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That hillbilly-clash with PUTRESCENCE I did with Soiled Depends and Grimmgore, 2 unshaved and completely rotten chawbacons. I´m not responsible for some disgusting comments they did. I´m a poor boy and totally innocent! So kill your dog, rape your mother and enjoy canadian sickness!

How are you man, it seems you found a way out of the park near Pine
Falls. There were rumours you are dead.

Soiled Depends: Thanks for asking. We are all much better now. Nothing more shameful than trying to spend a weekend camping in the bush trying to party it up only to unexpectedly encounter the un-formidable Furley Roper, a strange and ultra violent hybrid combination of both landlords from Three's Company. No one has ever called me a "Twinkle toes" with as much venom as he did whilst administering a powerful and compelling thrashing. I’ve been trying not to mope around the house ever since we got back.

Seriously, who had the idea to that story to promote "Sledgehammer Holocaust"; tell my readers about it! What is the idea behind it?

Soiled Depends: The tune was composed early on once we had started writing the new record and the theme stuck with all of us. The sad and degenerate tale of sitting in the shit-house trying to dropping a deuce only to have a masked maniac bust in, cut your head off and use your torso as a toilet has been such an ongoing concern of ours, we've hardly slept a wink since realizing how realistic this song is. Such a brutal fate could happen anywhere. Fuck, this neighbourhood could be anywhere...

How long did you work on your 4th album? Are you satisfied with it?
Are there any differences to your other releases?

Soiled Depends: We worked on the new album for 10 months from beginning to finish. Overall we are very satisfied with it. I think a couple of the differences are that the songs are better written than usual and all of the players wanted to hear all the same thing. Brutal, evil music for serious head banging and relentless poser stomping. We’re beginning to hear that some critics think it still sounds like shit. Fuck man, we’re not millionaires, we can’t afford to make it sound like an Anal Cunt record.

Grimmgore: We were definitely all on the same wavelength when it came to writing this album, it was understood what direction we were going to take right as soon as we started shuffling our feet back on that shit laden floor… we wanted to write songs that we ourselves wouldn’t be tired/bored of playing/listening to after running through them a few times. For the most part I think we were able to get what we wanted out of the music… shit I heard Hasslehoff is all about it!!!

What about the vinyl version? Any special songs, different layout?
Who will release it? Why do you want a LP version?

Soiled Depends: I don't think the vinyl version will be much different, no new songs, no techno re-mixes. From what I understand it's a co-release by War on Music Records from Winnipeg and Rescued from Life Records out of Texas. Vinyl is so much more interesting than CD. I find that vinyl can sound better than CD and anyways, there is more to look at. Vinyl is the true format of metal.

With that album you are back on NO ESCAPE. The last one came on POWER IT UP? How was the collaboration with Tom and how are you on NO ESCAPE again?

Soiled Depends: It was a partnership of convenience with Tom and I am happy that he was able to help release "Fatal White Pustules..." for us in time for a European tour. In general, I think that Tom is much too busy to focus on all the things he has happening and I have always thought that No Escape felt like a good place for us. They were the folks who were stoked on our music from day one. Dave is a chain smoker anyhow so morally, our band and No Escape are obviously rather Christ-like when you think about it.

There is one song with a remarkable title "Ukulele Players Drugged Out Machete Attack at the Flea Market". You are a bunch of mind boggling freaks! What about that song? Who the hell came up with that?

Soiled Depends: We have realized that now that the US Economy lies in ruins that the emergence of the roadside Flea Market will now fuel the domestic economy south of the border. Disgusting used objects and scummy people and Saturday matinees full of violence, blood spilling and ghettoized former middle-class neighbourhoods. I got the inspiration for the song from a friend in Buffalo who routinely attends the Super Flea, a real fucking no-man’s land in the area. God bless the children of the Beast.

Are all your lyrics pure fantasy or is there some real background?
Why don't you use some serious themes, why are you such yahoos?

Soiled Depends: We have enough problems trying to make it in the world today. We find that it takes everything we got. Writing some lyrics to help our worries sure seems to help a lot.

The CD booklet is cool, especially the pic of your dead and rotting
cadavers. Who had the idea for that? Which war reporter did it?

Soiled Depends: Our paranoid camera friend Jon Schledewitz took the image for us. I have no idea what he was thinking but I would say it turned out nicely. It would have been nice if we were more hacked up and maybe in pieces there, rotting away in the sun but instead of buying a bunch of props, blood and creating various special effects, we purchased strong drink instead. Have you heard of Pech? It’s a lovely Italian liquor. It tastes like black liquorice, brutal hot sauce and a thousand ashtrays.

What keeps you by your raw Death grind sound? Never heard of modern, technical Metal-streamings? Are you not into it?

Soiled Depends: Every time we try to leave our cave to attempt to squeak out a marginalized existence in these difficult modern times, we are confronted with old friends who used to play brutal music that are now getting all caught up in playing popular Mall Metal bullshit. It’s embarrassing to see people lose their self-respect. Now you listen to me goddamn it: We play brutal death grind and that is it. We don’t care about modern music, we don’t care about playing with Job for a Cowboy and we don’t give a fuck about noodling for the sake of noodling. We like old garbage-rattling filth and scummy tunes, preferably with a message of hatred and hostility towards all underground fucking grindcore maniacs.

Grimmgore: I mean, yeah I think we’ve accidently flirted with the idea of this “technical metal” you speak of, though the last thing I personally remember is a fist thwarting towards my face then waking up half naked in emergency with a bottle of some pristine “crystal” in my right hand, a Cuban cigar in the left along with my dignity checked over at the triage desk!!!

Almost every year you finish a new album. Don’t you have real lives with women, dogs and a job from 9am to 5pm? Seriously, how can you work so fast?

Grimmgore: Work? We like to entertain the thought that fumes from just cat shit alone around our practice space provide enough fodder for our writing, really it’s already done for us. Seriously, have you heard of Pech? It’s a lovely Italian liquor. It tastes like black liquorice, brutal hot sauce and a thousand ashtrays. No, but seriously have you? (No, never! And with that name I´ll never drink it!)

Soiled Depends: Look, time is money. We gather in our basement that reeks of cat shit once a week to get away from the women, to bitch about our jobs and so our dogs can have a chance to chew on our slippers when we’re not around. Pech gives us the rocket fuel we need to floor it all the way to Kickstown. If it so happens that we get a record out of the deal then that’s what happens. Don’t burn the witch.

Tell me about your part to NASUM tribute! Don’t you think there
is enough tribute crap out there?

