Thursday, April 30, 2009


Torture your ears with CESSPOOL OF VERMIN, a Brutal Death Metal bastard from North Carolina. This band was born as an side-project of LUST OF DECAY. Whose current album is a masterpiece of merciless brutality! Check out “Bestial Necrophilia”. But first let us hear, what Derek has to say about!

Hi Derek, how are you man. I hope all strings are tight in CESSPOOL Of VERMIN. What are your latest news?

Hey bro, thanks for the interview! Everything is great at the Cesspool camp! As of now I've started writing material for our next full length album. We just got some new long sleeves & hoodies with our album art, as well as short sleeves. You guys can check them out & pick up our CD at the Sevared Records website.

Tell me something about the band, is it maybe a continue of LUST OF DECAY?

Cesspool is not a continuation of Lust of Decay. After Lust of Decay was put on hold, Jay & Jordan did their Shuriken Cadaveric Entwinement album, Steve did his Atrocious Abnormality album & I went & wrote the Cesspool album. These are 4 totally separate bands that just happen to have some of the same members.

Is CESSPOOL... a real band at all or just a project because Jay and Jordan are busy with other bands.

Cesspool is our (Derek & Jay's) number one priority. Although I think of Jordan as a member of the band, he works more like a session drummer for us since he is busy with so many other projects & his work. Basically, this is how Cesspool of Vermin functions... I write the songs on guitar & record demo tracks for the album with a drum machine. As I finish each song, I take them to Jay's house & let him learn them. He writes lyrics/vocal patterns, etc. & we record his vocals on my demo track. When the demo album is completed I send all the tracks to Jordan, he learns them & we practice a few times & go record.

Whose band SHURIKEN CADAVERIC ENTWINEMENT arise from CESSPOOL... Could you explain that, why do they need another band. Why don..t you use all your ideas in one band. I think the difference between both bands is not so big.

Shuriken is Jay & Jordan's band. Jordan wanted a band where he could play all the instruments & Jay wanted a band where he could do a concept album based on a video game he likes, so they collaberated & Shuriken was the result. Originally everything went down like this... Me, Jay & Jordan wanted to do a side project while we were in Lust of Decay back in 2006. We named the band Cesspool of Vermin but shortly after I left both bands due to personal reasons. Jay & Jordan changed the band's name to Shuriken Cadaveric Entwinement & released the album on Sevared Records. Shortly after it was released Lust of Decay was put on hold & Jay called me & asked if I wanted to do the Cesspool album we never got to do. I said Fuck Yeah! So we did it! hahaha! As far as your comment saying "I think the difference between both bands is not so big" I have to disagree. Shuriken & Cesspool sound nothing alike to me. The closest similarities would be the drums. The vocals on Shuriken are layered & much more technical than Cesspool & the guitar/bass style is TOTALLY different. To me Shuriken sounds tame compared to Cesspool. If I had to say Cesspool sounded similar to another band I was in, it would be Lust of Decay, although I think those bands have different styles as well.

What about your album, how is it going with it? And do you see it as your personal baby?

Everyone seems to really like the album. You'd have to ask Barrett how well it's selling. I saw it was in the top ten best sellers in his distro the other day so it must be doing ok. As far as me seeing it as "my personal baby", at first I was excited but now I'm ready to write a new one. I guess when you write it you hear it so many times & it gets old fast.

Are the demo songs used on it again? How long did you worked for the album? How serious have you worked on it at all, when the other members are involved in other bands?

As I said before I wrote the whole album & recorded it as a demo, so yes... the demo songs were used. It took us about a year to write & record the whole album. Yes, I was very serious during the writing of this album & so was Jay. Jordan wasn't called in until a month before recording & he dedicated every day to learning the music. He did a fucking great job. It doesn't matter that we play in other bands. They don't slow down progress because we plan to do certain projects at a certain time. It all works out perfectly.

What about the cover artwork. Who did it and why is that brutality so important fo you. Who came up with this sick idea? Myspace has banned it, what do you think about?

Phlegeton Art Studio did the album cover. Why is the Brutality so important to me? hahaha! because we play Brutal Fucking Death Metal & we are some sick & twisted bastards in this fucking band! We had to make the album cover match the music in sickness! Jay & I came up with the album cover concept & Phlegeton did the rest. He did a killer job! As for Myspace banning it... I don't really give a shit. It's just a pain in the ass to always censor it in Photoshop when I make promos & flyers!

Tell me about your deal with Sevared. Is it just for that album? What do you expect from them, are you satisfied with them? Why don..t you released with your old pal Steve and COMATOSE?

