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It´s time for an HAEMORRHAGE update, so let´s hear what Luisma has to say about past events, fan decisions and Dr. Obnoxious. Take a seat, put on your reading specs and go for it!

Hi Luis, How is it going in HAEMORRHAGE at the moment? It’s quiet lately; you don’t wanna catch your pension check I hope!

Yes, we are quiet, silent...and that's dangerous, 'cause surely we are preparing some evil things...ha, ha...

What about the band after the MORBID era. Do you regret the end of that label? What were your experiences with them? What was the special thing, that you released one full length after another with them?

Yes, it was a pity. I really wish Morbid would never end as they are friends of us, and they got a big name in the scene. We started our friendship after signing with them, Olaf and us were in contact and became big frends, and then with Roger, Carsten and other Morbid employees that worked for the label. We were in some tours with them and we had big parties and cool moments. There were a big feeling. Besides they supported our band very much. Its clear when we look back maybe some things could be better but I think it was ok. As I told you they worked right for us, and they were friends. That was important for us. Morbid was like a family...There were really good feeling.

Do you remember your first legendary review for “Emetic Cult” in German ROCK HARD. You became the “Arschbombe” award for the worst album of the month. (That was the reason for me to buy it- no kidding) What was your first reaction at that time, to getting a boring the moniker of a CARCASS clone?

We were really happy to be in such a big mag, even if we got the worst album of the month! Ha, ha...We also bought all the albums they say was bullshit I remember many of my favourite bands like Napalm Death, Carcass, etc... getting the "award" of worst album of th month, so that was an honour for us. We don't care if people compared us to Carcass in the beginning. Maybe "Emetic.." has some Carcass influences, but it was normal in those days cause Carcass was one of the best bands. After the years we have proved we are different, but some stupids still say the same, but that's cause they don't know Carcass and they don't know Haemorrhage.

And 2 years later they loved “Grume” What happened in the meantime? Has the band changed or the mood inside the “, metallic yellow-press”?

Yes, "Grume" got better reviews. It was suprising. "Grume" sounded different than "Emetic " but our style was the same, the vocal style was the same...I still keep a review from Maximum Guitar saying lots of good things about us...ha, was curious to see our album among those guitar heroes.

Do you remember your show at first FUCK THE COMMERCE fest back in 97. It seems your shows are getting bigger and the fans crazier. What are your impressions from FTC, the audience at PARTY SAN or this insane chezch freaks at OBSCENE fest. I think you have a special connection to Curby and his OEF, or am I wrong?

Yes, I remember that gig. It was our first daylight show. We played other open-air gigs before but always at night. I really love those festivals you said. I can't say anymore. We love the fans in these fests and we were very happy of been there and play our musick for them all. Yes we are friends of Curby since Grind Over Europe tour...Our singer is quite a good friend of him, and he goes to OEF every year, but that's all the connection we have.

Nowadays HAEMORRHAGE has a lot of fans wearing band tattoos. What the hell circulates inside your head, when you see Dr. Obnoxious at the upper-arm of such an insane lunatic?

I can't explain it. Its something really great. Seeing my artwork in someone's skin makes me feel proud of my art and eternally thankful to this guy for wearing it. Its a deep feeling.

By the way, tell me something about Dr. O. How is he originated? What is the idea behind him? Is he like Maiden’s Eddie?

No. We never pretended to copy Eddie, cause probably if we'd try to copy someone's idea we would make a big shit. It was accidentally. The first Dr.Obnoxious appearance was in a flyer of a fanzine I made in 1990 called CARRONA. Then I used the same artwork for the first Haemorrhage flyers. The other guy in the band at that time Jose really liked the idea, so in 1994 when we released our Ep with Morbid I made another artwork with the doctor to be used as cover but finally I used a photo for the cover. It was my decision cause Jose wanted my artwork. So when we made our first T-shirts, Jose used my artwork for those T-S. And then people liked a lot and we just keep on using these artworks inside the Cds and Eps...

When will he appear as regular long comic strip, or have I missed something? When I see him in “Furtive Dissection” clip, I’m sure he has an independent existence, fuck that’s spooky!

I made some comics in the past but some of them were never finnished and other anren't too good to be published. Yes the "Furtive Dissection" clip was a kind of "birth" for Dr.Obnoxious to an independent life. Actually I'm already working in a short movie. Not a video-clip. Only a creepy movie.

Tell me something about the work for that clip and who did it?

The video was planned by me and Ana. We wrote an stroyboard for the clip and then I started the hard work. Drawing, drawing....Animation is a really hard job. Specially when you are learning. I drawn the characters in paper and then I scanned them and then I added the colour and motion on my computer. Its so simple but its hard to do it. For the scenes of Haemorrhage members I recorded everyone of us on video in the position I wanted, and them I made a process called rotoscopy. In the final part that comes after the music(you still haven't see that part) I had the special colaboration of Ross Sewage from Imapled and Kasey that gave their voices to some characters.