Soiled Depends: I learned that the singer had some fucking strange vocal patterns. Or maybe I only know two ways to sing. Either way it was a learning experience and when we finally go back to the studio and correct some problems with it in the studio someday, I will feel that we fucking NAILED it.

Until there is a tribute to Impulse Manslaughter one day, I will never feel that there is enough tribute crap out there. Is there a Morrissey tribute out there yet? I heard the Killers cover some of his stuff, it was pretty good.

What about the split 7” you have released this year?

Soiled Depends: Luckily for me the guy who put that split with I Die Screaming out likes to drink good Scotch and smoke cigarettes so naturally I feel that he was the right guy to release that record. Being that Alberta has no need for Transfer payments from those fucking fat cats in Ottawa, it seemed like a natural fit that we pair up with our pals in I Die Screaming for that platter. It turned out really nicely although it seems that a lot of copies have some kind of dusty residue from the vinyl colouring process? I’m not sure what’s up with that one way or the other. If you buy one, maybe instead of huffing your entire can of stereo duster, you could use some to actually clean the record.

When will you come back to Europe? What are your retrospections,
when you think about the last tour?

Soiled Depends: The European tour was fucking crazy. I booked the whole thing which was totally insane. We had no driver, the shows were good and by the end of it I wanted to shoot myself in the head from being too hung over. Plus our drummer, the Dark Lord Skullbong got into a brutal fist fight with a crack team of airport security guards in Toronto. It was beyond insane. It’s strange to play shows in parts of the world where our guitar player Colostomy Bag Darryl is considered the “hottie” of the band. It really caught us all off-guard. Still, playing with Afgrund and 2 Minute Dreka were moments in time that we can never ever forget. Oh, 2 Minute Dreka…Jesus Christ in a sidecar…oh man…

Last I heard we will be back in Europe for a slot at Obscene Extreme 2009. We all hope it happens. Europe is a great place to be as often as possible. Me and my old lady will spend our retirement years living in a moderately priced flat in Berlin.

Grimmgore: Europe definitely confirmed our functional alcoholism and other various addictions. I’m pretty sure I experienced withdrawal for the first few days up until Pardubice. Me and Skullbong were the only drivers as Colostomy Bag Darryl left Canada thinking we were going to come across a Volkswagen with an automatic transmission. I don’t know if that should be laughable or disappointing…

Soiled Depends: I don’t think it’s even remotely funny.

Grimmgore: Anyhow, there were many memorable moments and one that we should add is when playing Praha. We were finished our set with nothing else to play, a drunk Necromagnon was then able to keep the crowd entertained with his 10 minute long version of some songs done by Elvis… hands were all over him… it really could have been the second coming.

You are just back from tour with IMPALED and FUCK THE FACTS through Canada. Tell me something about. Hope you had a lot of fun!

Soiled Depends: We have never been all the way out to Victoria, BC on the West Coast before, so that was awesome. We are old friends with FTF and have played lots of shows with them. It was a natural fit to tag along with them and play all their amps on 11. And opening for Impaled every night was excellent. It was strange to play shows in parts of the world where our drummer the Dark Lord Skullbong was considered the “hottie” of the band. It caused many moments where bits of vomit would come up from our throats.

Grimmgore: May be that thought alone but I would like to think it’s due to that with the combination of drinking everyone under the table every night of the tour… though that’s not too difficult when Putrescence outweighs FTF and Impaled combined.

Why the hell you are belief PUTRESCENCE is a bunch of hillbillies?
Is your power set in your cellar running with pork-shit? Are you grown up in a barn?

Soiled Depends: We live in the fucking middle of nowhere. People here think that Green Jelly is the most hilarious band that ever existed. Cops here like the get shitfaced, drive wasted and kill civilians. Our Mayor couldn’t last in a boxing match past one round against a wet paper bag and the entire city stinks like a mixture of dead rotting cattle and scented lubricant. We can’t afford an NHL hockey team, our football team sucks and we are the arson, murder and child poverty capital of Canada. So take that, Gary, Indiana!


Soiled Depends: I have had the distinct pleasure of being in both bands. Other people from Swallowing Shit are now in Of Human Bondage and Propagandhi. We make due…

Lets do some more nonsense! Make your decision and explain it!

- Machete or chainsaw?

Soiled Depends: Machete. What fucking good will a chainsaw be in the coming Zombie apocalypse? Gassing up a chainsaw seems like extra work that will put you in harms way. Plus they’re noisy as hell so maybe movies about chainsaws are a good way to get into your old lady’s pants but in a real fucking zombie invasion, I think you are fucked without a machete for all those close encounters with reanimated corpses.

- Paillasse or Eiderdown?

Soiled Depends: Eiderdown for me. I’m not a big fan of sawdust quilts.


Soiled Depends: I think Wes Craven in his fucking half head actually had the nerve to endorse the remake of the Hills Have Eyes, so I will go with Deliverance. Fuck Wes Craven.

- Hillbillies or Emos?

Soiled Depends: Hillbillies all the way. Just watch 2000 Maniacs and tell me that Hillbillies don’t rule.

Ok, thanks a lot, last crap is yours!

Soiled Depends: Thanks a whole lot for the interview Jorg!! It was very nice. All the best with your fuckin’ web-morgue of evil! Stay sick…

Grimmgore: Nice!!!


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This is an JIG AI upgrade. What´s new, what will happen in future and so on. Let´s hear what Brain has to say in this short smalltalk about czech grinding madness.

Hi Brain, how are you. Are there still any twisted people out there who believe JIG AI is a japanese band (I know some)?

Hi Jörg, I am fine. Maybe there could be some, but I think that people who listen our music and visit web or myspace know that we are from Czech Republic.

Why do you deal with that manga-image?

Because it is funny and brutal together.

How is the new album "Katana Orgy" doing. What about the number of copies this time. First edition is sold out I think.

The first edition had 2000 copies. I don´t have further information now If they are sold out or not.

I have heard you need a new cover art for the repress. What happend? Problems with a scatterbrained censor or customs official?

We had some problems because of front cover. That problem is settled. For future press will be completly new booklet.

What about the digipack version? Are there any differences? Did you ever think about a vinyl version?

Main difference is a new booklet. Maybe there will be some bonus too. We will see. Katana Orgy in vinil version isn´t planned now. Maybe in the future. For vinil version we are preparing 7 EP split with Ass To Mouth.

You have changed something with the new album if I compare it with the first one. Especially the beginning has that amazing swedish old school sound. Whats the idea behind it? Homage or bauble? How important is progression and alterations in your music?

