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EGEMONY-italian one man assault

Check out EGEMONY – brutal one man army from Italy. Let´s hear what Alessandro has to say about his album “Baptysm Of The Unborn”, the lonesom live of a Death Metal ranger and the lionking!

Hi Alessandro, how are you man? How is it going with “Baptysm…”album?

Hi Jörg, everything is ok here, the album is going good enough, i still have a lot of copies to sell, but it’s ok. Vladimir (NTEY rec) told me that more than 500 copies are already gone.

What about the forerunner-band ANAL PROLAPS?

Well, Anal Prolapse was like a joke band, I have build up that project with some friends just for our amusement. We played some kind of the most stupid grind out there, with lyrics in the dialect of our city (Verona, Italy). We recorded a really useless album called “Listen before flushing”, and I think the name of the album says more than 1000 words about it hehe.

Where do you see the main differences between both bands?

There are millions differences between AP and Egemony: Egemony is a one man band, I have spent a lot of time under it, it is a serious project, the drum machine is well done, and I ‘ve tried to make the best guitar sound that I could have recording it in my house. Contrary to it, Anal Prolapse was only a funny entertainment for us, the drum machine has been made with fruity loops (a really easy program) and sounds disgusting, the songwriting is basic, and most of the time, we build up the riffs in the recording session.

Tell my readers why you decided to play alone!

In deeds I did not decide to play alone, but I have been forced to. I wanted to play some brutal death metal, but here in my town, there aren’t people interested in this music or talented enough to play this music (I’m not saying I’m the best musicians in the world, I’m just saying that here the situation is critic haha ). So here I am, alone, but badass.

Where do you find the ideas for your songs? I think it’s easier to write a song if more guys have separate ideas and put it together. Being a one band, does it make the writing process easier for you?

The ideas could come out in whatever ways: listening a good song, watching a good movie, whistling etc.
Yeah, the song writing process is different, but I think it is not so different or more hard. In every band I have played I’ve always been the one who created the songs, so, basically, I’m accustomed to it.

Did you never search for other musicians?

I’m still searching them! Most of all I would like to find a drummer, I think it would be amazing to have a drummer.

What’s the biggest or hardest part in writing/recording music? I think, timing is very important.

I fucking hate the recording time! Damn, every time I have to record I start to mistake and I’m forced to restart the song, so I take more or less a life to record a song..

I think you should work with a drummer from Japan, LOL. Don’t you miss real sounding drums?

I miss a real drum sound as hell! I literally DREAM to ear “baptism…” with a real drum on it. Drum machine could be more accurate or faster than a real drummer, but drum machine will never have the same groove, the same force, the same power of a real Drummer. And so I hope to find a drummer as soon as possible!

What is it like to be alone on stage, don't you miss anything? Explain the differences too a full line up?

When you play with a band, you know that all the eyes are on all the band members, so you that, if you mistake something, nobody will notice it, and for sure you’re also more relaxed.
Playing alone doesn’t give you this opportunity, if you mistake the riffs the public ear it for sure, and all the eyes are on you, and that makes a strange effect, especially for people like me, who are extremely shy!

Don’t you have problems to kick yourself for going forward? Are you afraid to stagnate?

No, I haven’t! I will kick ass on stage until I got ideas for new songs and until my body will be old and rotten! I live for this MUSIC and I will play this music until life flows in my veins!

How did you come in touch with Vladimir and what do you expect from NICE TO EAT YOU RECORDS?

I sent him the songs of the split album, and he told me that he was happy to release my stuff!

Is “Baptysm...” a one man work or did you have some help in the writing process?

I’ve wrote all the songs by myself, except “Abominated Hierarchy” which is originally performed and created by my friends Septycal Gorge.

You have some guest vocals on it, tell me about them.

Yeah, I got 4 guests on the song “Guttural Orgy” and they are: Mariano from Septycal Gorge, Gaetano from Deadlystrain, Claudio from Tools Of Torture, and “Baffo” from Clitoridus Invaginatus. This song is dedicated to the Italian death metal scene, which is made by great people and great friends.
And be ready, in the next Album you will find more than 10 guests in an unique song!

What about the bonus tracks. What is so unique to call them “bonus tracks?”

The bonus track are the Spetycal Gorge cover and Guttural Orgy. I’ve set Guttural Orgy as a bonus track cause in that song there are 4 singers form other bands.

What about the artwork, is it your own basic idea. Or has someone else implemented the ideas?

The artwork is by Marco Hasmann ( who is also Blasphemer’s guitarist. The idea was mine, but , if you look at the artwork, you can find that it is not an original idea: it is a “mutation” of one scene of Disney’s Lion King hahaha.

Hell, you are right, Disneys most brutal...haha. Is your 3 way split still available? Say some great words about it!

I think it is still available. I’ve got only one or 2 copies left.The split contains 14 track by 3 sick one man bands: Flesh Impaled (Northern Ireland), Infinite Defilement (Australia) and Egemony. It has came out on Sevared Rec. as demo series album limited to 250 hand numbered copies.

What's your fascination for sick brutal music? Would you ever decide to deal with some other metal styles in future?

I love US styled death metal, and especially Disgorge, first Severed Savior, Inveracity andso on. No, I do not think that I will deal with other styles in future. The next album will be more technical, faster and structured, but It will be an Egemony album at 100%. No arpeggios or melodic stuff, only Brutality

Your album is available for free on the net like thousands of other releases. Does it bother you too see that? Promotion or rip-off?

No, it absolutely do not bother me. The net is an important instrument which can let you be into several bands. I care that people listen my music, they don’t have to buy my album , but to like my music. Anyway, for sure, if someone gives me money for the album, I won’t refuse it! I’m alone, and so I have to pay all the costs of this project by myself (like every one man band out there). Money is important, but fuck, I play brutal death metal, if I wanted money I should play commercial rock like Avril Lavigne haha.

Thanks for your time, last nonsense is yours!

Thanks so much for the interview and the support, and thanks to all my fans out there, remember, KEEP SUPPORTING THIS SCENE GUYS! Yo

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