Tuesday, December 1, 2009


EMBRYONIC DEVOURMENT - Grinding brutality, in its own unique form, shredding the minds of all alike from the close-minded, and feeble, to the strongest of free thinkers... You want to know more?...just catch their noise!

Hi mate, how are the things going in California? What is the worst thing there, Earthquakes and firestorms or an ex - Termionator as head of government?

All of the above....although the smoke is pretty nice out here haha

Is California a good place for Embryonic Devorment or have you to hide in the cellar from the mob?

Its a great place for us - we're friends with many a mob so its all good

Tell me all details about the band and when you think it is too boring give me your favorite barbecue reception alternatively!

Well we have 2 releases and were working on writing and recording our newest effort titled "Vivid Enterpretations of The Void". We've been around 8 years i think and have played with most major death metal acts. I was in egypt recently and ate cow brains off the barbecue - it was tasty.

6 years - one full length b- are you lazy or needs quality time?

We have lives other than being in a band. I wasnt aware we were on a time schedule haha. All i can say is that you'll get it when you get it..and thats that - deal with it.

How far away is “Fear of Reality Exceeds Fantasy” from platin and Grammy- state?

Well, we were nominated on some metal site as one of the top 10 death grind releases for 2008...but who knows. I dont care about hype - just gotta keep grindin and play the music that makes me happy. I could give a fuck about what people think hahaha

And how is it going forward with the next one?

We have 8 new songs and we'll be going into the studio to record january 5th. The new material will blow the old shit out of the water - i can wait to give people some real Ear Punishment.

Will you go hand in hand with Deepsend again or have Sony and co an eye on you?

We're just gonna send it out and see what happens. Ultimately we'd like to be label mates with Brittany Spears but its gonna take alot of work to get to that point hehe

Tell me about the lyrical concept, all that strange “Reptilian Agenda” stuff!

People have been talking about reptilian humanoids since the time of egyptians, sumerians, and the mayans. Its nothing new...i suggest reading "The Biggest Secret" by David Icke. Theres a wealth of information on the topic...just take a look, its in a book, a reading rainbow!

How have you found out that bizarre garbage? Can you handle it in another way as to hoax it?

I'd rather not hoax it...im having too much fun enticing the believers haha.

What about the good old satanic gore porn violence! You can not jiggle on the building blocks of a whole scene! Don´t you have respect for conservative traditions?

Words like Jiggle, Conservative, and building blocks? Are you sure you listen to metal? Coz the last time i checked metal is all about breaking rules. Sure, maybe we should be like every other band...then we'll have soooo much to talk about hahaha

Will the next cd have the same sophisticated lyrics? Or you warn us about Dec. 21. 2012? Or H1N1 virus that was implanted in politician brains from alien intelligence?

I touch on 2012 but from an opinionated view point. Its more about the ancient deities and origins of man. Or maybe its about your mom takin it in the butt.....yea i like that better - guess you'll just have to buy it to find out! haha

I read that unbelieveable Halloween verdict about “darker and more satanic night”. What the hell has Austin smoked that day? Something of his own growing? It seems dangerous?

This is Austin haha. I smoked PCP with a hint of crack that day...you know how that is...can u get anymore?

You guys must be the masters of verdicts! On myspace it says “Wer are antitempo”. It can´t be meant musically? Maybe you are the obstacle of the society? What the hell means that crap?

Our music...at least our last cd cant be beat mapped. Thats what we mean. We hate keeping 1 tempo...so anytime you start feeling a tempo is when we tend to change it up. Thus, anti tempo Mr. Moron

Got it honey. If it´s all about the music in your life you have to watch out to not suffer on loss of reality any day. There are more things out there than brutal noise! Have your mummies never exhorted you to learn an respectable job and to forget your foolish childhood dreams?

Well if this is just a phase then i guess i haven't grown up yet. We like being toys r us kids.

Is the respect of the fans more valuable than money? Are you hopeless idealists? And how are you finance your self?

Deepsend Records finances us and yes, were hopeless idealists. Whats important is that we play music for ourselves and no one else. Of course were happy to have people buy and listen to our shit...but mostly its because were addicted to playing music and making the sounds we wanna hear.

I heard you will follow the formula of success of a band like CANNIBAL CORPSE. It seems you are damned big mouth! How shall that work?

Were not following any formula....were just inspired to work towards that success level. What if we did reach it? What if we dont - who cares

What about Austin´s band MUMMIFICATION ? are they still active. Can he seriousely dance on two weddings at the same time without slight one bride?

Mummification has been over for a long time now.....like 4 years. If i could still drum i would but my wrist just wont allow it. So now i play bass and vocals in E.D. and am happy doing that.

Last spot is yours and don´t bore my reades! Thanks for wasting your time with me.

No problem, stay gay! http://www.myspace.com/embryonicdevourment
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