Thursday, April 30, 2009


Follow the trail of blood on the tiled floor and the flare overhead lightning and it will lead you to a real grinding experience, GENERAL SURGERY. They are ready with some new musically attacks. Dr. Wallin was willing to answer some highly explosive questions.

Revered medical technical staff? how are the stocks in your clinic? Hope your scalpels are still clean and sharp!

Rusty scalpels and deranged mood, all good.

You have just released your split with your Japanese fellows BUTCHER ABC. It took a long time to find its way to the publicity. Was it such a hard surgery?

First they delayed it for a thile, then we delayed it for a while. It´s out now so go get it!

You did several split releases. Why did you go with so many splits? I mean you are worldwide approved doctors (without borders, ha ha), you don´t need support from quacks from the countryside!

Split a skull, cut of an arm, necrophilia sure has it´s charm.

Tell me something about your upcoming medical skilled work. It will be out in March, won?t it? Could you give me some inside details?

The title is Corpus in extremis - Analyzing Necrocriticism, and it pretty much speaks for itself. Probably a bit more intricate than earlier stuff, and Dr Sahlströms ultimate proof of being a worthy head surgeon. It´s great, go get it!

You are doing a vinyl version too (for both releases). Who will do it and are there any differences to the CD? Whats your opinion about vinyl in general, is it good material for professional doctors?

Listenable does the vinyl version this time, I think there will be one track that differs from the cd. Vinyl is a good material, especially for ambulance seats.

You are preparing a visit overseas. How are you getting ready for it? Any special equipment needed? Do you believe you can treat the patients as they deserve it? And what about European invalids?

We need special electricity devices to charge our phones/ipods. It´s because the voltage is different over there. Maybe you are familiar with it? The european invalids will have to wait, only booked show in europe at this time is deathfest in june. Oh yeah, we´re playing in Poland in april as well. Vodkatime!

It must be an advantage to be such famous people. You dont have to look for a label or shows. You ´don´t must play in filthy basements, always fresh catering. Or am I wrong?

Filthy basements and fresh catering (!?) are both on our rider. So yes, you are wrong.

Many cured patients call you legends now, what are you thinking about? Seriously, is it maybe overrated or is it an incentive for your work?

I´m a legend tonight! Seriously, of course it´s overrated to be considered a legend because of a couple of demos and a 7", but I think the current band has more than proved it´s essence and quality by the work of the last 5 years.

Other shows, other conditions. Sometimes you headline a concert (Obscene Extreme), sometimes you play in the afternoon (PARTY - SAN). Does it make a difference for you? Does it matter where you play in the running order? And what are you thinking about? That?s 2 outdoor fests?

Generally it´s more fun to headline a smaller gig I´d say, but of course it´s cool to play a huge stage in front of a huge audience as well. It both has it´s pros and cons. Obscene Extreme is a classic festival and I like it alot. Although, as with most festivals if you´ve been there 2-3 times, you pretty much know it by then. I haven´t been to Party San enough to say anything about it, we we´re only there for a few hours around our show.

How intense are you care about your image? The bloody disgusting authorized doctors? Are you not afraid of stereotypes or do you like to play with it?

Image? Care? Disgusting? I don´t know what you´re talking about. It must be Massgrav you´re talking about.

And what are you doing with your blood splattered tunics after you´ve finished your surgeries? Your laundress will damn you for sure! You must have a truckload of it?

We just load it into our truck, while our laundress damn us.

By the way, what a kind of medics are you actually? With all the blood, guts and grime? Never heard about the gods in white? Who are you patients? Dead ones or the kind who wanna be soon?

I´m a proctologist. I care for ass.

Ok, back to some serious terms. How developed is your music? How much fun is it and how much is hard work?

If you mean developed since last album I´d say it´s a bit more intricate, but obviously still in the same vein. Dr Eriksson brought in alot of great songs with a sometimes slightly different approach than the “Left Hand...” stuff. I´d say 50/50 of fun and hard work. Though I have to point out that hard work CAN be fun as well. Sometimes it sucks to rehearse for a full weekend, and sometimes it´s fun as hell. The gigs are the most fun part of course. I personally don´t like recording much, but obviously it´s essential. I think we have a very good balance between the work/fun parts, noone would be in it if it wasn´t ultimately about having fun and achieving something you can be proud of.

How is it possible to create songs with that insane sound? I don´t wanna kid you, when I say I can hear the sirens and the ambulances rushing through the night, while I listen to your music. That is fucking creepy!

Deranged minds and rusty scalpels! Booze also helps.

Is any spirit left from the early days? I mean there are a lot of new members in GENERAL SURGERY .And new brains mean new ideas and views, doesn?t it?

I think the retired/retarded Dr McWilliams drank most of the spirit that was availible unfortunately. Well, "new" is relative. Dr Carlsson has been in the band for like 20 years, Dr Mitroulis for 6 (?) years, myself for 5 years, and while Dr Eriksson was in coma for a couple of years he joined the band for the first time like 6 years ago. As far as I´m concerned Dr Sahlström is the only new member and even he actually joined almost 2 years ago.

You never did a secret about your preference to CARCASS. What?s your opinion about the re-union? I mean they play in another league nowadays and earn a lot of money. Fans going crazy, organizers going crazy, merchandisers going crazy! They have an amazing big audience that is completely cracked up, Are you understanding the sudden hype?

As for the hype, I don´t care. I´m sure they didn´t earn alot of money on their music back in the days, so if they can get a buck or two out of all the time and work they put into it now, I´m all good with that. They are one of the most influential extreme metal bands ever and deserv all credit they can get. I saw them live at the brutal assault show last summer, and it was truly great.

What about your cooperation with Warlord Clothing. Are they manufacturing your whole merch-clothing line? Are you satisfied? (I got 2 hoodies in bad quality (one G.S.), the fucking waist- and armbands were shrewd after short time).

They do merchandise for us for the north american market, and they do it good. I don´t know about the bad quality you mention, but mail them and see what they can do about it.

Ok, that?s enough, last grave diagnoses is yours!

Yeah baby.

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