Wednesday, August 5, 2009


EMBRACE DAMNATION is a new band with some „old farts“ (among others, Dave Kibler) behind their instruments. Just kidding guys. The 4 comrades just working for their first album “Glory Of A New Darkness” that will be a massive Death Metal grenade for sure! But lets see what Joe, the man behind all the shit, has to say about.

Hi Joe, how are you man. Still busy sabotaging gods feeble plan, haha?

Joe: Hehehehe. Always at war with god. When "Glory of a New Darkness" comes out it will be the end of that puny fucker forever!!!!!

How it is going forward with your debut Cd? Studio session is over I think. Hope it was not to stressful and worked well.

Joe: Everything went great. We are still in the process of mixing and mastering. Hopefully it will be released by Halloween. We were hoping it would be out already, but as most of you know Dave and Garrett are busy tearing shit up with Lividity this summer! They are so busy that it has taken a little longer to be able to proof the songs and such. But the recording sessions themselves were grueling. Twelve hour sessions for about three weekends total. We had a lot to record with little time to do it. The opening song is a crusher and it all had to be perfect. But in the end everybody pulled through like total professionals.

Give me some details about your album! Songs, artwork, things like that!

Joe: The idea to record this album was based on some demos that Dave and I had recorded on a small Boss 8 track recorder at his house and mine. We recorded about seven tracks over the course of about a year and set up a myspace and just went with it. We laid out the guitar tracks and then Dave came in with completed lyrics. After that we shopped it around and Ron at Rotting Corpse Records picked it up. The album has nine songs total is full of blast beats, multiple guitar harmonies and satanic lyrics! Ozan Yildirim did the design for our logo and helped with the cover. So far everyone involved has done a great job!

Lets talk about the band. Any connections with HOUWITSER? Samenamed song title and your band name? Or does it just fit to your music?

Joe: Dave and I were kicking around some band names one night over the phone but were unable to come up with any good ones. We both love satanic inspired death metal and we wanted a name that fit just perfectly to what we were doing. The next morning I get up and check my email and Dave had sent me about twenty different ideas. Embrace Damnation was one of them and when I saw it I said "that's it!". It just fit. We were specifically trying to think of a name that wasn't cliche and would be recognizable to anyone who heard it. It's definitely a tip of the hat to Houwitser and they emailed us and thought it was great too!

You have played with Dave in SECTION 8. Tell me about! Musically it was a quite different then Embrace Damnation?

Joe: Dave and I played in Section 8 around 1995-96. We were mostly a local band but we did do a couple of really cool shows with Internal Bleeding and Fleshgrind. We released a four song demo on cassette but musically its nothing like what we are doing now. Section 8 was more or less a thrash band with some death metal elements. We didn't stay together long and Dave had just started working on Lividity at that point. We went through the motions and then called it quits.

What was the reason to work again with Dave? What had you induced to form EMBRACE DAMNATION?

Joe: Dave and I had loosely stayed in contact with each other over the years. I would sometimes run into him at shows and we would always have a few drinks. Then about a couple of years ago we ran in to each other again and I told him I had a few ideas for songs and asked him if he wanted to help me finish them. After that we started getting together about once a month to jam and things took off from there.

Is EMBRACE DAMNATION a full time band for Dave and Garret or just a side project beside LIVIDITY?

Joe: Embrace Damnation is currently a studio band only. Perhaps in the future we will be a gigging or touring band but right now Lividity is just way too busy. We are hoping to do some fests or gigs next year but we will just have to wait and see.

LIVIDITY is very active. Are you afraid that could constrain your own career?

Joe: Hahaha.... yeah they are busy.

What about Sean? What is his background?

Joe: Sean is a friend of mine. He has a studio project called Resurgence and is a guitar teacher as well. I first met Sean about the time Dave and I started Embrace. I took some lessons from him and when I walked into his studio the walls were covered with album covers and picture discs of Merciful Fate and Morbid Angel. I said "holy shit dude, you like metal?" and after that we just hit it off. We spent more time going over my song ideas then actually having the lessons! hahah So eventually I got tired of paying him and just asked him to write some solos for my band! Sean is a fucking great guitar player and is very easy to work with. Everyone will be floored when they hear what he has done on the Embrace album!

Who has the main part with songwriting? To mix up brutality with melodyseems to be very important. This is something that I miss by the mostUG bands today. What do you think?

Joe: I wrote all the music and came up with the basic drum ideas. Sean wrote all his own leads and Dave of course wrote all the lyrics. Garrett basically took the drum ideas I had and made it his own. I basically just let everybody create on their own without to much interference from me. Harmony and melody are very important to me. Don't get me wrong, I love throw down, brutal fucking metal but when I write music harmony guitars is what comes out. Writing with harmony and melody takes more time then just throwing down and especially for Embrace because we wanted everything to be perfect.

When will ROTTING CORPSE release “Glory of a New Darkness”? Do you feel you are in good hands by that label?

Joe: Hopefully it will be out by Halloween. Lividity has a Canadian tour in October and I know they want to take some Embrace merch with them. Everyone at Rotting Corpse has been great and very helpful!

Such an “old school” guy like you never left his way I think. Whatmakes you immune
towards all the new brutal trends in the scene?

Joe: I just don't listen to much new metal. Dave listens to everything. I can play the same Cannibal Corpse album in my car for a month and never think to take it out! hahah

How long are you into the UG? Has it changed in the years? What do you prefer, the old times or the scene of today?

Joe : I have been listening to death metal for most of my life. I am 35 now and I started listening to Slayer, Possessed and Venom when I was about 13. I fucking love all metal but my favorite is old school death metal. The scene has changed but the intensity and brutality is still there, the fans are still dedicated as fuck and there's no messing around. I just went to the Central Illinois Metal Fest last weekend and when I was there I went upstairs and got high by myself and was remembering when we first brought had the fest 15 years ago. A lot has changed but people don't forget who made it happen. Vital Remains, Master and Immolation headlined and everyone went fucking crazy. It shows that style of music is still very relevant and those guys are our inspiration!

I wish you all the best mate. Last spot is yours!

Fuck yeah brother, thanks for the interview and best of luck to Fatalgrind Hope you like the album! Keep it fucking sick my friend!!!

Joe Hoctor /