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This is an „cross over” interview with some remarkable one man Death Metal acts. It inludes some funny shit with Wang (GOREPOT-Taiwan), Matt (VOMIT ABORTION-US) and the unbeliveable, amazing, lunatic drumbeast Jordan Varela (with his new project SYMPHONY IN ACRIMONY). Have fun with it, enjoy it, take you hands off from your mothers pussy, what ever. I will do more of that soon, because I fucking love to read “nonsense” like that!

The 1. reason to play alone is, no one will play with you, because your music is crap!Deny or refute!

Matt: I don't know what refute means, my music is crap!!!!

Jordan: Lol, yeah, my music is a bit gay and can't get anyone to wear a fucking pink skirt on stage.I guess I'm fucked huh? ON A SERIOUS NOTE: Actually I solely made my choice to play my solo stuff by myself without any special guests, etc...Dan Swano was always one of my biggest influences(hell listen to Crimson part 1 & 2, fucking genius)so I always knew I wanted to do the same, just much faster and aggressive with a different concept.

The 2. reason, you are too disgusting and no one will go into the public with you! Deny or refute!

Matt: Haha, well plenty of people go out in public with me, but we all get a lot of dirty stares from people.

Jordan: Actually it is the total opposite.I am like the Brad Pitt of fucking metal bro...just plain and simple HOT!

The 3. probably the real one. Tell my readers why you had deceided to play alone!

Matt: Well, it's mainly because I have complete creative control. I always hated playing with other musicians who would try to boss me around and try to get me to play some trendy music. Nobody wanted to play what I wanted to play, so I do it all myself.

: As I mentioned on #1, I really just always enjoyed solo musicians.Look at Shawn Whitaker from Insidious Descrepancy, or the infamous Putrid Pile, how about Dan Swano, guy is a fucking genious.I just wanted to show the world that I have an imagination outside of any project I have done.When I did the guitars, bass, and drums on Shuriken Cadaveric Entwinement, I was like man, I can absolutely show my Black metal roots, add atmosphere do the vocals as well as some keys stuff..I wanted to try to show the metal scene that I am
being ambitious for them as well as myself! If you don't push yourself in metal, you will fucking suck, no one will remember you.I never want anyone to forget me, yet have my music impact people.

Wang: Well everyone is so busy and stoned that they don't have time or are too busy to do this. Plus I don't fight with myself.

Is your mother worried, because you play alone all your lifetime, you don..t have friends who want play with a freaky little loser.

Matt: Hahaha, she isn't too worried, considering I put her head in a blender and made a shake out of her brain!!! Nah, she dosen't care, but she makes fun of me a lot haha.

Jordan: Yeah, She used to beat me with a base ball bat even when I started to just day dream about a solo project, then she would put arsenic in my cereal. I guess that is why I am so fucking ugly today!

: My mom is not worried because I never told her, if she knows about this then I get a good spanking.

Probably you had a bad childhood, you had 9 elder sisters and you had to wear their old clothes? It must be hard!

Matt: It was actually 10 elder brothers, but most of them are transexuals. I'm going to be a transexual one day, so I don't mind wearing dresses once in a while haha.

Jordan: Yes, remember up top about the pink skirt...where the fuck do you think I got the idea from?

Wang: Yeah., they make me use stuff that's used, my brother had toothbrush, panties, and things that I have to use because they are too poor to throw them away.

You must be insane, when you do all your crap alone? I think you are unemployed, the day is long and boring, and you have too much time with beer , drugs and pornflicks! By the way, who is your favorite pornstar?

Matt: What can I say? I love beer... and whiskey. Hmm, that's a hard one (no pun intended) but probably Jenna Haze, I don't think I need much of an explanation for that one. (nope-Jörg)

Jordan: Fucking A bro, you have me figured out.You must hiding in my closet watching me take showers you weird bastard! lol., Pornstar, honestly the best ones are the no names, the amateur internet girls are the best, they are just so slutty, get paid very little for being a skank, and love to be blasted in the face like mace!

: Holy shit the biggest porn star for me is the gore covers of death metal bands!

Seriousely, where do you find the ideas for your songs? I think it..s easyer to write a song if more guys have separate ideas and put it together.

