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JUNGLE ROT - back in warbusiness

JUNGLE ROT are back on the battlefield with their new release „ What Horrors Await” I asked bass man James about some details. Enjoy it and support that Death Metal dreadnought!

Hi James, how are you. What about your feet, hope they are healthy, haha. ( related to the bandname)?

James: Haha! My feet are good. A little sore from working all weekend but that’s ok.

Tell me something about your new album. Incurrence, recording and stuff like that!

James: It’s obviously the best record we’ve done, as any band will say, haha! We had a lot of fun this time out writing and recording and bonding as band. We took our time and bought a computer recording set-up and that was new for us. We spent many hours in the practice space working over ideas and just having fun with it.

Do you satisfied with the result? How much influence do you have to the sound!

James: I think we are satisfied, but again like any art, you always think of things you could have done differently or better, or things you could have added. As far as the sound, it’s still JUNGLE ROT but with a few new twists and ideas in there. It’s hard to not be influenced somewhat by your surroundings and new music you hear.

Is “What horrors Await” the consistent sequel of the last album? Or have we to search for some new facets?

James: I wouldn’t say it’s a sequel to anything, but just another Jungle Rot record. There are some new twists and turns on this one, but we’re still holding down the Jungle Rot sound.

Tell about the DESTRUCTION cover. What is the special thing with DESTRUCTION? Are you personal impressed from this Thrashers?

James: We’ve just toyed around with the song at practice numerous times and decided to record it. Yes, I grew up listening to Destruction and have always loved them!

Have you got a personal fave on that album? What are the songs, that slip into the liveset?

James: I don’t know if I have a personal favorite yet, I like all the new tunes. Quite a few of the songs will be in the liveset like “Worst Case Scenario”, “What Horrors Await”, “Black Candle Mass”, “Two Faced Disgrace”, “State Of War”. We’ll probably mix up the live set for different dates and try other songs too.

What about the lyrics, are we still at the battlefield? What kind of conflicts are in the focus of “What Horrors Await”?

James: We still have some lyrics about war and such, but a lot of the lyrics this time have an apocalyptic feel to them, some end-of-the-world stuff and biblical prophecy. Of course there are some good ol’ fashioned death metal songs too.

Why have you changed your label again. This time from Crash Inc. To Napalm records?

James: Crash had just dropped the ball. They didn’t do anything a record label should. They put it out and it was in some stores and what not, but they had no European distribution and gave no tour support or even helped with touring. I figure if a label invests money in your band and album, they should want you to tour for it so you can sell copies of it!

Napalm Records is not that sort of typical Death Metal label. Do you think it fits to JUNGLE ROT. What do you expect from them?

James: Just to do their part. We just want them to act like a label and do what is typically expected of a label. It’s a little weird seeing as how they have a lot of goth and pagan sounding bands on the label, but we’re not trying to fit in with them. We just need to get out there and show people what we are made of and rip some faces off.

In the past JUNGLE ROT changed bandmembers as well as labels often. What the hell is your problem?

James: Some people just don’t have the tenacity to stay in a hardworking band that remains the underdog. It’s not easy to give 100% to a band and not get anything back. Touring is hard and some members couldn’t handle that. In the end, it comes down to people who were in this band and just couldn’t stay on board for one reason or another.

Is that fact hindering for the band or has it maked you stronger. How solid is your line-up today?

James: I’m sure it has hindered the band in some respects, like people quitting right before important tours and stuff like that. But the train must roll on and I think we’re all stronger today. The lineup now is the most consistent in years and we all get along fine. Everyone in the band now wants this and is working hard to get somewhere with it.

Do you think, without that argy-bargy, JUNGLE ROT could stay in one rank with OBITUARY und SIX FEET UNDER. Or are you already there?

James: I definitely don’t think we’re in the same rank as those bands, we just do what we do and hope someone likes it along the way. Maybe one day we’ll be looked at as a peer of these bands.

No experiments, songwriting strict to the point! That are your trademarks. Do you never look over the rim of the tea cup? What means this old school groove to you?

James: We’ve tried a few new things on this newest album, and I’m sure we’ll try and few more new things on the next one. The lineup is consistent now and we’re learning how to write together better. Of course we don’t want to ever lose that signature Jungle Rot sound either, so we’ll always have our sound rooted in that, but we’re not opposed to trying a few new things.

How important are the opinions/reactions of you fans? Are they involved in the work of JUNGLE ROT?

James: We definitely value the opinions of our fans, especially those who have followed this band from the beginning. But in the long run we have to write music that makes US happy, that’s why we do it right? We’re very lucky to have some of the most loyal fans on the planet, and we hope that what we write does please them.

I have read, JUNGLE ROT plays in the tradition of SLAYER and SODOM? How can that go hand in hand with your music? Have I missed something?

James: We have more of a mindset like those bands. We don’t try and out-blast everyone or have some gimmick like tech death. We truly feel our style is more rooted in the legacy those bands have left, instead of copying every brutal death metal bands that’s come out in the past 10 years. We’re more of a thrash band than a death metal band.

Any details about the upcoming europe-tour in summer?

James: We’ll be headlining our „European Blitzkrieg Campaign“ in September. Dates will be posted on the Jungle Rot MySpace page as we get them. Then in October, we’re touring the US with our brothers in DEICIDE, so that should be good!

Here are some catchwords. Take a decision and explain it!
- War for oil o war for barin?
I don’t understand
- Death Metal scene in the early 90th or the (vast) scene of today?
I prefer early 90s but I like a lot of what comes out today!
- gangenous feet in the jungle or sunstroke in the desert?
Fucking NEITHER!
I’ll take both, as I greatly appreciate boths bands music!

Thanks a lot, last spot is yours!

James: Please visit us on MySpace, Facebook, Reverbnation and get in touch! Thank you for the interview!

JUNGLE ROT - myspace

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