’t live from the music so we all have to work at least 40 hours a week to pay the bills at home. We rehearsing 2 times a week and for 2010 all my vacation days I have are spend again on gigs and studio so the first holiday I will have is maybe in 2011. For 4 years I didn’t had a holiday cause all my energy and spare time is going into the band and sometimes it’s to much but most of the times is a cool thing to do. On tour with Rompeprop means drinking beer,beer,beer,beer, no sleep and eating hamburgers haha.

What do you think is actually the reason for CLITEATER popularity?

I don’t know but we feel blessed!

Could you explain why the chicks go crazy during your shows? Throwing their slips on the stage as in a Take That concert and shit like that. Are they all silly or just horny?

3 or 4 years ago we did some gigs when panties where thrown on stage, but for the last 3 years we never had a panty experience on stage. Maybe the horny girls are grow up now, have children and a husband who did not like it when they trow panties to CLITEATER on stage haha. Even some send us panties by post and asked to make a picture of it and put it on our website haha.

Similar shit with the girls in your clip "cock and love"; how do you enticed the girls to go up to the camera? Sometimes I have to doubt of my image of women!

We just send a bulletin trough myspace and after a day we could choose between 8 beautiful girls. Six of them became the lucky ones and they all did a great job in our video! Respect!

How obnoxious do you feel your lyrics are to yourself? Have you ever got in trouble with it? Or will CLITEATER not be apprehended outside the scene?

The lyrics are just fixation and we believe our listeners can see the different between real and non real things. The lyrics are stories behind a news topic and deal with real things in life, but then in an extreme coat. Some lyrics have some political loading and some are autobiographical. We never had problems with the lyrics, but our band name was sometimes a big problem. Mostly in English talking countries, cause a good distribution was not possible cause the fear of suing shit blahblah, or once we got an angry phone call from a Homo organization, who where thinking we are homophobes cause our cd was called “Eat Clit Or Die” and have a name like CLITEATER. And off course when you have an interview for work, if they ask, what’s your hobby and you say that you play in a band called Cliteater, you can say goodbye to your future job hahaha.

Are you sometimes afraid to stagnate musically? Or work the songwriting like Dutch soccer and round, hard and failed (just kidding)
You have balls to make those jokes!! I,m a big fussball lover (Schalke 04, sorry for those who don’t but I visit many times games in Gelsenkirchen, cause it’s only a 25 minute drive and your football league is much better then the Dutch)!!!) and those things can hurt a Dutchman hahaha, but no worries, next WM fussball we gonna kick ass and win the final ;) No we are not afraid of stagnation because we try to beat this problem to experiment with lots of creativity and only take the songs who sounded the best!

Why did Morris leave the band? Did he get famous with HYMEN HOLOCAUST now? Or have you over fault him?

Morris left the band because he could not combine it anymore with his private life. He runs a big company, works 70 hours a week, has to raise 3 children and playing often live was to hard for him. He did an amazing job for 7 years and we still have contact with him, off course he’s our friend and for him was also a hard decision to make.

And what about Susan? Maybe she wasn't recognized in what a band she plays? Or is she too busy with GOD DETHRONED and all the other bands?

In first place we asked her only for the summer festival gigs, but she wanted to stay cause her own band was quit and we where satisfied with her. After a year she started MURDER SSYNDICATE and wanted to leave us, because she could put all her time in the new band. A few months later she joined forces with GOD DETHRONED and she’s still playing in it and I still have good contact with her.

You release your music is sometimes here and sometimes there. Are you erratic in this regard? What do you expect from WAR ANTHEM now? Has your show at PARTY SAN 07 kicked off the door to them? By the way, how does it feel to play in front of so many people?

The first release was on Dismemberment / Bleedin Hemmoroid Recs. They only printed 250 copies and they were sold in one week. They could not finance a new pressing and the distribution was zero. Restrain Recs picked it up and re-released the first cd and released also the 2nd cd. Because of circumstances Restrain was not able to put more energy in the band and told us to leave because he thought the band deserves a better and bigger label. Morbid signed us, but financially they broke just before our release of Scream Bloody Clit, and War Anthem picked it up and released the Scream Bloody Clit cd. We have good contact with the guys and the coorperation between is very good!! It’s a growing company with great releases and we are very proud to be one of them! WAR also is going to release the new full length cd and the gig on PSOA was for sure a kick of the door for them! This gig was really amazing and one of my favorites I ever done!!

Can you explain why in THE NETHERLANDS there are so many Grindbands? I mean, it is only a small grass verge that is looking for cover behind the seawall.

I don’t know, maybe cause is so small lots of people come in contact with grind and metal people? And we are not only a small piece of grass verge before a seawall haha, we have an beautiful country, with lots of cultures, history and nice beers and food. Feel free to visit and drink some beers with us!

Can you handle the stereotypes? What's your opinion about this: The only reason that THE NETHERLANDS are not under water today, is, you are all not at home at the same time. Because you are caravan - terrorists of the streets in Europe!

Off course I can handle stereotypes and this one is a funny one. Last summer I made a short trip to Switzerland and I saw many Dutchies driving with caravans and I was thinking, what the fuck is going on here haha. But I hate the stereotype that every foreigner things every Dutchy smokes weed or bring it to other countries. Last trip German police took me 3 times from the autobahn cause of drug controls cause I was Dutch.

So many thx for the interview Jorg. For those who wanna join is, feel free to look at our myspace at

Stay loyal to the clits and see you on tour!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


“The goal for Humanity Falls is to take the sound to another level. The philosophy is to create a unique sound but to maintain creativity and emotion that has become absent in modern metal. We believe the death metal scene as late have been growing predictable, and we would like to bring back the sound that makes death metal special” That´s what I call a statement. Let´s see what is behind it!

Hi Eston, how are you man. How is it going with your “experiment” HUMANITY FALLS? Give me all redunant details about the band!

I am well, Jorg. Just enjoying the trying times. We lost our original drummer back in August, and it put a damper on a lot of things we wanted to do at the time but we bounced back pretty quickly and all the material is coming together perfectly. The chemistry we all have with each other is amazing. Currently, we're adding the finishing touches on our first record titled "Ordaining the Apocalypse" and a mini-tour is going to follow in suit for the CD in the middle of next year. Things in the Humanity Falls camp are starting to reach levels we all haven't been before, so we're all pretty anxious for what the next 6 months are going to bring. We just hope that we keep receiving the comments we've been getting so far.

You guys must have damned big balls, to release a demo with that unbeliveable lousy sound! Are you not afraid to forfeit your chance still before it all really started?

Yeah, the demo quality is awful for our standards...but we figured why the hell not release it? There's plenty of brutal death metal, black metal and grindcore bands who are established now who have releases sub-par demo quality releases. We just wanted to show everyone a sample of what's to come when we finish recording the album. It'd be a crime to hold back until the CD was finished. The album would have been recorded had we not switched drummers, so all we're hoping that the tracks we have now will conduct enough interest until we're finished. We aren't afraid at all, it's going to be worth the wait

How is it originated? Probably someone has forgotten a taperecorder in a corner of your rehearsal room as you were wasted and raped your instruments!

We originated about a year ago. This was supposed to be just a side project – something we all did whenever we got around to it. We all pretty much knew each other from local shows and from my previous band, so it was only a matter of time before we collaborated. Our old drummer knew me really well and what I was capable of, thought I’d be a good fit for the band, so I gave it a try.

“Take the sound to another level” – fuck man you are pretty cockily. Like the demo sounds you mean –sublevel- for sure! Come and convince me from the contrary! With all the countless bands out there, why do you think just your band has a right to exist? To be alive in the jungle you must have something to offer! What shall that be? Tell me something about your musical paragons!

We don't deserve to exist at all, I won't be arrogant here. But we all love playing and creating music and we want to give back to the scene that's done so much for us. It's always been a dream to play with the bands we always pay to see, so we hope that comes to fruition. Honestly, we're all pretty much tired of same boring myspace bands getting popular and known in our scene who are not worth it. The scene here is flooded with deathcore or bands who love to slam. It's all getting really old. The only way I can convince you that we aren't a pretentious band is if we come to a venue near you...but realistically, we just like the music to speak for just be patient until the album is released. I always believe that if you really don’t like something, you can change it for yourself. So that’s what we’re going to try and do.