I'm sure when we're ready to release our new album it will be on Sevared, although that has not been confirmed yet. Barrett is the man & we love working with him! We are very pleased with Sevared Records & have no plans on leaving any time soon. As for Steve releasing the album... there was some talk about it possibly happening. I mean Steve is like family & of course we'd like to work with him. Jay & Jordan were already working with Barrett from the Shuriken album & they were very pleased so we decided to go with Sevared. I think Steve was tied up with some other bands on his label when Shuriken released their disc. It was pretty much a timing thing I guess.

Do you ever thought about to re-animate LUST OF DECAY? Or is it not in your decision? Maybe Steve is too busy with his label?

I'd love to get Lust of Decay back together. It's not my decision. It's pretty much up to Steve & Jordan. I know Jay wants to do another one & there has been some talk of it happening. Hopefully they can get it worked out because LOD needs a final album. I don't think she was ready to go out when she did.

Why did LUST OF DECAY break up? Did you and the other guys take some ideas from the former band into your new projects?

You'd really have to ask Steve, Jay or Jordan why Lust of Decay broke up. I'm not the one to answer that question. Actually, they're not "broken up" their "on hold'. No ideas for Lust of Decay were used for Cesspool. I wasn't even in Lust of Decay when they went "on hold".

Is CESSPOOL a liveband? If no, why? If yes, who plays the bass? How important is a good bass-sound live and on a album?

Yes, Cesspool is a live band although we haven't been playing many shows lately. We didn't have a bassist at our first show but we've talked to Jeremy from Bile Nephrosis/Atrocious Abnormality & maybe he can do some fests with us or something. I think a good bass sound is very important live & on an album. It's what ties everything together... it's like the backbone.

Jordans drum-play is unbeliveable. He is very active in the scene and one of the fastest drummer with insane timing. Do you think the band would working without him? What do you think about him?

Yes, Jordan is a very active musician. As far as Cesspool working without him, I think we'd be ok. We'd just have to hire a drummer because he's the only one around here that will do it. What do I think about Jordan? hahaha! I think he's the best drummer in North Carolina & that his work ethic is immaculate. He's a fucking workhorse & you'll never have to worry about him finishing an album.

Tell me about the new songs, you write after that album. Are they a continuation or a progression of „Beastial Necrophilia“?

Well... I don't know yet because they haven't been written! Na, we plan to keep the same formula with a slight progression. I don't want to totally change our style & have our fans in an uproar!

Your album is available for free in the net ike thousands of others. Do you mind if you see that? How much concerns it you financial?

Sure, it bothered me at first but now I just don't care. You can't stop it. I'm sure free albums on the internet hurt all bands sells.

There are so many bands out there, sometimes I think there are more than there are fans. Can you guarantee that CESSPOOL OF VERMIN will still be playing together in 5 or 10 years? What's your opinion on all the new bands coming out nowadays?

I don't think anyone can guarantee anything 5 years into the future. All I can say is that we'll keep it going as long as we can. As far as new bands, I hear new bands every day that I like. Metal just keeps on progressing & spanning out all over the world.

What's your fascination for sick brutal music? Could you imagine to deal with some other metal styles in future?

We just like the Brutality. I don't know what it is. I enjoy technical Metal, blazing solos & all that stuff too but when the Ultra Brutal kicks in it makes you feel the hatred! hahaha! I always say "the technical guys rule the fretboard but we rule the pit!" Cesspool of Vermin will never play any other style than Brutal Death Metal. Maybe we'll start another band that will play a different style of Metal one day, but I doubt it.

What's happening in the other bands the other guys play in? Any new developements?

Nothing for Shuriken or LOD. I think Jordan just recorded drums for the new Domination Through Impurity. Keep an eye out for that one. It's gonna be insane!

Last crap is yours! Thanks for your time!

Thanks for the interview! We'd like to thank Sevared Records, all the bands on Sevared, anyone that's helped us out & all our fans!


TORTURE KILLER are back with „Sewers“! Without Chris Barnes this time as you all know, but with a lot of great songs and fresh joy of playing. So lets hear what Jari has to tell about the new album and T.K. in general.

Hi Jari, how are you man? Are you one of that dudes who drink that disgusting Finnish licorice booze? Whats up in the Finnish backwoods?

