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DENIAL - worship the old way

Inspired in the 90’s Death Metal, formed lately at 2006 with the urge to create dark and real Metal of Death by not amateur musicians but from ex and actual formerly band members from some finest Mexican acts, like Oscar Clorio, ex- drummer from the legendary band CENOTAPH (also drummer in SHUB NIGGURATH at the last recording), Marko Guevara bass player and vocals from PULVERIZED (playing guitar in DENIAL) and Ivan “Bloodhunter” ex-vocalist for UMS and DEW OF NOTHING.
At 2007 founding a new guitar player on Roberto Granados, just before know him was making the recording for their first 7” called Immense Carnage Vortex with the collaboration of Luis Ramos on the bass, which was launched through Swedish Death Metal cult label BLOOD HARVEST RECS.
In 2008 the band enter studio again for the recording of their first full lenght "CATACOMBS OF THE GROTESQUE", mastered by the Death Meatl legend Dan Swano, with the colaboration of very first bass player Ricardo Gil creating an oscure and mythic Cd that is spawned though Asphyxiate Recordings early in 2009.

Hi Rob, how are you man? Congratulation to “ Catacombs Of The Grotesque” How is it going with the publicity?

Thanks Jörg!.
Things with the album are going good! We are getting great reviews on fanzines, websites, etc... I'm not sure about how is it selling, our label (Asphyxiate Recordings) is selling it in Australia, its being distributed aswell in the U.K. by Code 7 and by Relapse Records in the U.S.A., but to be honest I don't know how is it selling, but we are getting great response from the people that have listened by far and that's what matters.

DENIAL includes members of different bands. How did you get together?

DENIAL started just as a project to record, no tours, live shows... anything, just to record. It was started by Marko and Oscar, they had the need to play Death Metal the way it was played in the late 80's early 90's, just that. So they invited Ivan to be the singer and they started to rehearse and when they recorded the first Demo, Xtreem Music from Spain got interested in Denial music, so they wanted to sign Denial for the first LP, so they recorded the Demo and Bloodharvest from Sweden contacted the band to release the Demo on a 7"vinyl. After that they considered to put Denial on a full time status band, and since they were only 3, Marko called me to join them, and that's how Denial got into a serious band and not just a project.

Are there any differences about the official album version and the digi wallet?

What changes is the presentation. The jewel case version and the digipack have the same booklet and the same cd, no bonus tracks or video. What makes it different its the digiwallet, its a limited edition that it's only manufactured in Australia and the label printed only 500 copies, so I guess that is what makes it special.

The album-concept is about Lovecraft stories. What is the fascination behind it? Is it only about the Cthullu myth or are you taking account the whole Lovecraft universe?

We are taking Lovecraft literature as a mere inspiration. Our lyrics are not based in an specific story or character. We just wanted to project the feelings that are meticulously represented in Lovecraft stories, like madness, horror, insanity, terror..., and we wanted to do that with the music aswell, not only with the lyrics. So our songs are 50% lyrics and 50% music, there is a story going on in our songs both musically and lyrically.

Are the lyrics your own stories in the tradition of Lovecraft or is it real Lovecraft topics?

The lyrics are just inspired in Lovecraft stories. We don't make any reference to any specific story or character, we make our own stories based on our musical and literature influences.

What about the songwriting? Are you building the songs around the lyrics?

We work in music first and then the lyrics. We did that with our first album because it's easier for us. At practice you show the guys your new ideas and everyone contributes, and if we are all 100% satisfied with that we start thinking about ideas for the lyrics, of how you will be able to complement that music with lyrics. We just don't put lyrics because there is a space for the singer to growl. If you have listened to our album you can notice that the guitars and the vocals kinda complement each other and if there is not a singin part then the guitars will be doing something as a "second voice" I could say. And we do that because the music tells the story aswell.

Who wrote the intro, it catches the morbid atmosphere about the “ Great Old Ones”with much apropos. Tell me about!

Wow! It's the first time someone notices the intro! haha! A lot of people says that it's long and boring. Actually I came up with the idea for the intro, I brought all those weird sounds to the studio and mixed it, we just added some keyboards and that was it. But what we wanted to achieve with the intro it's that when you listen to it, you can imagine yourself in the same realm as we are (musically). I know that most of the people won't pay attention to it and I don't blame them, it's quite long haha, but if you want to feel the same experience that we feel when we create and play that music, starting with the intro could be a good idea.

How will you bring the idea of DENIAL´s world of horror to your fans who have no clue about it? Or are the lyrical topics just a means to an end?

Hmm... It won't be hard, just listen to the album and read the lyrics. You don't have to be a Lovecraft reader to notice what's going on with our lyrics or music. There is always something behind every song, if you get to notice that, it's like a plus for the listeners, it will make the listening more interesting, or you can just enjoy the music aswell, we did this album as fans of Death Metal music and horror literature, so there is always something enjoyable for the listener.

I recognize a morbid touch of NECROPHAGIA in your music, beside the obvious swedish influences. Or am I wrong? NECROPHAGIA are the masters of transforming Horror into music, arent they?

