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I have talked with Jaymes and Chris from INTRACRANIAL BUTCHERY, 2 kids with a thing for brutal music, pomposity, liability to nonsense and unchecked juvenile boast. Check them out, but if you like serious music – SCAT....just kidding!

Hi Jaymes d Chris, put your stachel in the corner, it is time for some serious work. I hope it is all fine Missouri and you don..t have too much homework!

CD: I live in Missouri but I'll be moving out to Denver Colorado with Jaymes in November.

Tell me something about your so called band! Who came up with that lunatic idead you are abel playing real music?

JoJ: Well, Chris writes most of the music and I just look cool by acting like Im in a band because I can make gurgling sounds with my voice.

CD: Sometimes i pretend to know how to make music and go flap a lap lap SLAM duh duh duh on my gee tard.

Bandname is stolen from CEPHALOTRIPSY! Lack of inspiration or what? Are you have not a bad conscience?

CD: Pretty much the summer before I started the band, all I listened to was Cephalotripsys first 'Uterovaginal Insertion of Extripated Anamolies' and Devourments 'Butcher the Weak'. I was super into Cephalotripsy and just thought it was the most brutal stuff I have heard from Death Metal in awhile. Just straight foreward no bullcrap brutality. So I just named my band off of one of their songs BUT I did ask the band permission before I did it and they gave their consent. the time I didnt think it would be anything more then the millions of other music projects and bands I have been in that didn't really do much and ended after a few months.

JoJ: Yeah it definately wasnt stolen...but honestly our name is like that just from laziness. We never thought this project would get as far as it has and it this point we could care less about changing a name.

To give my readers a general idea about INTRACARANIAL BUTCHERY, where do you rob your music besides CEPHALOTRIPSY? And is your noise worthy to get attention?

I dont really think we sound anything like Cephalotripsy now a days, but if we do thats awesome, cause they kick ass! Ide say mostly its Terry Jacks, 2 Pac Shakur and The B-52's...with some Patsey Cline thrown in there.

My one and only influence is Robert Smith from The Cure...our song "heaps of rotting flesh" is just “boys dont cry” played backwards at a different tempo.

Have you ever looked for a real drummer? The machine sounds gruesome contrived!

:After trying to get a bunch of bands off the ground and search for drummers I figured I should just take things into my own hands instead of having to relay on someone else and broke out my old drum machine.

A drum machine makes things so much drum setup at a show so getting extremely wasted is possible, and having one less human to deal with is nice.

If I..m right, you are the studio singer only. For shows you use another dummy. You are in a blue funk or what?

JoJ: We have been doing this project over the internet for awhile, I actually flew out for a couple shows with ANAL BLAST earlier this year...Chris is also moving to Colorado this month so I will be the full time vocalist then.

Are you satisfied with your petty lyrics, or don..t you have anything to say? Or is sex and gore and nonsense the “message”?

JoJ: Honestly my only message is to watch Degrassi:the next generation....its great

Who actually allowed you rugrats to make music in the cellar. I..m sure you have to chare the room with your mommys S&M studio!

Its a rough schedule, wouldnt want to interfere with mommys nappy time.

What about your split with PLEROSIS. Hope people swipe it diligently from the www!

Yeah PLEROSIS, awesome one man gurgle grind!

I sure fucking hope people download our shit...fill their harddrives with stupid shit.

How is it going forward with your first album? Maybe you gave up, because you have realized nobody wants your crap?

JoJ: Our only hope is to finally get recognized by Insane Clown Posse and get signed to Psycopathic Records...only dumb juggalos could like this hahaha.

You were on tour anytime last summer. Tell me something about it, hope you could draw the local idiots from the woodwork at least! I..m sure you have sacrificed your whole school vacations for it!

CD: Going on tour with Cemetery Rapist and EFRO was so much fun! Cant wait to do it again sometime! Yeah it take a little of saving up, I had to break my piggy bank in order to go!

Is it not silly to to stay on stage with only a half band? Who shall take you seriously?

CD: I can only imagine what people think who have never listened to Mortician or any other two man death metal band and then to see it live. I dont know I think it would be a trip.

JoJ: If people dont like it they are probably normal people, and should just go listen to Job For A Cowboy .

Is there anything that connects you with classic Death Meatl..Or is it not your cup of tea?

