Friday, May 1, 2009


A THOUSAND BASTARDS SPEEWING HOT BILE, thats how it´s sound, when ROADSIDE KILL from Australia making grinding musick. Brutal, disgusting and regardless. I have talked with Shaneo, The Tracker. Girls beware of your innocence!
Hey Shaneo, hope it´s all fine in Aussie-land. I´m sure you are busy with beer, sluts and violent Grind-shit!
Fuck oath mate. Drink more beer, eat more meat and use sluts pubes to floss your teeth.

Tell me something about the rotted and wasted pack that vegetate under the name ROADSIDE BURIAL!

It started off with me and Karkuss (singer) in our last band BLUDGEONER. After that broke up I wanted to record some songs based on old style grindcore, Napalm Death, Terrorizer etc. which is my favourite type of shit. We went around my mates place to record as he has a set up in his house. We didn´t think it wound come out any good but it came out pretty good and we said fuck it, we´ll do a split with it. So it was me doin the music and a drum machine and Karkuss vokills, just a side project thing that we ended up doing gigs with a drummer.

Almost 2 years without any release. Are you so fucking lazy? Are you still alive? Or are you too busy with other crap?

After the 2nd split (SUCH IS LIFE) we started looking for a drummer to do shows, then it was just practise showing the drummer the songs. And he lives 3 hours away so he only comes down 1 or 2 times a month. After a bunch of shows we are now writing around 16 songs for recording around June.

You guys have 2 split Cd´s out? What about a full length? Maybe it´s to much work for you. Or you know, that nobody wants it!

With both splits we didn´t have many songs recorded so we just done splits to make full length. Our songs are only like a minute and a half long so we would have to write around 25 songs for a full length and that would take up to much drinking time. You CANT live without beer you no. So now we want to do splits with overseas bands and get our name out there better.

Beer, sluts and mangled corpses, that seems to be your credo. Do you think it´s enough to make serious music?

Fucking oath it is. Plus lamb,pork,chicken,beef. Remember IF YOU CANT EAT IT OR FUCK IT,THEN KILL IT.

CARNIVORE, yes I know! But on the other hand, your tunes are massive grind attacks, it sounds more mature than your wasted images shows. Do I underrate you? Where do you find your inspirations? Under the soil of the roadside?

When it comes to writing songs I get a bit more serious, but over all we all gota laugh, we hate bands being too serious and thinking there the badest fucks that ever walk the face of the earth.

How many corpses did you buried at the roadside? Why do you throw them not in the river and let the crocodile do its job?

Only 1 or 2 mate. We normally throw the fucks on the barbe. Fuck the crocs, we´ll put them on the barbe to and make a pair of crocs thongs outa the cunt. Plus some good old koala corpses is a real winner.

Yummy! Your line up seems stolen from other bands to me. How strong is it. How serious do you take your band?


Were just having fun mate. Me, Karkuss and Frog have all been in bands together over many years and Macca new and it all works good.

Tell me about the other bands! Are that the same drunken and depraved bastards? Or do they play real music?

I´m doin a band called FUCK OATH which is like 80´s Hardcore cross old Napalm Death type thing. Macca (roadside drummer) plays bass in Fuck Oath plus he plays drums in a grind band called GRANNYFIST. Me and Karkuss where in BLUDGEONER together. Me and Frog where in VOLATILE, HARD KNUCKLE EXRPESS together.

I love the cover on your split with EXHIBIT A. Is that chawbacon-farmer your moral model, the holy star that you follow into the holy land? Do he has a story?

Haha fucked if I no. We just through some ideas up and thats what came out.

That split has 2 versions, Cd and vinyl. Any differences? Why do you need vinyl? And why is it limited? Is it because you are lack of money and can..t do a sane circulation?

One of our mates loved it and wanted to put it on vinyl so we did. It has 1 extra song and different inner sleeve. And yes it´s called limited so we can try to sell the cunt haha.

Your singer has moved. That must be impedimentary. Why don..t you just give up? Seriously, how do you solve that problem?

When he moved inner state I thought he didn´t want to do it but then he said he would get a plane up to do shows so we just do that. He trys to get up every 2 months and we gota go down there soon. So we only gig every 2 months and try to do as many shows as we can while he´s up.

I´m sure you have a weakness for sick lunatics. Tell me about the song “Ivan” and his story. This is about Ivan Milat, is´nt it?

Yes that´s the one. He´s a aussie serial killer which use to kidnap lots of back packers hitch hiking and bring them into forests and torture the fuck out of them. He use to stab them in the spine so there cripple on the ground but alive and do all sick shit to ´em. It went on for many years. So we thought we would write a song for him because he hasn´t got a guitar anymore.

You are nice fellow men. Your music and image is about sex and violence. Don´t you be afraid of stereotypes? Or are it not stereotypes? You must pay attention of your mental condition before the border between reality and insanity blurs!

Fuck stererotypes, we´ll kick ´em in the teeth with steel cap shoes the fucks. Fuck changing with the world, it can change for us. Were perfect fine human beings, just ask Ivan he´ll tell ya!!!!

A THOUSAND BASTARDS SPEEWING HOT BILE. That´s you description for your noise! What the hell do you do, playing music or taking people to vomit? What do you wanna say with that? Is it a verdict from the farmer?

Fuck yeah its VOMITCORE mate. If you throw up, it leaves more room for beers and keep goin .

You say you are proud Australians. Why? I mean Australias first inhabitants from overseas were convicts and the famous one is Crocodile Dundee!

Were proud heathen scumcore mate. Our ancestors showed us the finest ways to rape,pilige,kill,rape,pilige,kill,rape,pilige,kill. Fuck thats a songs title, thats gana be on our next one for sure. RAPE,PILIGE,KILL.and fuck crocodile Dundee, who the fuck puts a shrimp on the barbe. Put a steak on it.fuck Dundee we want the export to be IVAN IVAN IVAN.

Ok, now I´m a little bit anxious. Enough for today. Last crap is yours!

Ok,look out for more splits with us later this year and remember to eat dead Sheila´s cunts!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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