Is that progressive GORGUTS – like guitar play not just music for musicans who have to prove something to themself? The crowd in front of the stage want just brutal riffing or am I wrong?

Of course! It’s always more than just fans. The goal within the music of “Humanity Falls” is never to be the biggest or fastest band but we definitely want our music to be felt and our themes to effect the lives of others. Life changing? Who knows. But we definitely want our listeners to feel what we’re saying and relate to it. We can only hope for the best and hope that it will catch the ears of others. The ultimate rule is we want to make music for ourselves. Music that WE all want to sit down and listen to. I can speak for us all when I say we can care less of the opinions of others. We just do what we want, when we want and I hope fans can respect this. I feel like that’s becoming somewhat of a lost philosophy .As Ammo (guitars) would say, fans want to hear brutal riffing, That’s mandatory and it comes mandatory with the music that we play...but at the same time, we have to make it original and to the point where no one is watching us bored on stage or craving a cigarette instead of watching us.

What is your fascination with complex music? Or is it actually not so complicated?

I wouldn’t say our sound is as complex or complicated as say, Spawn of Possession or Portal. I wouldn’t say we have a fascination with complex music at all. I would say we have a fascination with trying to find original bands and original styles of music who can influence us and make us better musicians and people.

Your lyrical themes are not about blood and pus, you devote real themes, I think. But shall be music not just escapism. Why do we have to be remembered in our rare spare time on our own persihability?

This is pretty much my only escape from the real world, playing this death metal music. Blood and pus is just as realistic as being selfish or materialistic. It’s not an everyday thing where I can go up and hack or rape a woman, and I’m not a mortician or doctor, either. I don’t know of fancy medical terms, so I can’t really relate to the gore. Music is about self emotion and reality, and I’m sure we all feel that way so we like to bring that to the table. I can relate to things I see on a daily basis so I just philosophically put together my thoughts and feelings. There are a lot of things that go into the lyrics I produce. I feel like the lyrics have to present the image and has to match the mandatory brutality that’s in the guitars, bass and drums. Everything has to compliment each other from top to bottom in the style of metal we play. If the listener can’t handle it, there’s always another band to listen to that will suit their needs. Just as long as people can listen with an open mind is all that we can possibly ask as a band.

How is it going forward with your first cd? Are you able to pay for the studio or have you to record under the bridge?

We're going to record it the same way we did with our demo! I'm sure everyone is going to be glad about that!!!! Especially you, Jorg!!! Hahaha…
Seriously…the CD is shaping up to be very special to all of us whether people give us a chance or not. We really hope so. The process has been fun, yet stressful at times…but we’ve always tried to make the time as productive as possible. Hopefully it all shows in the recording. As for the method that we’re going to do, I think we’re going to keep that under the bridge. I will add that we are working on a promo CD, one that sounds ten times better and will give an accurate representation of the band. We’re going to try and sneak that on some people before the end of year if all goes well. The process in the CD has been very productive along with the song writing and we appreciate all the help we have received with it, we all just hope it will be released in time for our tour. We desperately want everyone to hear what we’ve been coming up with in our hibernation.

The artwork for the upcoming album shows like a cover for a gay pagan band. Are you sure you wanna use it?

Yes, we’re sure. Hahaha… I believe the cover represents the sound and the reaction we’ve gotten so far…which is hit or miss. You either like it or don’t. Everyone’s always got a different opinion. Like I said, it goes back to the original philosophy…so who cares? We’re doing what we want…we’re just going to let the music speak for itself.

Why call your bass player “The Faceless bassist”? Because he has a gob that only a mother loves?

I wouldn’t go that far, brother. I’m not too into the gore, but our bassist is for sure…so watch out! Hahaha…

Will you be here on earth after 12.21.2012? Or are you digging for your bunker under your rehearsal room?

I hope not. I mean, after seeing Gorguts or Ulcerate I wouldn’t have a reason to live anyway!

I need your true opinion to the following cd´s!

Immolation is my favorite band. Definitely one of the best death metal CD’s of all time.

- BON JOVI Keep the Faith

I could care less…


Second favorite band, remarkable album. David Vincent’s best vocal performance and I truly love the eerie feeling of the record from top of bottom. Formulas Fatal to the Flesh is better, in my opinion….

- AEROSMITH: Get a Grip

Never really liked Aerosmith.

- PESTILENCE : Testimony Of The Ancients

Another favorite record and band of mine. Right next to Dawn of Possession.

- ELVIS - general ( the guy with that all the noise started)

: I don’t really have an opinion. Heh…

Are ANIMALS still killing PEOPLE? Are you still active with them?

Hopefully they are… but we’re still active and productive as well. We just recently played the first New Jersey Death Fest, and we have some things in the works. It’s crawling, but we’re still alive.

Anyway, have you still desire for your other bands. I mean, now you play serious and adult music! Are you still into brutal and raw tunes?

Very much so! I try to learn about as much in the underground death metal scene as possible as spread it to everyone else. We’re all like family, so if I really get into a band I let everyone else know. Sean who plays in Morbid Terror and Edifice got me onto this band from Belgium called Amputated Repugnance, so I’ve been checking them out, I have another friend in Fumes of Decay and their demo is really impressive. Disentomb, Jasad, Perverse Dependence, Parasitic Extirpitation and even Sean’s band Edifice have some pretty brutal and raw tunes going on, so yeah…I’m addicted to the grind.

Last shot is yours, Sleep well.

Thanks! 2009 has been a great year for death metal! We’ve had awesome CD’s from Asphyxiate, Amputated Genitals, Abysmal Torment, Devourment, Ulcerate, Portal,and so many more! And in addition to that, the local bands we know of and are friends are slowly starting to work their way up as well. Andromorphus Rexalia, Morbid Terror, Edifice, Shiro Ishii, Pyrrhon just to name a few. I highly recommend Pyrrhon as they’re one of my favorite bands we’ve played with thus far. And for all of the people who like to firmly stand by the belief that death metal is growing stale, I would like to say that the current state of metal is getting very pathetic and that I agree to an extent. People need to stop ruining the scene with unoriginal and recycled music. Promoters need to start doing their job again and promoting the shows and not leaving it up to the bands anymore. This whole “pay to play” ordeal that’s getting popular fucks everyone over and we all don’t stand for it one bit. There is more to life in music than living and relying on your myspace pages. There is a whole world out there for us musicians!
Go out to your local record stores, put up fliers, tell your friends and support your fucking bands! I get so sick of people only downloading and buying shirts but never going to the shows. We are not here to support your fucking mp3 collection. Shows are not that expensive! I am guilty of downloading, but I still purchase CDs and spread the word of spectacular bands that merit it. This death metal scene is not dead! I want to keep my scene alive, but if you care about this music the same way I do, then please follow. The only way the bands will survive is if you go and see them!!!!!!!
If you want to keep up to date with the band, you can keep in contact with any of us through our page. Our 2009 promo will be coming, so be on the lookout!!!

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“Psychogenesist arose to life after the break up of the band Bone Crushing Annihilation in 2007. Hailing from Orange County NY these epic musicians aim to get metal back on top, where it belongs!” This sounds damned pretentious, let´s see whether this guys have balls too!

Hi Dan, how are you, hope it´s all fine in Orange County. I´m sure you are busy with beer, sluts and being a good patriot!

O you bet, thanks for having me!

Tell me something about the rotted and wasted pack that vegetate under the name PSYCHOGENESIST!

Well we got Jesse Pospisil on drums. He originally had joined as our guitar player, and recorded on our demo. After we had problems with our drummer he switched roles to his second instrument, drums! He's a natural, metal is in his veins! Then we got Max Case playing bass in the band. He's been a looong time friend of mine, and played in my old band BCA. Fucker just shreds! And of course me, I'm doing all the guitar work now, and vocals!

