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Beforehand of the following interview I have to say this is a smalltalk with Slovakian brutal death Metal band ETERNAL BLEEDING – not that likepoles german nazi stupids- fuck them! So enjoy what Lukas (guit/vox)has to say about the Rock´n Roll business!
That band is worthy to get your attention!

Ahoj comrades, hope it..s all fine in Slovakia. All groovy with your gypsys, prostitutes and stolen car dealers?

Whats up man? Yes, everything is fine here, but I guess you mislead Slovakia and some wild east, haha! Of course, each of us pimps several bitches and has Bentleys from coca biz, use to shoot people on streets because they owe us money, but except this we are normal people, haha!

Hows is going in ETERNAL BLEEDING. Any important news? Give me an update

Most important news is we were signed by japan death metal label AMPUTATED VEIN Records. We all are proud of this contract and looking forward for great cooperation. Also we had a personal change in our line-up. Our past bassplayer left the band and new member shown up. Its Dan from CRANIOTOMY. We knew each other for years and he deicided to join our band as regular member. Its quite wicked because we travel around 150km for rehearsal, but hes really skilled so everything work out smoothly.

Tell me something about the band, members and all that boring shit!

Here we go, we ETERNAL BLEEDING is brutal death metal band from Slovakia, which was found during autumn 2002. In Summer 2003 our second guitarist deicided to left, so we were force to go on in line-up with three member till present. During spring 2004 we recorded first demo and we were signed by czech label GRODHAISN prods. In february 2005 we recorded our first oficial studio stuff which was released in summer 2006 as split w/EMETH. During our existence on UG scene we played many shows & festivals in Europe with bands like Suffocation(Usa), Dying Fetus(Usa), Gorgasm(Usa), Immolation(Usa), Waco Jesus(Usa), Mucopus(Usa), Catether(Usa), G.U.T(Ger), Defeated Sanity(Ger), Sinister(Hol), Decapitated(Pol), Dead Infection(Pol), Ingrowing(Cze), Godless Truth(Cze), Isacaarum(Cze) and so on. We played at festivals like Obscene Extreme Festival (Cze), Mountains Of Death VII.(Swi), Fuck The Commerce(Ger) or Sziget Fest´07(Hun).Also we were on "Tour´ture Codex Minitour 2006" w/Sickbag(Fra) & Deformed(Pol) and "Collapsing The Europe Tour 2007" with brothers from Goryptic(Fra). As I said we are three members: me /guitars & vocals, Bazo / drums & vocals and our new member Dan / bass.

What happend in the last 3 years after your split album with EMETH?

Many live shows, festivals and tour happened, but honestly at the end we slept a bit, it went worse because of old lineup. I was finishing my studies on University, started my own biz and hadnt no time for anything. For little while we were without label too and were looking for new members. Some fuckers ripped us off, you know – promises, promises, promises. Some guys were cool, but no able to play with us. But at the end we finally discovered a man who fits perfectly as a friend, party-mate and also musician, haha! Anyway we are alive and with full-force looking forward for new gigs, fests and new realease.

What was your inspiration to have your own band. Hell, there are a million crapy musicans out there. What..s the difference between ETERNAL BLEEDING and all that garbage?

Hmm, I really dont know.. Guys from Sepultura? Haha! I guess it was Sepultura I was listen to when I started to dream about my own band. But your second part of your question is really hard. Its fact that today its most difficult to come up with something original. We just play music we like and dont care about other things. I really dont know if we sound as 1000 other bands or have some unique part to be easy for recognize.

There are so many bands in the UG, sometimes I think there are more than there are fans. Can you guarantee that ETERNAL BLEEDING will still be playing together in 5 or 10 years? What's your opinion on all the new bands coming out nowadays?