It is a progress. Nothing more, nothing less. In my opinion Katana Orgy is more faster and subtile than the first one. The sound on CD is built more on bass, that is the reason why you can hear this sound.

You have your own studio. Which part of the production could you do by yourself? Is it a professional one? Do you work with other bands?

Both CDs were recorded partly in studio (drums and vocals for Katana Orgy) and other things in my home studio. Master and mix is my work. Sometimes I cooperate with other bands - especially on mastering.

You have coverd 2 classical Grindbands with different attitudes in music and lyrical themes. Tell me about it. Why did you choose CARCASS and BRUTAL TRUTH. Don't you think it interferes content wise.

Both bands are cult in grindcore. That´s why we choose them. It is honour for us to play covers from Carcass and BT.

How can you make a pitch shifter sound like a shisha? Why do you abdicate on it by live shows?

The main part of vocals on both CDs are clean. Only in few songs we use some effects to make CD more varied. For us isn´t necessary to use it on stage. We know how to do it by voice.

How is your relationship to Roman (BLP) He deserves a sophisticated blow job. Or does he do an atrocious job? I wouldn't think so.

We are old friends. I had known Roman personally before we started with Jig-Ai. He is a really cool person and he helps us a lot. BLP is only fun. He has serious job same like whole band.

Tell me about the split 7..with ASS TO MOUTH. Who will release it. Any new songs on it?

Label is Dice records from Poland and they are going to be 4 new songs.

You have announced some cool festival next year. First you will go to the USA and than playing DEATH FEAST here in Germoney (amazing event, believe me!) and OEF again. How will you prepare for that? What do you expect? By the way, have organizers of MDF invited you? Do you pay for the flight by yourself?

We do not have special preparation for that shows. We will play as best as we can. That is important. MDF organizer invited us. I won´t write about conditions. These things are private.

Why is JIG AI so amazing popular to the wacky gore & grind crowd. Have you a conclusive explanation?

I do not know. Maybe it is because of live shows which we are trying to play for 100% with maximum verve. Maybe it is because our music is not classical goregrind, but it is a little bit modern.

You had some trouble with your first myspace account. What happend?

The whole profile was deleted due to violent designed content. It is shitty, but we made a new one and it still continues.

Tell me about the fan-videos, that were posted at myspace. Was it a kind of contest that sent the maniacs it by themself? What were your first reactions? You have to give them a bunch of flowers at least!

There were no contest and nothing similar. People make funny videos because they want to do that. It is great for us. We only choose some of them from youtube and placed them to our site.

You are playing in some other bands. Is there not a goal or conflict? Tell me about your part in EARDELETE! Is it the legacy of NCC?

Yes, Eardelete is NCC upgrade. We changed name after Ierich left band. We have found a new drummer (Misa from Hirošima) and started to play like Eardelete, but music and live shows are still same.

What about FLYING BRAINS and PSYCHOTIC DESPAIR? You have definatly to
much sparetime or why do you need 4 bands? Can you work seriosely in all 4 bands with the same dedication?

Flying Brains is my first band which I have been started with my brother and friends from my hometown 10 years ago. We play only few shows by year because everybody lives in the different city now. Similar situation with concerts is in Eardelete. Robocop is main brain there. He prepares the main part of the music with Misa. Me and Buraak are rather live players in band, so the most part of the time I spend with Jig-Ai and Psychotic Despair.

What is in the focus of JIG AI members,; brutal music & brutal image or fun, bitches and weed?

Brutal music, fun, bitches and beer ha haaaa 

Thanks a lot for your time, last nonsense belongs to you!

Thanks for interview. Greetings for EXTREME AGGRESSION readers and hope to see you on some Jig-Ai live show. Check our sites, download some mp3 and listen grind.



If you like brutal US Dath Metal with catchy guitars and a heavy technical default, you have to stop here and check out PARASITIC EXTIRPATION from Massachusetts/New Hampshire. Visit them in the net, pick up the “Knee deep in disease” Ep and let your ears bleeding. Prepare for a amazing experience in brutal metal! I have talked with Blue(guitar), Chris(guitar) and Tim(vox).

Hey Blue , what's up on the other side of the big pond! Hope everything is running well for the band.

Blue: How's it going Jorg, thanks for the kind words and thanks for giving us the opportunity to do this interview.

Tell me about the band!

Blue: Well, PARASITIC EXTIRPATION started in the fall of 2007 when the band Tim (vocals) and I (guitar) were previously in (PORPHYRIA) disbanded. We quickly rounded out the band with a bunch of our friends that happened to have the same musical aim that we have - Drew (bass, PROTEUS), Chris (guitar, 3 HEADED MONSTER) and Alex (drums, ex-THE TASTE OF SILVER).

What's happening in the other bands you guys play in? Any new developements?

Blue: DYSENTERY (I play guitar) just released our debut full-length on Amputated Vein Records and PROTEUS is supporting their full length they released on Macabre Mementos.

Why did PORPHYRIA break up? Did you and Tim take some ideas from the former band into PARASITIC EXTIRPATION?

Blue: The band broke up because some of us were going in other directions, musically and non-musically. Some people just weren't into playing in bands anymore. The only real things that Tim and I brought over to PE was the need to retain a solid grasp of writing catchy, technical death metal. But we really wanted to fuse those elements with a more groove heavy approach.

Do you think your band name fits the music? Who had the idea for it?

Blue: The name was a collaboration between Tim and I, nothing too significant behind the name.

Your EP “Knee Deep in Disease” is a damned great piece of brutal music. Tell me about the writing and recording process for it.

Blue: Thanks man. The songs for the EP were written within the first 3 months of the band's existence and were recorded by Ryan Nolan at the Breaking Studios in Goffstown, NH. Ryan did an awesome job with getting the performances we wanted and for our debut release we are very satisfied with it.

What about Fernando Sor. Why did you choose a classic guitar composition to be on the EP? Tell our readers who Fernando Sor was.

Chris: Well, Blue asked me to play something acoustic on the record and I figured I'd look for a piece in B because that was what our sweet 7 strings are tuned to. I came across a piece I played in college and thought it fit perfectly.

How do you feel about classical music? Do you take it very seriously? In my opinion (I have a well sorted classical collection), classical compositions and metal songwriting have lots of similar arrangements, do you agree?

Chris: I went to college for music and I studied classical guitar for 4 years there under the tutilege of Scott Sanchez. He's a great guitarist and musician. I love classical music because if you listen closely, you can hear a lot more going into the composition than just the notes and rhythms and you don't really see it in any other type of music. I really think classical music in in a world of it's own as far as musicianship and the ability of classical players. Metal comes close, but most metal players can't really do the vibrato, rasqueato (sp) or tremolo fingerings and evoke the moods that classical music can. Then again, Mozart never wrote any sweet slams either.

