Monday, May 4, 2009

MENSTRUAL DIVIDER - russian gore kids

The following is some nonsense with a bunch of gore kids from Russia. I have no clue what up with them. I sent many journalistic sophisticated questions and they don´t appreciate my enormous arse! Here is MENSTRUAL DIVIDER, get it!

Hail Black Metal Lovers, I hope the unholy Spock is with you? What´s up in the dumps of eastern europe?

Unholy as holy..its always with us..fucking eastern europe is in ass now. Maybe you know its just a sex maybe financial crisis and that black maybe grey metalheads are in they are just waiting for something awesome.

First of all, what´s your excuse for all this noise you call musick? This is disorientatening for the youth! You are bad examples for them!

The youth of the young nation? What are you talking about? We are some teens and nobody does´nt teach us do play some nasty grind.

Tell me, what makes your mamutschka on your sandwiches and why the hell needs the world another gory porngrind bastard. What is the special clue with MENSTRUAL DIVIDER?

Unbelievable but the world needs us like shit! George Bush had already listen us and Barack Obama likes us too!!!The special clue in MD is a horny gang bang on stage. And so we don´t care about some rules. You must just see us live..we usually crushing sculls with powerful slammin groove noises and all people become like hungry zombies..with mosh and stage diving activies, and after that, some nasty pig girls sucking our ditry-rotten cocks.

Are you really ready to conquer the world with only 5 tracks? Tell me about the release!

Just 5 tracks!! I think the quality is not so great like Madonna! The release is ready to conquer for US and Germany at all. Wwe had recorded it at home We had 1000 bottles of vodka and 4 girls for having fun..go go go..We started recording it with a lot of bukkake schoolgirls. So soon we will write a full format album with awesome quality..maybe like JIG AI or better..really..but later.

What about Timur and his freaks – the band you know!

.Hah Timur and his guttural commando. We know them, they are also bukkake boys with schoolgirls They were first who played xxx grind in USSR. They had some gigs with GUT und CBT. But one thing that was shit with them, their communistic religion. And thats makes them not so good.

Yor music sounds like Rompeprop, Gut and so on. Is it so fucking hard to play respectable music? I´m sure your parents have no idea what you do after school!

Hm, we had a gig at last week with GUT, You can see it in our page. They are cool. Soon we have a gig with ROMPEPROP in our hometown- it will be in April. Its great. Later CBT will visit our country too I hope. Our parents also like grindcore music. They like QUEEN and LED ZEPPELIN..and they like our music and thats why we didnt go to school!

I suppose your daddys have beating you and your musically taste is the result of irreversible undesirable development. You must have permanent problems becausr your antisocial behavior, is n´t it?

Anti social behavior? No no, George Bush likes us!

Are you guys from Russia with love or from planet Vulkan? How´s the Black Metal scene on Vulkan?

We are from bukkake planet!! I can say from russia with gore!! Its very hard to live in our country, and all people usually turn into zombie when they drink vodka and carlsberg beer!! Its so tasty and fun to drink!

Did you ever seen a morgue from inside? How did you came out?

Morgue...we saw it on a gotic cumshot party!

I know, all east european people are communists, ( Hail Stalin!), It must be hard to have 2 heards in the chest ( black & red)!

Communism is total shit!!! Most gorebands are usually into anarchy wave!

If I say Josef Stalin and Vladimir I. Uljanov are the godfathers of gore, will you agree?

I think that Stalin was a godfather of a gore sickness . In the 50's it was repression time and also was a lot of gore there.

Why don´t you use corpsepaint? No make up or no mirrors or what? Gore needs colors!

Gore needs bukkake colours! We use menstrual colours of our schoolgirls..

Do you use your girlfriend for satanic rituals? Sodomize her or something like that?

Of course we use our girls for bukkake ritual. One girl turn in a round and we cum on her, its so satanic!

How many cemetarys you have defiled? If you play on cemetarys from, where you get electricity?

We usually live in the slaughterhouse..cemetery its not so awesome you know.

Your music is more terror then all terrorgroups can do. May you should let them learn from you?

We can teach other grind bands to be so awesome..

Do you hate Germany for all we did in the past or do you love us for CBT and GUT?

We like Germany for the beer, meat, porn, and of course for GUT and CBT.

What´s the best part to be in a Goreband? Do you know, that you never become a famous rock star with this gore crap?

We don´t care about other styles and that can I say. in grind we trust and sometime we become a famouse grindband. You will see us on Sevared Records soon..

Is it true, that the most russian pussys are hairy, because the russian winter is to long to run around shaved? Don´t you hate hairs between yout teeth?

Hah, russian girls already have naked pussys. Our girls are nasty and glamourous! winter is not a problem.

How is it possible that people like the russian ones alive just with vodka, bacon and garlic? Are you stronger like all the other ones?

To live in russia without vodka is impossible! Its just like a therapy, we are stronger than americans! Sometime we are going to conquer them.

Do you like it to live in Russia, with all this poorness, terrorism, corruption, alcoholism, communism, idiots from Germoney with stupid questions...?

Yeeahh!! Because it is cool! It makes life fool and interesting. Only communism is shit.

Can we expect more sensless MENSTRUAL DIVIDER performances in the future or will the world forget you?

We are famous in Russia yet! We have an active touring. In the future we will release on Sevared Records. The world will not forget us because we play so sick and awesome stuff. Wewill write a full format album with high quallity.

Russian government payd me 1000bugs for this interview, how many would you give me, if I never release it?

We will pay you with our valuta , our merch,cds and botles of vodka.

At last send greetz to you fans in Tschetschenia!

Thank you very much. I think this interview was great Greetings from us. See you later.

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