Monday, November 9, 2009


I have tortured some unique one – man Brutal Death Metal acts again. This time my victims were Shaun / PUTRID PILE, Allesandro / EGEMONY and Brain / SYPHILIC. Enjoy the shit and remember that solitude leads to despaired deeds!

The 1. reason to play alone is, no one will play with you, because your music is crap!Deny or refute!

Yeah its hard to find people to play in a band with when my music is crap! Noone wants to get shit on their shoes! LOL! So I have to do it alone, because it get pretty stinky on the airplane sometimes and its hard to find people to deal with that!

Allesandro: Yes, that’s true, but that I salso why people like my music.

Brain: Its crap, but its also too confusing to find anyone to play with. Other than brian baxter doing studio bass of course. Not to mention I dont have the time to really spend showing anyone, I´ve made it sound real on my own. So if it is ´nt broke, dont fix it. ´

The 2. reason, you are too disgusting and no one will go into the public with you! Deny or refute!

Shaun: For sure! Skid stains in the underwear repells some people.

Allesandro: Every mom will let them daughter on a date with me, I’m gorgeous trust me.

Brain: Its more that most people dont want to pick me up because I cant drive. But I was actually at the mall today, with a friend and her 2 year old daughter.

The 3. probably the real one. Tell my readers why you had decided to play alone!

Shaun: Well the reason why i play alone, is because of the job. I had at the time didnt really allow me to tour very much so I could only play a handfull of shows. I couldnt have someone relocate and change their life just to play a few shows here and there, ya know? Also with everything going on in my life its very hard to have a strict schedule to practice. I dont have a set time to practice and I just do it here and there when I can.

Allesandro: Cause in this fucking shitty place there are no guys to play with; I mean, there are a lot of musicians and metalheads, but I don’t give a fuck to technics, first I want attidute and devotion to the genre, and here no one has’em.

Brain: Its easier, its my project and dont really have to answer to anyone. I plan to keep it that way.

Is your mother worried, because you play alone all your lifetime, you don..t have friends who want play with a freaky little loser.

Shaun: LOL! Ive had members before and been in other bands, so she knows Im not that hard to get along with. She worrys when I play abroad, but any mother would. She would rather I play Classic Motown though instead of Brutal Death Metal! LOL!

Allesandro: True… This made me cry :(… sigh.. sigh… )

Brain: She is more worried about the lyrical content she is found in the past.

Probably you had a bad childhood, you had 9 elder sisters and you had to wear their old clothes? It must be hard!

Shaun: Yeah I was never really good at the whole nail painting thing. I can wear high heels like its nobodys business though! HA!

No, I have only a younger sister, and that is 193238 times worst than having 8 elder sisters.

Brain: Hmm...

You must be insane, when you do all your crap alone? I think you are unemployed, the day is long and boring, and you have too much time with beer , drugs and pornflicks! By the way, who is your favorite pornstar?

Shaun: Yeah you could say that. I used to have a pretty good job, but my stinky band repelled it away and now all I have to do all day is tug on my ballsack and look at free pron on the internet. My favorite pornstar would have to be anyone who does anal. If you do anal you are truely a pillar!

Allesandro: It’s not a simple question …. Well let me think… I think I’m gonna choose Fellucia blows, the best blowjobs on youporn… sensual and…. She swallows haha.

Brain: The day = working on music. Fav pornstar right now is probably Ava Lauren, but that changes every 5 minutes

Seriousely, where do you find the ideas for your songs? I think it..s easyer to write a song if more guys have separate ideas and put it together.

Shaun: I just think up riffs in my head and lay them down. Than i listen and listen again over and over and see what I can do to refine the riff to make it as catchy as I possibly can. Sometime the 1st thing I come up with will work fine, and other times I have to work out the kinks. Than when I listen to it and I can get my head bobbin I know I have it.

I think it..s easyer to write a song if more guys have separate ideas and put it together. Every song borns from different stuff: a movie, a book, a PORN MOVIE, and of corse, listening to other bands can help you in the song writing.

Its easier when i can just do it myself.

Did you never searched for musicans?

Yeah I have, but I gave up the search a long time ago. Its just too hard and too much drama to have other members in the band. Also I wouldnt get to have all the opourtunities that I do if there were 3 or 4 other members in the band. Its hard to get everyone to be able to get off of work and pitch in $ when need be, ya know? Its really hard for bands most of the time.

Allesandro: I’m still doing it… but I’m still alone… maybe cause I eat to much garlic, onion and beans haha.

Brain: Havent gone out of my way for it. Brian Baxter and I talked about doing bass but I didnt think anything would come of it. Hes now almost done recording his 2nd album with me.

Do you play your set live, if yes, how do you do it?, if not, why not?

Shaun: Yes I do play my set live! All the classics! LOL! I have my drum tracks on my ipod and than I just play my guitar and do vocals. Thats it! Nothing fancy, just doin it straight forward and it seems to get the job done for me and the fans.

Allesandro: My drummer is the i pod, I connect it to the mixer, I turn on the microphone and the guitar amp and i start playing my shit. And the magic happens.

Brain: I hate playing live but do sometimes. I do it with my drum tracks on an ipod, run to the mixer with rca cords

What is the biggest, or hardest part in writing/recording music? I think, timing is very important!