You sent this EP out for free. Why did you choose to do it this way. Why didn't you just put it up for free download online?

Blue: Well, ever since we released the EP we have been focused on getting hard copies out to distros/labels and to zines/blogs for review. We want to be able to reach the largest audience we can at the moment. We also like the aesthetic of having a professionally pressed CD with quality production. Something you really don't see with underground metal, especially with a debut release. It doesn't really matter that we didn't put it up for download - because there are tons of blogs/people already doing it for us.

What about the lyrics, is there significant meaning to them or are they just means to an end - to give your music the right accompaniment?

Tim: Well, there is no real significant meaning that directly relates to my personal life or beliefs. But some of the lyrics are more plausible in terms of what can, and what does happen in this world. For example, "Echoes of Brutality" is a song about two children that were viciously murdered. After exhausting all resources to catch the killer and coming up with nothing, the parents kill themselves to find closure and put an end to their misery in hopes of being reunited with their dead children in the afterlife. But then you have songs like "Stabwound Symmetry" which is just about a guy who goes on a murderous rampage by stabbing people but making art out of it. Kind of like Picasso with a knife.

I guess you could say it really depends on what I feel like writing that day. Some songs have more validity in their content than others. I think though, when we do the new record the lyrics will have a more serious tone to them. The new stuff has a much more mature and developed sound to it and I think that the content of the lyrics should reflect that.

Who is responsible for the songwriting? How is it possible to put so many ideas in one song without letting it sound patched together?

Blue: The songwriting is more or less a team effort. Riffs will be presented and jammed out on, and then they will be pieced together in what we feel is the most cohesive manner. We have been all playing in bands for a long time, it's come to a point for us that writing is very natural.

Tell me about your upcoming split with COMPOSTED!

Blue: The split with Composted is actually no more, we had complications with the label and decided to release our tracks as the 'Knee Deep in Disease' EP.

Are you guys working on a debut full-length? How is coming along?

Blue: We are pretty much 75% done with writing our first full-length, and we are really psyched to get our new stuff out. Expect a more focused and technical brand of brutality.

You played the New England Death Fest. Tell me about it! Is it a big event?

Blue: The New England Deathfest is a yearly fest set up by myself and a couple other area metalheads. It's basically our version of all the awesome fests that you see all over the world, we bring bands from all over and put them along with some sick locals for a couple days and let the mayhem ensue! This past year was the first and went over extremely well, and we have already booked next year's NEDF for August 29 & 30 at the same venue in Providence, Rhode Island USA.

Reading online, people say you play in the vein of GORTUARY, do you agree with this? Sometimes comparisons can limit a band I think. Where do you guys see your place in the scene? What are your influences?

Blue: It's pretty hard not to have comparisons put on you in todays underground scene I think. Everyone is just doing their version, but you gotta get your influences somewhere. GORTUARY is an awesome band, but I don't think we're that musically similar besides the fact that both bands play brutal death metal.

There are so many bands out there, sometimes I think there are more than there are fans. Can you guarantee that PARASITIC EXTIRPATION will still be playing together in 5 or 10 years? What's your opinion on all the new bands coming out nowadays?

Blue: I definitely cannot guarantee how long PE will be in existence for. Right now, it is a top priority for everyone in the band and we are psyched to be doing this. But people and situations always change, and no one can ever predict things like that. I think it's great to see so many people wanting to go out there and start a band. Obviously though there will be a large influx of low-quality music. As it always does though, the cream rises to the top.

Ok, enough with the questions. The last spot is yours!

Blue: Thanks a ton for giving us this interview, thanks for the support! ,

Monday, May 4, 2009

MENSTRUAL DIVIDER - russian gore kids

The following is some nonsense with a bunch of gore kids from Russia. I have no clue what up with them. I sent many journalistic sophisticated questions and they don´t appreciate my enormous arse! Here is MENSTRUAL DIVIDER, get it!

Hail Black Metal Lovers, I hope the unholy Spock is with you? What´s up in the dumps of eastern europe?

Unholy as holy..its always with us..fucking eastern europe is in ass now. Maybe you know its just a sex maybe financial crisis and that black maybe grey metalheads are in they are just waiting for something awesome.

First of all, what´s your excuse for all this noise you call musick? This is disorientatening for the youth! You are bad examples for them!

The youth of the young nation? What are you talking about? We are some teens and nobody does´nt teach us do play some nasty grind.

Tell me, what makes your mamutschka on your sandwiches and why the hell needs the world another gory porngrind bastard. What is the special clue with MENSTRUAL DIVIDER?

Unbelievable but the world needs us like shit! George Bush had already listen us and Barack Obama likes us too!!!The special clue in MD is a horny gang bang on stage. And so we don´t care about some rules. You must just see us live..we usually crushing sculls with powerful slammin groove noises and all people become like hungry zombies..with mosh and stage diving activies, and after that, some nasty pig girls sucking our ditry-rotten cocks.

Are you really ready to conquer the world with only 5 tracks? Tell me about the release!

Just 5 tracks!! I think the quality is not so great like Madonna! The release is ready to conquer for US and Germany at all. Wwe had recorded it at home We had 1000 bottles of vodka and 4 girls for having fun..go go go..We started recording it with a lot of bukkake schoolgirls. So soon we will write a full format album with awesome quality..maybe like JIG AI or better..really..but later.

What about Timur and his freaks – the band you know!

.Hah Timur and his guttural commando. We know them, they are also bukkake boys with schoolgirls They were first who played xxx grind in USSR. They had some gigs with GUT und CBT. But one thing that was shit with them, their communistic religion. And thats makes them not so good.

Yor music sounds like Rompeprop, Gut and so on. Is it so fucking hard to play respectable music? I´m sure your parents have no idea what you do after school!

Hm, we had a gig at last week with GUT, You can see it in our page. They are cool. Soon we have a gig with ROMPEPROP in our hometown- it will be in April. Its great. Later CBT will visit our country too I hope. Our parents also like grindcore music. They like QUEEN and LED ZEPPELIN..and they like our music and thats why we didnt go to school!

I suppose your daddys have beating you and your musically taste is the result of irreversible undesirable development. You must have permanent problems becausr your antisocial behavior, is n´t it?

Anti social behavior? No no, George Bush likes us!

Are you guys from Russia with love or from planet Vulkan? How´s the Black Metal scene on Vulkan?