CD: I love classic Death Metal....if what you mean is more old school stuff like Carcass, Pathologist, Eternal Suffering, Cannibal Corpse....I love Morbid Angel, prolly one of my favorite death metal bands.

JoJ: I fucking love Skinless, Suffocation, Mortician, Morbid Angel and a lot others...when it comes to older shit im much more of a gore and grind kind of guy though.

What about that fucking x-box crap on your myspace profiles? Or does it mean you have learned your instruments with “Guitar Hero”?

I like to drink by myself a lot and xbox live gives me the illusion of actual friends.

Yeah what he said .

What will you do, when you come of age?

Procreate with a nice girl!

JoJ: Join Suicide Silence

Enough for today, I m sick of you fuckers1 Last nonsense shall be yours!


CD: Yeah what he said

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Beforehand of the following interview I have to say this is a smalltalk with Slovakian brutal death Metal band ETERNAL BLEEDING – not that likepoles german nazi stupids- fuck them! So enjoy what Lukas (guit/vox)has to say about the Rock´n Roll business!
That band is worthy to get your attention!

Ahoj comrades, hope it..s all fine in Slovakia. All groovy with your gypsys, prostitutes and stolen car dealers?

Whats up man? Yes, everything is fine here, but I guess you mislead Slovakia and some wild east, haha! Of course, each of us pimps several bitches and has Bentleys from coca biz, use to shoot people on streets because they owe us money, but except this we are normal people, haha!

Hows is going in ETERNAL BLEEDING. Any important news? Give me an update

Most important news is we were signed by japan death metal label AMPUTATED VEIN Records. We all are proud of this contract and looking forward for great cooperation. Also we had a personal change in our line-up. Our past bassplayer left the band and new member shown up. Its Dan from CRANIOTOMY. We knew each other for years and he deicided to join our band as regular member. Its quite wicked because we travel around 150km for rehearsal, but hes really skilled so everything work out smoothly.

Tell me something about the band, members and all that boring shit!

Here we go, we ETERNAL BLEEDING is brutal death metal band from Slovakia, which was found during autumn 2002. In Summer 2003 our second guitarist deicided to left, so we were force to go on in line-up with three member till present. During spring 2004 we recorded first demo and we were signed by czech label GRODHAISN prods. In february 2005 we recorded our first oficial studio stuff which was released in summer 2006 as split w/EMETH. During our existence on UG scene we played many shows & festivals in Europe with bands like Suffocation(Usa), Dying Fetus(Usa), Gorgasm(Usa), Immolation(Usa), Waco Jesus(Usa), Mucopus(Usa), Catether(Usa), G.U.T(Ger), Defeated Sanity(Ger), Sinister(Hol), Decapitated(Pol), Dead Infection(Pol), Ingrowing(Cze), Godless Truth(Cze), Isacaarum(Cze) and so on. We played at festivals like Obscene Extreme Festival (Cze), Mountains Of Death VII.(Swi), Fuck The Commerce(Ger) or Sziget Fest´07(Hun).Also we were on "Tour´ture Codex Minitour 2006" w/Sickbag(Fra) & Deformed(Pol) and "Collapsing The Europe Tour 2007" with brothers from Goryptic(Fra). As I said we are three members: me /guitars & vocals, Bazo / drums & vocals and our new member Dan / bass.

What happend in the last 3 years after your split album with EMETH?

Many live shows, festivals and tour happened, but honestly at the end we slept a bit, it went worse because of old lineup. I was finishing my studies on University, started my own biz and hadnt no time for anything. For little while we were without label too and were looking for new members. Some fuckers ripped us off, you know – promises, promises, promises. Some guys were cool, but no able to play with us. But at the end we finally discovered a man who fits perfectly as a friend, party-mate and also musician, haha! Anyway we are alive and with full-force looking forward for new gigs, fests and new realease.

What was your inspiration to have your own band. Hell, there are a million crapy musicans out there. What..s the difference between ETERNAL BLEEDING and all that garbage?

Hmm, I really dont know.. Guys from Sepultura? Haha! I guess it was Sepultura I was listen to when I started to dream about my own band. But your second part of your question is really hard. Its fact that today its most difficult to come up with something original. We just play music we like and dont care about other things. I really dont know if we sound as 1000 other bands or have some unique part to be easy for recognize.

There are so many bands in the UG, sometimes I think there are more than there are fans. Can you guarantee that ETERNAL BLEEDING will still be playing together in 5 or 10 years? What's your opinion on all the new bands coming out nowadays?