Hey man how´s it going? Glad to be doing the interview and talking through the new album... You propably mean SALMIAKKI which is one of our national´s not that bad, i kinda like it but i usually stick to beer and don´t do shots that much. Funny story with that, i went to see my dear friends in Misery Index a few years back and asked what could i bring with me from here, one of the guys mentioned Salmiakki and i brought a bottle of that with me - i thought it was only his thing since he´s been familiarized with that during his visits over here, usually foreign people HATE that stuff, so it was a huge surprise that once i got there, everyone was freaking out about that one bottle...if i´d known people in the states love that stuff i wouldn´t have brought anything else with me, i couldve changed a bag of those candies to a pair of socks and underwear and t-shirts wherever i went...they even like it better than Jägermeister and think that could be the next big import in the metal scene..hehe.

How is the new release doing? Tell me something about “Sewers”!

It´s the TK 3. album and were quite pleased with it, i think the album ain´t out yet apart from our homecountry though, but over here it´s doing really well - people seem to like it, which to be honest is quite surprising considering the change we´ve had with our profile and the re-newed, less known line-up. I think it turned out decent, but i know we still have potential and need to be better in what we do. Finland isn´t exactly known for this kind of metal so all things considered we´re pleased how the reactions have been... it´s still hard coz in your head you compare your own stuff to the ultimate classics of death metal like Obituary and stuff like that and to be honest i think were still a million miles away from that level, but comparing to some other new albums that are released constantly, i think it stands on his own.

There will be always a lot of people who call you SFU clone. How do you handle that? I mean you have never denied what your inspiration is? Do you get tired having to explain yourself again and again?

No were not worried, this is the stuff we want to do, or at least what i want and the influences are obvious...the band name, the history...we´d be pretty blind to deny what we have in common with our influences and i´m not ashamed of it one bit. We don´t do press apart from when a new album is released and i can understand people asking about it so i don´t get tired of it, i just accept it how it is. Our goal is not to be original, it is to be as good as we can and do what we enjoy the most so it´s all good.

Maybe you can really put up with the reproach of a missing identity. Can you proof the opposite?

Nope, like i said we have no problems with that - i have no desire to be anything else than what we are right now... we started the band to pay our tribute, or homage if you will, to bands we liked. Is it original? fuck no, but it is what i want to do.

I like “Sewers”, it is straight and to the point. It connects seamlessly to your last record. Do you see any important changes? What do you think? How long can you exhaust that Death Metal style?

Cool, glad you liked it brother... Yeah i agree it follows the style we had on the previous album, all the elements are still there but there still are a few differences... The first thing people will notice are the vocals of course, but that´s obvious, musicwise i think it´s a bit more solid, or more get-to-the-point type of CD...the focus i a bit more in the faster songs (or faster by our standards) instead of the double-bass-drum driven songs we had on the previous album... all in all i think it´s a decent follower to "Swarm!". We´ll see how long we can come up with ideas, even i don´t know that...i have some new ideas which i like a lot, new riffs etc, but they are still sounding 100% Torture Killer... as long as you can come up with decent material, all is well, when you run out of good songs - that´s when you have a problem, i don´t see sticking to one style of approach a problem at all if you can come up with good songs.

Tell me the Story of Chris Barnes – probably for the 1000th time now.

Hehehe...sure, just before our 2004 european tour we lost our vocalist and because of that all the plans we had for our second album were put on hold... then one day we just got an e-mail from Chris saying he´s been watching us and feeling honoured about our style and homage to his music and said if we needed, he could help us out with the next record. I was sure one of my friends was playing a prank on me until i got Chris over the phone... pretty overwhelming and a huge compliment, we were absolutely stoked and honoured. I think we did a good album with him and it was a unique experience we feel super priviledged about. A script of a hollywood movie.

Was it obvious that the collaboration ran its course?

Well none of us knew how things would work out, we knew along with the attention came a lot of things that would be very hard to materialize and that they were... we knew SFU was his priority and that´s the way it should be so getting on tours would be very hard. Also recordings etc. would have to first match with SFU schedules but at that point we didn´t worry about it too much, back then we didn´t have a line-up and with him we did, so it was either that or doing nothing. Now, looking back i think it was pretty obvious how things would work but i´m still very proud what we did together and grateful for Chris he was there to give us the experience.

Was it an personal setback when he left? I mean you had to cancel your upcoming tour. How has it affected the band?

