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I saw WARPATH from Ireland on tour with LIVIDITY last spring and was very impressed about their brutality and that amazing stage acting. The bangers in front of the stage were going crazy. So I deemed it for a good idead to interview them. Here we go!

Hi Darren, how are you. How is going in WARPATH. What about your fan-voting for Metalcamp?

Hey man thanks very much for the interview, much appreciate it, ah the metalcamp voting didnt happen for us but thanks to everyone who voted for us you dont know how much we appreciate that shit!!!

I saw you on tour in Cottbus and I wonder about your guitarist Rowan. He can't be older than 12. Haha. Is WARPATH such a young band? Tell me something about band and members!
Rowan is 22 this year man haha, he is just a young looking guy i guess, but he can shred on guitar which is the main thing, we are a 5 piece band, Myself and our drummer Graham Dunne are cousins, we have been best friends from birth pretty much, Eoin Broughal is also a childhood friend it was us three that orginally started WARPATH and then we recruited our two present guitarist Eoin Dunne and Rowan O'Neill along the way. We love to party, Have fun and play heavy ass fuckin music!!

What about the bandname, where did you found it. SIX FEED UNDER is obvicious but that don..t fits to the music.

We didnt take the name Warpath from the Six Feet Under album, Our fried Luke from Dublin came up with it after hearing our music he said it sounded like we were on the WARPATH... We are on a warpath to dominate the global metal scene and we hope to suceed!! We want everyone to check out our shit and get in contact with us!! brutal fuckin shit all the way!

There are some bands with that name. Do you never have problems with the other bands? At the moment there is a hype with a british Thrash band with the same name. What will you do, if you got problems?
Haha yeah i know about this but its not like we are the first band to clash names, look at disgorge for example..... but like the thrash Warpath do their thing and we do our thing, they thrash, we're death... If we ever do have problems i guess we will have to deal with it then...

I..m sure your faves are bands like DYING FETUS or MALEVOLENT CREATION. What makes that kind of music so attractive? What would you say, if anyone say WARPATH stands in the shadow of that bands? How will you defend your identity?
Yeah we are HUGE Dying Fetus and Malevolent Creation fans, we are actually playing with both of them in October at the WAY OF DARKNESS FESTIVAL in Germany in october with Cannibal Corpse and Vader etc... we are very excited to be on the bill for this festival... But i guess we just love the way the music is so brutal and has yet has such a good groove and still sounds so aggressive, this is the way we like to sound...brutal, hardcore, fast and groovy!! If anyone says that we are in the shadow of those bands id have to agree with them i guess because Malevolent Creation and Dying Fetus have been around a hell of alot longer than us and are big influences to us, I m the oldest person in our band at the age of 22years old, we are still young and we are still in the early stages of our band and have accomplished more than we could of ever hoped and we are going to keep working hard and keep putting ourselves out there in the hope that some day maybe we can be associated in the same light as those bands...

Let..s talk about the LIVIDITY tour! What experiences have you bring back to your isle?
The Lividity tour was amazing, we got to travel all acorss europe playing shows every single night, the Lividity guys are such legends!! They are some of the coolest fuckers out there!!! They treated us with nothing but respect and curtousy. Due to the tour our live show is tighter than ever.. we have spread our name acorss europe for the first time and we made so many friends and fans that we didnt have before the tour so it was great.. We also just released a live split album with Lividity called "ALIVE AND SPLIT OPEN" its limited to 500 copies... We are so grateful to the Lividity lads for all their suport and help!

You had to change your co-headliner position short before.Why?

Ah that was a problem with the tour manager, I m not one hndred percent of the reason but i knew he had no choice, so we said FUCK IT and went ahead and dropped position, plus REQUIEM from switzerland Co-Headlined and they have become one of my favourite bands after that tour, the guys are fuckin amazing.. So heavy!! So i dont mind that we dropped position on the bill.

As I said before, I saw you in Cottbus. You got the best fan-reactions there. The audience was going crazy and a lot of people were there. Even LIVIDITY could not delight so many fans. Were you surprised? It is not always a advantage to be the headliner, right?
Yeah man, i must say and all the members of the band would agree with me that the show we did in Cottbus was our favourite show of the tour and definetely in the top 3 shows we've ever done...the crowd fuelled us and made it such and enjoyable show!! We loved every second of it! You fuckers are CRAZY hahaha. Yeah I d agree with you about headlining not always being an advantage because sometimes you hit the stage too late and people are tired and others are too drunk and others are gone home and stuff.. i think in Cottbus we got on stage at a perfect time.. and thanks to everyone in Cottbus for your support!!

Friends of me told me about other gigs (Torgau and one show in Bavaria), with only a few visitors. I think it must be sobering sometimes. I mean, you had to pay a bunch of bills to be on that tour. What had you thought, if WARPATH play in front of a hand-full of drunken freaks?