We are from bukkake planet!! I can say from russia with gore!! Its very hard to live in our country, and all people usually turn into zombie when they drink vodka and carlsberg beer!! Its so tasty and fun to drink!

Did you ever seen a morgue from inside? How did you came out?

Morgue...we saw it on a gotic cumshot party!

I know, all east european people are communists, ( Hail Stalin!), It must be hard to have 2 heards in the chest ( black & red)!

Communism is total shit!!! Most gorebands are usually into anarchy wave!

If I say Josef Stalin and Vladimir I. Uljanov are the godfathers of gore, will you agree?

I think that Stalin was a godfather of a gore sickness . In the 50's it was repression time and also was a lot of gore there.

Why don´t you use corpsepaint? No make up or no mirrors or what? Gore needs colors!

Gore needs bukkake colours! We use menstrual colours of our schoolgirls..

Do you use your girlfriend for satanic rituals? Sodomize her or something like that?

Of course we use our girls for bukkake ritual. One girl turn in a round and we cum on her, its so satanic!

How many cemetarys you have defiled? If you play on cemetarys from, where you get electricity?

We usually live in the slaughterhouse..cemetery its not so awesome you know.

Your music is more terror then all terrorgroups can do. May you should let them learn from you?

We can teach other grind bands to be so awesome..

Do you hate Germany for all we did in the past or do you love us for CBT and GUT?

We like Germany for the beer, meat, porn, and of course for GUT and CBT.

What´s the best part to be in a Goreband? Do you know, that you never become a famous rock star with this gore crap?

We don´t care about other styles and that can I say. in grind we trust and sometime we become a famouse grindband. You will see us on Sevared Records soon..

Is it true, that the most russian pussys are hairy, because the russian winter is to long to run around shaved? Don´t you hate hairs between yout teeth?

Hah, russian girls already have naked pussys. Our girls are nasty and glamourous! winter is not a problem.

How is it possible that people like the russian ones alive just with vodka, bacon and garlic? Are you stronger like all the other ones?

To live in russia without vodka is impossible! Its just like a therapy, we are stronger than americans! Sometime we are going to conquer them.

Do you like it to live in Russia, with all this poorness, terrorism, corruption, alcoholism, communism, idiots from Germoney with stupid questions...?

Yeeahh!! Because it is cool! It makes life fool and interesting. Only communism is shit.

Can we expect more sensless MENSTRUAL DIVIDER performances in the future or will the world forget you?

We are famous in Russia yet! We have an active touring. In the future we will release on Sevared Records. The world will not forget us because we play so sick and awesome stuff. Wewill write a full format album with high quallity.

Russian government payd me 1000bugs for this interview, how many would you give me, if I never release it?

We will pay you with our valuta , our merch,cds and botles of vodka.

At last send greetz to you fans in Tschetschenia!

Thank you very much. I think this interview was great Greetings from us. See you later.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

EGEMONY-italian one man assault

Check out EGEMONY – brutal one man army from Italy. Let´s hear what Alessandro has to say about his album “Baptysm Of The Unborn”, the lonesom live of a Death Metal ranger and the lionking!

Hi Alessandro, how are you man? How is it going with “Baptysm…”album?

Hi Jörg, everything is ok here, the album is going good enough, i still have a lot of copies to sell, but it’s ok. Vladimir (NTEY rec) told me that more than 500 copies are already gone.

What about the forerunner-band ANAL PROLAPS?

Well, Anal Prolapse was like a joke band, I have build up that project with some friends just for our amusement. We played some kind of the most stupid grind out there, with lyrics in the dialect of our city (Verona, Italy). We recorded a really useless album called “Listen before flushing”, and I think the name of the album says more than 1000 words about it hehe.

Where do you see the main differences between both bands?

There are millions differences between AP and Egemony: Egemony is a one man band, I have spent a lot of time under it, it is a serious project, the drum machine is well done, and I ‘ve tried to make the best guitar sound that I could have recording it in my house. Contrary to it, Anal Prolapse was only a funny entertainment for us, the drum machine has been made with fruity loops (a really easy program) and sounds disgusting, the songwriting is basic, and most of the time, we build up the riffs in the recording session.

Tell my readers why you decided to play alone!

In deeds I did not decide to play alone, but I have been forced to. I wanted to play some brutal death metal, but here in my town, there aren’t people interested in this music or talented enough to play this music (I’m not saying I’m the best musicians in the world, I’m just saying that here the situation is critic haha ). So here I am, alone, but badass.

Where do you find the ideas for your songs? I think it’s easier to write a song if more guys have separate ideas and put it together. Being a one band, does it make the writing process easier for you?

The ideas could come out in whatever ways: listening a good song, watching a good movie, whistling etc.
Yeah, the song writing process is different, but I think it is not so different or more hard. In every band I have played I’ve always been the one who created the songs, so, basically, I’m accustomed to it.

Did you never search for other musicians?

I’m still searching them! Most of all I would like to find a drummer, I think it would be amazing to have a drummer.

What’s the biggest or hardest part in writing/recording music? I think, timing is very important.

I fucking hate the recording time! Damn, every time I have to record I start to mistake and I’m forced to restart the song, so I take more or less a life to record a song..

I think you should work with a drummer from Japan, LOL. Don’t you miss real sounding drums?

I miss a real drum sound as hell! I literally DREAM to ear “baptism…” with a real drum on it. Drum machine could be more accurate or faster than a real drummer, but drum machine will never have the same groove, the same force, the same power of a real Drummer. And so I hope to find a drummer as soon as possible!

What is it like to be alone on stage, don't you miss anything? Explain the differences too a full line up?

When you play with a band, you know that all the eyes are on all the band members, so you that, if you mistake something, nobody will notice it, and for sure you’re also more relaxed.
Playing alone doesn’t give you this opportunity, if you mistake the riffs the public ear it for sure, and all the eyes are on you, and that makes a strange effect, especially for people like me, who are extremely shy!

Don’t you have problems to kick yourself for going forward? Are you afraid to stagnate?

No, I haven’t! I will kick ass on stage until I got ideas for new songs and until my body will be old and rotten! I live for this MUSIC and I will play this music until life flows in my veins!

How did you come in touch with Vladimir and what do you expect from NICE TO EAT YOU RECORDS?

I sent him the songs of the split album, and he told me that he was happy to release my stuff!

Is “Baptysm...” a one man work or did you have some help in the writing process?

I’ve wrote all the songs by myself, except “Abominated Hierarchy” which is originally performed and created by my friends Septycal Gorge.

You have some guest vocals on it, tell me about them.