Now that you mention it, yeah, we have this eerie and dismal atmosphere in our songs just as Necrophagia. I haven't read any Necrophagia lyrics but I can guess that the way we create our music could be similar. Horror shit and Death Metal it's always a nice combo! haha

Oscar plays in SHUG NIGGURATH, this is also a divinity of Lovecrafts universe. Did he bring the basic idea to the band? Did he take some shit from that band?

Oscar used to play un Shub-Niggurath back in the 90's and even recorded an album with them but actually the idea was like a common agreement, we already had 4 songs finished but we didn't had anything clear with the lyrics and the concept of the band, so since most of us are familiar with Lovecraft work we decided to go with that one.

Tell me about the “Immense Carnage Vortex” Ep! Any changes since then?

Absolutely! Denial at that time was only a project like I mentioned before, and musically they had a huge influence from Swedish Death Metal bands like Grave, Crematory, Dismember... you name it. So when I joined we started to work for the full lenght and after 4 songs, that Swedish sound started to change into a more darkened and dismal Death Metal, so we decided to tune our guitars way lower than they did on the EP and we even had to re-structure a couple of songs to fit this sound the band got into. We took more influence from the Finnish Death Metal bands like Demigod, Demilich, Convulse, Anguish...that's heavy shit!

You have probably used some songs from it for the album. Why?

We used one song from that EP, "Remains", and we decided re-record that one because it's the first song that they composed together, and when we played it with the lower tunning it sounded fucking brutal!, so we decided to record it again for the full lenght, and the sound did fit with the finnish style that the band got into.

Dan Swanö has mastered the album finally. Tell me about it! Had he used some of his own ideas for it? Have you give him free hand?

When we finished to record the album we were really tired... the whole process took a long time, almost 2 years working on the songs and almost 2 weeks to record it. So when we got the final mix (which is amazing by the way), we just sent the Master to Dan and gave him free hand, and of course he didn't dissapointed us! The album is a relentless sonic assault! thanks to Dan for that!

Why have you deceided for unblemished Old School Death Metal in that modern times with lots of new possibilitys to celebrate Metal-music? Where are your roots?

Because as a Death Metal fan the stuff that you get to cherish and value the most are your old tapes and cd's from real underground Death Metal bands that are almost impossible to get nowadays, and that's why we decided to play that kind of stuff, like a tribute to those almost forgotten primal Death Metal. And since we are all fans of this music it was clear that we would go for it, that's the way we feel Death Metal!. I don't see the point to play this modern Death Metal because we don't feel it

Do you feel, the early Death Metal scene falls into oblivion and what remains is music for nostalgic metal heads?

Yes, in some way I can agree with you, but I can't say that this music falls into oblivion. Old School Death Metal will always be there because of the fans of true Underground Death Metal. There will be always people looking for that old music, and nowadays there are a lot of bands like us trying to resurrect Death Metal from its true essence. Nostalgic?... Yea I guess so, but it has been alive for some reason, and when you listen or play this music, you do it with the ultimate passion and from the soul, no bullshit here, not trendy crap, just music we feel and we are 100% satisfied about.

What is your opinion about Metalcore, New Metal, or Cybergrind, Goregrind, Brutal Slam...what ever?

Cybergrind??? Are you fucking kidding me??? Does that shit even exist??? hahaha! Well I just see that as a fashion, maybe it's in vogue now but that's the shit that will fall into oblivion man! Goregrind music has been there for quite a long time, but the others... ask me in 10 years where those bands will be.

What are your personal faves, your favorite albums? And what is the most underrated band of the old days?

My favourite Death Metal bands are from Finland! I think that it's a very underrated Death Metal scene, I guess it's because Swedish Death Metal it's always at the spotlight. But my favourite bands are Demigod, Convulse, Demilich, Belial (early), Disgrace (early), Adramelech, Anguish, Carnifex, Vomiturition (early)..., also a few Swedish bands like Utumno, God Macabre, Dissection, Unanimated, Merciless, Necrophobic, Dismember...etc, but I go with the Finnish ones.

What about DENIAL in the future? How long will you stay in that amazing overcrowded scene of today?

Who knows man, we will be making this music as long as we feel it, and as long as we can. Denial started as an underground Death Metal band and we want to stay that way. We started creating this music for us, now its great to realize that people likes our musical concept and it's an extra motivation for all of us, but that doesn't mean that we will start making music for the people to like it, we will stay working just the way this band started. It has been working by far so I don't see a reason to change. And if staying like that keep us active with Denial we will stay in the underground Death Metal scene for a long time. Right now we are about to release a 7" split for Relapse Records and another 7" split with Paganizer for Cyclone Empire, then we will focus on the 2nd LP.

Last spot is yours. Thanks for joining the weird world of FATALGRIND!

Thanks Jörg for taking the time to make this interview for us, and the best wishes to your zine. For people interested in Denial you can check us out at www.myspace.com/denialmex
Dark Regards

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