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INFEST is born in 2003 in the Basque / Bayonne and is composed by 4 members: Pat/Bass, Bud/Vocals, Flow/Guitar and Sbeu/Drums. The band plays an aggresive music between Grindcore and brutal HxC with big tendency to NASUM. They have just released their 2. album « Moshroom ».Check them out !

Hi Flow, how are you. What is going on in INFEST? Any news?

Hi Jorg. I’m fine thanks you. We’re at this moment working hard on the promotion of the new album “Moshroom” recently release. That’s why I’ll try to answer to your questions today

Tell me something about the band, what made you feel certain that you could play fast grindcore without it would it become a complete waste of time?

You know , INFEST is a big part of our respective lives, we are a grindcore band and we like to play fast and extreme music for a long time. If you expect to become a fucking rock star playing grindcore it becomes a complete waste of time.
For us, playing grindcore is totally the opposite. We play for fun and we enjoy it !!!

How is it going on with your album Moshroom and the support from METAL AGE? Did you get what you expected?

We signed a record deal with Metal Age Productions this year and they release the second full length of INFEST “Moshroom” recently. The collaboration with the label is pretty good and we work together like professional people. They know what they have to make and we know what we have to make. We have to follow this relation because it’s beneficial for both.

Is that album a logical consequence to your debut ?Feel The Rage? or are you looking for new ways?

For this album we have tried to work more on the vocals more brutal and more on the grindcore vein.
We play faster too on this cd and I really think this album is more accomplished than “Feel the rage”. Both are different, your readers should have to make themselves the differences between the two productions.

Peace, love, freedom and flowers?...what the hell... You are on your way to insult the ideals of the Woodstock generation. What are you saying with this?
How important are the lyrics if no one can understand them and the lyrics are not printed in the booklet.

OOO no no .. We insult no one man… Our lyrics are full of humour, sometimes speaking about personal experiences, sometimes denouncing the musical market with some fucking commercial stuff polluting our radios and Medias.

Peace love freedom and flowers is the first track of the album and is here to show that we can play a brutal and aggressive music and being cool, with peaces dreams at the same time. You doesn’t agree with me ?

What shall I say, you are right!”Murphys Law” is pretty cool. Are you having some personal experiences with this principle or are you just a Charles Bronson fans?

“Murphy’s law “speaks about all the negative things which could happen in one day for one man.
Personal experience … but I like Charles Bronson too

The last song “Polype” stands out, it seems more funny. Tell me about!

Yeahhh !! You ‘re in the right way !! “Polype” is the last song of the album the 20th track.. And it was recorded totally with fun. We all of the band members sing on it and the recording studios technicians too. Some lyrics in Japanese too….a non serious track but so brutal to close the album!!

Otherwise your music is pretty serious. Meaning that Grindcore is more than just formless noise?

Yes, sure.. I tell you that we play for fun, we have some funny lyrics…. But we still serious on the composition of the tracks.
Grindcore is much more than just formless noise because you have to prove that your band is powerful, serious and mad at the same time.
All this things you have to make in CD and in gigs too. That’s INFEST try to make since 2003.

Your album is downloadable at countless WebPages. What do you think about that?

I’m sure that a real fan or a person who really respect the grindcore and Underground scene will buy some cd’s. I’m sure that our scene have always some really fans who are ready to buy cd’s.

The “Moshroom is downloadable??
Download it guys !! And if you like it and if you really want to support INFEST buy it !! It’s so easy.

Tell me something about your part on the upcoming NASUM tribute! What song will it be and why?

POWER IT UP records release this awesome tribute this month. We have made the cover of “The everlasting shame” from “Helvete” album. It will be so brutal and we‘re so glad to take part of the cd. We always were big fans of NASUM. We choose this song because we like it and we thought it correspond as well with the INFEST attitude.

Is the proximity and the comparison with Nasum? it can be actually annoying sometimes or does it appeal to you?

Like I told you, we’re very close with NASUM music..A lot of people make the comparison with NASUM but I think we’re really different simply because they are the best grindcore band ever and INFEST is not

Tell me something about the last tour with your buddies from TREPAN DEAD! Correct me if I´m wrong, but you had to cancel some shows correct?

Yes yes, this tour was so fantastic and on the other hand so difficult at the same time due some mechanic problems with the tour bus. We traveled across France and had some gigs in Germany like the GRIND THE NAZI SCUM Festival in Torgau. It was awesome!!! Unfortunately we had to cancel some shows in Poland and Czech Republic. But we promise to be back as soon as possible in this countries.

Have you ever had problems with the band name? Hell? there are so many bands with the name INFEST out there, it?s like sand in the desert! A very common name. Aren?t you concerned about getting mixed up with the other INFEST bands?

Ohh !! We heard after the release of “Feel the rage” in 2007 that a famous band INFEST has already exist in the 80’s in the USA. It was a shock for us but we decided to keep this name and we assume this choice. Some people tell us that we are some RIP off because we use a “Big” name of the scene.
It’s wrong !! we are INFEST from the Basque country and we play grindcore. No less, no more !!! But I can understand the big fans of this US band. I have to admit the question of the name seems to be important because I have to explain it in a lot of interview.

Flow, is your band EXCISE still active? It seems with that project you never dedicated yourself full time to it!

I played in EXCISE with Sbeu and Pat until 2002. This project is totally dead.
We’re now 100% concentred with INFEST.

Last spot is yours, thanks for your time!

Thanks a lot Jorg for this interview and for the support to INFEST. Hope to come back soon in Germany.
If you want more information about the band or the new cd contact us via our myspace www.myspace.com/infestbaiona

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