Man we have a rule that we go by when it comes to live shows... It doesnt matter if there is 5 people there or 10,000 people there,we always go out and give it 100% at all shows.
Of course it is always better to have a big crowd but at those shows with a small crowd you have got to remember that those people still paid to see a show and we will always give them that show!

I could imagine, that the 2 US bands Coffin Syrup and Beneath The Flesh were sometimes really frustrated to open the shows in a nearly empty house. Or were they so highly motivated that it doesnt matter?
The lads in Beneath The Flesh and Coffin Syrup were a bunch of legends, they got up on the stage everynight and gave it all they had, we would always be at the front of the stage to give them support aswell.. they never complained about opening or playing early at all because they were so highly motivated like you said. I think they were just really happy to be getting their name across to brand new fans! And they did a great job.

What about the Finnish band, the replacement for ABORTIFICATION. I don..t have understand whose name? And had they to shovel coals to pay the nightliner ( balck, dirty bodypainting)?
Abhordium was the name of that finnish band that replaced Abortification, they were a great werent they? I thought they were brilliant. Hahaha. I dont know if they were shoveling coal now, i think they just like to throw on the paint for a bit of an extra stage presence and stuff.. I thought it was funny..

How was the contact to the other bands. I..m sure you had a lot of fun. Any strange stories?
Ah all the bands were great and easy to get on with, we got on especially well with Lividity, Beneath The Flesh and Requiem, Id say they were the guys we were partying with the most, Everynight we had to show them how the IRISH drink hahaha, One night our drummer Graham got so drunk that he thought it would be a good idea to bring his phone and camera into the toilet of the tour bus with him, the bus was driving and the driver hit the brakes and graham dropped his phone and camera straight into the toilet that was filled with everyones piss hahaha so he put his hands in the toilet and fished them out, to everyones surprisal....THEY STILL WORK!!! hahahahaha

What about your album “Gorefare“ how is going with it so far?
We couldnt be happier with the release of Gorefare, it is our debut album which we relased through UNDERGROUND MOVEMENT and we have recieved nothing but good words about it, We are very proud of it, we have it on sale in America, all across Europe and even in Japan, we did not see this happening from our debut album so we are thrilled. We want to get our name out to the world and Gorefare has definetely been a great start for us. We have a music video for the title track "Gorefare" on you tube and myspace so please check it out!

Whats your opinion to it today. Would you write and record it ibn the same way again?
I'm just as proud of it as i always was if not more, and if i could write and record it again there would be 1 or 2 tiny changes i would like to make but that is it, nothing major at all... im very happy with this release as our debut album!

I like “Suffering due...”, for me it is a mixture of DYING FETUS (groove), MALEVOLENT CREATION (insane guitar-riffs) and DEATH ( some progressive elements). I..m sure you like it too, but what are your faves? What are the real live-burners?

Thanks man, Im glad you like it, always good to hear that shit,
Personally for me i'd say my favourite track off the album would have to be (has a quick think)..BRUTAL PARAYLSIS. I like its heaviness and its grooviness, and it is slightly melodic at the same time and it is one of my favourite tracks to sing live i love seeing the crowd go nuts during the breakdown aswell.. haha.

Tell me about UNDERGROUND MOVEMENT. Do you feel in good hands there? They deal with a lot of other metal styles, so can they give you full attention?
UNDERGROUND MOVEMENT is a D.I.Y Irish Disto/ record label and it is run by Ian Lawless. Ian helps bands get their foot in the door and get their name out there through great distribution and promotion.. he has been nothing but a great help for Warpath, He is a legend! Underground movement deals with Death metal, Grindcore, Crust, Hardcore, Punk, Black Metal they cover all sorts of metal styles and they do a great job at what they do. We were more than happy to release Gorefare through Underground Movement!

Someting new on the horizon?

Yes, we will be hitting the recording stuido pretty soon to start recording our second album which at the moment still remains untitled, Im sure we will announce it soon enough. We are really excited to be releasing another album and we think this one is a step up from Gorefare so keep a look out everyone, we are also playing at that festival WAY OF DARKNESS in Germany in October which is new to us because itll be our first festival away from Ireland! Also we got asked to do a certain well known festival while we were on tour so we hope we will be able to announce that later on in the year! So we will be keeping our fingers crossed for that one! I think that is all that is new on the Horizon at the minute. We are just concentrating on finshing the writing of the album and getting that shit out there!

Last spot is yours!

Thanks a million for having us do this interview, it was really enjoyable, i just want to say thanks to everyone for their support and keep spreading the word to everyone you know, get in touch with us and keep it fuckin brutal!! DRINK BEER!!!!!!!!
Darren, WARPATH(ire)

WARPATH- myspace

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