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“The goal for Humanity Falls is to take the sound to another level. The philosophy is to create a unique sound but to maintain creativity and emotion that has become absent in modern metal. We believe the death metal scene as late have been growing predictable, and we would like to bring back the sound that makes death metal special” That´s what I call a statement. Let´s see what is behind it!

Hi Eston, how are you man. How is it going with your “experiment” HUMANITY FALLS? Give me all redunant details about the band!

I am well, Jorg. Just enjoying the trying times. We lost our original drummer back in August, and it put a damper on a lot of things we wanted to do at the time but we bounced back pretty quickly and all the material is coming together perfectly. The chemistry we all have with each other is amazing. Currently, we're adding the finishing touches on our first record titled "Ordaining the Apocalypse" and a mini-tour is going to follow in suit for the CD in the middle of next year. Things in the Humanity Falls camp are starting to reach levels we all haven't been before, so we're all pretty anxious for what the next 6 months are going to bring. We just hope that we keep receiving the comments we've been getting so far.

You guys must have damned big balls, to release a demo with that unbeliveable lousy sound! Are you not afraid to forfeit your chance still before it all really started?

Yeah, the demo quality is awful for our standards...but we figured why the hell not release it? There's plenty of brutal death metal, black metal and grindcore bands who are established now who have releases sub-par demo quality releases. We just wanted to show everyone a sample of what's to come when we finish recording the album. It'd be a crime to hold back until the CD was finished. The album would have been recorded had we not switched drummers, so all we're hoping that the tracks we have now will conduct enough interest until we're finished. We aren't afraid at all, it's going to be worth the wait

How is it originated? Probably someone has forgotten a taperecorder in a corner of your rehearsal room as you were wasted and raped your instruments!

We originated about a year ago. This was supposed to be just a side project – something we all did whenever we got around to it. We all pretty much knew each other from local shows and from my previous band, so it was only a matter of time before we collaborated. Our old drummer knew me really well and what I was capable of, thought I’d be a good fit for the band, so I gave it a try.

“Take the sound to another level” – fuck man you are pretty cockily. Like the demo sounds you mean –sublevel- for sure! Come and convince me from the contrary! With all the countless bands out there, why do you think just your band has a right to exist? To be alive in the jungle you must have something to offer! What shall that be? Tell me something about your musical paragons!

We don't deserve to exist at all, I won't be arrogant here. But we all love playing and creating music and we want to give back to the scene that's done so much for us. It's always been a dream to play with the bands we always pay to see, so we hope that comes to fruition. Honestly, we're all pretty much tired of same boring myspace bands getting popular and known in our scene who are not worth it. The scene here is flooded with deathcore or bands who love to slam. It's all getting really old. The only way I can convince you that we aren't a pretentious band is if we come to a venue near you...but realistically, we just like the music to speak for itself...so just be patient until the album is released. I always believe that if you really don’t like something, you can change it for yourself. So that’s what we’re going to try and do.

Is that progressive GORGUTS – like guitar play not just music for musicans who have to prove something to themself? The crowd in front of the stage want just brutal riffing or am I wrong?

Of course! It’s always more than just fans. The goal within the music of “Humanity Falls” is never to be the biggest or fastest band but we definitely want our music to be felt and our themes to effect the lives of others. Life changing? Who knows. But we definitely want our listeners to feel what we’re saying and relate to it. We can only hope for the best and hope that it will catch the ears of others. The ultimate rule is we want to make music for ourselves. Music that WE all want to sit down and listen to. I can speak for us all when I say we can care less of the opinions of others. We just do what we want, when we want and I hope fans can respect this. I feel like that’s becoming somewhat of a lost philosophy .As Ammo (guitars) would say, fans want to hear brutal riffing, That’s mandatory and it comes mandatory with the music that we play...but at the same time, we have to make it original and to the point where no one is watching us bored on stage or craving a cigarette instead of watching us.

What is your fascination with complex music? Or is it actually not so complicated?

I wouldn’t say our sound is as complex or complicated as say, Spawn of Possession or Portal. I wouldn’t say we have a fascination with complex music at all. I would say we have a fascination with trying to find original bands and original styles of music who can influence us and make us better musicians and people.

Your lyrical themes are not about blood and pus, you devote real themes, I think. But shall be music not just escapism. Why do we have to be remembered in our rare spare time on our own persihability?

This is pretty much my only escape from the real world, playing this death metal music. Blood and pus is just as realistic as being selfish or materialistic. It’s not an everyday thing where I can go up and hack or rape a woman, and I’m not a mortician or doctor, either. I don’t know of fancy medical terms, so I can’t really relate to the gore. Music is about self emotion and reality, and I’m sure we all feel that way so we like to bring that to the table. I can relate to things I see on a daily basis so I just philosophically put together my thoughts and feelings. There are a lot of things that go into the lyrics I produce. I feel like the lyrics have to present the image and has to match the mandatory brutality that’s in the guitars, bass and drums. Everything has to compliment each other from top to bottom in the style of metal we play. If the listener can’t handle it, there’s always another band to listen to that will suit their needs. Just as long as people can listen with an open mind is all that we can possibly ask as a band.