Well actually that tour was meant to be done with our session live vocalist, Juri, who is now our official frontman so actually none of that had anything to do with Chris´s departure...that tour was cancelled coz the promoter backed out. I guess now were getting to the point where you can propably see one of the reasons why we chose to go on our separate ways, the confusion with two different line-ups was something we didn´t want. Also we got a word that we would have to wait for at least a year to complete the third album coz SFU was doing tours and starting their Death Rituals CD writing... also for some months we kinda felt that this wasn´t "fun" anymore, we needed to get the "band" feel back. To us this is a hobby, an important hobby that makes us feel good, and if you can´t do that - where´s the fun? so actually we brought the thing up that maybe we should continue on our own and Chris agreed, i think he also realized he didn´t have the time to go deeper into this and we were on the same page with everything... so there was no drama at all, just mutual understanding and agreement that "OK, we tried how it will turn out" and after realizing it wouldn´t, we shouldn´t waste our energies to something that wasn´t working... He was cool to us all this time and i have nothing bad to say about him, we got along great and we wish him the best of luck! We´re not a professional band and we wanted to go back to smaller, down-to-earth band activities and were happy where we are right now, not regretting anything we´ve done, but happy things are back to normal now.

It seems to be a TORTURE KILLER habit, to loose their singer ( M. Luke- Blast your violence tour). Are you such limelight hogs, that they shitting in her pants for fear?

Yeah the line-up has been disrupted with vocalist changes but now i think we can finally have some continuation with it and hope those days are behind us... The first guy we had was a mistake we should´ve never got involved with, a misjudgement on our behalf... The second one, Chris, on the other hand was something totally un-planned and un-prepared and like i said there was no bad blood at any stage. So in my books there has been only one really bad call, and the rest have worked out really well. I think were easy people to get along with, we´ve only done a few wrong decisions that may seem to an outsider we have a line-up problem.

Barnes part in TORTURE KILLER was a stroke of luck, I think. You became bigger in the eyes of the public. Without him it could be harder, don't you think? ( Don't get me wrong, your music is still cool no

Yeah totally, without him we wouldn´t have been signed to Metal Blade and get all the attention we got, so having him was a huge push for us attention wise and we never would´ve had the exposure we have now, if it wasn´t for him and his time spent with the band. So to this date, his reputation is still giving us press and exposure - we hope to stand on our own someday, and just try to do the best we can, like you said - i think we also have something good going on and hopefully some people will agree.

How did you handle the intensity of the attention at that time? I'm sure you gave a million interviews for “Swarm”. Is the life more quiet now?

Yeah it´s more quiet and i like it that way, MB gave us great support promoting and getting us tons and tons of interviews over the phone and e-mail and the months surrounding the "Swarm!" release were very busy... It was kinda cool for a while, but to tell you the truth i don´t miss that too much... i mean we appreciate all the interviews we can give and i don´t mind doing them, but i´d rather go to see a hockey game with my friends than sit at home waiting for phone-interviews...hehehe...

Barnes was off- Metal Blade away- now you have to "bake smaller buns", or am I wrong? Was this new situation frustrating or do you see it as a new challenge?

Actually i see it as the way it should be, we´re very pleased where we are now and getting out from MB was also our will... They were also good to us, but let´s face facts: were a small ug-band, not professionals, and we shouldn´t be on a full professional label like MB. Especially the guys in MB -europe were cool as shit and those are the guys i miss the most, but all in all, we were just totally out of our league. I think we would´ve been dropped out eventually now when the strongest sales-point was no longer with us but i´m glad we departed with good terms and wish them luck aswell - Good label, awesome bands. Were not reaching for the stars, and we don´t have dreams or goals to turn into a full-scale-professional band at all, like i said earlier - this is a hobby for us, and i think the most amazing things for this band have already happened to us.

Was having Juri after Chris a hard situation to sell? Would he actually want to be in that position again?

Yeah he was into it right away, when the tour of 2004 was still on with Juri doing the vocals he was only helping us out so we wouldnt have to cancel the he wasn´t in the band as a member, when we got back from the tour and all this Chris thing happened, we explained that we have him now but we would like to do some random shows nevertheless and with those we would need Juri´s help, and he was ok with that 100%. Now when you look at the releases, you might think he was in the band, then we took a shot with Chris and now he came back but that´s not how it went. The split 7" we did, that was released before "Swarm!" was actually recorded and done after the Swarm! recordings. We were approached and asked to do that split which we really wanted to do, but knew we couldn´t get Chris to do it since he was working on with the album, so that´s when we decided to do it with Juri... it´s a bit confusing how it all went but i hope you get the idea.

You are with Dynamic Arts now. What are your expectations?

"Theyre doing a good job at a level we´re pleased and happy about, like i said we don´t dream about worldwide success anymore, we´re just pleased we can still release albums and over here Dynamic Arts is one of the best national labels, sure their distribution worldwide is nothing like Metal Blade´s but it´s good enough for us and i think we made the right decision to work with them. The only expectations we have is towards ourselves, if we do a good job, good things will happen.

