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Long time without a real proof of life from SKINLESS. So it´s time for an update.
Noah Carpenter about things that are gone and his way beside SKINLESS.

Hi Noah, how are you man. Have read Saratogas crime rate is far below the US average. Sounds not very inspiring for a Death Metal band, haha.

Well it keeps me alive long enough to write some metal tunes.

Whats new in SKINLESS, How's going forward with a new album?

Skinless hasn't had much going on in 2009, we've had some drummer difficulties as always and the overall enthusiasm level in the band has dwindled a bit. Everyone seems to be bust with other projects right now. I don't really know what will happen but SKINLESS doesn't have anything planned. We did play HELLFEST in France over the summer which was kick ass.

SKINLESS operate seemingly a little calmer currently. Are you more relaxed now, maybe lack of time or what?

It seems like every time we go one step forward it's 2 backwards with line-up changes etc.....,I guess i took the time off from SKINLESS to concentrate on my other band AMOR COLUMN.

The band has a impressive musically development passed. Was it clear from the beginning that you will “macerate” the borders of Brutal Death Metal or was it just a natural progress?

Haha, nothing was clear from the beginning, it's a one-step-at-a-time thing. It's definitely a natural progression. The initial goal of the band was to be brutal death metal, and to try to be the heaviest band around.

Some years ago Sherwood left the band. I suppose it was hard to let go that charismatic entertainer, is n..t it?

I spent a decade in Skinless with Sherwood, we build Skinless together. But at the time he left he wasn't totally into it anymore and wanted to take a different path in his life, and I totally understood that. We didn't have to look far for a killer vocalist.

Have you ever disbelieved that he can be replaced?

I had confidence that Jason could step up and take the mic and kick ass, and he did. We knew his abilities from his time in DETRIMENT and he's the brother of our bassist Joe.

What about the feeling to conquer the world then? You had fun in Japan (cool DVD) and played some great shows in Germoney. I will never forget you show at FUCK THE COMMERCE as the band begins to play and Sherwood waits on the bar for beer. Any remakable memories on that time?

My biggest memory of that show (Fuck The Commerce) was breaking a string towards the end of our show and not having a backup guitar. We ended up borrowing a guitar from DESTROYER 666 and they were tuned to standard E, and we tune down to B. So we played the rest of our set in E and it sounded pretty stupid, haha.

Is Joe still into wrestling? Or are his intervertebral discs crying “Hello you nutcase, it..s enough!”?

Yeah he's still into it, but i think he's more fucked up from skateboarding than wrestling.

About your “From Sacrifice...” album. That time I felt it overproduced and musically sometimes bold. Nowdays I like it more (I don..t know why). Whats your view on that album today?

I consider it our "Experimental" album. A lot of factors came into play that caused a different sound on that one. We didn't really intentionally plan it that way but that's how it turned out. I don't feel like that album best represents what Skinless is all about.

Who had the idea to “Regression...” album? Is it a RELAPSE thing? Or was the demand so big?

We wanted to put out our old demos in cd format because they were previously only available on cassette and extremely limited. So we decided to use them as bonus material on the "Progression Towards Evil" cd re-release, now titled "Regression Towards Evil".

How important is entertaining at your live-shows? SKINLES are famous for amusing and agile stageacting. Is that something that comes spontaneous?

I'd say most of it is spontaneous and sometimes depends on the layout of the club, but sometimes we plan a few things out beforehand. The whole point is that we're not one of those death metal band that tries to be more blasphemous than thou. We just have fun with it. We're not about politics, or Satan etc...just about having fun playing metal and drinking beer.

Would you say, SKINLESS is a stable band? At least you had some line up changes in the past.

Skinless made the most impact between 1998-2001 when the line-up didn't change, but since then it's been a struggle....mostly with drummers.

How much SKINLESS from the early days is left, if you think about feeling, enthusiasm, attitude and things like that?

I still have tons of enthusiasm for metal but not as much specifically for death metal that i had over the years. It's hard to match the enthusiasm i had 17 years ago, that's for sure.

If you look back, would you say the career of SKINLESS is successful? Have you ever regretted anything?

I have no regrets, it's amazing when i sit back and really think about it. It all started as an idea back in high school. We started jamming in my friends basement when we were 17 and now i'm 35 and still doing it. I started playing with a few friends and ended up playing all over the world, had a record deal, endorsements yeah, i see it all as a success

You sent me a “Progression...” shirt almost 10 years ago with some chinese, japanese ot whatever ideographs on it. And untill now I have no idead what it means. So please clarify me finally!

I think it means Skinless in Japanese, or maybe "Progression Towards Evil", it's been a long time and i don't even have that shirt.

You play also in ARMOR COLUMN. Tell me something about!

Yeah, it's a thrash/powermetal band i started a few years ago. It's mostly for fun but we are getting more serious about things this year.

The music follows an completely different musically way. Is that someting you wanted to do all long?

Yeah, but it was hard to find other guys to complete the band. The style requires a killer vocalist(that can sing) and a shredding lead guitarist. Finally i was able to piece it all together.

Ok, thats enough I think. Last spot is yours!

Thanks for the interview man.

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