You say your music is an expression of true being. Explain it! Are you really officious to tell the people something...what ever?

Haha, I've just always had the urge to play extreme metal. I have a vision for my writing, and i like to let my music tell stories. Especially the solos!

What happened since “Celestial Destiny” demo? I hope you have got more than 4 songs since then!

O yea! Like i was saying we had some problems with our original drummer. That forced us to change our line-up around a bit, but i never quit writing new songs! Now we are back to 100% and have been doing shows locally!

How is going forward with your next album. How is coming along? You announce it for 2011, it seems you are not the fastest!

We got 10 songs written now, and yea we are shooting for an early 2011 release! Having to switch the line-up around during the written process kinda put a lot of pressure on me, and it was a hard time for all of us really. We've worked hard at crafting the album, and once it's released you'll know why it took longer then I would have liked!

Any attractive and lucrative label deals for it? Or will you do it by yourself? What are the advantages if a band has its recordings in their own hands?

This is actually one of the reasons why we are delaying the release till early 2011. We are investigating our options now. We had some problems with our label when i was still in BCA, and that kinda put a bad taste in my mouth. We are ready to move on now, and are open to offers! If nothing comes through we will definitely do a self release! These days with studio's struggling, and power of the internet, you can still reach a lot of people and stay in control, without going broke!

What about the lyrics, is there significant meaning to them or are they just means to an end - to give your music the right accompaniment? Are your lyrics a manifest?

Our lyrics are very important! I've always been in observer so most of them are my reactions to all the bullshit going on these days. We cover a lot of topics from Religion, Politics, Cannibalism, Apocalyptic events, and there's even one about life on other planets.

Who is responsible for the songwriting? How is it possible to put so many brutality in the songs without letting it sound patched together?

All the songs that will be on the record I wrote. Usually I'll just mess around with ideas i have, and then when i have a song almost complete I'll introduce it to band. Then we discuss idea's further and smooth is all out.

What are you smoking in your rehearsals to write such insane shit? What’s your main-focus when it comes to songwriting?

Haha, like i said these guys are naturals, and i just love to play brutal death metal! We all like other types of music, but shredding peoples faces off is what it's all about for us!

How much time do you invest in the band. I have the suspicion the band is not very active currently. Disabuse me!

Geez, people actually make fun of us because we never miss a practice! When we switched the line-up around we decided to spent our time just writing and rehearsing our material. We even tried out some people as a second guitarist. So we worked hard, getting our act ready for the stage. Where we live is not exactly the Mecca for death metal. We have some shows lined up now, and we are looking to more! I'm also trying to spread our word online worldwide, we can now be found on many popular online radio stations.

Are you able to raise the band on a more professional level? It should be no problem with the music, but have you enough time and money. Or are you satisfied with your status? What is realistic accessible?

I'm satisfied to have such a great band to play with, but not exactly thrilled with our professional level. Only because i know we have great music, and it kills me to not be able to expose it to a bigger audience. Like every other death metal band out there we all have jobs so that cuts our time down a little, but can be worked around. Money is also becoming less of an issue, but it's also another decision to delay the release of our record till early 2011. We spend a lot of dough on gear, and all have plans to get better shit for the road!

What's your fascination for brutal music? Could you imagine to deal with some other metal styles in future?

No, we will not be changing our style! I've worked hard out crafting the style of the band, which i believe is original! I've always been fascinated with brutal metal, and everything about it! The hard work, skill, and dedication it takes to pull off such intensity, and just being around like minded people! It's a lifestyle!

There are so many bands out there, sometimes I think there are more than there are fans. Can you guarantee that PSYCHOGENESIST will still be playing together in 5 or 10 years? What's your opinion on all the new bands coming out nowadays?

Haha, yea sometime i think that too. I feel i can guarantee that we will be playing for at least another 10 years! I've been playing this style of music since i was 15 years old, and have been in a lot of bands, and gained lots of experience in the process. Everything I've been through in my life has led me to Psychogenesist. We don't fuck around there is no turning back now!
The scene has definitely changed a bit since i started out 10 years ago, but i like it! There is some great bands coming out theses days! I don't think death metal will ever die!

Why should we have PSYCHOGENESIST on the radar in future? Are you something special? Show me that you have balls!

The release of our album will definitely put us on the radar. Hopefully it's a good one though! Some of the shit that we discuss in our songs is a bit controversial. We got this one song called “Corporatocracy”, it's like shit are we even allowed to say that? I like to think we are something special, there is not a single unsigned band in our area that can even compete with us!


Bone Crushing Annihilation was a lot of fun! We put a lot of work in that band! We traveled and played some great shows in some major cities! We got support from a label in California, that turned out to screw us and never officially release our album “Killing Spree”. After that our other guitar player who was also our singer got into drugs or something so he quit. We just all kinda wanted a new beginning so we took what we had learned from BCA, and made an even better band!

What are your 4 all time favorite albums and why?

O man, it's so hard to choice!
Okay okay okay
1. Morbid Angel - Altars of Madness
2. Deicide - Decide
Those to albums influenced me more then any thing!
3. Origin - Echoes of Decimation - so brutal set the standard for modern death metal
4. Necrophagist - Epitaph

What is the ultimate real live Horror for you ? And don’t tell me, to answer this interview!

Not being able to spread my music to like minded people, and working in the airplane factory for another 20 years!

Enough, last spot is yours!

Thank again for your time to do this interview with us! Stay tuned for our new album which will be out early 2011. Check us out on line all new artwork and layout will be up soon! Hope to hangout with you all at show sometime soon!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


EMBRYONIC DEVOURMENT - Grinding brutality, in its own unique form, shredding the minds of all alike from the close-minded, and feeble, to the strongest of free thinkers... You want to know more?...just catch their noise!

Hi mate, how are the things going in California? What is the worst thing there, Earthquakes and firestorms or an ex - Termionator as head of government?

All of the above....although the smoke is pretty nice out here haha

Is California a good place for Embryonic Devorment or have you to hide in the cellar from the mob?

Its a great place for us - we're friends with many a mob so its all good

Tell me all details about the band and when you think it is too boring give me your favorite barbecue reception alternatively!

Well we have 2 releases and were working on writing and recording our newest effort titled "Vivid Enterpretations of The Void". We've been around 8 years i think and have played with most major death metal acts. I was in egypt recently and ate cow brains off the barbecue - it was tasty.

6 years - one full length b- are you lazy or needs quality time?

We have lives other than being in a band. I wasnt aware we were on a time schedule haha. All i can say is that you'll get it when you get it..and thats that - deal with it.

How far away is “Fear of Reality Exceeds Fantasy” from platin and Grammy- state?

Well, we were nominated on some metal site as one of the top 10 death grind releases for 2008...but who knows. I dont care about hype - just gotta keep grindin and play the music that makes me happy. I could give a fuck about what people think hahaha

And how is it going forward with the next one?

We have 8 new songs and we'll be going into the studio to record january 5th. The new material will blow the old shit out of the water - i can wait to give people some real Ear Punishment.

Will you go hand in hand with Deepsend again or have Sony and co an eye on you?

We're just gonna send it out and see what happens. Ultimately we'd like to be label mates with Brittany Spears but its gonna take alot of work to get to that point hehe

Tell me about the lyrical concept, all that strange “Reptilian Agenda” stuff!

People have been talking about reptilian humanoids since the time of egyptians, sumerians, and the mayans. Its nothing new...i suggest reading "The Biggest Secret" by David Icke. Theres a wealth of information on the topic...just take a look, its in a book, a reading rainbow!

How have you found out that bizarre garbage? Can you handle it in another way as to hoax it?

I'd rather not hoax having too much fun enticing the believers haha.

What about the good old satanic gore porn violence! You can not jiggle on the building blocks of a whole scene! Don´t you have respect for conservative traditions?

Words like Jiggle, Conservative, and building blocks? Are you sure you listen to metal? Coz the last time i checked metal is all about breaking rules. Sure, maybe we should be like every other band...then we'll have soooo much to talk about hahaha

Will the next cd have the same sophisticated lyrics? Or you warn us about Dec. 21. 2012? Or H1N1 virus that was implanted in politician brains from alien intelligence?

