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Torture your ears with CESSPOOL OF VERMIN, a Brutal Death Metal bastard from North Carolina. This band was born as an side-project of LUST OF DECAY. Whose current album is a masterpiece of merciless brutality! Check out “Bestial Necrophilia”. But first let us hear, what Derek has to say about!

Hi Derek, how are you man. I hope all strings are tight in CESSPOOL Of VERMIN. What are your latest news?

Hey bro, thanks for the interview! Everything is great at the Cesspool camp! As of now I've started writing material for our next full length album. We just got some new long sleeves & hoodies with our album art, as well as short sleeves. You guys can check them out & pick up our CD at the Sevared Records website.

Tell me something about the band, is it maybe a continue of LUST OF DECAY?

Cesspool is not a continuation of Lust of Decay. After Lust of Decay was put on hold, Jay & Jordan did their Shuriken Cadaveric Entwinement album, Steve did his Atrocious Abnormality album & I went & wrote the Cesspool album. These are 4 totally separate bands that just happen to have some of the same members.

Is CESSPOOL... a real band at all or just a project because Jay and Jordan are busy with other bands.

Cesspool is our (Derek & Jay's) number one priority. Although I think of Jordan as a member of the band, he works more like a session drummer for us since he is busy with so many other projects & his work. Basically, this is how Cesspool of Vermin functions... I write the songs on guitar & record demo tracks for the album with a drum machine. As I finish each song, I take them to Jay's house & let him learn them. He writes lyrics/vocal patterns, etc. & we record his vocals on my demo track. When the demo album is completed I send all the tracks to Jordan, he learns them & we practice a few times & go record.

Whose band SHURIKEN CADAVERIC ENTWINEMENT arise from CESSPOOL... Could you explain that, why do they need another band. Why don..t you use all your ideas in one band. I think the difference between both bands is not so big.

Shuriken is Jay & Jordan's band. Jordan wanted a band where he could play all the instruments & Jay wanted a band where he could do a concept album based on a video game he likes, so they collaberated & Shuriken was the result. Originally everything went down like this... Me, Jay & Jordan wanted to do a side project while we were in Lust of Decay back in 2006. We named the band Cesspool of Vermin but shortly after I left both bands due to personal reasons. Jay & Jordan changed the band's name to Shuriken Cadaveric Entwinement & released the album on Sevared Records. Shortly after it was released Lust of Decay was put on hold & Jay called me & asked if I wanted to do the Cesspool album we never got to do. I said Fuck Yeah! So we did it! hahaha! As far as your comment saying "I think the difference between both bands is not so big" I have to disagree. Shuriken & Cesspool sound nothing alike to me. The closest similarities would be the drums. The vocals on Shuriken are layered & much more technical than Cesspool & the guitar/bass style is TOTALLY different. To me Shuriken sounds tame compared to Cesspool. If I had to say Cesspool sounded similar to another band I was in, it would be Lust of Decay, although I think those bands have different styles as well.

What about your album, how is it going with it? And do you see it as your personal baby?

Everyone seems to really like the album. You'd have to ask Barrett how well it's selling. I saw it was in the top ten best sellers in his distro the other day so it must be doing ok. As far as me seeing it as "my personal baby", at first I was excited but now I'm ready to write a new one. I guess when you write it you hear it so many times & it gets old fast.

Are the demo songs used on it again? How long did you worked for the album? How serious have you worked on it at all, when the other members are involved in other bands?

As I said before I wrote the whole album & recorded it as a demo, so yes... the demo songs were used. It took us about a year to write & record the whole album. Yes, I was very serious during the writing of this album & so was Jay. Jordan wasn't called in until a month before recording & he dedicated every day to learning the music. He did a fucking great job. It doesn't matter that we play in other bands. They don't slow down progress because we plan to do certain projects at a certain time. It all works out perfectly.

What about the cover artwork. Who did it and why is that brutality so important fo you. Who came up with this sick idea? Myspace has banned it, what do you think about?

Phlegeton Art Studio did the album cover. Why is the Brutality so important to me? hahaha! because we play Brutal Fucking Death Metal & we are some sick & twisted bastards in this fucking band! We had to make the album cover match the music in sickness! Jay & I came up with the album cover concept & Phlegeton did the rest. He did a killer job! As for Myspace banning it... I don't really give a shit. It's just a pain in the ass to always censor it in Photoshop when I make promos & flyers!