It seems this time you wanna go around properly. Tell me about the upcoming tour!

"Yeah man, were super happy about getting out at last, we didn´t get to tour for "Swarm!" for obvious reasons which is kinda weird since it was the album that has given us the biggest attention so were glad we can finally play those songs to people. The tour starts in mid-may with Demonical headlining, us and Facebreaker from Sweden. Should be a good death metal package and i hope people will come to see us, even if i know there are a lot of really good tours going all over at the same time or in the near future. I know we have a good set-list and the style we play really works live. You have to be careful with your expectations though since it´s a lot harder to compete with audiences over there than it is over here. All you can do is do your best, so many bands have to tour 3-4 times before the word gets out that these guys are good and the people find their way to the shows."

How long did you work on the new recording and how did you decide on the name "Sewers"?

We recorded the basic tracks (meaning the music) over a year ago when all these line-up issues werent solved yet, then we cleared the table from those, got Juri to join the band and used the next year to write the lyrics for the album since we didn´t have a line of lyrics ready because that part was left for Chris at the time. Sewers just felt the best name for the album title, and we thought we could get a cover done for it and it just felt the best, a cool title for a death metal album. The song Sewers is about a russian serial killer Aleksander Pichuskin, whose goal was to kill 64 people - one for each square of the chessboard but was cut short when captured...he used sewers to dumb the bodies he left behind and that´s the main idea of the song.

Is there actually a lot of work behind that special heavy and old school sound? You need a experienced studio for sure.

Well, actually we used a new studio this time and it wasn´t easy, i think it´s ok but we had to struggle with it and the studio hadn´t done a death metal record yet - so it was a struggle but i think it turned out ok...we know what we want and know when the sound is right, but unfortunately we don´t have the knowledge how to get it... so it takes awhile, but were getting better at it. Getting a sound you want is definetily harder than people might think.

One last question. TORTURE KILLER started as “just for fun-cover band”. When have you noticed that you have to work hard and serious. What was your “point of no return”?

The first album was still a lot of fun to do, since we didn´t even think it would be released properly, so i´d say the point when Chris got involved was the point things started to get more serious, that was our point of no return...hehe...

Ok, last crap is yours. Wish you all the best with your killer album and the tour. Maybe we'll se you at Legacy Feast.

"Huge thanks for the interview brother, it was a nice one! All the best and check out ,for samples of TK death metal."


Follow the trail of blood on the tiled floor and the flare overhead lightning and it will lead you to a real grinding experience, GENERAL SURGERY. They are ready with some new musically attacks. Dr. Wallin was willing to answer some highly explosive questions.

Revered medical technical staff? how are the stocks in your clinic? Hope your scalpels are still clean and sharp!

Rusty scalpels and deranged mood, all good.

You have just released your split with your Japanese fellows BUTCHER ABC. It took a long time to find its way to the publicity. Was it such a hard surgery?

First they delayed it for a thile, then we delayed it for a while. It´s out now so go get it!

You did several split releases. Why did you go with so many splits? I mean you are worldwide approved doctors (without borders, ha ha), you don´t need support from quacks from the countryside!

Split a skull, cut of an arm, necrophilia sure has it´s charm.

Tell me something about your upcoming medical skilled work. It will be out in March, won?t it? Could you give me some inside details?

The title is Corpus in extremis - Analyzing Necrocriticism, and it pretty much speaks for itself. Probably a bit more intricate than earlier stuff, and Dr Sahlströms ultimate proof of being a worthy head surgeon. It´s great, go get it!

You are doing a vinyl version too (for both releases). Who will do it and are there any differences to the CD? Whats your opinion about vinyl in general, is it good material for professional doctors?

Listenable does the vinyl version this time, I think there will be one track that differs from the cd. Vinyl is a good material, especially for ambulance seats.

You are preparing a visit overseas. How are you getting ready for it? Any special equipment needed? Do you believe you can treat the patients as they deserve it? And what about European invalids?

We need special electricity devices to charge our phones/ipods. It´s because the voltage is different over there. Maybe you are familiar with it? The european invalids will have to wait, only booked show in europe at this time is deathfest in june. Oh yeah, we´re playing in Poland in april as well. Vodkatime!

It must be an advantage to be such famous people. You dont have to look for a label or shows. You ´don´t must play in filthy basements, always fresh catering. Or am I wrong?

Filthy basements and fresh catering (!?) are both on our rider. So yes, you are wrong.