I touch on 2012 but from an opinionated view point. Its more about the ancient deities and origins of man. Or maybe its about your mom takin it in the butt.....yea i like that better - guess you'll just have to buy it to find out! haha

I read that unbelieveable Halloween verdict about “darker and more satanic night”. What the hell has Austin smoked that day? Something of his own growing? It seems dangerous?

This is Austin haha. I smoked PCP with a hint of crack that know how that is...can u get anymore?

You guys must be the masters of verdicts! On myspace it says “Wer are antitempo”. It can´t be meant musically? Maybe you are the obstacle of the society? What the hell means that crap?

Our least our last cd cant be beat mapped. Thats what we mean. We hate keeping 1 anytime you start feeling a tempo is when we tend to change it up. Thus, anti tempo Mr. Moron

Got it honey. If it´s all about the music in your life you have to watch out to not suffer on loss of reality any day. There are more things out there than brutal noise! Have your mummies never exhorted you to learn an respectable job and to forget your foolish childhood dreams?

Well if this is just a phase then i guess i haven't grown up yet. We like being toys r us kids.

Is the respect of the fans more valuable than money? Are you hopeless idealists? And how are you finance your self?

Deepsend Records finances us and yes, were hopeless idealists. Whats important is that we play music for ourselves and no one else. Of course were happy to have people buy and listen to our shit...but mostly its because were addicted to playing music and making the sounds we wanna hear.

I heard you will follow the formula of success of a band like CANNIBAL CORPSE. It seems you are damned big mouth! How shall that work?

Were not following any formula....were just inspired to work towards that success level. What if we did reach it? What if we dont - who cares

What about Austin´s band MUMMIFICATION ? are they still active. Can he seriousely dance on two weddings at the same time without slight one bride?

Mummification has been over for a long time 4 years. If i could still drum i would but my wrist just wont allow it. So now i play bass and vocals in E.D. and am happy doing that.

Last spot is yours and don´t bore my reades! Thanks for wasting your time with me.

No problem, stay gay!
Use this banner to promote us.  Because you know you love us.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


The band was originally thought of as an all swedish death metal cover band called Stockholm Syndrome. This "band" never actually had a practice, but it planted a seed to start something new. After it was known that some of the members were not going to actually commit to doing it, the band was put on hold for a while. In the spring of 2006, Wes Caley (Uphill Battle, Exhumed) decided that he would like to make a version of the band that did original songs instead of cover songs but in the same style as Entombed, Nihilist, Grave, Dismember, and Unleashed. He contacted Neil Burkdoll (Dirty Dead, Stump) after hearing his POOR project that he did that was similar to what Wes had in mind for his Swedish style band. Just as Wes made contact with Neil, he found out that Neil was actually moving out to California in the near future. They decided it was time to get together create FATALIST. Eventually Fatalist enlisted Tyler Castro and Art Hayes (ex-Butchery) to complete the line-up on drums and bass. In late summer of 2007, the band recorded a 7 song demo cd called "Loss" and started looking for shows to play in California. In Feb 2008, Fatalist signed to Ibex Moon Records!!! In Nov 2009, the full length album "The Depths of Inhumanity" was released on Ibex Moon Records.

Hi Neil, since when is California located in Sweden? With that continental drift the weather gets shittier!

Neil-Since May of 2006 actually. Yeah, I´m sure the weather is much nicer here than in actual Sweden, those poor bastards!!!

How are you man? Tell me about the band! The first idea was to do a pure cover band of old Swedish Death Metal. Who the hell needs a cover band?

Neil-I`m doing good, thanks. Just trying to keep up with doing interviews and press for the new album. The band was formed by Wes Caley and I in May of 2006 because we wanted to do something different than our previous bands. When we started the band, we didn´t really know of any other bands out there doing this sort of thing and now there are a million popping up. We thought that everyone would hate what we were doing, but people seem to dig it. The cover band Stockholm Syndrome never actually happened, it was just an idea that never went anywhere. We formed FATALIST instead.

What was the crucial point to let fail that idea and form a real band?

Neil-The point that we decided to form an original band was when I moved out to California in April of 2006, and it seemed like no one else other than Wes wanted to commit to doing the cover band. Some of the other guys didn´t want to make the 60-70 mile drive out to practice so that idea died. When I moved out here and hooked up with Wes and we started from scratch.

Do you see your band critical; is it actually a real band?

Neil-I´m not sure what you mean by that, but we are an actual band. We have 4 members and we play shows and practice. I do most of the songwriting, recording, and business stuff, but the other members are part of the band for sure. Wes writes most of the lyrics and a few songs musically as well.

Yes, but I mean you have your own songs but style, sound and so on is not really yours!

Neil-Well, there are a lot of bands doing this sort of style and we don´t claim to be inventing anything. We were just sick of the Death Metal music scene and we wanted to write some Old School catchy songs that had real memorable parts that people could understand. We don´t sit around and try to sound “Old School” or “Swedish” or anything, we just write whatever we want and it sounds more ?Swedish? because of the guitar sound.

As you started the writing process, have you known where the journey shall lead you or have you just let it drift you?

Neil-Yeah, Wes and I knew we were going to write songs that could have come out at the same time as all of the old classics. We didn´t want to sound like any one band, we just wanted to sound like we came out on Earache or Century Media in 90 - 92.

Give me some details about the album!

Neil-The album “The Depths of Inhumanity” is out on Ibex Moon Records and it features 11 songs of Old School Death Metal. It is actually the 7 songs off of our “Loss” demo and 4 new songs added to it. Everything was re-mastered and it has new artwork and lyrics added to it. I recorded, mixed, and mastered it at my home studio. It was released on Nov 23rd, 2009 in the States and I think it will be released in January 2010 in Europe.

If I hear the cd I can imagine that you had pure fun in the writing process and each song is spontaneous. Am I right or was it a hard job after all?

Neil-Some songs came out really naturally but some were harder to write. I wrote 7 of the 11 songs musically and it is easy for me to write the first 3-4 parts of a song and then it is harder to finish it for some reason. I don´t know if is “fun” to write our songs, but I am happy as shit when they are done.

In your opinion, is it favorable to give each song its own identity to make them not replaceable?

Yeah, we try to give each song a different sound so that they don´t seem similar to any of the other songs. I don´t know if anyone will agree with that, but I think they each have their own identity. I hate when bands have 20-30 songs on their albums and I can´t tell the difference between any of them.

Was this complicated to create that typical Sunlight sound? Without that the album would have not worked for sure!

Neil-It wasn´t hard to get that sound, but I also don´t think I got it perfect by any means. I wish I knew how to get the guitars to sound more like the Sunlight sound. I have a few ideas for the next album to try and get it even more similar. I made sure to use the same amps/pedals and we used a Roland V-Drum set so that it sounded close to the drums that they used on the original recordings.

What made the old Scandinavian school so damned attractive? Your own musical background is likely another.

Neil-Like I said earlier, it was just something that Wes and I hadn´t tried before. I did a 3 song demo under the name POOR that was more like Nasum or Rotten Sound and it used the same guitar sound, but doing an “Old School” type of thing was new for me. Wes and I already did the Carcass thing with Exhumed and Stump, so that was out of our system. Entombed/Dismember was just the next thing for us to do. I think we just wanted to do something more simple and also those Swedish bands had a creepy vibe that we wanted to capture. I hope we came close.

No doubt, but does this kind of music work in the US nowadays? I mean there are a lot of technical, brutal, slam, progressive, core or what ever bands out there.

Neil-No not really, there are a handful of bands in The States that we can relate to, but for the most part, we are more popular in the rest of the world. Americans mostly like Brutal bullshit that we can´t relate to.

Can you thrill the young folks with your tunes actually? Or is that not a bit your matter?

Neil-It seems like more kids are getting into the older stuff. Thrash is having it´s revival right now and I think this New Wave of Old School Death Metal is sort of getting bigger as well. I don´t know if it´s a trend or anything, but I think people just want real songs again. It´s probably older geezers who like us, but I do know a lot of kids into us. It gives us hope, that´s for sure.