Unfortunately I agree with you. Sometimes I can see how scene goes worse especialy with gig audience support and many times we joked about this that at the end only band members will come to support shows. But its hard, scene is overloaded with tons of bands, I accept it. We play for 6 years now and I belive we will be here in next 5 years. To have a serious attitude to the band is something like to be married, haha! If you know what I mean. And last part of your question – if you ask about tons of new brutal death metal stuff I have to say I dont focus on this stuff. Sometimes I find really great new BDM bands, but Im more into mathcore these days. Its insane how many young guys plays like gods and crush everything in profi way. Absolutely amazing! From this point of view Im glad many news stuff is comming up more and more.

E.B. play as an 3-piece. Is that enough to bring killing action and pressure on the stage? Never thought about increaseing the band with a 2. guitar?

Yes we play in three-member lineup. Its quite hard to play a good show, you know. You have to focus on your play, on vocals, breathing and have almost no time to get out of microphone stand. I would be more happy with some brutal singer and second guitar, but here are no faggets who would like our could play with us. As I said we tried many many many people, but noone was so reliable, skilled or has enough free time to take a part in EB, unfortunately.

Any memories about your split- album ? Is it still available? The drums are amazing! Who had deceided for EMETH as partner?

Period of our split was really great time full of enthuziasm and so. I think some copies are still available at GRODHAISN Prods. E-shop. We sold out everything weve got. I made deal with Matty /EMETH. It was really nice, because it was time when I made few inties for some zines here and did one with Matty. After this, we were in contact and I asked him for some suggestion for split, because american DROGHEDA canceled deal for this split and we had to find some other band. And Matty asked me „and what about Emeth“. I was really surprised, because EMETH is great band. They were before recording of their “Reticulated“ CD and wanted to use this split as little teaser, but unfortunately some delay appeared and .. anyway I think this split helped us out to spred our name in scene a bit.

You had a demo before. Tell me about! Don..t you think that..s helped you to promote your new band? Are you guys working on a new full-length? How is coming along? Will it link to the last release?

Demo was recorded on our rehearsal room. It contained almost same tracklist as our stuff on split CD. We didnt distribute it and used it as pre-production for our studio record. I think I have one crapy copy somewhere at home, haha! Yes, we work on new stuff. I think it will be a bit diffrent. You know time passed, we started to listen to wide spectrum of music and also has new member who influences our writing process too. I think it will be still brutal death metal but more with various elements. We want to write more simple stuff to make it more understandable for fans, but also still full of brutality. Also we included some core parts and breakdowns. We just play what we like so I really cant tell you how all stuff will be like at the end, haha!

Who is responsible for the songwriting? How is it possible to put so many brutality in the songs without letting it sound patched together?

Everything its up to me as always, haha! But we work together of course, but all basic structures and riffs are made by me. Its really hard to keep dynamics and brutality in songs. As I said we are experimenting with more various elements like metalcore passages and groovy mid-tempo now, so we will see. Anyway we want to make new stuff more easy for listening. We tried to do this with clean sound on last record. This way we will follow, but would like to make new stuff clean also, but less complicated and chopped regarding structures. But be sure it will be still EB!

What about GRODHAISN. Are you satisfied with their work that time? Will it be your label in future too? What about AMPUTATED VEIN Records?

We quit cooperation with GRODHAISN Prods. It was good point to start from, but nothing more unfortunately. Its one-man-label, so.. But I have to say eveytime we needed help and it was possible Pigi /GP boss helped us out. Anyway we are happy and fucking proud that after half year of being without label AMPUTATED VEIN Records hunted us down, haha! We delay official annoucement beacuse we are still waiting for new logo, pics and other promo stuff to start new episode of EB! AVR is great label who released & releases many my favorite bands and we are proud to be in one roster with bands like CEPHALOTRIPSY. Great!

Do you like it to play with the stereotypes (lyrics) of brutal metal or are you real Gorelunatics? Or what are your songs about? Does brutal music need songs about rape, dismemberment etc? . How serious do you take them? Why are jokes with sex and violence in the focus of many bands? Don..t get me wrong, I like it and I..m old enough to see humor if I find him.

