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“Psychogenesist arose to life after the break up of the band Bone Crushing Annihilation in 2007. Hailing from Orange County NY these epic musicians aim to get metal back on top, where it belongs!” This sounds damned pretentious, let´s see whether this guys have balls too!

Hi Dan, how are you, hope it´s all fine in Orange County. I´m sure you are busy with beer, sluts and being a good patriot!

O you bet, thanks for having me!

Tell me something about the rotted and wasted pack that vegetate under the name PSYCHOGENESIST!

Well we got Jesse Pospisil on drums. He originally had joined as our guitar player, and recorded on our demo. After we had problems with our drummer he switched roles to his second instrument, drums! He's a natural, metal is in his veins! Then we got Max Case playing bass in the band. He's been a looong time friend of mine, and played in my old band BCA. Fucker just shreds! And of course me, I'm doing all the guitar work now, and vocals!

You say your music is an expression of true being. Explain it! Are you really officious to tell the people something...what ever?

Haha, I've just always had the urge to play extreme metal. I have a vision for my writing, and i like to let my music tell stories. Especially the solos!

What happened since “Celestial Destiny” demo? I hope you have got more than 4 songs since then!

O yea! Like i was saying we had some problems with our original drummer. That forced us to change our line-up around a bit, but i never quit writing new songs! Now we are back to 100% and have been doing shows locally!

How is going forward with your next album. How is coming along? You announce it for 2011, it seems you are not the fastest!

We got 10 songs written now, and yea we are shooting for an early 2011 release! Having to switch the line-up around during the written process kinda put a lot of pressure on me, and it was a hard time for all of us really. We've worked hard at crafting the album, and once it's released you'll know why it took longer then I would have liked!

Any attractive and lucrative label deals for it? Or will you do it by yourself? What are the advantages if a band has its recordings in their own hands?

This is actually one of the reasons why we are delaying the release till early 2011. We are investigating our options now. We had some problems with our label when i was still in BCA, and that kinda put a bad taste in my mouth. We are ready to move on now, and are open to offers! If nothing comes through we will definitely do a self release! These days with studio's struggling, and power of the internet, you can still reach a lot of people and stay in control, without going broke!

What about the lyrics, is there significant meaning to them or are they just means to an end - to give your music the right accompaniment? Are your lyrics a manifest?

Our lyrics are very important! I've always been in observer so most of them are my reactions to all the bullshit going on these days. We cover a lot of topics from Religion, Politics, Cannibalism, Apocalyptic events, and there's even one about life on other planets.

Who is responsible for the songwriting? How is it possible to put so many brutality in the songs without letting it sound patched together?

All the songs that will be on the record I wrote. Usually I'll just mess around with ideas i have, and then when i have a song almost complete I'll introduce it to band. Then we discuss idea's further and smooth is all out.

What are you smoking in your rehearsals to write such insane shit? What’s your main-focus when it comes to songwriting?

Haha, like i said these guys are naturals, and i just love to play brutal death metal! We all like other types of music, but shredding peoples faces off is what it's all about for us!

How much time do you invest in the band. I have the suspicion the band is not very active currently. Disabuse me!

Geez, people actually make fun of us because we never miss a practice! When we switched the line-up around we decided to spent our time just writing and rehearsing our material. We even tried out some people as a second guitarist. So we worked hard, getting our act ready for the stage. Where we live is not exactly the Mecca for death metal. We have some shows lined up now, and we are looking to more! I'm also trying to spread our word online worldwide, we can now be found on many popular online radio stations.

Are you able to raise the band on a more professional level? It should be no problem with the music, but have you enough time and money. Or are you satisfied with your status? What is realistic accessible?

I'm satisfied to have such a great band to play with, but not exactly thrilled with our professional level. Only because i know we have great music, and it kills me to not be able to expose it to a bigger audience. Like every other death metal band out there we all have jobs so that cuts our time down a little, but can be worked around. Money is also becoming less of an issue, but it's also another decision to delay the release of our record till early 2011. We spend a lot of dough on gear, and all have plans to get better shit for the road!

What's your fascination for brutal music? Could you imagine to deal with some other metal styles in future?

No, we will not be changing our style! I've worked hard out crafting the style of the band, which i believe is original! I've always been fascinated with brutal metal, and everything about it! The hard work, skill, and dedication it takes to pull off such intensity, and just being around like minded people! It's a lifestyle!

There are so many bands out there, sometimes I think there are more than there are fans. Can you guarantee that PSYCHOGENESIST will still be playing together in 5 or 10 years? What's your opinion on all the new bands coming out nowadays?

Haha, yea sometime i think that too. I feel i can guarantee that we will be playing for at least another 10 years! I've been playing this style of music since i was 15 years old, and have been in a lot of bands, and gained lots of experience in the process. Everything I've been through in my life has led me to Psychogenesist. We don't fuck around there is no turning back now!
The scene has definitely changed a bit since i started out 10 years ago, but i like it! There is some great bands coming out theses days! I don't think death metal will ever die!

Why should we have PSYCHOGENESIST on the radar in future? Are you something special? Show me that you have balls!

The release of our album will definitely put us on the radar. Hopefully it's a good one though! Some of the shit that we discuss in our songs is a bit controversial. We got this one song called “Corporatocracy”, it's like shit are we even allowed to say that? I like to think we are something special, there is not a single unsigned band in our area that can even compete with us!


Bone Crushing Annihilation was a lot of fun! We put a lot of work in that band! We traveled and played some great shows in some major cities! We got support from a label in California, that turned out to screw us and never officially release our album “Killing Spree”. After that our other guitar player who was also our singer got into drugs or something so he quit. We just all kinda wanted a new beginning so we took what we had learned from BCA, and made an even better band!

What are your 4 all time favorite albums and why?

O man, it's so hard to choice!
Okay okay okay
1. Morbid Angel - Altars of Madness
2. Deicide - Decide
Those to albums influenced me more then any thing!
3. Origin - Echoes of Decimation - so brutal set the standard for modern death metal
4. Necrophagist - Epitaph

What is the ultimate real live Horror for you ? And don’t tell me, to answer this interview!

Not being able to spread my music to like minded people, and working in the airplane factory for another 20 years!

Enough, last spot is yours!

Thank again for your time to do this interview with us! Stay tuned for our new album which will be out early 2011. Check us out on line all new artwork and layout will be up soon! Hope to hangout with you all at show sometime soon!!!

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