Is it the right way to get a hearing in a hopeless overcrowded scene while you remember on old values?

Neil-I have no idea, we just wanted to do something new by playing something old. Does that make sense? We thought that people would hate what we are doing, so it´s cool that anyone likes our shit at all. If we can have any impact on the scene at all is a good thing.

You have stolen your logo from NIHILIST: coolness or respect?

Neil-The logo isn´t the exact same. A lot of bands used the Old English logo like Nihilist, Entombed, Bathory, Burzum, Carnage, etc. When I made the logo, I thought that people would know what we sounded like just by seeing the logo. I think it worked pretty well. We had a new original logo that Leon from Phobia/Exhumed/Impaled made for us, but we went back to the original because it fit us better.

Tell me about the upcoming 7 with GRAVEHILL!

Neil-I don´t know if this will ever see the light of day. We both just want to work on new albums and not just waste one song on a 7 inch, but we hope to one day have this out. Who knows?

Tell me your opinions about the following bands;
Neil-I never saw what the big deal was with this band. They are OK, but I think they are mostly popular because of their former members.

Again, they are OK and I own their demos on a bootleg cd.

All I ever knew about these guys was that Lars and Matti were in this band. I never could find any cd´s/tapes by them back in the day so when I finally heard them a few years ago on-line, I wasn´t to impressed either.

I do like these guys however. I sort of like their later songs more than I like their earlier songs. There are not a lot of bands that you can say that about. Most bands suck after their first 1-2 albums. I always thought these guys had a lot of American/Brutal style riffs that worked well with their Swedish riffs.

And which is the most underrated band of the old days in your opinion?

Neil-Probably Edge of Sanity or Evocation. The first 3 EOS albums and the first 2 Evocation demos are classics. I could listen to them everyday.

Have you already checked the NIRVANA 2002 release on Relapse? Do we need all old sounds actually?

Neil-I bought this a few weeks ago when it was released. I think “Mourning” is amazing!!! (Yes, the best song for sure, Jörg) If they had released an album with that sound and song writing, we would be talking about them instead of Entombed/Dismember/Carnage/Unleashed/Grave. I do think we need the old sounds because most of this shit is to hard to get. I have to pay $100 on ebay or download some shitty sounding mp3?s that I hate. Fuck that shit!!!

Nowadays all bands who stopped 10 or 15 years ago become cult status pretty fast. Do you think that is correct or receives crap sometimes flavor to make money with it?

Neil-Yeah, there were a lot fewer bands back then and it was harder to get on a label. Most of those bands are classics for a reason. It was an exciting time back then for sure. I remember being like 13 years old when all of the Earache cd´s were being released by Combat records in The States. It was so new compared to the Combat and Roadrunner records that were out at the time. Century Media was a few months later and it was a whole new batch of bands that became my whole life at the time. We will never have a time that again.

What else do you know about Sweden scene besides their ingenious Death Metal music?

Neil-Just their Black Metal scene and their recording studios. That´s about it. What else is there to know? I hope that we will be able to play some shows there one day. That would be a dream come true for sure.

Thanks a lot for your patience, last spot is yours!

Neil-Thanks for the interview and helping us to spread the word. Go and buy our album “The depths of inhumanity” on Ibex moon Records!!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009


I have tortured some unique one – man Brutal Death Metal acts again. This time my victims were Shaun / PUTRID PILE, Allesandro / EGEMONY and Brain / SYPHILIC. Enjoy the shit and remember that solitude leads to despaired deeds!

The 1. reason to play alone is, no one will play with you, because your music is crap!Deny or refute!

Yeah its hard to find people to play in a band with when my music is crap! Noone wants to get shit on their shoes! LOL! So I have to do it alone, because it get pretty stinky on the airplane sometimes and its hard to find people to deal with that!

Allesandro: Yes, that’s true, but that I salso why people like my music.

Brain: Its crap, but its also too confusing to find anyone to play with. Other than brian baxter doing studio bass of course. Not to mention I dont have the time to really spend showing anyone, I´ve made it sound real on my own. So if it is ´nt broke, dont fix it. ´

The 2. reason, you are too disgusting and no one will go into the public with you! Deny or refute!

Shaun: For sure! Skid stains in the underwear repells some people.

Allesandro: Every mom will let them daughter on a date with me, I’m gorgeous trust me.

Brain: Its more that most people dont want to pick me up because I cant drive. But I was actually at the mall today, with a friend and her 2 year old daughter.

The 3. probably the real one. Tell my readers why you had decided to play alone!

Shaun: Well the reason why i play alone, is because of the job. I had at the time didnt really allow me to tour very much so I could only play a handfull of shows. I couldnt have someone relocate and change their life just to play a few shows here and there, ya know? Also with everything going on in my life its very hard to have a strict schedule to practice. I dont have a set time to practice and I just do it here and there when I can.

Allesandro: Cause in this fucking shitty place there are no guys to play with; I mean, there are a lot of musicians and metalheads, but I don’t give a fuck to technics, first I want attidute and devotion to the genre, and here no one has’em.

Brain: Its easier, its my project and dont really have to answer to anyone. I plan to keep it that way.

Is your mother worried, because you play alone all your lifetime, you don..t have friends who want play with a freaky little loser.

Shaun: LOL! Ive had members before and been in other bands, so she knows Im not that hard to get along with. She worrys when I play abroad, but any mother would. She would rather I play Classic Motown though instead of Brutal Death Metal! LOL!

Allesandro: True… This made me cry :(… sigh.. sigh… )

Brain: She is more worried about the lyrical content she is found in the past.

Probably you had a bad childhood, you had 9 elder sisters and you had to wear their old clothes? It must be hard!

Shaun: Yeah I was never really good at the whole nail painting thing. I can wear high heels like its nobodys business though! HA!

No, I have only a younger sister, and that is 193238 times worst than having 8 elder sisters.

Brain: Hmm...

You must be insane, when you do all your crap alone? I think you are unemployed, the day is long and boring, and you have too much time with beer , drugs and pornflicks! By the way, who is your favorite pornstar?

Shaun: Yeah you could say that. I used to have a pretty good job, but my stinky band repelled it away and now all I have to do all day is tug on my ballsack and look at free pron on the internet. My favorite pornstar would have to be anyone who does anal. If you do anal you are truely a pillar!

Allesandro: It’s not a simple question …. Well let me think… I think I’m gonna choose Fellucia blows, the best blowjobs on youporn… sensual and…. She swallows haha.

Brain: The day = working on music. Fav pornstar right now is probably Ava Lauren, but that changes every 5 minutes

Seriousely, where do you find the ideas for your songs? I think it..s easyer to write a song if more guys have separate ideas and put it together.

Shaun: I just think up riffs in my head and lay them down. Than i listen and listen again over and over and see what I can do to refine the riff to make it as catchy as I possibly can. Sometime the 1st thing I come up with will work fine, and other times I have to work out the kinks. Than when I listen to it and I can get my head bobbin I know I have it.

I think it..s easyer to write a song if more guys have separate ideas and put it together. Every song borns from different stuff: a movie, a book, a PORN MOVIE, and of corse, listening to other bands can help you in the song writing.

Its easier when i can just do it myself.

Did you never searched for musicans?

Yeah I have, but I gave up the search a long time ago. Its just too hard and too much drama to have other members in the band. Also I wouldnt get to have all the opourtunities that I do if there were 3 or 4 other members in the band. Its hard to get everyone to be able to get off of work and pitch in $ when need be, ya know? Its really hard for bands most of the time.

Allesandro: I’m still doing it… but I’m still alone… maybe cause I eat to much garlic, onion and beans haha.

Brain: Havent gone out of my way for it. Brian Baxter and I talked about doing bass but I didnt think anything would come of it. Hes now almost done recording his 2nd album with me.

Do you play your set live, if yes, how do you do it?, if not, why not?