Many cured patients call you legends now, what are you thinking about? Seriously, is it maybe overrated or is it an incentive for your work?

I´m a legend tonight! Seriously, of course it´s overrated to be considered a legend because of a couple of demos and a 7", but I think the current band has more than proved it´s essence and quality by the work of the last 5 years.

Other shows, other conditions. Sometimes you headline a concert (Obscene Extreme), sometimes you play in the afternoon (PARTY - SAN). Does it make a difference for you? Does it matter where you play in the running order? And what are you thinking about? That?s 2 outdoor fests?

Generally it´s more fun to headline a smaller gig I´d say, but of course it´s cool to play a huge stage in front of a huge audience as well. It both has it´s pros and cons. Obscene Extreme is a classic festival and I like it alot. Although, as with most festivals if you´ve been there 2-3 times, you pretty much know it by then. I haven´t been to Party San enough to say anything about it, we we´re only there for a few hours around our show.

How intense are you care about your image? The bloody disgusting authorized doctors? Are you not afraid of stereotypes or do you like to play with it?

Image? Care? Disgusting? I don´t know what you´re talking about. It must be Massgrav you´re talking about.

And what are you doing with your blood splattered tunics after you´ve finished your surgeries? Your laundress will damn you for sure! You must have a truckload of it?

We just load it into our truck, while our laundress damn us.

By the way, what a kind of medics are you actually? With all the blood, guts and grime? Never heard about the gods in white? Who are you patients? Dead ones or the kind who wanna be soon?

I´m a proctologist. I care for ass.

Ok, back to some serious terms. How developed is your music? How much fun is it and how much is hard work?

If you mean developed since last album I´d say it´s a bit more intricate, but obviously still in the same vein. Dr Eriksson brought in alot of great songs with a sometimes slightly different approach than the “Left Hand...” stuff. I´d say 50/50 of fun and hard work. Though I have to point out that hard work CAN be fun as well. Sometimes it sucks to rehearse for a full weekend, and sometimes it´s fun as hell. The gigs are the most fun part of course. I personally don´t like recording much, but obviously it´s essential. I think we have a very good balance between the work/fun parts, noone would be in it if it wasn´t ultimately about having fun and achieving something you can be proud of.

How is it possible to create songs with that insane sound? I don´t wanna kid you, when I say I can hear the sirens and the ambulances rushing through the night, while I listen to your music. That is fucking creepy!

Deranged minds and rusty scalpels! Booze also helps.

Is any spirit left from the early days? I mean there are a lot of new members in GENERAL SURGERY .And new brains mean new ideas and views, doesn?t it?

I think the retired/retarded Dr McWilliams drank most of the spirit that was availible unfortunately. Well, "new" is relative. Dr Carlsson has been in the band for like 20 years, Dr Mitroulis for 6 (?) years, myself for 5 years, and while Dr Eriksson was in coma for a couple of years he joined the band for the first time like 6 years ago. As far as I´m concerned Dr Sahlström is the only new member and even he actually joined almost 2 years ago.

You never did a secret about your preference to CARCASS. What?s your opinion about the re-union? I mean they play in another league nowadays and earn a lot of money. Fans going crazy, organizers going crazy, merchandisers going crazy! They have an amazing big audience that is completely cracked up, Are you understanding the sudden hype?

As for the hype, I don´t care. I´m sure they didn´t earn alot of money on their music back in the days, so if they can get a buck or two out of all the time and work they put into it now, I´m all good with that. They are one of the most influential extreme metal bands ever and deserv all credit they can get. I saw them live at the brutal assault show last summer, and it was truly great.

What about your cooperation with Warlord Clothing. Are they manufacturing your whole merch-clothing line? Are you satisfied? (I got 2 hoodies in bad quality (one G.S.), the fucking waist- and armbands were shrewd after short time).

They do merchandise for us for the north american market, and they do it good. I don´t know about the bad quality you mention, but mail them and see what they can do about it.

Ok, that?s enough, last grave diagnoses is yours!

Yeah baby.


It´s time for an HAEMORRHAGE update, so let´s hear what Luisma has to say about past events, fan decisions and Dr. Obnoxious. Take a seat, put on your reading specs and go for it!

Hi Luis, How is it going in HAEMORRHAGE at the moment? It’s quiet lately; you don’t wanna catch your pension check I hope!

Yes, we are quiet, silent...and that's dangerous, 'cause surely we are preparing some evil things...ha, ha...

What about the band after the MORBID era. Do you regret the end of that label? What were your experiences with them? What was the special thing, that you released one full length after another with them?

