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The Polish Grind veterans SQUASH BOWELS strike back their her 5th album (besides innumberrable other releases). So we can wonder, whether “Grindvirus” kicks ass like the other releases did. Arthur answered some of my questions his one version of english language.

Hi Arthur, how are you? I'm ready for Grindvirus, are you?
Hi Jorg!!! Everything is fine. Grindvirus is ready to kill also. We are waiting for relase date!!!
Please give me an update for your next album, Grindvirus. Have you played any of the new songs live yet? What personal significance does it have for you? Is it just another album or something special?
This are 14 new songs, in a very old school style but with the fresh sound. Surely it is a little different than previous material, we recorded this material in the new composition, like we wanted, without the pressure, with the large play.
What can we expect- a typical Squash Bowels recording? Or did you find new ways to torture innocent ears?
This is still the same team , this time we will torture through the sound, it is powerful. The effect is fulminating!!!
How much time did you spend in the studio? What is the release date? Any live promotion?
We recorded for a week, we already got the sample of sounds, on the end itself we fixed the final version, arose the new monster which will be released in September on US label WILLOWTIP. You can listen new songs on our myspace page. We will play of course the clique of promoting concerts, but for the time being one cannot speak about this .

For this recording, you announced 8 tracks. Are you becoming more mature in your old age? How has your songwriting style changed?
He he... it's not so, agrees that to certs it is necessary to become more ripe, in our chance this pure and simple the good contract with the factory warranted us the sufficient budget on the recording of several traces more, was us on this this time to stand and all. Of course through this we obtained the very good result, we had also more time on recording of songs from A to Z, that was the intentional effect. Some things sounding better only into the studio. We do not have with ourselves frequent tests, we live in three different cities, two of us in Poland one in Belgium, so the studio warranted us the longer meeting than the test. This time however more material we made in the room of attempts. The rest, some of 30 percent into the studio.
Who will release it, You via your label LIFESTAGE again? What are the advantages of a band having control of their recordings?
Unfortunately Lifestage is closed, we do not have the time for it, most of our time we sacrifice to families and work, the factory he was only a short-lived adventure.

There was a time when Curby released all Squash Bowels shit. That seems to be over now. Why?
So it was, we gave materials to OBSCENE of the factory, a little to us conditions but he did not answer, we dispersed on a good footing, maybe we will work together again.
What about a vinyl version? Maybe again with Norman and Apathic View? He does a great job, doesn't he?
There are really such conversations over a vinyl version, we would like, so that this to give by Norman, he does really the very good work, last we spoke, we hoped that factories will make themselves understood and the vinyl will be!
How intense are you regarding your image? Are you not afraid of sterotypes or do you like to play around with them? How improtant is all that gore or is it accepted behavior nowadays?
Well, we left from the image of unstitched bowels completely, today we have more themes taken straight from life, or facetious situations. We are not already such as once, we do not bear leathers and narrow trousers, we do not have long hair, simply three sirs playing Grind core...

Tell me something about the past North American tour. Was it successful? Did you have fun?
We were the first time behind too the flood tide, we toured, we drank the American beer and we ate hamburgers. The memory will stay to us surely Baltimore (maryland metal fest), the excellent organization, and faithful fans, we visited also many friends whom we did not see for ten years, generally pleased to see us and with the large wish we will go there once again.
What about the 7" Audio Terror CD from 07? What was the idea behind it? Didn't Curby release someting similar before?
This record was a collection of our first seven EP?s. Curby let go on one record three first demos, many fans asked us for these recordings and we decided to recruit giving such record.
Tell me about your new drummer Marius?! He is a old buddy from DAMNABLE. Has he playd in a band after the band split up? Do you think he fits to gory music?
Marius is suitable ideal for us. He had a pause and is large in playing, but glad to himself ideally. Effects one will be able to already to listen on the new record. Splendidly... we make ourselves understood, we understand. He had a pause in playing, but listened music all the time, he very fits to us, the similar age, the similar thinking, similar aspirations.

Why is Lipa no longer your singer? Fuck, he gave your band an enormous, agile live touch. That was amazing!
Sometimes it's better to speak for the departure than to take risks of the disintegration set, unfortunately not everyone could communicate with him. Quarrels arose, bad atmosphere.
About the spontaneousness this is not quite worse right away. This set was always three a personal composition and we came back to our roots, I affirm that he left only for the better!
I saw a lot of SQUASH BOWELS shows and sometimes they are, well...reserved. Are you not the godfathers of impulsive stage acting? Do you think, a "real" singer would benefit your performance?
There are better concerts and worse, we changed a little to our approach. In fact we are already a little older, but playing less concerts today and splendidly we cope. In fact at the peck of concerts more than once we were mightily tired, therefore arose the idea of the employment of the additional vocalist. After last concerts all people speak to us that it is really a lot better and more curiously in three, we do not need spongers, he he
You have had lot of good musicians in your career? Why? And how strong is your line up now?
Never over this we did not wonder as played today. Simply we get on our own, we do not think as up we are found. We play for pleasure, how much we can and when we can. Interest us no recapitulations on which position we are found.
How much SQUASH BOWELS from the early days is left in your mind? What are the biggest changes or has nothing changed?
Well surely pure and simple the music, play-acting we switch off ourselves during that time from the daily life. We live through this short while we play and we are glad together with the audience. Once we wondered if we should stop playing,without playing there is not much more in life for us!
One last thing. Has Andy ever thought about re-animating DAMNABLE?
Andy told me that he has no intention, maybe several songs at the concert, something for fans, but not yet now.
Thanks for the interview , we greet all listeners of our music, good-bye see you at concerts and remember : to the gift-horse one does not look into the ass!


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