Shaun: Yes I do play my set live! All the classics! LOL! I have my drum tracks on my ipod and than I just play my guitar and do vocals. Thats it! Nothing fancy, just doin it straight forward and it seems to get the job done for me and the fans.

Allesandro: My drummer is the i pod, I connect it to the mixer, I turn on the microphone and the guitar amp and i start playing my shit. And the magic happens.

Brain: I hate playing live but do sometimes. I do it with my drum tracks on an ipod, run to the mixer with rca cords

What is the biggest, or hardest part in writing/recording music? I think, timing is very important!

Shaun: The hardest part is coming up with tunes that sound different so the 1st song doesnt sound like the last song. The hardest part is being my own worst critic and not havine other members to bounce ideas off of. But Im getting better at keeping an open mind and just to play what Im feeling at that particular moment.

Allesandro: Recording the bass! Damn, I’ m not able to play it!

Brain: Probably the computer problems that occur over time. I recorded erotishock twice full through because of a failed harddrive and almost had that same problem with this full length.

I think you work with a drummer from Japan, LOL. Don..t you miss a real sounding drumming?

Shaun: Well I use real drums anyways on my recordings, so I dont really miss it to much, but you can never really beat a real drummer thats for sure. You just cant top the feel of real drummers for the fills and everything.

Allesandro: I miss it so much, a real drum sound has more power and more groove, and I think groove is one of the most important thing in this music.

I make fake sounding drums real. Its easier for me with this odd timed shit.

How long will you stay alone with your shit? Don..t you have problems to kick yourself and going forward? Do you afraid to stagnate?

I just want to write good brutal death metal songs and dont care really if I seem to get "stagnate". I just have to stay true to myself and the music and never sell out and keep putting out discs for my fans to enjoy and I will be satisfied with that. If it gets old to some people then thats their problem, ya know? At leaste I can rest my head at night knowing if contributed something special to the underground and Im thankful for that.

Allesandro: Untill my legs will keep me up, I’m gonna play and release album!

Brain: Um... what? I am going forward, the point is for me to release music, its my solo project and will stay that way.

Do you understand it as an advantage to stay alone with all problems, sucess or what ever?

Shaun: Its an advantage, but its also hard doing everything yourself, ya know? All the interviews and networking and shows and writting and recording and selling merch and.... WHEW! I get tired just typing that shit out! LOL!

Allesandro: When you sell a cd, all the money goes to you, but if you print t shirts you have to pay it all by yourself.. so there are problems and there are good thing in playing alone. Fifty fifty.

Brain: Problems or success? I dont really care about either of those.

What is the ultimate real live Horror for you? And don`t tell me, the answer is this

Shaun: LOL!! No its nice to do an interview with someone with a sense of humor. Its really a breath of fresh air for sure. I just thank you for being so patient with me! LOL! One real live horror was to be stranded in Mexico for a few hours and had to book some other flights home because the dates did not match my itinerary with the tickets they gave me. That was a nightmare, but I came out unharmed so everything worked out for me. That really sucked though!

Allesandro: Dunno.. I live a simple life, in a simple city… probably my last real horrible experience was my disentery when I was ill. damn, I thought I was gonna crap out my soul.

Brain: I dont want to die by being lit on fire, that would suck.

Are you an modern medieval bard ? Do you want to impress your princess? What says your girlfriend to your way wasting time? But you probably don´t have a girlfriend!

Shaun: Well I did have a girlfriend for a long time. Shes the mother of my son, but things didnt work out between us. She tolerated the band, but never really cared for it. It was hard on me to have someone you care about not give 2 shits about something your very passionate about, but that never stopped me from pursueing my deams. Ive worked at this since I was 10 years old and worked too hard kust to throw it away. My sone really loves it and I cant wait to pass the torch to him someday. I hpoe he will get to see the things I have a meet all kinds of great people around the world too as I have.

Allesandro: I got a girlfriend, and he’s hot too! No no , I’m not a bard, that stuff is for gay power metalheads! I’m more like a…. mmmh…. Dunno… but for sure I’m not like a bard!

Brain: I did but not now. Whatever girl is around at the time will have no say in what I do with music.

Make your decision and explain it!

Gore or Porn?

Shaun: Both. Pussy is great, but its even better covered in lacerations!

Allesandro: PORN.

Brain: Porn, its more gratifying.

Paris Hilton or Jenna Jameson?

Shaun: Jenna. Paris is boring in bed. Dont waste your $ on her bunk-ass home movie. Yawn.

Allesandro: JJ all life long

Brain: Jenna, Paris is just a dumb cunt. At least Jenna has some tits to stare at.

Jason or Michael

Shaun: Jason. Much better killer!

Allesandro: Jason!

Horror movies? Who cares, theyre both fake. If i had to choose one I ´d probably choose Jason because hes retarded... and thats funny.

Brain Dead or Lord Of The Rings

Shaun: Thats a tough one. Probably Lord Of The Rings. I can eat, take a nap, fuck, work on some new material, use the bathroom and play with my son and the movie still would be playing in the DVD player! LOL!

Allesandro: The first you said.

Brain: Dont know what Brain Dead is and I´m not gonna go with that other fairy tale bullshit.

Your homemade noise or true metal music?

Shaun: Def. True metal music. I wouldnt have my music if it wasnt for the ones before me.

Allesandro: My shitty shit.

My homemade noise. I dont even need an explanation.

That´s enough, last nonsense is yours!

Shaun: Well thank you so much for the interesting interview. Sorry it took so long to get it to ya. I appreciate your support Fatal Grind! Thanks to the fans that have stuck by me though thick and thin and continue to support to the death! Youre the best! HAILS!

Yo tank for the stupid interview, i really enjoyed it! Probably cause I can only say bullshits hahah. Seriously. I just wanna say tank to everyone who listens, supports and lives this music, everyone of you is important for the scene, without you we all will be nothing! By the way without fatalgrind the world will be better ahahahahaha.

Brain: Thanks for the interview, prick.

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Brutal, aggressive and catchy are keywords when it comes to Danish death metallers THE CLEANSING. The Copenhagen based quintet combine intense and unique melodies with both old school and modern death metal elements. Inspired by bands such as Morbid Angel, Hate Eternal and Immolation, THE CLEANSING have perfected their own devastating style of death metal. Performed with almost surgical precision and with a clear yet heavy and intense production thanks to Danish metal producer JACOB HANSEN (Aborted, Yyrkoon, Destruction, The Arcane Order etc.) THE CLEANSING have spawned an album that will appeal to both death metal fans and metal heads in general! So come on and check "Poisoned Legacy"

Hi mate, how are you? Is Copenhagen actually something more famous as the unmatched Olsen- gang?

Hi there, Toke speaking. Or writing really. Hmmmm, is Copenhagen more famous for something other than the Olsen-gang? I hope so! The Little Mermaid perhaps?

What about the band name. Are you going to clean the desolate crowded scene, blow away the dust of numberless insignificant bands?

Of course! That’s exactly the point. It might be a bit arrogant, but hey, arrogance never hurt anybody did it? We thought The Cleansing sounded strong, and would fit our style of music perfectly. For me personally though The Cleansing stands for inspiration. The Cleansing fire that burn in us all. The feeling you get when you are feeling inspired to do something different with your life.

Tell me something about the band!

Okay! We started writing “Poisoned Legacy” in early 2007. We had a band called Usipian, but broke it up in order to concentrate on something a little different. With The Cleansing we have been able to work very concentrated and with one single goal: To do the best we can. With The Cleansing we feel we can match our intentions with abilities. Something that we didn’t always had the privilege to. We are now currently finishing writing the harder second album, and might begin recording it in early 2010. Hopefully before April where we will begin our DK tour with Dawn of Demise, which we of course are looking very much forward to. The new album should be a step forward for us, and it sound really good. The songs are shaping up, and will hopefully have a crushing impact on the listener. We’re here to stay, and our next album should cement that statement.

What kind of “poisoned legacy” will you succeed? Has that album-title a critical term anyway?