How is it going forward with your first cd? Are you able to pay for the studio or have you to record under the bridge?

We're going to record it the same way we did with our demo! I'm sure everyone is going to be glad about that!!!! Especially you, Jorg!!! Hahaha…
Seriously…the CD is shaping up to be very special to all of us whether people give us a chance or not. We really hope so. The process has been fun, yet stressful at times…but we’ve always tried to make the time as productive as possible. Hopefully it all shows in the recording. As for the method that we’re going to do, I think we’re going to keep that under the bridge. I will add that we are working on a promo CD, one that sounds ten times better and will give an accurate representation of the band. We’re going to try and sneak that on some people before the end of year if all goes well. The process in the CD has been very productive along with the song writing and we appreciate all the help we have received with it, we all just hope it will be released in time for our tour. We desperately want everyone to hear what we’ve been coming up with in our hibernation.

The artwork for the upcoming album shows like a cover for a gay pagan band. Are you sure you wanna use it?

Yes, we’re sure. Hahaha… I believe the cover represents the sound and the reaction we’ve gotten so far…which is hit or miss. You either like it or don’t. Everyone’s always got a different opinion. Like I said, it goes back to the original philosophy…so who cares? We’re doing what we want…we’re just going to let the music speak for itself.

Why call your bass player “The Faceless bassist”? Because he has a gob that only a mother loves?

I wouldn’t go that far, brother. I’m not too into the gore, but our bassist is for sure…so watch out! Hahaha…

Will you be here on earth after 12.21.2012? Or are you digging for your bunker under your rehearsal room?

I hope not. I mean, after seeing Gorguts or Ulcerate I wouldn’t have a reason to live anyway!

I need your true opinion to the following cd´s!

Immolation is my favorite band. Definitely one of the best death metal CD’s of all time.

- BON JOVI Keep the Faith

I could care less…


Second favorite band, remarkable album. David Vincent’s best vocal performance and I truly love the eerie feeling of the record from top of bottom. Formulas Fatal to the Flesh is better, in my opinion….

- AEROSMITH: Get a Grip

Never really liked Aerosmith.

- PESTILENCE : Testimony Of The Ancients

Another favorite record and band of mine. Right next to Dawn of Possession.

- ELVIS - general ( the guy with that all the noise started)

: I don’t really have an opinion. Heh…

Are ANIMALS still killing PEOPLE? Are you still active with them?

Hopefully they are… but we’re still active and productive as well. We just recently played the first New Jersey Death Fest, and we have some things in the works. It’s crawling, but we’re still alive.

Anyway, have you still desire for your other bands. I mean, now you play serious and adult music! Are you still into brutal and raw tunes?

Very much so! I try to learn about as much in the underground death metal scene as possible as spread it to everyone else. We’re all like family, so if I really get into a band I let everyone else know. Sean who plays in Morbid Terror and Edifice got me onto this band from Belgium called Amputated Repugnance, so I’ve been checking them out, I have another friend in Fumes of Decay and their demo is really impressive. Disentomb, Jasad, Perverse Dependence, Parasitic Extirpitation and even Sean’s band Edifice have some pretty brutal and raw tunes going on, so yeah…I’m addicted to the grind.

Last shot is yours, Sleep well.

Thanks! 2009 has been a great year for death metal! We’ve had awesome CD’s from Asphyxiate, Amputated Genitals, Abysmal Torment, Devourment, Ulcerate, Portal,and so many more! And in addition to that, the local bands we know of and are friends are slowly starting to work their way up as well. Andromorphus Rexalia, Morbid Terror, Edifice, Shiro Ishii, Pyrrhon just to name a few. I highly recommend Pyrrhon as they’re one of my favorite bands we’ve played with thus far. And for all of the people who like to firmly stand by the belief that death metal is growing stale, I would like to say that the current state of metal is getting very pathetic and that I agree to an extent. People need to stop ruining the scene with unoriginal and recycled music. Promoters need to start doing their job again and promoting the shows and not leaving it up to the bands anymore. This whole “pay to play” ordeal that’s getting popular fucks everyone over and we all don’t stand for it one bit. There is more to life in music than living and relying on your myspace pages. There is a whole world out there for us musicians!
Go out to your local record stores, put up fliers, tell your friends and support your fucking bands! I get so sick of people only downloading and buying shirts but never going to the shows. We are not here to support your fucking mp3 collection. Shows are not that expensive! I am guilty of downloading, but I still purchase CDs and spread the word of spectacular bands that merit it. This death metal scene is not dead! I want to keep my scene alive, but if you care about this music the same way I do, then please follow. The only way the bands will survive is if you go and see them!!!!!!!
If you want to keep up to date with the band, you can keep in contact with any of us through our page. Our 2009 promo will be coming, so be on the lookout!!!

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