Unfortunately I agree with you. Sometimes I can see how scene goes worse especialy with gig audience support and many times we joked about this that at the end only band members will come to support shows. But its hard, scene is overloaded with tons of bands, I accept it. We play for 6 years now and I belive we will be here in next 5 years. To have a serious attitude to the band is something like to be married, haha! If you know what I mean. And last part of your question – if you ask about tons of new brutal death metal stuff I have to say I dont focus on this stuff. Sometimes I find really great new BDM bands, but Im more into mathcore these days. Its insane how many young guys plays like gods and crush everything in profi way. Absolutely amazing! From this point of view Im glad many news stuff is comming up more and more.

E.B. play as an 3-piece. Is that enough to bring killing action and pressure on the stage? Never thought about increaseing the band with a 2. guitar?

Yes we play in three-member lineup. Its quite hard to play a good show, you know. You have to focus on your play, on vocals, breathing and have almost no time to get out of microphone stand. I would be more happy with some brutal singer and second guitar, but here are no faggets who would like our could play with us. As I said we tried many many many people, but noone was so reliable, skilled or has enough free time to take a part in EB, unfortunately.

Any memories about your split- album ? Is it still available? The drums are amazing! Who had deceided for EMETH as partner?

Period of our split was really great time full of enthuziasm and so. I think some copies are still available at GRODHAISN Prods. E-shop. We sold out everything weve got. I made deal with Matty /EMETH. It was really nice, because it was time when I made few inties for some zines here and did one with Matty. After this, we were in contact and I asked him for some suggestion for split, because american DROGHEDA canceled deal for this split and we had to find some other band. And Matty asked me „and what about Emeth“. I was really surprised, because EMETH is great band. They were before recording of their “Reticulated“ CD and wanted to use this split as little teaser, but unfortunately some delay appeared and .. anyway I think this split helped us out to spred our name in scene a bit.

You had a demo before. Tell me about! Don..t you think that..s helped you to promote your new band? Are you guys working on a new full-length? How is coming along? Will it link to the last release?

Demo was recorded on our rehearsal room. It contained almost same tracklist as our stuff on split CD. We didnt distribute it and used it as pre-production for our studio record. I think I have one crapy copy somewhere at home, haha! Yes, we work on new stuff. I think it will be a bit diffrent. You know time passed, we started to listen to wide spectrum of music and also has new member who influences our writing process too. I think it will be still brutal death metal but more with various elements. We want to write more simple stuff to make it more understandable for fans, but also still full of brutality. Also we included some core parts and breakdowns. We just play what we like so I really cant tell you how all stuff will be like at the end, haha!

Who is responsible for the songwriting? How is it possible to put so many brutality in the songs without letting it sound patched together?

Everything its up to me as always, haha! But we work together of course, but all basic structures and riffs are made by me. Its really hard to keep dynamics and brutality in songs. As I said we are experimenting with more various elements like metalcore passages and groovy mid-tempo now, so we will see. Anyway we want to make new stuff more easy for listening. We tried to do this with clean sound on last record. This way we will follow, but would like to make new stuff clean also, but less complicated and chopped regarding structures. But be sure it will be still EB!

What about GRODHAISN. Are you satisfied with their work that time? Will it be your label in future too? What about AMPUTATED VEIN Records?

We quit cooperation with GRODHAISN Prods. It was good point to start from, but nothing more unfortunately. Its one-man-label, so.. But I have to say eveytime we needed help and it was possible Pigi /GP boss helped us out. Anyway we are happy and fucking proud that after half year of being without label AMPUTATED VEIN Records hunted us down, haha! We delay official annoucement beacuse we are still waiting for new logo, pics and other promo stuff to start new episode of EB! AVR is great label who released & releases many my favorite bands and we are proud to be in one roster with bands like CEPHALOTRIPSY. Great!

Do you like it to play with the stereotypes (lyrics) of brutal metal or are you real Gorelunatics? Or what are your songs about? Does brutal music need songs about rape, dismemberment etc? . How serious do you take them? Why are jokes with sex and violence in the focus of many bands? Don..t get me wrong, I like it and I..m old enough to see humor if I find him.