The title represents our decaying society. Being a parent, I have probably become a bit more aware of my surroundings and what kind of world I am shaping for my daughter. It’s not like I can make much of a different, but at least I can find the time to preach for others to make them feel guilty right? But yea, it does represent something along that road. Our legacy isn’t as pure as it once was, or as we were led to believe. It has been poisoned.

Tell me more about the album!

As I said the album was written, roughly, in 2007 and recorded in 2008. We are still pretty proud of it, and feel there’s some really strong material. It won’t just be a walk in the park to match in on the next album, but we sure as hell will try. The reviews has pretty much all been in our favour, so it seems we must have done something right at least.
Right now we’re just really focused on preparing gigs, because we haven’t had a chance to sell it to the live audience. The material should work well live, and we look forward to give it our best.

The songs are done temporarily, why are they released with delay? Was Deepsend your first choice? What about the conditions from the label, are they ok?

We didn’t really have that much of a choice. We recorded the album without any deal. We were an unknown band with no demo, concerts of any real back story. We did however have a strong product. But you also need a name. Deepsend liked our material and offered us a deal. We knew them from the work they had done with our fellow metalists in Dawn of Demise, which didn’t seem to be too upset about Deepsend. And instead of beating around the bush, we took the offered deal since it sounded reasonable. We were also just eager to get started instead of shopping around for all eternity. Until now we can’t complain at all about Deepsend. They have given us a well needed push.

You sell your CD as a download too. Will that be a full value replacement for CD´s in the future? Do you think CD´s will become a relict like vinyl one day?

Never! There will always be a demand for physical products. I don’t think that will disappear anytime soon. Even vinyl has had a strong comeback. People like to have something in their hands you know? Other than their penis.

I have a fucking problem with your fucking cover! What shall I see there? A rusty alien? A post apocalyptical vacuum cleaner?

Hahahaha, well I’m sorry that you have a problem with it! Maybe it DID turn out a bit too dark? You should see what you feel like. It’s entirely up to you hehe. The vacuum cleaner however probably wasn’t the intention. But it’s good to see you have some degree of imagination. The intention from our side was actually to have a “typical” death metal cover without it being typical. If that even makes sense. We just kind of loved the sculptures that Powel did, and asked him if we could use it since it fitted our title. Luckily we were more than welcome, and we hope to work with him again. What should you see? Something nasty. Something ugly. Something poisoned. Something slightly wrong and twisted.

How important are your old bands for the music of THE CLEANSING? Is it easy to start ingenuous in a new project?

The old bands will always represent our past in one way or another. It will always in some ways be important. On the other hand “now” is where our focus lies, so we try not to think of the old stuff too much. We like to move forward and improve ourselves. To start at zero will always mean to take some steps back. But hopefully it will work itself out in the long run. That’s the idea at least.

Your label says you are a mix of IMMOLATION and DAWN OF DEMISE. Who came up with that comparison? Do you consider yourself just that?

Probably Deepsend. I wouldn’t put that label on us. For one thing, we don’t sound like Dawn of Demise at all. But being Danish and are using the same producer, maybe we have a similar sound... for now. I don’t think we sound too much like Immolation either. Even though I know both Jeppe and Andreas (guitars) are very fond of Immolation I consider The Cleansing to be more catchy and straight forward. I like some of Immolations material, but I wouldn’t even put them on my top 50 Death Metal acts.

Tell me about J. Hansen’s studio. Would you recommend it? Has Jacob checked your music out, has he influenced your sound someway?

We always had a very specific route we wanted to try with Usipian, so this time we tried to do things a little different and left it almost entirely to Mr. Hansen to work his little magic. Obviously our sound screams Jacob Hansen, and since we liked a lot of his productions, that was pretty much what we wanted. I don’t think Jacob really knew about us since we were a new band. I would definitely recommend Jacob Hansen since he is very professional and reliable.

It seems you are not a very active live band. What is the reason for that, maybe you have no desire to play out live? Or are there more secular reasons?

We have had some small problems, like me being imprisoned, which halted our progression a little bit. Also our drummer lives about 200 miles from us, and plays in a million other bands, so playing live with The Cleansing means a well prepared schedule. We do however have a great desire to play live, but it will be over a more concentrated time period, and not spread out like a gig here and there. We will probably be more tour minded. We have only to this date played two live gigs with The Cleansing, and are much exited to play again soon.

What will you do, if THE CLEANSING overtakes the fate of your old bands? Can you ensure that you will stay in the scene for a long time?

As I stated earlier we are very much here to stay! This is our band, not a project, and all of us do this because we care. Not because we don’t have other stuff to do or are bored.

Do you see the band as a newcomer? Or is it just another stage in your journey?

I don’t really think about it actually. I mean, in Denmark people know us, but in the rest of the world they don’t. But we weren’t a bestselling band with Usipian anyway, so I don’t think there’s much difference.

The reviews for “Poisoned Legacy” are very positive. Do you trust the critics? Do you see your own impressions and intentions in the reviews?

Some comments are of course totally retarded and out of context, but it’s the reviewers point of view, and they are entitled you know? Stuff like “eeww why don’t they sound more like Iniquity!?!?” are for instance totally retarded since we don’t have anything to do with them. Criticism is something I’m always aware of. Some things we can use, some things we can’t. Good reviews are not that usable. I mean, if we only believed the good stuff, then we would just make the same record again and again. There will always be room for improvement. But mostly, I think we get recognition for what we intended to do, and that’s always nice.

There are some new bands underway in Denmark. Is it a dawn of a new generation or just recycling of old farts?

People are getting better and better on their instruments. Especially the new generation. Will they make better music? Time will tell I guess, we will just have to wait and see. But there’s not too much recycling of old farts going on here.

The whole international scene is absolutely overcrowded. What do you think qualifies you to get involved?

Well, since there can never be too much of the good stuff, I only see a problem with really lousy bands overcrowding the good ones. People will just have to decide for themselves if they want to listen to good or bad material. Different bands for different tastes. I think we make strong material, and we want to compete with the best out there. In the end it’s up to people really. I think we’re qualified to compete, but I don’t think we will a gold medal just yet hehe.

Last spot is yours, may the ghosts of the Olsen – gang with you!

Thanx for giving us some space! I don’t really understand your Olsen-gang obsession hahaha but I did enjoy the left field questions. Hopefully we can offer more to you than post-apocalyptic vacuum cleaners in the future! Toke, over and out.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

DENIAL - worship the old way

Inspired in the 90’s Death Metal, formed lately at 2006 with the urge to create dark and real Metal of Death by not amateur musicians but from ex and actual formerly band members from some finest Mexican acts, like Oscar Clorio, ex- drummer from the legendary band CENOTAPH (also drummer in SHUB NIGGURATH at the last recording), Marko Guevara bass player and vocals from PULVERIZED (playing guitar in DENIAL) and Ivan “Bloodhunter” ex-vocalist for UMS and DEW OF NOTHING.
At 2007 founding a new guitar player on Roberto Granados, just before know him was making the recording for their first 7” called Immense Carnage Vortex with the collaboration of Luis Ramos on the bass, which was launched through Swedish Death Metal cult label BLOOD HARVEST RECS.
In 2008 the band enter studio again for the recording of their first full lenght "CATACOMBS OF THE GROTESQUE", mastered by the Death Meatl legend Dan Swano, with the colaboration of very first bass player Ricardo Gil creating an oscure and mythic Cd that is spawned though Asphyxiate Recordings early in 2009.

Hi Rob, how are you man? Congratulation to “ Catacombs Of The Grotesque” How is it going with the publicity?

Thanks Jörg!.
Things with the album are going good! We are getting great reviews on fanzines, websites, etc... I'm not sure about how is it selling, our label (Asphyxiate Recordings) is selling it in Australia, its being distributed aswell in the U.K. by Code 7 and by Relapse Records in the U.S.A., but to be honest I don't know how is it selling, but we are getting great response from the people that have listened by far and that's what matters.

DENIAL includes members of different bands. How did you get together?

