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Brutal, aggressive and catchy are keywords when it comes to Danish death metallers THE CLEANSING. The Copenhagen based quintet combine intense and unique melodies with both old school and modern death metal elements. Inspired by bands such as Morbid Angel, Hate Eternal and Immolation, THE CLEANSING have perfected their own devastating style of death metal. Performed with almost surgical precision and with a clear yet heavy and intense production thanks to Danish metal producer JACOB HANSEN (Aborted, Yyrkoon, Destruction, The Arcane Order etc.) THE CLEANSING have spawned an album that will appeal to both death metal fans and metal heads in general! So come on and check "Poisoned Legacy"

Hi mate, how are you? Is Copenhagen actually something more famous as the unmatched Olsen- gang?

Hi there, Toke speaking. Or writing really. Hmmmm, is Copenhagen more famous for something other than the Olsen-gang? I hope so! The Little Mermaid perhaps?

What about the band name. Are you going to clean the desolate crowded scene, blow away the dust of numberless insignificant bands?

Of course! That’s exactly the point. It might be a bit arrogant, but hey, arrogance never hurt anybody did it? We thought The Cleansing sounded strong, and would fit our style of music perfectly. For me personally though The Cleansing stands for inspiration. The Cleansing fire that burn in us all. The feeling you get when you are feeling inspired to do something different with your life.

Tell me something about the band!

Okay! We started writing “Poisoned Legacy” in early 2007. We had a band called Usipian, but broke it up in order to concentrate on something a little different. With The Cleansing we have been able to work very concentrated and with one single goal: To do the best we can. With The Cleansing we feel we can match our intentions with abilities. Something that we didn’t always had the privilege to. We are now currently finishing writing the harder second album, and might begin recording it in early 2010. Hopefully before April where we will begin our DK tour with Dawn of Demise, which we of course are looking very much forward to. The new album should be a step forward for us, and it sound really good. The songs are shaping up, and will hopefully have a crushing impact on the listener. We’re here to stay, and our next album should cement that statement.

What kind of “poisoned legacy” will you succeed? Has that album-title a critical term anyway?

The title represents our decaying society. Being a parent, I have probably become a bit more aware of my surroundings and what kind of world I am shaping for my daughter. It’s not like I can make much of a different, but at least I can find the time to preach for others to make them feel guilty right? But yea, it does represent something along that road. Our legacy isn’t as pure as it once was, or as we were led to believe. It has been poisoned.

Tell me more about the album!

As I said the album was written, roughly, in 2007 and recorded in 2008. We are still pretty proud of it, and feel there’s some really strong material. It won’t just be a walk in the park to match in on the next album, but we sure as hell will try. The reviews has pretty much all been in our favour, so it seems we must have done something right at least.
Right now we’re just really focused on preparing gigs, because we haven’t had a chance to sell it to the live audience. The material should work well live, and we look forward to give it our best.

The songs are done temporarily, why are they released with delay? Was Deepsend your first choice? What about the conditions from the label, are they ok?

We didn’t really have that much of a choice. We recorded the album without any deal. We were an unknown band with no demo, concerts of any real back story. We did however have a strong product. But you also need a name. Deepsend liked our material and offered us a deal. We knew them from the work they had done with our fellow metalists in Dawn of Demise, which didn’t seem to be too upset about Deepsend. And instead of beating around the bush, we took the offered deal since it sounded reasonable. We were also just eager to get started instead of shopping around for all eternity. Until now we can’t complain at all about Deepsend. They have given us a well needed push.

You sell your CD as a download too. Will that be a full value replacement for CD´s in the future? Do you think CD´s will become a relict like vinyl one day?

Never! There will always be a demand for physical products. I don’t think that will disappear anytime soon. Even vinyl has had a strong comeback. People like to have something in their hands you know? Other than their penis.

I have a fucking problem with your fucking cover! What shall I see there? A rusty alien? A post apocalyptical vacuum cleaner?

Hahahaha, well I’m sorry that you have a problem with it! Maybe it DID turn out a bit too dark? You should see what you feel like. It’s entirely up to you hehe. The vacuum cleaner however probably wasn’t the intention. But it’s good to see you have some degree of imagination. The intention from our side was actually to have a “typical” death metal cover without it being typical. If that even makes sense. We just kind of loved the sculptures that Powel did, and asked him if we could use it since it fitted our title. Luckily we were more than welcome, and we hope to work with him again. What should you see? Something nasty. Something ugly. Something poisoned. Something slightly wrong and twisted.