No no no, definitely Im not gurelunatics. I know our lyrics are quite gore, but every song has own meaning, you know. It was 4 years back I wrote it and I was also influenced by band & lyrics like Cannibal Corpse and so. We wanted to be brutal as fuck, but day by day we realized we dont want to be only megahyperultra brutal noise, you know. I definitely think gore and violent lyrics are such neccesary. It could be cool BDM album with lyrics about flowers if it would have meaning and connection to album concept. Nowday I like more lyrics „about something“ like ION DISSONANCE or sci-fi concept of WORMED, you know. As I said our lyrics on split could seems gory and stupid too, but its 4 years back.. so what?! Now its funny for me to see on every fucking artwork mutilated genitals and zombiebirths or rapes of childs. Fuck that, haha! You know, in next year I will have a baby maybe and I dont want to sing how I put my cock in mouth of some child or mutilate womens genitals. Why?! I like women genitals muchly. Hahaha!

Your album is available for free on the net like thousands of other releases. Does it bother you too see that? Promotion or rip-off?

Really?!? As long as I know it wasnt upload anywhere for long time. It dosnt bother me as long as fans support us and buy original CD. Honestly Im not fucking saint man, I download music too, so what?! Band should play for people not for Money, and if its good enough I still can buy original CD. I wont waste my money for every crap with brutal cover artwork, you know. Haha! So people, feel free to download our stuff! But keep in mind, buying CDs of your favorites support your favorite band!

You played some shows in Germany in October, tell me about!. Is that self organized ot are you getting some help. How does E.B.. preparing for that? What are your experiences with Germoney so far?

Yes we played in Hamburg with our bros CRANIOTOMY this october. We were supposed to play in Aalen too, but owner of venue fucked it all up and cancel this show 1 days before. All our gigs are self-managed or invitations. But few months ago we made deal with austrian booking agency CATAPULT PROMOTIONS (check out its young but really promising agency. They have in their roster bands like LIVIDITY, INHUME, BENIGHTED, CLITEATER and many more. How we prepare for shows? As every band, we practice, haha! We have a good experience with Germoney, haha! But honestly bands were less chevalier and fans colder sometimes, but it doesnt mater we have to play in Germany more and more as in all other counties to spread disease , haha! So if you like our shit feel free to contact us! Sometimes we didnt get any feedback from german promoters, I hope it wasnt because of some same-called naziheads there, haha!

Slovakia seems to be a good place for brutal bands, actually you have a lot
there. Whats about bands and fans? How is your collaborations to the fellows in Chzech Republic?

You are right, slovakian scene is really good place for brutal bands. Check out bands like CRANIOTOMY, DIFTERY, MORTALLY INFECTED, ATTACK OF RAGE and so on. The same in Czech Republic, but there is better place for grind core bands. Collaboration with CZ guys is great, you know they are something like our brothers . We were one country 16 years backward and our languages are really similar. CZ/SK scene is pretty close I think even we are two independent countries now.

Make your decision and explain it

- Gore, Porn or politic?

No doubt, porn!!! Do you need some explanation?!

- Paris Hilton or Olinka Orphea?

WTF is Olinka?!? Paris Hilton is stupid bitch, somebody smash her in face to wake her up to reality, haha!

- Jason V., Michael M. or Ivan G.?

Ivan G. is fucking communist, fuck him off! And WTF is Michael M. and Jason V.?!? Haha!

- Brain Dead or Lord of the Rings?

Both of them! BrainDead is funny classic and LoTR is masterpiece (book) and great movie (movie industry & graphic design).

Oh I forgot to mention my biz: Dont be scared, it will take a second, haha! I work as graphic designer and even my IDS profile isnt finished yet, check out my last MySpace projects: , , and get in touch if you want to get some. I also do all print & web designs. As I said, second.

Ok, enough. Say hello to the occupants of world wide metal asylum!

Ok bro, we are at the end. Let me say – thanx a lot for your support and space to perform EB here. Also I would like to greet all visitor who passed here too, I hope you wasnt such bored, haha! Ok, dont forget to visit our myspace: and spread word about EB if you like our stuff.

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INFECTED BRAIN are one of Germanys most interesting Death Metal bands. There music maintains everything from slow groovy parts to high speed blast beats. The blast and up-tempo parts make up most of the tunes, but they always try to keep it interesting and most important: mosh-able.
Blood-Soaked Retrobution” is their last release. What makes this EP special is the fact that it can be downloaded completely free of charge. The download includes a multicoloured cover plus inlay card so that everybody can print out the artwork and manufacture their own CD at home.