Yeah, I got 4 guests on the song “Guttural Orgy” and they are: Mariano from Septycal Gorge, Gaetano from Deadlystrain, Claudio from Tools Of Torture, and “Baffo” from Clitoridus Invaginatus. This song is dedicated to the Italian death metal scene, which is made by great people and great friends.
And be ready, in the next Album you will find more than 10 guests in an unique song!

What about the bonus tracks. What is so unique to call them “bonus tracks?”

The bonus track are the Spetycal Gorge cover and Guttural Orgy. I’ve set Guttural Orgy as a bonus track cause in that song there are 4 singers form other bands.

What about the artwork, is it your own basic idea. Or has someone else implemented the ideas?

The artwork is by Marco Hasmann ( who is also Blasphemer’s guitarist. The idea was mine, but , if you look at the artwork, you can find that it is not an original idea: it is a “mutation” of one scene of Disney’s Lion King hahaha.

Hell, you are right, Disneys most brutal...haha. Is your 3 way split still available? Say some great words about it!

I think it is still available. I’ve got only one or 2 copies left.The split contains 14 track by 3 sick one man bands: Flesh Impaled (Northern Ireland), Infinite Defilement (Australia) and Egemony. It has came out on Sevared Rec. as demo series album limited to 250 hand numbered copies.

What's your fascination for sick brutal music? Would you ever decide to deal with some other metal styles in future?

I love US styled death metal, and especially Disgorge, first Severed Savior, Inveracity andso on. No, I do not think that I will deal with other styles in future. The next album will be more technical, faster and structured, but It will be an Egemony album at 100%. No arpeggios or melodic stuff, only Brutality

Your album is available for free on the net like thousands of other releases. Does it bother you too see that? Promotion or rip-off?

No, it absolutely do not bother me. The net is an important instrument which can let you be into several bands. I care that people listen my music, they don’t have to buy my album , but to like my music. Anyway, for sure, if someone gives me money for the album, I won’t refuse it! I’m alone, and so I have to pay all the costs of this project by myself (like every one man band out there). Money is important, but fuck, I play brutal death metal, if I wanted money I should play commercial rock like Avril Lavigne haha.

Thanks for your time, last nonsense is yours!

Thanks so much for the interview and the support, and thanks to all my fans out there, remember, KEEP SUPPORTING THIS SCENE GUYS! Yo

thx to Chris:



Friday, May 1, 2009


A THOUSAND BASTARDS SPEEWING HOT BILE, thats how it´s sound, when ROADSIDE KILL from Australia making grinding musick. Brutal, disgusting and regardless. I have talked with Shaneo, The Tracker. Girls beware of your innocence!
Hey Shaneo, hope it´s all fine in Aussie-land. I´m sure you are busy with beer, sluts and violent Grind-shit!
Fuck oath mate. Drink more beer, eat more meat and use sluts pubes to floss your teeth.

Tell me something about the rotted and wasted pack that vegetate under the name ROADSIDE BURIAL!

It started off with me and Karkuss (singer) in our last band BLUDGEONER. After that broke up I wanted to record some songs based on old style grindcore, Napalm Death, Terrorizer etc. which is my favourite type of shit. We went around my mates place to record as he has a set up in his house. We didn´t think it wound come out any good but it came out pretty good and we said fuck it, we´ll do a split with it. So it was me doin the music and a drum machine and Karkuss vokills, just a side project thing that we ended up doing gigs with a drummer.

Almost 2 years without any release. Are you so fucking lazy? Are you still alive? Or are you too busy with other crap?

After the 2nd split (SUCH IS LIFE) we started looking for a drummer to do shows, then it was just practise showing the drummer the songs. And he lives 3 hours away so he only comes down 1 or 2 times a month. After a bunch of shows we are now writing around 16 songs for recording around June.

You guys have 2 split Cd´s out? What about a full length? Maybe it´s to much work for you. Or you know, that nobody wants it!

With both splits we didn´t have many songs recorded so we just done splits to make full length. Our songs are only like a minute and a half long so we would have to write around 25 songs for a full length and that would take up to much drinking time. You CANT live without beer you no. So now we want to do splits with overseas bands and get our name out there better.

Beer, sluts and mangled corpses, that seems to be your credo. Do you think it´s enough to make serious music?

Fucking oath it is. Plus lamb,pork,chicken,beef. Remember IF YOU CANT EAT IT OR FUCK IT,THEN KILL IT.

CARNIVORE, yes I know! But on the other hand, your tunes are massive grind attacks, it sounds more mature than your wasted images shows. Do I underrate you? Where do you find your inspirations? Under the soil of the roadside?

When it comes to writing songs I get a bit more serious, but over all we all gota laugh, we hate bands being too serious and thinking there the badest fucks that ever walk the face of the earth.

How many corpses did you buried at the roadside? Why do you throw them not in the river and let the crocodile do its job?

Only 1 or 2 mate. We normally throw the fucks on the barbe. Fuck the crocs, we´ll put them on the barbe to and make a pair of crocs thongs outa the cunt. Plus some good old koala corpses is a real winner.

Yummy! Your line up seems stolen from other bands to me. How strong is it. How serious do you take your band?


Were just having fun mate. Me, Karkuss and Frog have all been in bands together over many years and Macca new and it all works good.

Tell me about the other bands! Are that the same drunken and depraved bastards? Or do they play real music?

I´m doin a band called FUCK OATH which is like 80´s Hardcore cross old Napalm Death type thing. Macca (roadside drummer) plays bass in Fuck Oath plus he plays drums in a grind band called GRANNYFIST. Me and Karkuss where in BLUDGEONER together. Me and Frog where in VOLATILE, HARD KNUCKLE EXRPESS together.

I love the cover on your split with EXHIBIT A. Is that chawbacon-farmer your moral model, the holy star that you follow into the holy land? Do he has a story?

Haha fucked if I no. We just through some ideas up and thats what came out.

That split has 2 versions, Cd and vinyl. Any differences? Why do you need vinyl? And why is it limited? Is it because you are lack of money and can..t do a sane circulation?

One of our mates loved it and wanted to put it on vinyl so we did. It has 1 extra song and different inner sleeve. And yes it´s called limited so we can try to sell the cunt haha.

Your singer has moved. That must be impedimentary. Why don..t you just give up? Seriously, how do you solve that problem?

When he moved inner state I thought he didn´t want to do it but then he said he would get a plane up to do shows so we just do that. He trys to get up every 2 months and we gota go down there soon. So we only gig every 2 months and try to do as many shows as we can while he´s up.

