Thursday, October 29, 2009


I have talked with Jaymes and Chris from INTRACRANIAL BUTCHERY, 2 kids with a thing for brutal music, pomposity, liability to nonsense and unchecked juvenile boast. Check them out, but if you like serious music – SCAT....just kidding!

Hi Jaymes d Chris, put your stachel in the corner, it is time for some serious work. I hope it is all fine Missouri and you don..t have too much homework!

CD: I live in Missouri but I'll be moving out to Denver Colorado with Jaymes in November.

Tell me something about your so called band! Who came up with that lunatic idead you are abel playing real music?

JoJ: Well, Chris writes most of the music and I just look cool by acting like Im in a band because I can make gurgling sounds with my voice.

CD: Sometimes i pretend to know how to make music and go flap a lap lap SLAM duh duh duh on my gee tard.

Bandname is stolen from CEPHALOTRIPSY! Lack of inspiration or what? Are you have not a bad conscience?

CD: Pretty much the summer before I started the band, all I listened to was Cephalotripsys first 'Uterovaginal Insertion of Extripated Anamolies' and Devourments 'Butcher the Weak'. I was super into Cephalotripsy and just thought it was the most brutal stuff I have heard from Death Metal in awhile. Just straight foreward no bullcrap brutality. So I just named my band off of one of their songs BUT I did ask the band permission before I did it and they gave their consent. the time I didnt think it would be anything more then the millions of other music projects and bands I have been in that didn't really do much and ended after a few months.

JoJ: Yeah it definately wasnt stolen...but honestly our name is like that just from laziness. We never thought this project would get as far as it has and it this point we could care less about changing a name.

To give my readers a general idea about INTRACARANIAL BUTCHERY, where do you rob your music besides CEPHALOTRIPSY? And is your noise worthy to get attention?

I dont really think we sound anything like Cephalotripsy now a days, but if we do thats awesome, cause they kick ass! Ide say mostly its Terry Jacks, 2 Pac Shakur and The B-52's...with some Patsey Cline thrown in there.

My one and only influence is Robert Smith from The Cure...our song "heaps of rotting flesh" is just “boys dont cry” played backwards at a different tempo.

Have you ever looked for a real drummer? The machine sounds gruesome contrived!

:After trying to get a bunch of bands off the ground and search for drummers I figured I should just take things into my own hands instead of having to relay on someone else and broke out my old drum machine.

A drum machine makes things so much drum setup at a show so getting extremely wasted is possible, and having one less human to deal with is nice.

If I..m right, you are the studio singer only. For shows you use another dummy. You are in a blue funk or what?

JoJ: We have been doing this project over the internet for awhile, I actually flew out for a couple shows with ANAL BLAST earlier this year...Chris is also moving to Colorado this month so I will be the full time vocalist then.

Are you satisfied with your petty lyrics, or don..t you have anything to say? Or is sex and gore and nonsense the “message”?

JoJ: Honestly my only message is to watch Degrassi:the next generation....its great

Who actually allowed you rugrats to make music in the cellar. I..m sure you have to chare the room with your mommys S&M studio!

Its a rough schedule, wouldnt want to interfere with mommys nappy time.

What about your split with PLEROSIS. Hope people swipe it diligently from the www!

Yeah PLEROSIS, awesome one man gurgle grind!

I sure fucking hope people download our shit...fill their harddrives with stupid shit.

How is it going forward with your first album? Maybe you gave up, because you have realized nobody wants your crap?

JoJ: Our only hope is to finally get recognized by Insane Clown Posse and get signed to Psycopathic Records...only dumb juggalos could like this hahaha.

You were on tour anytime last summer. Tell me something about it, hope you could draw the local idiots from the woodwork at least! I..m sure you have sacrificed your whole school vacations for it!

CD: Going on tour with Cemetery Rapist and EFRO was so much fun! Cant wait to do it again sometime! Yeah it take a little of saving up, I had to break my piggy bank in order to go!

Is it not silly to to stay on stage with only a half band? Who shall take you seriously?

CD: I can only imagine what people think who have never listened to Mortician or any other two man death metal band and then to see it live. I dont know I think it would be a trip.

JoJ: If people dont like it they are probably normal people, and should just go listen to Job For A Cowboy .

Is there anything that connects you with classic Death Meatl..Or is it not your cup of tea?

CD: I love classic Death Metal....if what you mean is more old school stuff like Carcass, Pathologist, Eternal Suffering, Cannibal Corpse....I love Morbid Angel, prolly one of my favorite death metal bands.

JoJ: I fucking love Skinless, Suffocation, Mortician, Morbid Angel and a lot others...when it comes to older shit im much more of a gore and grind kind of guy though.

What about that fucking x-box crap on your myspace profiles? Or does it mean you have learned your instruments with “Guitar Hero”?

I like to drink by myself a lot and xbox live gives me the illusion of actual friends.

Yeah what he said .

What will you do, when you come of age?

Procreate with a nice girl!

JoJ: Join Suicide Silence

Enough for today, I m sick of you fuckers1 Last nonsense shall be yours!


CD: Yeah what he said

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