Yes, it was a pity. I really wish Morbid would never end as they are friends of us, and they got a big name in the scene. We started our friendship after signing with them, Olaf and us were in contact and became big frends, and then with Roger, Carsten and other Morbid employees that worked for the label. We were in some tours with them and we had big parties and cool moments. There were a big feeling. Besides they supported our band very much. Its clear when we look back maybe some things could be better but I think it was ok. As I told you they worked right for us, and they were friends. That was important for us. Morbid was like a family...There were really good feeling.

Do you remember your first legendary review for “Emetic Cult” in German ROCK HARD. You became the “Arschbombe” award for the worst album of the month. (That was the reason for me to buy it- no kidding) What was your first reaction at that time, to getting a boring the moniker of a CARCASS clone?

We were really happy to be in such a big mag, even if we got the worst album of the month! Ha, ha...We also bought all the albums they say was bullshit I remember many of my favourite bands like Napalm Death, Carcass, etc... getting the "award" of worst album of th month, so that was an honour for us. We don't care if people compared us to Carcass in the beginning. Maybe "Emetic.." has some Carcass influences, but it was normal in those days cause Carcass was one of the best bands. After the years we have proved we are different, but some stupids still say the same, but that's cause they don't know Carcass and they don't know Haemorrhage.

And 2 years later they loved “Grume” What happened in the meantime? Has the band changed or the mood inside the “, metallic yellow-press”?

Yes, "Grume" got better reviews. It was suprising. "Grume" sounded different than "Emetic " but our style was the same, the vocal style was the same...I still keep a review from Maximum Guitar saying lots of good things about us...ha, was curious to see our album among those guitar heroes.

Do you remember your show at first FUCK THE COMMERCE fest back in 97. It seems your shows are getting bigger and the fans crazier. What are your impressions from FTC, the audience at PARTY SAN or this insane chezch freaks at OBSCENE fest. I think you have a special connection to Curby and his OEF, or am I wrong?

Yes, I remember that gig. It was our first daylight show. We played other open-air gigs before but always at night. I really love those festivals you said. I can't say anymore. We love the fans in these fests and we were very happy of been there and play our musick for them all. Yes we are friends of Curby since Grind Over Europe tour...Our singer is quite a good friend of him, and he goes to OEF every year, but that's all the connection we have.

Nowadays HAEMORRHAGE has a lot of fans wearing band tattoos. What the hell circulates inside your head, when you see Dr. Obnoxious at the upper-arm of such an insane lunatic?

I can't explain it. Its something really great. Seeing my artwork in someone's skin makes me feel proud of my art and eternally thankful to this guy for wearing it. Its a deep feeling.

By the way, tell me something about Dr. O. How is he originated? What is the idea behind him? Is he like Maiden’s Eddie?

No. We never pretended to copy Eddie, cause probably if we'd try to copy someone's idea we would make a big shit. It was accidentally. The first Dr.Obnoxious appearance was in a flyer of a fanzine I made in 1990 called CARRONA. Then I used the same artwork for the first Haemorrhage flyers. The other guy in the band at that time Jose really liked the idea, so in 1994 when we released our Ep with Morbid I made another artwork with the doctor to be used as cover but finally I used a photo for the cover. It was my decision cause Jose wanted my artwork. So when we made our first T-shirts, Jose used my artwork for those T-S. And then people liked a lot and we just keep on using these artworks inside the Cds and Eps...

When will he appear as regular long comic strip, or have I missed something? When I see him in “Furtive Dissection” clip, I’m sure he has an independent existence, fuck that’s spooky!

I made some comics in the past but some of them were never finnished and other anren't too good to be published. Yes the "Furtive Dissection" clip was a kind of "birth" for Dr.Obnoxious to an independent life. Actually I'm already working in a short movie. Not a video-clip. Only a creepy movie.

Tell me something about the work for that clip and who did it?

The video was planned by me and Ana. We wrote an stroyboard for the clip and then I started the hard work. Drawing, drawing....Animation is a really hard job. Specially when you are learning. I drawn the characters in paper and then I scanned them and then I added the colour and motion on my computer. Its so simple but its hard to do it. For the scenes of Haemorrhage members I recorded everyone of us on video in the position I wanted, and them I made a process called rotoscopy. In the final part that comes after the music(you still haven't see that part) I had the special colaboration of Ross Sewage from Imapled and Kasey that gave their voices to some characters.

You release often LP versions of your full lengths. Is this, because you want it or is it a label-decision? Bonus songs on the LP’s seem to be important for you, why?

