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This is an JIG AI upgrade. What´s new, what will happen in future and so on. Let´s hear what Brain has to say in this short smalltalk about czech grinding madness.

Hi Brain, how are you. Are there still any twisted people out there who believe JIG AI is a japanese band (I know some)?

Hi Jörg, I am fine. Maybe there could be some, but I think that people who listen our music and visit web or myspace know that we are from Czech Republic.

Why do you deal with that manga-image?

Because it is funny and brutal together.

How is the new album "Katana Orgy" doing. What about the number of copies this time. First edition is sold out I think.

The first edition had 2000 copies. I don´t have further information now If they are sold out or not.

I have heard you need a new cover art for the repress. What happend? Problems with a scatterbrained censor or customs official?

We had some problems because of front cover. That problem is settled. For future press will be completly new booklet.

What about the digipack version? Are there any differences? Did you ever think about a vinyl version?

Main difference is a new booklet. Maybe there will be some bonus too. We will see. Katana Orgy in vinil version isn´t planned now. Maybe in the future. For vinil version we are preparing 7 EP split with Ass To Mouth.

You have changed something with the new album if I compare it with the first one. Especially the beginning has that amazing swedish old school sound. Whats the idea behind it? Homage or bauble? How important is progression and alterations in your music?

It is a progress. Nothing more, nothing less. In my opinion Katana Orgy is more faster and subtile than the first one. The sound on CD is built more on bass, that is the reason why you can hear this sound.

You have your own studio. Which part of the production could you do by yourself? Is it a professional one? Do you work with other bands?

Both CDs were recorded partly in studio (drums and vocals for Katana Orgy) and other things in my home studio. Master and mix is my work. Sometimes I cooperate with other bands - especially on mastering.

You have coverd 2 classical Grindbands with different attitudes in music and lyrical themes. Tell me about it. Why did you choose CARCASS and BRUTAL TRUTH. Don't you think it interferes content wise.

Both bands are cult in grindcore. That´s why we choose them. It is honour for us to play covers from Carcass and BT.

How can you make a pitch shifter sound like a shisha? Why do you abdicate on it by live shows?

The main part of vocals on both CDs are clean. Only in few songs we use some effects to make CD more varied. For us isn´t necessary to use it on stage. We know how to do it by voice.

How is your relationship to Roman (BLP) He deserves a sophisticated blow job. Or does he do an atrocious job? I wouldn't think so.

We are old friends. I had known Roman personally before we started with Jig-Ai. He is a really cool person and he helps us a lot. BLP is only fun. He has serious job same like whole band.

Tell me about the split 7..with ASS TO MOUTH. Who will release it. Any new songs on it?

Label is Dice records from Poland and they are going to be 4 new songs.

You have announced some cool festival next year. First you will go to the USA and than playing DEATH FEAST here in Germoney (amazing event, believe me!) and OEF again. How will you prepare for that? What do you expect? By the way, have organizers of MDF invited you? Do you pay for the flight by yourself?

We do not have special preparation for that shows. We will play as best as we can. That is important. MDF organizer invited us. I won´t write about conditions. These things are private.

Why is JIG AI so amazing popular to the wacky gore & grind crowd. Have you a conclusive explanation?

I do not know. Maybe it is because of live shows which we are trying to play for 100% with maximum verve. Maybe it is because our music is not classical goregrind, but it is a little bit modern.

You had some trouble with your first myspace account. What happend?

The whole profile was deleted due to violent designed content. It is shitty, but we made a new one and it still continues.

Tell me about the fan-videos, that were posted at myspace. Was it a kind of contest that sent the maniacs it by themself? What were your first reactions? You have to give them a bunch of flowers at least!

There were no contest and nothing similar. People make funny videos because they want to do that. It is great for us. We only choose some of them from youtube and placed them to our site.

You are playing in some other bands. Is there not a goal or conflict? Tell me about your part in EARDELETE! Is it the legacy of NCC?

Yes, Eardelete is NCC upgrade. We changed name after Ierich left band. We have found a new drummer (Misa from Hirošima) and started to play like Eardelete, but music and live shows are still same.

What about FLYING BRAINS and PSYCHOTIC DESPAIR? You have definatly to
much sparetime or why do you need 4 bands? Can you work seriosely in all 4 bands with the same dedication?

Flying Brains is my first band which I have been started with my brother and friends from my hometown 10 years ago. We play only few shows by year because everybody lives in the different city now. Similar situation with concerts is in Eardelete. Robocop is main brain there. He prepares the main part of the music with Misa. Me and Buraak are rather live players in band, so the most part of the time I spend with Jig-Ai and Psychotic Despair.

What is in the focus of JIG AI members,; brutal music & brutal image or fun, bitches and weed?

Brutal music, fun, bitches and beer ha haaaa 

Thanks a lot for your time, last nonsense belongs to you!

Thanks for interview. Greetings for EXTREME AGGRESSION readers and hope to see you on some Jig-Ai live show. Check our sites, download some mp3 and listen grind.


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