I´m sure you have a weakness for sick lunatics. Tell me about the song “Ivan” and his story. This is about Ivan Milat, is´nt it?

Yes that´s the one. He´s a aussie serial killer which use to kidnap lots of back packers hitch hiking and bring them into forests and torture the fuck out of them. He use to stab them in the spine so there cripple on the ground but alive and do all sick shit to ´em. It went on for many years. So we thought we would write a song for him because he hasn´t got a guitar anymore.

You are nice fellow men. Your music and image is about sex and violence. Don´t you be afraid of stereotypes? Or are it not stereotypes? You must pay attention of your mental condition before the border between reality and insanity blurs!

Fuck stererotypes, we´ll kick ´em in the teeth with steel cap shoes the fucks. Fuck changing with the world, it can change for us. Were perfect fine human beings, just ask Ivan he´ll tell ya!!!!

A THOUSAND BASTARDS SPEEWING HOT BILE. That´s you description for your noise! What the hell do you do, playing music or taking people to vomit? What do you wanna say with that? Is it a verdict from the farmer?

Fuck yeah its VOMITCORE mate. If you throw up, it leaves more room for beers and keep goin .

You say you are proud Australians. Why? I mean Australias first inhabitants from overseas were convicts and the famous one is Crocodile Dundee!

Were proud heathen scumcore mate. Our ancestors showed us the finest ways to rape,pilige,kill,rape,pilige,kill,rape,pilige,kill. Fuck thats a songs title, thats gana be on our next one for sure. RAPE,PILIGE,KILL.and fuck crocodile Dundee, who the fuck puts a shrimp on the barbe. Put a steak on it.fuck Dundee we want the export to be IVAN IVAN IVAN.

Ok, now I´m a little bit anxious. Enough for today. Last crap is yours!

Ok,look out for more splits with us later this year and remember to eat dead Sheila´s cunts!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Speckmann about ABOMINATION

This is a fresh small talk with Paul Speckmann about ABOMINATION. This guy answered my shit faster as his beard is long. Amazing. So sit down please and enjoy!

Hi Paul, how are you man. It seems you are busy with MASTER and miscellaneous tour managements. Are you still hungry for the road?

Yes, but to be honest, I am enjoying this small hiatus from the world of metal at home this week. On the other hand it is also cool that after all these years I am still busy. Many people have given up, died, or just left the metal scene altogether. I just returned from a blast of a tour with the guys from Waco Jesus. This Grind tour was a complete riot with some real down to earth characters to say the least. I look forward to the DVD that was shot on the final day in Berlin last week. I am home noew for three days and I am ready to hit the road with Lividity next Friday. I am sure
all hell will break loose again after I get on the tour bus. This next excursion will deal with 7 bands and two buses also with Requiem, a killer Death metal act from Switzerland.

You were with MASTER back in the US last year and you will play your “old” home country this year again. Are your old fellows so bent for MASTER? Why do you play there 2 times in that short time? And when you play Chicago, feels it like a real homecoming?

Well, of course after such a successful return last October, promoters were eager to book Master again. The best part of this situation is that 17 of the 21 dates set for July 2009 are new areas
many of which I have never played before in the past. Back in the early days there was little or no support for Master in the USA, this is part of the reason I moved to Europe. But, this has clearly changed, as there has been a resurgence of Metal in my original home country. When we played Chicago 300 people filled the club on a Tuesday evening, and I was pleasantly surprised to say the least.

Let..s talk about ABOMINATION. You told you came to form ABOMINATION after you had trouble with the attitude of your old MASTER drummer and you did not want stagnation. May it would be easier to kick him out and go on with MASTER. Why did you need a new band that time?

This is a good point. The fact of the matter is that original drummer Bill Schmidt was the quote, unquote unofficial leader. Mittelbrun and I wrote a majority of the Master songs, but in the
beginning it was Schmidt’s baby until we split up and I formed Deathstrike with guitarist Chris Mittelbrun. On July 4th 1985 Schmidt returned to the fold so to speak and the problems began again. With Deathstrike and no Schmidt, things were easier as Mittelbrun and I were at the helm of this project. The Fuckin Death demo was quite successful in the underground and this was actually
the first demo that was released by the pair of us. We would record the original Master demos in the summer and fall of 1985 as where the Fucking Death demo was recorded and released in the spring of 1985. I will say that in October of 1983 Master got as far as taking pictures near Wisconsin on October 30th of that year, but we never saw a studio until 1985. After my second falling out with Schmidt, I formed Abomination as I found another killer pair of musicians with drummer Nickeas from the original Abomination and Schaefer from Impulse Manslaughter. Looking back is funny as I remember this15-year-old kid coming to Master practice one day with a suitcase full of warm Miller light beer in the form of Mike Schaefer. Mike Schaefer lasted about a
year before Aaron brought in his friend Dean Chioles and the band progressed rather quickly. In 1988 we received a record contract from the fledgling label at the time called Nuclear Blast Records. This actually came about after meeting another legend called Joe Caper from a band called Righteous Pigs out of Vegas. Caper was drinking at the local woods where I visited with my friend after moving furniture all day one afternoon. Caper passed along the red demo to Slatko at Nuclear Blast after receiving an Abomination contract, we then received a second deal for Master. We recorded the Abomination debut and then I recorded the Master debut shortly after with the newly reformed original lineup, only to split up the day after the recording as the insecurities of the
original members resurface immediately after the recording. I put together a new lineup for Master with Nickeas and guitarist Jim Martinelli from the Chicago band called Burnt Offereing. So Master, Pungent Stench and Abomination toured Europe for 26 days as Nickeas and I played in both bands and I sang of course for both groups for the duration of the tour.

Tell me about the early days of ABOMINATION and what kind of music was in your focus?

We were playing a kind of Thrash, Death Metal just like Master, but with more changes. I gues you could say it was faster and more technical. Check out the song I wrote called the Choice for
example. Nickeas wrote the lyrics for this masterpiece. This was the one and only real collaboration he and I ever did, but the song speaks for itself. Of course we were looking for an outlet to vent our anger at the world and looking for a way to get to Europe and of course we certainly succedded. But in the end Alex from Pungent said that we would play select shows with Master and others
with Abomination. Needless too say, this was a blatant lie and Nickeas and I had to work hard every day, but this is water under the bridge as I would do this again in 2002 with Krabathor and Master on tour in Europe.