Matt: Well, I don't actually write songs, I just program blast beats really fast, then make noise with a guitar or bass, and puke some rancid sputum for vocals. As for song names, they kind of just come to me. I usually think of all the violent things I'd love to do to people, and make it into a song name. Or for the longer song names, I just open up a medical dictionary and throw prefixes and suffixes together haha.

: I honestly have a method, and it is just go with your fingers in essence, I mean I just sit down with my guitar and start jamming. I start to hear stuff I like, and I build. I have to make sure everything translates into a good song structure, so I have a very photographic memory, and I actually hum out the riffs in my head while I play on my drums(people are like how the fuck do you do that).I just have a knack for it, sometimes I might say “Hmmm, I need to reroute this riff over hear”, than I jam it all over. I then start to think about synth parts,where I should put some clean vox, overdubbing of death/scream growls in syncronation to build on the ambience of the brutality, it is absolutely so much fucking fun. Shit, you think my stuff is hard, fuck, listen to Dan Swano's stuff, dude that guy has more keyboard shit than Bach, lol.

Wang: Yeah it;s true that there will be a better dynamic if there are more people involved, but it's easy to fall apart as well. I go out and look at people, and whatever I wanna say that's bad to them, its the song title.

Did you never searched for musicans?

Matt: I have searched for other musicians, but I can't really find anyone else who wants to play what I want to play. I've met a lot of assholes along the way who don't get what it's about, and fuck up my plans.

Jordan: No sir, I take total pride in me doing everything.

Wang: Yes, a lot, even now.

Do you play your set live, if yes, how do you do it?, if not, why not?

Matt: I do play live. I play a burned CD of the drum tracks and then play guitar and do the vocals. I try to be amusing to watch, but there's only so much you can do when you're the only person on stage.

Jordan: I would love to play my drums over the recording playing through the P.A. but unfortunatly this might start to bore an audience after 15 minutes(since my songs are 30+ minutes long)

Wang: Not yet, I want to play live alone, it takes balls, I dont have balls yet...oops no I am in another band so that took a bunch of time.

What is the biggest, or hardest part in writing/recording music? I think, timing is very important!

Matt: Haha, I couldn't care any less about timing, or music for that matter. The hardest part is probably programming drums. I get so bored sitting on a computer programming drums, then the drum tracks end up becoming very boring and unoriginal, so it's a pain in the ass!!!

: I think the hardest part is speed picking to my drums, it can be very intense at times, my speed picking must match up to my bassdrums There is no half time shit....fuck that, also singing clean parts, this can be a trying task when you are not a trained singer and you are trying to not sound like a total queerbait. You want your audience to say, "ok, not too bad..I dig that".

Wang: The biggest part is mixing I think. Mixing and mastering, yes song writing but that's easily fixed because you listen to them so many times and you can rewrite them easily. Mixing and mastring is something that you need a lot of experiences with.

I think you work with a drummer from Japan, LOL. Don..t you miss a real sounding drumming?

Matt: Well, for Vomit Abortion, I prefer the drum machine because I can program obnoxiously fast blast beats haha. Sometimes I do record with live drums though, I'm just usually too lazy to set up the microphones haha. But in my more "musical" exploits I prefer the sound of a real drummer.

Jordan: Bro, my entire kit is acoustic.I only trigger my bassdrums, nothing else(I use a very good kit of Drum Acoustic drums, Dominion series)only Zildjian Cymbals and Evans drum heads, DB drum shoes(best drum shoes ever!). The only album I played an electronic kit was DOMINATION THROUGH IMPURITY´s first album. The new album coming is the same kit I used for SYMPHONY IN ACRIMONY In solo project, just triggered the bass drums.
(that was a blasphemous question for you, I know...Jörg)

Wang: Yes, I am sure that can be done with better programming, I am getting there hhahahha!!

How long will you stay alone with your shit? Don..t you have problems to kick yourself and going forward? Do you afraid to stagnate?

Matt: With Vomit Abortion, I will never let anyone join officially to play with me, but I do let people do some studio work with me just to mess around. I get into the occasional rut where I'm too lazy to record or write anything. Lately I've been very uninspired and haven't recorded too much.