Hi Hannes, how are you? Be honest: isn’t it a bit complicated to drive from Halle to Borne on a regular basis just to rehearse 3 chords? Or isn’t that necessary for you anymore?

: Hi Jupp! Hope you’re doing fine. What do you mean by “3 chords”? We play highly complex, technical music. HaHaHa! No, the driving is no problem. I just need the rehearsals with the band, and enjoy really turning up the amp now and then. Playing alone at home just isn’t the same. Apart from that it’s always nice to spend an evening with the other guys, because we’re not just a band but good friends. The rehearsals are also a kind of time out from work and the rest of “normal life”. That’s why I don’t mind the driving. And even total professionals like us (lol) need to rehearse now and then.

Tell me about living and dying with INFECTED BRAIN! Does Death Metal still rule, or are you getting sick of hanging around with a bunch of alcoholics in a dingy basement pretending to make music?

Hannes: Definitely YES! Metal has been a part of my life for almost 20 years now, same with the others. I don’t think that’s going to change in the foreseeable future, or ever. Sure, my attitude has changed a bit. I don’t have to buy every new CD or t-shirt anymore, and my haircut and the clothes might have changed, but not my approach to music.Luckily we don’t have alcohol or drug problems in the band (or do we???), and we don’t have to play in a basement anymore. We have nice red (!!!) carpets in our rehearsal room, a bar, 2 couches, a clothes rack, heating and even a ventilation system. That’s just the little touches of luxury you’re grateful for when you’ve reached a certain age. HeHe.

What are you up to at the moment, I mean apart from giving porn to school kids?

: What do you mean? We don’t do anything else anyway… Actually, we’ve just released our “Blood-Soaked Retrobution” EP. It can be downloaded along with the artwork and some info material. But we’ll come to that in the next question, I think. Right now we’re trying to write new material and we hope to release another album in 2011. Sounds a bit far off, but 2009 is almost over, and if we finish the song writing in the middle of 2010, we still have to record the stuff. Apart from our jobs, families etc. we only have a few hours per week for doing all that, so 2011 seems to be realistic. There’s also a label that would interested in releasing the next CD, so we’ll see how things go.

Let’s talk about the new EP. Was it really necessary to record it, because there’s almost nothing new on it? And as to the individual tracks, why did you choose exactly the ones you did and what made them worth being re-recorded?

Hannes: Well, the EP is absolutely free, so what more do you want?
We had several reasons for making the EP. First of all we wanted to present a new song as a preview for the next album. It’s also intended as life sign so to speak, because it’s been more than a year already since our last release.
Most of us play or have played in other bands apart from INFECTED BRAIN, and we just wanted to give a little overview of those activities.
Then there’s “Leichenschmaus”, the first INFECTED BRAIN song ever written and previously unreleased. We still play that song live, and we finally wanted to see it released in one way or other. The EP also shows our musical development, because more than 10 years passed between writing “Leichenschmaus” and “Blood-Soaked Retribution”.
And of course the EP is an advertisement for ourselves. You just have to get noticed now and then, especially in the underground, so people don’t forget about you.

The polka edition of “I Will Kill You” – ROFL! What kind of pills did you pop when you had that idea?

Hannes: You better ask our drummer Carsten about that, I think that was his idea.
Carsten: Well, when we originally recorded the song for the „Infected Brain“ album in 2006, there was some background noise on some of the guitar takes. I had to go through all the takes and manually cut out the noise. I had to listen to the guitar tracks of “I Will Kill You” for about a thousand times, and at some point this ridiculous drum beat just popped into my head. I made a demo version with the new drums, and the others just pissed their pants when they heard it. We thought it would be a shame to keep this nonsense to ourselves, so we re-recorded it and put it on the EP. We just love bands like ROMPEPROP, JIG-AI or PUNGENT STENCH who do songs of that kind sometimes, so that’s a little tribute in that direction.

Looking back, was it clever to release the EP as a free download only? Or was that kind of fighting fire with fire, because it’s only a matter of time before someone rips the EP and uploads it?

Hannes: I think we did the right thing. For us as an underground band, it would have been next to impossible to sell the EP to anyone. People just don’t buy that many CD’s anymore, no matter how cheap you make them. The market is just too overcrowded. And of course you can download anything illegally a few days after it was released. That doesn’t make things easier, especially for underground bands. And there’s one thing I just don’t understand: Less than a week after the release, the EP was available on 20 or more illegal download sites. It was FREE in the first place! Well, we’ve decided to take that as a compliment. But then there are sites who actually charge money for downloading our free EP. That’s where I draw the line. Anyway, in terms of advertising, the EP was a full success. Just enter the EP title in a search engine and see how many hits you get.