No no no, definitely Im not gurelunatics. I know our lyrics are quite gore, but every song has own meaning, you know. It was 4 years back I wrote it and I was also influenced by band & lyrics like Cannibal Corpse and so. We wanted to be brutal as fuck, but day by day we realized we dont want to be only megahyperultra brutal noise, you know. I definitely think gore and violent lyrics are such neccesary. It could be cool BDM album with lyrics about flowers if it would have meaning and connection to album concept. Nowday I like more lyrics „about something“ like ION DISSONANCE or sci-fi concept of WORMED, you know. As I said our lyrics on split could seems gory and stupid too, but its 4 years back.. so what?! Now its funny for me to see on every fucking artwork mutilated genitals and zombiebirths or rapes of childs. Fuck that, haha! You know, in next year I will have a baby maybe and I dont want to sing how I put my cock in mouth of some child or mutilate womens genitals. Why?! I like women genitals muchly. Hahaha!

Your album is available for free on the net like thousands of other releases. Does it bother you too see that? Promotion or rip-off?

Really?!? As long as I know it wasnt upload anywhere for long time. It dosnt bother me as long as fans support us and buy original CD. Honestly Im not fucking saint man, I download music too, so what?! Band should play for people not for Money, and if its good enough I still can buy original CD. I wont waste my money for every crap with brutal cover artwork, you know. Haha! So people, feel free to download our stuff! But keep in mind, buying CDs of your favorites support your favorite band!

You played some shows in Germany in October, tell me about!. Is that self organized ot are you getting some help. How does E.B.. preparing for that? What are your experiences with Germoney so far?

Yes we played in Hamburg with our bros CRANIOTOMY this october. We were supposed to play in Aalen too, but owner of venue fucked it all up and cancel this show 1 days before. All our gigs are self-managed or invitations. But few months ago we made deal with austrian booking agency CATAPULT PROMOTIONS (check out its young but really promising agency. They have in their roster bands like LIVIDITY, INHUME, BENIGHTED, CLITEATER and many more. How we prepare for shows? As every band, we practice, haha! We have a good experience with Germoney, haha! But honestly bands were less chevalier and fans colder sometimes, but it doesnt mater we have to play in Germany more and more as in all other counties to spread disease , haha! So if you like our shit feel free to contact us! Sometimes we didnt get any feedback from german promoters, I hope it wasnt because of some same-called naziheads there, haha!

Slovakia seems to be a good place for brutal bands, actually you have a lot
there. Whats about bands and fans? How is your collaborations to the fellows in Chzech Republic?

You are right, slovakian scene is really good place for brutal bands. Check out bands like CRANIOTOMY, DIFTERY, MORTALLY INFECTED, ATTACK OF RAGE and so on. The same in Czech Republic, but there is better place for grind core bands. Collaboration with CZ guys is great, you know they are something like our brothers . We were one country 16 years backward and our languages are really similar. CZ/SK scene is pretty close I think even we are two independent countries now.

Make your decision and explain it

- Gore, Porn or politic?

No doubt, porn!!! Do you need some explanation?!

- Paris Hilton or Olinka Orphea?

WTF is Olinka?!? Paris Hilton is stupid bitch, somebody smash her in face to wake her up to reality, haha!

- Jason V., Michael M. or Ivan G.?

Ivan G. is fucking communist, fuck him off! And WTF is Michael M. and Jason V.?!? Haha!

- Brain Dead or Lord of the Rings?

Both of them! BrainDead is funny classic and LoTR is masterpiece (book) and great movie (movie industry & graphic design).

Oh I forgot to mention my biz: Dont be scared, it will take a second, haha! I work as graphic designer and even my IDS profile isnt finished yet, check out my last MySpace projects: , , and get in touch if you want to get some. I also do all print & web designs. As I said, second.

Ok, enough. Say hello to the occupants of world wide metal asylum!

Ok bro, we are at the end. Let me say – thanx a lot for your support and space to perform EB here. Also I would like to greet all visitor who passed here too, I hope you wasnt such bored, haha! Ok, dont forget to visit our myspace: and spread word about EB if you like our stuff.

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