Tell me about your deal with Sevared. Is it just for that album? What do you expect from them, are you satisfied with them? Why don..t you released with your old pal Steve and COMATOSE?

I'm sure when we're ready to release our new album it will be on Sevared, although that has not been confirmed yet. Barrett is the man & we love working with him! We are very pleased with Sevared Records & have no plans on leaving any time soon. As for Steve releasing the album... there was some talk about it possibly happening. I mean Steve is like family & of course we'd like to work with him. Jay & Jordan were already working with Barrett from the Shuriken album & they were very pleased so we decided to go with Sevared. I think Steve was tied up with some other bands on his label when Shuriken released their disc. It was pretty much a timing thing I guess.

Do you ever thought about to re-animate LUST OF DECAY? Or is it not in your decision? Maybe Steve is too busy with his label?

I'd love to get Lust of Decay back together. It's not my decision. It's pretty much up to Steve & Jordan. I know Jay wants to do another one & there has been some talk of it happening. Hopefully they can get it worked out because LOD needs a final album. I don't think she was ready to go out when she did.

Why did LUST OF DECAY break up? Did you and the other guys take some ideas from the former band into your new projects?

You'd really have to ask Steve, Jay or Jordan why Lust of Decay broke up. I'm not the one to answer that question. Actually, they're not "broken up" their "on hold'. No ideas for Lust of Decay were used for Cesspool. I wasn't even in Lust of Decay when they went "on hold".

Is CESSPOOL a liveband? If no, why? If yes, who plays the bass? How important is a good bass-sound live and on a album?

Yes, Cesspool is a live band although we haven't been playing many shows lately. We didn't have a bassist at our first show but we've talked to Jeremy from Bile Nephrosis/Atrocious Abnormality & maybe he can do some fests with us or something. I think a good bass sound is very important live & on an album. It's what ties everything together... it's like the backbone.

Jordans drum-play is unbeliveable. He is very active in the scene and one of the fastest drummer with insane timing. Do you think the band would working without him? What do you think about him?

Yes, Jordan is a very active musician. As far as Cesspool working without him, I think we'd be ok. We'd just have to hire a drummer because he's the only one around here that will do it. What do I think about Jordan? hahaha! I think he's the best drummer in North Carolina & that his work ethic is immaculate. He's a fucking workhorse & you'll never have to worry about him finishing an album.

Tell me about the new songs, you write after that album. Are they a continuation or a progression of „Beastial Necrophilia“?

Well... I don't know yet because they haven't been written! Na, we plan to keep the same formula with a slight progression. I don't want to totally change our style & have our fans in an uproar!

Your album is available for free in the net ike thousands of others. Do you mind if you see that? How much concerns it you financial?

Sure, it bothered me at first but now I just don't care. You can't stop it. I'm sure free albums on the internet hurt all bands sells.

There are so many bands out there, sometimes I think there are more than there are fans. Can you guarantee that CESSPOOL OF VERMIN will still be playing together in 5 or 10 years? What's your opinion on all the new bands coming out nowadays?

I don't think anyone can guarantee anything 5 years into the future. All I can say is that we'll keep it going as long as we can. As far as new bands, I hear new bands every day that I like. Metal just keeps on progressing & spanning out all over the world.

What's your fascination for sick brutal music? Could you imagine to deal with some other metal styles in future?

We just like the Brutality. I don't know what it is. I enjoy technical Metal, blazing solos & all that stuff too but when the Ultra Brutal kicks in it makes you feel the hatred! hahaha! I always say "the technical guys rule the fretboard but we rule the pit!" Cesspool of Vermin will never play any other style than Brutal Death Metal. Maybe we'll start another band that will play a different style of Metal one day, but I doubt it.

What's happening in the other bands the other guys play in? Any new developements?

Nothing for Shuriken or LOD. I think Jordan just recorded drums for the new Domination Through Impurity. Keep an eye out for that one. It's gonna be insane!

Last crap is yours! Thanks for your time!

Thanks for the interview! We'd like to thank Sevared Records, all the bands on Sevared, anyone that's helped us out & all our fans!


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