What do you think about “internet piracy”? Who does it hurt more, the small underground bands or the big labels? Maybe the web will soon replace CD’s entirely, like CD’s replaced vinyl.

Hannes: Well, I think it hurts everyone. But most of all the bands, underground or professional. Simply put, it’s just not fair. People should once in a while try to see our side of the deal: we put a lot of effort, creativity and money (for equipment etc.) into our music and then get nothing back for our hard work. Nobody would like to be treated like that. We pay for the recordings, the equipment, having the CD’s manufactured, the artwork, advertising and so on. So we depend on making some of that money back by selling CD’s. And those idiots who just have to upload anything and everything make it so much harder for us. I’m really curious how the situation will develop. I personally don’t download any music. I use MySpace and other platforms like that to check out new albums, and if I like something, I buy the CD. I don’t listen to music on my computer anyway, I still have my good old CD player, and I just love to hold the actual album in my hands, with the artwork and everything. I don’t use vinyl anymore, it’s just no longer practical. But of course the albums look great, I still have some very limited editions from back in the days…

Back to the EP. Who designed the cover? It’s got the character of a slasher flick, really cool. Hey, Jason or Michael, who’s got the bigger balls?

Hannes: The cover was designed by Patrick Barcz of Catch Him Design. He made the DVD covers for the German editions of Hellraiser III, Mortal Combat, Shark, Helloween H20 and many more. So, you were right, the cover was meant to look like a movie poster, and he was just the man for the job. We all like the cover very much! There had been some criticism concerning the artworks of our other releases, so we decided to have a professional do the artwork and booklet for our next releases.

The press seems to love you, according to the reviews you get. Do you at least benefit from that or are those only words that don’t reach the audience?

Hannes: Well, to be honest, good reviews are nice, but for us nothing much ever came of them. Now and then we get some feedback (at gigs or via MySpace), but that’s really the exception. Same with the EP. It’s been downloaded hundreds of times from our website (and probably much more often from other sites), but so far we have received almost no feedback at all. That’s not very satisfying to say the least. We’d really like to get some reactions, no matter if positive or negative. But, well, do I give feedback for other bands? Not really, only with bands I know personally…

Today it’s kind of hard to be noticed. Are there too many similar bands blocking the scene? Do we need another wave of band break-ups like in the nineties?

Hannes: The scene is definitely overcrowded and it’s impossible to keep track of all the bands. Some people might call me arrogant, but I blame people who can play about three chords and think they have to release their stuff. There are so many crappy, godawful bands, it’s just annoying. That’s why no one goes to small clubs and concerts anymore, because nobody wants to listen to the crap some people fabricate. I’m not saying we’re a great fabulous band and better than the rest. But it’s like American Idol in a way. Some people just can not sing, but they do it anyway, annoying everybody and making fools of themselves. It’s the same in the metal scene, and the good bands that definitely exist, just drown in that flood.

You don’t seem to play many live shows. Don’t you have enough time for that? Could you manage being on the road more often anyway?

We don’t play many live shows, but that’s not because we don’t have the time, but we just don’t get the opportunity. Last year we applied for about 40 concerts or festivals, and we did not get a single gig in the process! Most of the organizers didn’t even send a refusal. That’s frustrating. Or maybe we just suck. LOL! But the reviews say otherwise. The main problem is, we don’t have the necessary connections and we can’t offer to trade gigs because here in the Magdeburg region there’s not much of a metal scene. I think a label would be a big help in that regard. Unfortunately we just don’t have the time to look for gigs constantly. That would mean a full time job for one of us. But we all have jobs of our own, some of us a family too, and that’s that.

By playing just a handful of shows per year, you’ll never become rock stars! Do you want to live at your parents’ until you’re 50, collecting social welfare? But honestly, wouldn’t it be great to play support for a big tour in Germany for a few days (of course that’s a bit expensive nowadays)?

