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“Ali the brutal Italian” here with some brand new band news for you. Some bands have goofy names, some bands have goofy song titles, some bands have goofy intro’s to each of their songs on their CD. But are those bands serious? Are those bands brutal or do you listen to them as if you would be hoping for a chuckle or two, like listening to a Dane Cook CD? Well then look no further then Colorado’s own grind core band “Parasite Hilton”! The band not only has a funny bone but dishes out the brutality better then some of your more well known signed bands.

First off, let me ask about how you came up with the band name Parasite Hilton. Were you looking for something that had the double standard meaning or was it just something for you to parody off of (Paris Hilton)?

I used to jam in another band with Steve and we always talked about doing a band with the name Parasite Hilton. I guess you could say that the name does have a double meaning. To us, it represents the false idols that society worships. People like Paris Hilton do absolutely nothing for our generation, yet her face is everywhere. Who cares! On the other side of the meaning, it seems that every band tries to come up with the most offensive, or brutal band name. Parasite Hilton is not that way and certainly is a name that you won’t forget.

The band seems to have a more laughable approach to the music, but still maintaining the brutality. What made the band want to write some of the songs they do (I can run faster angry then you can scared, Stallowned) and why ad the humor to it? Do you guys have something you are hiding? Any skeletons in the Parasite Hilton closet?

I think that we feel the only laughable part to our music is the song titles. A lot of the titles are from stuff that has happened to us personally. The song “I can run faster angry than you can scared” is from when Steve met his girlfriend’s dad for the first time and he said that if he ever caught them having sex to remember that he could run faster angry than Steve could scared. Songs like “Stallowned” are just about Steve’s love for all the Rambo movies and how cool it would be to get your ass kicked by Sylvester Stallone. It seems that too many people take grindcore and death metal to serious. These bands always have the arms crossed and tough-guy faces in pictures. Get over it, it’s been done. This is our way of making some brutal tunes and still not taking it too seriously.

I like the style the band plays, a USA style of grind core. Everyone now has some kind of genre they pull from or fall into. Do you consider yourself a grind core band or is there something else you like to call your music?

We call it Mile High Grindcore. By that we mean that everything that we write is based off our love for grind. However, we like to mix is some droning stoner parts, doom, sludge and some good ‘ol death metal pit riffs that make you just want to kill. As far as the style goes, the song writing has matured ten-fold. The riffs are more complex and technical and the songs are much more thought out then just the usual “blast-groove-blast-noise-end” formula that we started with.

Recently you released the full length CD “Cymothoa Exigua”. How has the CD been received by the public, and what the F**k does “Cymothoa Exigua” mean? Because I searched in the f**king dictionary, online… call me stupid but I can not find the definition for this stuff anywhere, is it even English?

Yeah, Cymothoa Exigua came out in the Spring of 2008. We have gotten a really good response locally from the album as well as over half of the sales from the first press going to the rest of America and around the world for that matter. As of right now we have 2 copies left and we are considering it Out of Print unless a label decides to re-release it. As for the name, Cymothoa Exigua is a Latin name for a parasite bug that eats the tongue of a fish and essentially becomes its second mouth. The fish will eventually die from the parasite consuming all the incoming food and from there, the parasite will eat the dead fish. The front cover of the record is two cross-sectioned fish heads with the parasite inside the mouths. Brutal.

It also caught my eye that the CD was self released by the band? Why so? Are you just eliminating the frustration of being on a label?

We released the record ourselves really because we didn’t have a choice. Like I said before, we would be more than happy with any type of label/distribution support. We are not a huge band or anything, so most of the time when it comes to getting something done we rely on ourselves and our good friends for help.

Is the band currently playing shows? I saw you opened for A Blast last year. Have you had a chance to open for any other touring bands in Colorado? If so who? And do you plan on taking the band on a tour?

Not currently playing shows, I’m writing responses to your interview. That would be a little difficult to do both at the same time. But seriously, we are trying to stay pretty active with playing out. We are always writing new stuff, so that give us the opportunity to see if anybody else likes what we are doing. We did do that show with AxBx and have the opportunity to play with a few other sick acts too. We played with Deterioration from Minnesota (US) a few months back and that show was too sick! Hopefully 2009 and beyond will be good to us and give us the means to go on some tours. That is what we are striving for; we love Denver, but its time to get the f@ck out of here!

Does the band plan on releasing any more studio material any time soon and will it still have the same laughable content that the first CD had. Or do you plan to trend off like Metallica and write more suitable lyrics for your local radio station.

We are booked beginning August 22 to start recording another album. We have a ton of new songs and we are pretty stoked to get them recorded. We wish that we could have done this sooner, but like I said above, we don’t have a label, so we have to make the most of the money we make from selling shirts and CD’s to afford studio time. We are all broke! As far as the material, the songs are waaaaay faster; some of them have that old school gutter-punk feel to them. They will still have the same stupid names though. The new material that we have puts everything we have done thus far to shame. I hope that we can always out-do ourselves.

I heard that one of the members in “Parasite Hilton” is actually a transvestite waiting for his/her genital operation… is there any truth behind this or is this another bad case of media corruption? Maybe a tour with the band “Cretin” can be set up after the operation… You can call the tour…. Ummmmm, “The best of two transvestites” or “the tranny tour”, maybe “man-gina tour 2009”…

If we’re going on “The Tranny Tour 2009” then you can be our manager. I heard that you already got the operation twice…once because you were just bored, and the second time was because you just felt more feminine than you used to. It’s OK, I’m sure this is all “news to your wife!”…you cross-eyed hillbilly! Ha!!!! That joke about Cretin was pretty good too! But yeah, no Tranny tour in the works…unless you know somebody…..

Are any of you involved with other projects besides Parasite Hilton? Have you thought of doing other projects if you are not involved in any currently?

Not really. We all help out our friends when we can. Steve and I have really wanted to get into doing a really atmospheric black/doom band like Ahab or Wolves in the Throne Room. That would be killer. I heard the next time Journey tours they are supposed to call me for a bass session. That would be cool, I f@cking love that band. I’m dead serious.

I noticed from reading your Myspace site that you have a new drummer in the mix. Care to elaborate on why the switch? Or did the old drummer spontaneously combust like a Spinal Tap drummer? And where did you find the new drummer at? Drummers are like little gold nuggets, their hard to come by and when used correctly they will stay around for a long time…

Yeah, we sure do have a new drummer. Our previous drummer Victor was excellent, but was not too interested in having Parasite Hilton be a full time band. We wanted to play more shows and his schedule wasn’t able to make that work. We actually found Brandon on Myspace as well. He was jamming with a few bands when we first contacted him and he didn’t have time. The other bands didn’t work out, so now he is with us full time. He’s a sick drummer and has some good input for new material. We’re glad to have him for sure.

Well that’s it for now. Any last words, shout outs, regrets?

Thanks a lot for the interview man! As always, horns up to our good friends in Zombie Hate Brigade, Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire, Blud Klot, Whoregrinder and all of our friends in Denver, Parker and Aurora! Grind till death!
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