You release often LP versions of your full lengths. Is this, because you want it or is it a label-decision? Bonus songs on the LP’s seem to be important for you, why?

We love vinyl records. Its not a label decision. We think its great add bonus songs to LPs cause its a way of supporting vinyl and vinyl collectors. Some years ago bands included the bonus songs on the CDs, so we decided to do the opposite.

Tell me something about the idea to “Kill Sessions”! Why did you wanted to do that? I mean this is a best off, who needs a best off/greatest hits CD?

No I think this is not a "best of" album. The idea comes from the old "Peel Sessions" albums. These album were live recordigs in a studio for a BBC radio shows. Many of our favourite bands recorded "Peel Sessions": Napalm Death, Bolt Thrower, Carcass, Extreme Noise Terror, Doom, etc...So we just want to emulate those recordings, cause we really think they're great cause they show the real sound of the band, cause the albums are recoded in a lot of different takes, with all the instruments recorded separately, lots of effects,etc, just listen to Napalm Death's "Peel Sessions" are a lesson of what is Grind Core.

How was the feedback and how exactly was the evaluation? Could you consider all suggestions? And why is it a live recording? A question of money, of time or were you looking for a genuine sound?

Well the feedback was possitive, though some people didn't know the real "Peel Sessions" so they didn't understand what we pretend. We explained our idea to the fans and they voted through internet. They voted 43 different songs but we just picked up the "top 10" songs. As I told you before it's alive recording to emulate the real "Peel Sessions" sound and feeling. We didn't want to re-record the songs like a typical studio album we'd better have taken from their original albums, and of course that wasn't a question of money, cause this was the best studio we've ever been. We recorded in a room used to record movies soundtracks, this means that an orchestra could record there.

Your fans are often included in your decisions, That’s unusual I think, why are you doing that? I remember the “Apology for Pathology” CD, where the fans had to find the name? Why did you start the appeal back then and what gave the decision for “Apology...”?

Our fans are very important for us. I think all the bands would say the same, we are not the only one in that, but sometimes we like to let them take part in the band decisions, so they feel themselves as a part of the band. Thats something we like. Yes, it happened with "Apology..." We posted the tracklist on the website but we said we still didn't have a title for the album cause our singer wanted one title and I wanted another. so some fans gave us your ideas. They just want to help us, so one guy from Germany (I don't remember his name now) told us the title of the last song of the album as album title. We thought it was a great idea. It was better the ideas we had so we did it. Of course we won't ask every album title to the fans, ha, ha...

When I see Lugubrious beside the stage, he seems calm and reserved. On stage he is a berserker. What the hell happens with him, when the music starts he is such a good actor or is there something that presses the red button?

I'm trying to find a reason to this behaviour from the first show. I don't know what happens in his head...I don't like to talk to him until he take a shower. Sometimes we comment things of the show before the shower and he's always angry, so its better not talk to him 'il he is calmed.

Why did the old band name DEVOURMENT retire? I mean the US band with that name did not exist at that time.

Yes, I know. The name of Devourment had a deeper meaning. Our old drummer Jose chose that name cause his idea was our lyrics protest against meat-consume, so our lirycs would be a kind of menu, where humans are the food, etc... all about cannibalism, ha, ha...I didn't think I could write more than 2-3 ongs about that, so I tried to convince him to change into a largest camp as medical / gore lyrics. So the name of Devourment has no meaning for us anymore.

Has your personally attitude/spontaneity changed since your first steps into the Grind-genre?

Difficult to say. For me, we didn't change too much, at least thats what we tried. Stay loyal to our roots...but we are not the ones to judge if we got it or not.

How critical do you consider the band and the scene? Do you believe it will keep going forward again and again? Or are you rooted to the soil?

I don't like to say predictions. In the beggining many people said Grind was a trend and it will be dead in 2 years. I don't know what will happen and I don't care to much....My will is keep on playing as long as I like.

If you look back, do you think you and the band have always found the right decisions? Or are there maybe some things that you may have handled better in another way? How do you feel about your situation with HAEMORRHAGE? It must be like a dream comes true.

Surely there were mistakes, but I don't waste my time in it. That should be said in the moment of the decision not years later when you can see the consequences. Anyway we've made more right decisions than worng decisions...I think its the same in everyones life. What is important for us is fun, great moments with the band, etc...My experience with this band is a dream came true. When I started with Haemorrhage the most of my friends were playing in bands and surely all of them better than us and now they congratulate for my career with my band. So I feel privileged, cause I can realize my dreams...

Ok, that’s enough I think, last pathological wisdom is yours!

Thanks a lot for the intie. It was a pleasure to answer all your questions. We hope to play there again and release a new album for you all in 2009...STAY SICK!!!


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