Hannes: No, none of us dreams about being a rock star anymore, we’re just too old for that. And we’ve all moved out of our parents’ houses years ago. LOL! Of course it would be great to tour with a famous band in Germany or wherever. But we all have jobs and some of us a family to support, so you can’t just go on vacation for a few weeks whenever you like. Then of course, you have to set your priorities, and those are money for food, rent, car, guitars, equipment etc. In the question you already hinted at the fact that as an unknown band you have to pay in order to get on a decent billing or tour. We don’t do that on principle. We do not pay for playing anywhere with anyone, period. That’s just a way to get credulous bands to finance a tour. No thanks! We’ve already had such offers, and we declined. We are really cooperative when it comes to fees for live shows, but paying for a tour – that’s out of the question. Well, seems like even the metal scene is just about money anymore.

This year you played at the Bornstokk festival. What can you tell us about that? It was quite a motley mix of bands, how did that work out? Or did you just play in front of drunk youths from the auxiliary fire brigade?

Hannes: Bornstokk was a real success, and not only for the organizers. The festival was completely new, organized by members of the youth club in Borne, and there were 1600 visitors! Not bad for a premiere, I’d say. It also shows that it was a good idea to have that mix of musical styles there. Once again we got a lot of positive feedback after our show and sold a bunch of shirts and CD’s. The festival will be continued next year, and we’re really looking forward to that!

You managed to get a slot on BRUTALISM net radio, how did that happen? Do you expect a bunch of major labels from the US to zero in on you like flies on a pile of dog shit?

Hannes: Actually, there isn’t much to tell. Twan of BRUTALISM just likes our stuff, and so he included us in his play list. But honestly we don’t expect much to come of it, that’s just been our experience over the years. Maybe we can reach some more people because of that, but a major label – I don’t think so. LOL!

Your musical tastes seem to be very similar. Do you see the danger of musical incest, so to speak, just repeating the same stuff over and over?

Hannes: O, I think you might be wrong there. Our tastes do differ a lot in some respects. We listen to everything from Tool, Prodigy, Depeche Mode, 80’s pop music to Korn, Cypress Hill, 80’s metal, Iron Maiden, Overkill, Metallica, Thrash, Death Metal, Grindcore, US Death Metal and so on. Of course we’re mainly interested in stuff with distorted guitars, but there’s a great variety in that as well.
I don’t think we have a problem of repeating stuff in our songs. We try to make every song unique and recognizable. A certain variety in our songs is very important to us, and luckily that was acknowledged in a lot of reviews so far.

What are your plans for the future? What would be realistic nowadays? And is music as a hobby still affordable if all the money is spent on alcohol and drugs?

: There’s no real plan or goal for INFECTED BRAIN. We make music mostly just for the fun of it. Of course it would be great to have the support of a label, to play gigs at big festivals, to become a little more famous. But it’s not the end of the world if that doesn’t work out. The album “II” and now the EP have gone down really well with fans and critics, and of course we’re really happy about that. Maybe one day we’ll convince a label and get a deal for our next album, which is already in the making, by the way. If not, we’ll produce the album by ourselves again. As long as we’re having fun and can afford making music, there will be more releases. With or without a label.
At the moment INFECTED BRAIN finances itself. With CD and shirt sales and the money we make with live gigs, we just break even. As long as that works, it’s OK for us. If we don’t break even anymore, we’ll certainly have to think about how much money we would be willing to spend to keep the band going.

What became of TOMB anyway (the band you played before)? Do you still have some copies of “Mask Of Disgrace” left? That wasn’t too bad, I think.

Hannes: I’ve already played some guitar in TOMB because I wrote the songs. INFECTED BRAIN were looking for a second guitarist, and during the FUCK THE COMMERCE festival they asked me to join them. TOMB’s guitarist then decided to quit because he didn’t a see any progress in his playing. He would have quit sooner, but he knew that music was very important for me. So he waited until I had found another band because he didn’t want to leave me stranded. We’re still good friends by the way. After TOMB I stopped playing the drums altogether. To be honest, I don’t think I was such a great drummer. But the MCD we recorded with Andreas Hilbert of GOLEM was actually quite cool.

Time for the swan song, your last words please!

:Thanks a lot for the interview, it’s nice to be interesting enough to be interviewed. I hope I answered all the questions to your satisfaction. We’d also like to thank all the fans, zines, critics, interviewers, bands and friends for all their support in the past! And Jupp, thanks again for the interview and the great review! We wish you all the best with FatalGrind! If anyone would like to contact us, you can do so via or Or send an email to or

Grind on!