How much influence you had with your band FUNERAL BITCH into the work with ABOMINATION. Is FUNERAL BITCH coaleced with ABOMINATION

These bands were completely different entities as Funeral Bitch was more of a Grindcore band, probably one of the first prototypes for the next genre of Metal. Just listen to Mc Mac Attack.
Kerrang magazine from the UK, said this was too fast and aggressive, but look where bands like Napalm Death would take this style in the not too distant future. Abomination began rehearsing late nights into the early morning after our other band practices. After a while we all decided to focus on one band, being Abomination. This led to a successful couple of years and the revival of Master as well.

Tell me about your old friend AaronNickeas!

This guy was a natural maniac. I mean let’s face it he improved immensely after playing with a steady original bassist like myself. We grew together really and my playing became more technical for the years too come. Today he runs a few small supermarkets and is raising a family. I miss the intensity of Abomination, but on the other hand today I have a killer drummer for Master in the way of Zdenak Pradlovsky and he plays with the same intensity as Nickeas did back in the day. So the machine plows on. The only one drawback about Aaron is that on the road the animal was always on the phone. He was extremely homesick on every tour and this is what forced him to
eventually leave music altogether. I often wonder why people take the time to develop a style with immense skill on a particular instrument, only to just quit and leave the scene.

Could you ever keep separate both bands with songwriting and so on?

I did this of course. These bands were two separate entities as I said before, and there are real differences in the sound as well as the writing and vocal styles at least in my opinion.

What about your NUCLEAR BLAST deal. Was it part of a straight developement or something special that time. How did you came to NB and what do you think about that deal nowdays?

I explained this earlier on, but I do have some regrets as Nuclear Blast exploited my name and made numerous Dmarks and never paid me all the money they owe me as with many other groups on the label. But hindsight is 20/20 and the past is gone. At least now I am beginning to make some money from the re-releases of the original masterpieces as well as the latest releases, as there has been a resurgence with my bands on the scene over the last 10 years. But, if it was only about money, I would have given up long ago. I still revel in the chance to take the stage at the various festivals across the globe as well as the Master tours every year.

In the early nineties you played with ABOMINATION and MASTER in Europe. What
were your impressions from the metal scene over there. Was it something spezial to play there? Nowadays bands are playing everywhere but in the early days...

Europe has always had a special place in the Metal scene. In some ways nothing can compare to the European fans as they really support all genres of music, and for this they must be commended, but as I said earlier on there is a resurgence happening in the USA and I am happy to play there and be a small part of this. Of course the doors have opened up all over the planet for Metal and this certainly great for all musicians.

I saw you on tour together with PUNGENT STENCH. You played 2 shows every evening. If I’m right you started with ABOMINATION, then PUNGENT STENCH played and you again with MASTER. I reckon it is exhausting. Or am I wrong? Any memories about that tour?

Yes, we made nearly nothing in the way of monetary residuals. I went home with my plane ticket paid and 1000 dollars for my efforts, but the tour was a blast. After all this was my first experience
over here and I fell in love with Europe on that very tour and this is why I choose to live here today. I believe if you believe in your music you will travel anywhere to practice your craft and this is why I joined Krabathor when the opportunity arose back in 2000 and never looked back. As for the memories of that tour, you will have to wait and read my book, called Speckmann, Surviving the Underground if and when I find a publisher for this.

ABOMINATION lyrics were critical all times. What were your influences. I know, the 1. Gulf war played a roll. And were the fans even interested in such sophisticated themes?

Real life has always influenced my writing. What is happening at a particular time influences my writing even today. The Gulf War played a big part on the Tragedy Strikes album of course. And as for the second part, no, many of the fans of the genre were pretty empty headed at the time. The average Metal fan only listens to the music I believe and takes life for granted and doesn’t give a shit about what the government and the world are doing to them. At least this is what I felt back then. Today the younger generation, I hope to think, are coming around although time will tell.
Unfortunately many people are robots of the greater machine and enjoy being told what to do. I truly hope some radicals are ready to make the changes needed to live in a free society. Big brother is taking over step by step, gradually freedom is becoming a thing of the past and when freedom of speech is removed, the music industry will die.

In 93, after 3 albums, MASTER split up. Why? Any coherence with your “farewell” from NUCLEAR BLAST?

Master never split up, only our alliancem with NBR. The band continued to write record and tour in the USA, Mexico and South and Central America. It took until 1998 to find another label to believe
in the band and this was the break that changed my life. After meeting the guys in Krabathor on the Tour with Malevolent Creation, co-headliner Master and Krabathor life changed. I came to the Czech Republic and recorded a project called Martyr, Murder X The End of the Game with the Krabathor guys and rest is history. This only happened because I never gave up on my music and namely Master.

I think MASTER was your alltime baby. Was it even possible to “drive double tracked” for a longer time?

I have always found a way to keep my baby alive although all the things I did served their purpose and I would never change a thing. I am just happy to be alive and still kicking as well as making
an honest living doing what I believe in.

In 99 ABOMINATION came back with 2 new releases. Tell me about it.

Actually I recorded a few songs for an EP with Nickeas and guitarist Bryan Brady from the Collection of Souls album. This was a blast, and I only just recently listened to the recordings as it was re-released as bonus tracks on a re-issue for Metal Mind Productions out of Poland. At the time I though the bass was too loud on the final mixes, but I realize I was quite mistaken as the recording is actually quite killer as well as the song writing. Many bands today have little or no bass on their records. The bass guitar is the backbone of any real recording and that’s a fact. This
was called the Final War. The other was just the original demo recordings from 1987 and 88, which I released for the fans, as the recordings were only originally available on the red and black cassettes.

Why did you think it was time to re-animate the band? What did Aaron think about this?

Aaron was all for this as this was always his baby and favorite band out of everything he and I did together.

It has the appearance that it was just a short straw fire. Why did it not become more. What do you think about a serious reunion nowadays?

Management played a big part in the fall of Abomination and Nuclear Blast made many mistakes as well. As for a reunion this will never happen as guitarist Dean Chioles died of Multiple Sclerosis many years ago and this was a sad loss for all.

If you look back, what significance has ABOMINATION for you personal and musically?

Abomination was a group that experimented with many genres of music and wasn’t afraid to try new ideas out and this was a chance to try out many of my crazy changes and the band would successfully implement them in their songs. I had the pleasure of bringing my Abomination
vision to Europe one time only for 26 performances and I will never forget this.

Thanks again for your time, wish you all the best with your US tour in summer and a free of stress tour-management with LIVIDITY tour. Last crap is yours again.

I have to say again I appreciate the thought provoking questions you have for me. Many writers have a tendency to ask the same questions over and over and this drives me crazy. Keep up the good work my friend and feel free to contact me anytime if you have more questions.

Paul Speckmann /