How important are your old bands for the music of THE CLEANSING? Is it easy to start ingenuous in a new project?

The old bands will always represent our past in one way or another. It will always in some ways be important. On the other hand “now” is where our focus lies, so we try not to think of the old stuff too much. We like to move forward and improve ourselves. To start at zero will always mean to take some steps back. But hopefully it will work itself out in the long run. That’s the idea at least.

Your label says you are a mix of IMMOLATION and DAWN OF DEMISE. Who came up with that comparison? Do you consider yourself just that?

Probably Deepsend. I wouldn’t put that label on us. For one thing, we don’t sound like Dawn of Demise at all. But being Danish and are using the same producer, maybe we have a similar sound... for now. I don’t think we sound too much like Immolation either. Even though I know both Jeppe and Andreas (guitars) are very fond of Immolation I consider The Cleansing to be more catchy and straight forward. I like some of Immolations material, but I wouldn’t even put them on my top 50 Death Metal acts.

Tell me about J. Hansen’s studio. Would you recommend it? Has Jacob checked your music out, has he influenced your sound someway?

We always had a very specific route we wanted to try with Usipian, so this time we tried to do things a little different and left it almost entirely to Mr. Hansen to work his little magic. Obviously our sound screams Jacob Hansen, and since we liked a lot of his productions, that was pretty much what we wanted. I don’t think Jacob really knew about us since we were a new band. I would definitely recommend Jacob Hansen since he is very professional and reliable.

It seems you are not a very active live band. What is the reason for that, maybe you have no desire to play out live? Or are there more secular reasons?

We have had some small problems, like me being imprisoned, which halted our progression a little bit. Also our drummer lives about 200 miles from us, and plays in a million other bands, so playing live with The Cleansing means a well prepared schedule. We do however have a great desire to play live, but it will be over a more concentrated time period, and not spread out like a gig here and there. We will probably be more tour minded. We have only to this date played two live gigs with The Cleansing, and are much exited to play again soon.

What will you do, if THE CLEANSING overtakes the fate of your old bands? Can you ensure that you will stay in the scene for a long time?

As I stated earlier we are very much here to stay! This is our band, not a project, and all of us do this because we care. Not because we don’t have other stuff to do or are bored.

Do you see the band as a newcomer? Or is it just another stage in your journey?

I don’t really think about it actually. I mean, in Denmark people know us, but in the rest of the world they don’t. But we weren’t a bestselling band with Usipian anyway, so I don’t think there’s much difference.

The reviews for “Poisoned Legacy” are very positive. Do you trust the critics? Do you see your own impressions and intentions in the reviews?

Some comments are of course totally retarded and out of context, but it’s the reviewers point of view, and they are entitled you know? Stuff like “eeww why don’t they sound more like Iniquity!?!?” are for instance totally retarded since we don’t have anything to do with them. Criticism is something I’m always aware of. Some things we can use, some things we can’t. Good reviews are not that usable. I mean, if we only believed the good stuff, then we would just make the same record again and again. There will always be room for improvement. But mostly, I think we get recognition for what we intended to do, and that’s always nice.

There are some new bands underway in Denmark. Is it a dawn of a new generation or just recycling of old farts?

People are getting better and better on their instruments. Especially the new generation. Will they make better music? Time will tell I guess, we will just have to wait and see. But there’s not too much recycling of old farts going on here.

The whole international scene is absolutely overcrowded. What do you think qualifies you to get involved?

Well, since there can never be too much of the good stuff, I only see a problem with really lousy bands overcrowding the good ones. People will just have to decide for themselves if they want to listen to good or bad material. Different bands for different tastes. I think we make strong material, and we want to compete with the best out there. In the end it’s up to people really. I think we’re qualified to compete, but I don’t think we will a gold medal just yet hehe.

Last spot is yours, may the ghosts of the Olsen – gang with you!

Thanx for giving us some space! I don’t really understand your Olsen-gang obsession hahaha but I did enjoy the left field questions. Hopefully we can offer more to you than post-apocalyptic vacuum cleaners in the future! Toke, over and out.

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