We love vinyl records. Its not a label decision. We think its great add bonus songs to LPs cause its a way of supporting vinyl and vinyl collectors. Some years ago bands included the bonus songs on the CDs, so we decided to do the opposite.

Tell me something about the idea to “Kill Sessions”! Why did you wanted to do that? I mean this is a best off, who needs a best off/greatest hits CD?

No I think this is not a "best of" album. The idea comes from the old "Peel Sessions" albums. These album were live recordigs in a studio for a BBC radio shows. Many of our favourite bands recorded "Peel Sessions": Napalm Death, Bolt Thrower, Carcass, Extreme Noise Terror, Doom, etc...So we just want to emulate those recordings, cause we really think they're great cause they show the real sound of the band, cause the albums are recoded in a lot of different takes, with all the instruments recorded separately, lots of effects,etc, just listen to Napalm Death's "Peel Sessions" are a lesson of what is Grind Core.

How was the feedback and how exactly was the evaluation? Could you consider all suggestions? And why is it a live recording? A question of money, of time or were you looking for a genuine sound?

Well the feedback was possitive, though some people didn't know the real "Peel Sessions" so they didn't understand what we pretend. We explained our idea to the fans and they voted through internet. They voted 43 different songs but we just picked up the "top 10" songs. As I told you before it's alive recording to emulate the real "Peel Sessions" sound and feeling. We didn't want to re-record the songs like a typical studio album we'd better have taken from their original albums, and of course that wasn't a question of money, cause this was the best studio we've ever been. We recorded in a room used to record movies soundtracks, this means that an orchestra could record there.

Your fans are often included in your decisions, That’s unusual I think, why are you doing that? I remember the “Apology for Pathology” CD, where the fans had to find the name? Why did you start the appeal back then and what gave the decision for “Apology...”?

Our fans are very important for us. I think all the bands would say the same, we are not the only one in that, but sometimes we like to let them take part in the band decisions, so they feel themselves as a part of the band. Thats something we like. Yes, it happened with "Apology..." We posted the tracklist on the website but we said we still didn't have a title for the album cause our singer wanted one title and I wanted another. so some fans gave us your ideas. They just want to help us, so one guy from Germany (I don't remember his name now) told us the title of the last song of the album as album title. We thought it was a great idea. It was better the ideas we had so we did it. Of course we won't ask every album title to the fans, ha, ha...

When I see Lugubrious beside the stage, he seems calm and reserved. On stage he is a berserker. What the hell happens with him, when the music starts he is such a good actor or is there something that presses the red button?

I'm trying to find a reason to this behaviour from the first show. I don't know what happens in his head...I don't like to talk to him until he take a shower. Sometimes we comment things of the show before the shower and he's always angry, so its better not talk to him 'il he is calmed.

Why did the old band name DEVOURMENT retire? I mean the US band with that name did not exist at that time.

Yes, I know. The name of Devourment had a deeper meaning. Our old drummer Jose chose that name cause his idea was our lyrics protest against meat-consume, so our lirycs would be a kind of menu, where humans are the food, etc... all about cannibalism, ha, ha...I didn't think I could write more than 2-3 ongs about that, so I tried to convince him to change into a largest camp as medical / gore lyrics. So the name of Devourment has no meaning for us anymore.

Has your personally attitude/spontaneity changed since your first steps into the Grind-genre?

Difficult to say. For me, we didn't change too much, at least thats what we tried. Stay loyal to our roots...but we are not the ones to judge if we got it or not.

How critical do you consider the band and the scene? Do you believe it will keep going forward again and again? Or are you rooted to the soil?

I don't like to say predictions. In the beggining many people said Grind was a trend and it will be dead in 2 years. I don't know what will happen and I don't care to much....My will is keep on playing as long as I like.

If you look back, do you think you and the band have always found the right decisions? Or are there maybe some things that you may have handled better in another way? How do you feel about your situation with HAEMORRHAGE? It must be like a dream comes true.

Surely there were mistakes, but I don't waste my time in it. That should be said in the moment of the decision not years later when you can see the consequences. Anyway we've made more right decisions than worng decisions...I think its the same in everyones life. What is important for us is fun, great moments with the band, etc...My experience with this band is a dream came true. When I started with Haemorrhage the most of my friends were playing in bands and surely all of them better than us and now they congratulate for my career with my band. So I feel privileged, cause I can realize my dreams...

Ok, that’s enough I think, last pathological wisdom is yours!

Thanks a lot for the intie. It was a pleasure to answer all your questions. We hope to play there again and release a new album for you all in 2009...STAY SICK!!!