Shaun: The hardest part is coming up with tunes that sound different so the 1st song doesnt sound like the last song. The hardest part is being my own worst critic and not havine other members to bounce ideas off of. But Im getting better at keeping an open mind and just to play what Im feeling at that particular moment.

Allesandro: Recording the bass! Damn, I’ m not able to play it!

Brain: Probably the computer problems that occur over time. I recorded erotishock twice full through because of a failed harddrive and almost had that same problem with this full length.

I think you work with a drummer from Japan, LOL. Don..t you miss a real sounding drumming?

Shaun: Well I use real drums anyways on my recordings, so I dont really miss it to much, but you can never really beat a real drummer thats for sure. You just cant top the feel of real drummers for the fills and everything.

Allesandro: I miss it so much, a real drum sound has more power and more groove, and I think groove is one of the most important thing in this music.

I make fake sounding drums real. Its easier for me with this odd timed shit.

How long will you stay alone with your shit? Don..t you have problems to kick yourself and going forward? Do you afraid to stagnate?

I just want to write good brutal death metal songs and dont care really if I seem to get "stagnate". I just have to stay true to myself and the music and never sell out and keep putting out discs for my fans to enjoy and I will be satisfied with that. If it gets old to some people then thats their problem, ya know? At leaste I can rest my head at night knowing if contributed something special to the underground and Im thankful for that.

Allesandro: Untill my legs will keep me up, I’m gonna play and release album!

Brain: Um... what? I am going forward, the point is for me to release music, its my solo project and will stay that way.

Do you understand it as an advantage to stay alone with all problems, sucess or what ever?

Shaun: Its an advantage, but its also hard doing everything yourself, ya know? All the interviews and networking and shows and writting and recording and selling merch and.... WHEW! I get tired just typing that shit out! LOL!

Allesandro: When you sell a cd, all the money goes to you, but if you print t shirts you have to pay it all by yourself.. so there are problems and there are good thing in playing alone. Fifty fifty.

Brain: Problems or success? I dont really care about either of those.

What is the ultimate real live Horror for you? And don`t tell me, the answer is this

Shaun: LOL!! No its nice to do an interview with someone with a sense of humor. Its really a breath of fresh air for sure. I just thank you for being so patient with me! LOL! One real live horror was to be stranded in Mexico for a few hours and had to book some other flights home because the dates did not match my itinerary with the tickets they gave me. That was a nightmare, but I came out unharmed so everything worked out for me. That really sucked though!

Allesandro: Dunno.. I live a simple life, in a simple city… probably my last real horrible experience was my disentery when I was ill. damn, I thought I was gonna crap out my soul.

Brain: I dont want to die by being lit on fire, that would suck.

Are you an modern medieval bard ? Do you want to impress your princess? What says your girlfriend to your way wasting time? But you probably don´t have a girlfriend!

Shaun: Well I did have a girlfriend for a long time. Shes the mother of my son, but things didnt work out between us. She tolerated the band, but never really cared for it. It was hard on me to have someone you care about not give 2 shits about something your very passionate about, but that never stopped me from pursueing my deams. Ive worked at this since I was 10 years old and worked too hard kust to throw it away. My sone really loves it and I cant wait to pass the torch to him someday. I hpoe he will get to see the things I have a meet all kinds of great people around the world too as I have.

Allesandro: I got a girlfriend, and he’s hot too! No no , I’m not a bard, that stuff is for gay power metalheads! I’m more like a…. mmmh…. Dunno… but for sure I’m not like a bard!

Brain: I did but not now. Whatever girl is around at the time will have no say in what I do with music.

Make your decision and explain it!

Gore or Porn?

Shaun: Both. Pussy is great, but its even better covered in lacerations!

Allesandro: PORN.

Brain: Porn, its more gratifying.

Paris Hilton or Jenna Jameson?

Shaun: Jenna. Paris is boring in bed. Dont waste your $ on her bunk-ass home movie. Yawn.

Allesandro: JJ all life long

Brain: Jenna, Paris is just a dumb cunt. At least Jenna has some tits to stare at.

Jason or Michael

Shaun: Jason. Much better killer!

Allesandro: Jason!

Horror movies? Who cares, theyre both fake. If i had to choose one I ´d probably choose Jason because hes retarded... and thats funny.

Brain Dead or Lord Of The Rings

Shaun: Thats a tough one. Probably Lord Of The Rings. I can eat, take a nap, fuck, work on some new material, use the bathroom and play with my son and the movie still would be playing in the DVD player! LOL!

Allesandro: The first you said.

Brain: Dont know what Brain Dead is and I´m not gonna go with that other fairy tale bullshit.

Your homemade noise or true metal music?

Shaun: Def. True metal music. I wouldnt have my music if it wasnt for the ones before me.

Allesandro: My shitty shit.

My homemade noise. I dont even need an explanation.

That´s enough, last nonsense is yours!

Shaun: Well thank you so much for the interesting interview. Sorry it took so long to get it to ya. I appreciate your support Fatal Grind! Thanks to the fans that have stuck by me though thick and thin and continue to support to the death! Youre the best! HAILS!

Yo tank for the stupid interview, i really enjoyed it! Probably cause I can only say bullshits hahah. Seriously. I just wanna say tank to everyone who listens, supports and lives this music, everyone of you is important for the scene, without you we all will be nothing! By the way without fatalgrind the world will be better ahahahahaha.

Brain: Thanks for the interview, prick.

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