Jordan: I plan on doing it for a while. I have to me in a mind set to do my albums. If I am not in the right mood, I won't write nor practice.

Wang: No I get horny with my stuff so I push myself.

Do you understand it as an advantage to stay alone with all problems, sucess or what ever?

Matt: Well, I want to play alone because I have creative control over the music. To be completely honest, I never thought this project was ever going to leave my basement, but apparently there are some people out there that like it, so I'm pretty excited about that.

Jordan: I answer to myself only, so I can only be my only failure if choose to be a failure, which will never ever fucking happen. I am too tenacious and driven to be one of the best, just ask any band mates, they will tell you I am a fucking work horse, always have been, and it wont change.

: It is in a way, it is also hard in a way. Like I said you don't fight with yourself, but it sucks because you are dry of ideas easily. but there are always problems you have to face in dealing with people. Just different things.

What is the ultimate real live Horror for you? And don`t tell me, the answer is ?this

Matt: Hahaha, this interview is pretty horrifying!!! To be completely honest with you, I have an overwhelming phobia for spiders and milk. I think they are both absolutely disgusting, and if I come into contact with them, I scream like a little girl!!!! Hahahaha.

Jordan: Honestly, ever putting out music that people absolutely just fucking hated, you can't make everyone happy, but I never want to put out mediocre stuff!

Wang: Live horror..I think it's when nothing goes right, there are always times when nothing goes right and everything falls apart. I am afraid of that. Also this interview. HAHHA

Are you an modern medieval bard ? Do you want to impress your princess? What says your girlfriend to your way wasting time? But you probably don´t have a girlfriend!

Matt: Haha, she respects it as music, but she doesn't particularly like it. She's into more mellow experimental stuff. But when we're alone together, she loves the sound of me puking all over myself.

Jordan: You tell me since you are my girlfriend, you weird bastard, LOL, seriously, she is very supportive of my music and knows it is a huge part of my life.

Wang: I have a GF she actually understands why I am doing this. She's been through it. I might make her do her own band!

Make your decision and explain it!

Gore or Porn?

Matt: Gah!!! This is a difficult one. I would say neither, but for the sake of the question, I'd have to say gore. It gives me this awesome light headed feeling, and I laugh uncontrollably.

Jordan: Porn, so much fun seeing a chick take it hard and getting a big fat load blown on her head.

Wang: Gore

Paris Hilton or Jenna Jameson?

Matt: Jenna Jameson: She has bigger boobies.

Jordan: Jenna Jameson, they both don't really appeal as much as other brunettes, but Jenna has some serious experience and could milk your cock in under 30 seconds probably.

Wang: Jenna

Jason or Michael

Matt: Neither: Angela Baker from Sleepaway Camp, because she's one bad ass hermaphrodite.

Jordan: Michael is a fucking beast, he would destroy Jason, Michael is a personified experience of pure horror and fear.

: Michael

Brain Dead or Lord Of The Rings

Matt: Is this a serious question? Braindead of course!!!! GORE GORE GORE!!!!

Jordan: Lord of the Rings has a much cooler vibe and story line.

Wang: Brain Dead

Your homemade noise or true metal music?

Matt: Haha, homemade noise!!!!!!!! I'm not really into that much metal, at least these days. I like older metal when it was fucking brutal and raw!!! There are too many trendy bands around that are carbon copies of the next band. Fuck technicality, I want brutality!!!!!

Jordan: My homemade noise, I love my music!

Wang: homemade noise

That´s enough, last nonsense is yours!

Matt: Thanks a lot for interviewing me, I hope you have as much fun reading it as I did answering your questions! Grind for passion and not for fashion!!!!! A big fuck off ripoffs and flakes, you're destroying the underground!!!!!

Jordan: Jorg, thanks so much for the was interesting you weird Honestly, everyone please check out my myspace also and drop me a line, thanks again, JV '09

Wang: Thanks bro for this opportunity to do this interview!! This is perverted and awesome at the same time. I hope I can provide some contributions to the death metal scene, one man or no one man we will see, but I wil make people jump into this death metal pool of death!!!!!

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