DENIAL started just as a project to record, no tours, live shows... anything, just to record. It was started by Marko and Oscar, they had the need to play Death Metal the way it was played in the late 80's early 90's, just that. So they invited Ivan to be the singer and they started to rehearse and when they recorded the first Demo, Xtreem Music from Spain got interested in Denial music, so they wanted to sign Denial for the first LP, so they recorded the Demo and Bloodharvest from Sweden contacted the band to release the Demo on a 7"vinyl. After that they considered to put Denial on a full time status band, and since they were only 3, Marko called me to join them, and that's how Denial got into a serious band and not just a project.

Are there any differences about the official album version and the digi wallet?

What changes is the presentation. The jewel case version and the digipack have the same booklet and the same cd, no bonus tracks or video. What makes it different its the digiwallet, its a limited edition that it's only manufactured in Australia and the label printed only 500 copies, so I guess that is what makes it special.

The album-concept is about Lovecraft stories. What is the fascination behind it? Is it only about the Cthullu myth or are you taking account the whole Lovecraft universe?

We are taking Lovecraft literature as a mere inspiration. Our lyrics are not based in an specific story or character. We just wanted to project the feelings that are meticulously represented in Lovecraft stories, like madness, horror, insanity, terror..., and we wanted to do that with the music aswell, not only with the lyrics. So our songs are 50% lyrics and 50% music, there is a story going on in our songs both musically and lyrically.

Are the lyrics your own stories in the tradition of Lovecraft or is it real Lovecraft topics?

The lyrics are just inspired in Lovecraft stories. We don't make any reference to any specific story or character, we make our own stories based on our musical and literature influences.

What about the songwriting? Are you building the songs around the lyrics?

We work in music first and then the lyrics. We did that with our first album because it's easier for us. At practice you show the guys your new ideas and everyone contributes, and if we are all 100% satisfied with that we start thinking about ideas for the lyrics, of how you will be able to complement that music with lyrics. We just don't put lyrics because there is a space for the singer to growl. If you have listened to our album you can notice that the guitars and the vocals kinda complement each other and if there is not a singin part then the guitars will be doing something as a "second voice" I could say. And we do that because the music tells the story aswell.

Who wrote the intro, it catches the morbid atmosphere about the “ Great Old Ones”with much apropos. Tell me about!

Wow! It's the first time someone notices the intro! haha! A lot of people says that it's long and boring. Actually I came up with the idea for the intro, I brought all those weird sounds to the studio and mixed it, we just added some keyboards and that was it. But what we wanted to achieve with the intro it's that when you listen to it, you can imagine yourself in the same realm as we are (musically). I know that most of the people won't pay attention to it and I don't blame them, it's quite long haha, but if you want to feel the same experience that we feel when we create and play that music, starting with the intro could be a good idea.

How will you bring the idea of DENIAL´s world of horror to your fans who have no clue about it? Or are the lyrical topics just a means to an end?

Hmm... It won't be hard, just listen to the album and read the lyrics. You don't have to be a Lovecraft reader to notice what's going on with our lyrics or music. There is always something behind every song, if you get to notice that, it's like a plus for the listeners, it will make the listening more interesting, or you can just enjoy the music aswell, we did this album as fans of Death Metal music and horror literature, so there is always something enjoyable for the listener.

I recognize a morbid touch of NECROPHAGIA in your music, beside the obvious swedish influences. Or am I wrong? NECROPHAGIA are the masters of transforming Horror into music, arent they?

Now that you mention it, yeah, we have this eerie and dismal atmosphere in our songs just as Necrophagia. I haven't read any Necrophagia lyrics but I can guess that the way we create our music could be similar. Horror shit and Death Metal it's always a nice combo! haha

Oscar plays in SHUG NIGGURATH, this is also a divinity of Lovecrafts universe. Did he bring the basic idea to the band? Did he take some shit from that band?

Oscar used to play un Shub-Niggurath back in the 90's and even recorded an album with them but actually the idea was like a common agreement, we already had 4 songs finished but we didn't had anything clear with the lyrics and the concept of the band, so since most of us are familiar with Lovecraft work we decided to go with that one.

Tell me about the “Immense Carnage Vortex” Ep! Any changes since then?

Absolutely! Denial at that time was only a project like I mentioned before, and musically they had a huge influence from Swedish Death Metal bands like Grave, Crematory, Dismember... you name it. So when I joined we started to work for the full lenght and after 4 songs, that Swedish sound started to change into a more darkened and dismal Death Metal, so we decided to tune our guitars way lower than they did on the EP and we even had to re-structure a couple of songs to fit this sound the band got into. We took more influence from the Finnish Death Metal bands like Demigod, Demilich, Convulse, Anguish...that's heavy shit!

You have probably used some songs from it for the album. Why?

We used one song from that EP, "Remains", and we decided re-record that one because it's the first song that they composed together, and when we played it with the lower tunning it sounded fucking brutal!, so we decided to record it again for the full lenght, and the sound did fit with the finnish style that the band got into.

Dan Swanö has mastered the album finally. Tell me about it! Had he used some of his own ideas for it? Have you give him free hand?

When we finished to record the album we were really tired... the whole process took a long time, almost 2 years working on the songs and almost 2 weeks to record it. So when we got the final mix (which is amazing by the way), we just sent the Master to Dan and gave him free hand, and of course he didn't dissapointed us! The album is a relentless sonic assault! thanks to Dan for that!

Why have you deceided for unblemished Old School Death Metal in that modern times with lots of new possibilitys to celebrate Metal-music? Where are your roots?

Because as a Death Metal fan the stuff that you get to cherish and value the most are your old tapes and cd's from real underground Death Metal bands that are almost impossible to get nowadays, and that's why we decided to play that kind of stuff, like a tribute to those almost forgotten primal Death Metal. And since we are all fans of this music it was clear that we would go for it, that's the way we feel Death Metal!. I don't see the point to play this modern Death Metal because we don't feel it

Do you feel, the early Death Metal scene falls into oblivion and what remains is music for nostalgic metal heads?

Yes, in some way I can agree with you, but I can't say that this music falls into oblivion. Old School Death Metal will always be there because of the fans of true Underground Death Metal. There will be always people looking for that old music, and nowadays there are a lot of bands like us trying to resurrect Death Metal from its true essence. Nostalgic?... Yea I guess so, but it has been alive for some reason, and when you listen or play this music, you do it with the ultimate passion and from the soul, no bullshit here, not trendy crap, just music we feel and we are 100% satisfied about.

What is your opinion about Metalcore, New Metal, or Cybergrind, Goregrind, Brutal Slam...what ever?

Cybergrind??? Are you fucking kidding me??? Does that shit even exist??? hahaha! Well I just see that as a fashion, maybe it's in vogue now but that's the shit that will fall into oblivion man! Goregrind music has been there for quite a long time, but the others... ask me in 10 years where those bands will be.

What are your personal faves, your favorite albums? And what is the most underrated band of the old days?

My favourite Death Metal bands are from Finland! I think that it's a very underrated Death Metal scene, I guess it's because Swedish Death Metal it's always at the spotlight. But my favourite bands are Demigod, Convulse, Demilich, Belial (early), Disgrace (early), Adramelech, Anguish, Carnifex, Vomiturition (early)..., also a few Swedish bands like Utumno, God Macabre, Dissection, Unanimated, Merciless, Necrophobic, Dismember...etc, but I go with the Finnish ones.

What about DENIAL in the future? How long will you stay in that amazing overcrowded scene of today?

Who knows man, we will be making this music as long as we feel it, and as long as we can. Denial started as an underground Death Metal band and we want to stay that way. We started creating this music for us, now its great to realize that people likes our musical concept and it's an extra motivation for all of us, but that doesn't mean that we will start making music for the people to like it, we will stay working just the way this band started. It has been working by far so I don't see a reason to change. And if staying like that keep us active with Denial we will stay in the underground Death Metal scene for a long time. Right now we are about to release a 7" split for Relapse Records and another 7" split with Paganizer for Cyclone Empire, then we will focus on the 2nd LP.

Last spot is yours. Thanks for joining the weird world of FATALGRIND!

Thanks Jörg for taking the time to make this interview for us, and the best wishes to your zine. For people interested in Denial you can check us out at
Dark Regards