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MONKEY EATING FLESH are a bunch of sickos from the Philippines with a marked preference for brutal slam tunes. No more words needed, check them out! I have talked with singer Miko. (Some answers are maybe a little bit vague, but I don´t want change the interview too much)

Hi Miko, how are you. Do you actually jar on every zines nerves to get a fucking interview, LOL?

Hey bro whats's up!! First i want to thank you for this interview. Your a sweet guy hahahahah! You make our anus horny about this actually. No we don't jar on zines and interviews. I just love reading reviews and interviews of other bands. Well reviews helps us alot because of other people's opinion, we want to hear.Insights to know our own flaws our songs and other stuff. For the interview for the hahahahahhah! LOL.
Give me some details about the band!

Actually MEF started last september 2008, MEF was supposed to be a side project. We all met up our friend's studio and then we decided to form a band. Acutually we didn't ever expect that MEF will be a serious band. Ee also didn't expect to have a split cd. At first we were just playing about MEF until now we're taking it seriously. We are making this songs because of the people that helped us a lot including you hahahahhahah!

As God distributed monikers, you were apparently the last ones in the row. What the hell do you want to tell us about that?

Yes apparently we know that it is not important for us if were in last now. What matter is that we play the music If others don't want our shit we don't care and we'll do whatever that fuck we want
What about your last Split (with SEVERE METASTASIS)! Tell me about it! Are you reaching for the stars with it now?

Oh about our split Mr. SxMx tracks are really fucking brutal I can't say anymore about. I salute him he is a great friend, much respect for him. To Anura Records thanks for realeasing this split we hope someday that we can help them, much respect for them for all the zines, distro. This split of ours many thanks and much respect again we salute you! Thanks also to Mr. Braindrained for the artwork check out his works on his myspace account .
You will appear on a "100 way" split. Make some sense of that? Are you not afraid to get down within the mass?

Oh shit I very much like this! We're not afraid, we intend to reach other bands and to listen to their stuff. It is promotion and it helps hahahaha!
Your drums sound sometimes synthetic to me, that is pretty cool. Was it intended?

Yes. Because we just recorded it on a computer we don't have budget to record real drums, because recording here in the Philippines is so expensive thus if we recorded in a recording studio, the engineers wont even obey our demands. Their lousy people. We rather do it by our self. It's a different feeling when you make your own songs.
You are a pretty young band, what pushed you ahead, when will you sow one´s wild oath?

Yes we know that we're a yound band and we know that we still have to eat pussies to reach the top, only satan knows when to sow one's wild oath.
You describe your music as "Porn – Slam". Is that not foolish? Are you the kind of guys that like making music with their cocks or is it more with a wink?

No its not a foolish genre, because it's a medicine for pervers like us. We are just expressing ourselves through PORN SLAM. We make songs because of horny sluts that we like torture in bed. Its all about anal grinding and cunt hunting most of all the brutality.

It seems you are a very excited band! Is that juvenility or total addiction?

Yes were totally addicted to what were doing. Because many people appreciates this, especially the one's in the scene and in other countries, that's why it's fun to do this shit!
Does classic metal play a roll in the band and for you personally?

Yes, because classic metal is really extreme and most of all the raw quality is fucking blasting our ears. Classic metal is the most appeared theme in the scene. Classic metal it's best theme ever
You are aware there are real musicans with real skills out there beside brutal slam banging! But how serious do you take your music personally?

LOL! I think were part of that real musicians not jus brutal slam barging ogag gago LOL! hahahahhah. Yup we take our music really serious, because we enjoy it, we can express our thoughts in our kind of music.

You must be aware too, that you with this kind of neckbreaking tunes never reach the top of the charts. Do you mind that brutal music is underrated in the publicity?

Yes, we're aware underrated. Only a few people really appreciate the brutal scene, we know that people who listen to brutal music appreciate the kind of music more than anyone else. Thus that as well we can find true musicians and friends

With what do you earn your money? From a music standpoint it is almost impossible in that country isn’t it, therefore you have to bring your own money, LOL.

Yes we need to earn a lot of money, we don't deny it and we are not ashamed of it, what can we even do? We are just less forunate people, we'll do anying for our music just to express ourselves LOL!
The world of music has focused more and more on the internet. Are you afraid for the classic size cd and vinyl? Or do you have a different mentality on the Philippines?

No were not afraid because mainly you can do anying over the internet, maybe someday music cd's aren't that important, mainly you'll only be noticed if your in the internet.
Do you ask yourself sometimes who the hell shall buy that vast numbers of releases that run over the market every week? Do you have comprehension of people downloading music for that reason?

Yes were aware of that, many people doesnt want to spend money on cd's, that's why they download a lot of it on the internet. A cd is only useful if you want to collect the bands real cd, most important for all the musicans, nothing else matters.The only hurtful thing is, that only few people buy our cd's, our thoughts are just wasted as well as our music, Only few people appreciates it. That's why only a few people buy cds.
Bands from the Philippines are not the spearhead of the international metalscene! What could be the reason for that? Music? Economy?...

Yes we are aware of that the problem is our economy, only a few people can promote his/her band here on the phillines. Bands, productions, record labels are selfish for their own needs. Actually crab mentall, no cooperation that's why the metal scene here in philippines is not that popular, that is actuallytrue.
Last spot is yours my friend!

First we want to thank you for this interview ,thats means a lot bro, we really appreciated it. Much respect and we salute you alot. Interview more bands. Someday you can come here in the Philippines and we hope you drink, grind bitches and slam with us. For more details about our gigs and info's please visit our Feel free to visit our page for other inquines email us at

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Here is a young promising death metal band from the land of the Seneca, Rochester NY.
Their music stands for brutal and technical metal in the vein of SUFFOCATION. The proof for it is their debut Ep “Disintegrated Cognizance” distributed by Sevared Records. I have talked with Owen (drums) about this and that.

“Nur Oh Lep See“ is what stands on your myspace. Is that for quite idiots or is it an elfish language? Seriously, what´s behind it?

Well, we just wanted everyone to know how to pronounce the name. We've heard many different variations of it and wanted to set the record straight.

Tell me about your current six-song EP. Were they originated in one go, or over a longer period?

The demo itself was about a year in the making. We went through some line up changes early on, before playing out and a had a few songs that didn't make it into the album. We took awhile to find the sound we really wanted and allow us to grow on that.

I like the cover, it seems to be the epitome of the band name. Or am I completely wrong?

We really we're pleased with the album cover. I'd say if reflects the music of the demo more so than the band name. The album art is fucked up and so are our songs.

SEVARED Rec. Distributes your EP. Is there a special deal? I mean they are distribute regular demos. Is it a kind of unconditional support?

Sevared was very cool with us. We recorded the album ourselves in Watchmen Studios. Sevared distributed and released the demo. It worked well for what we were trying to do with this album. Just get our sound out there so people can hear and know what we're about.

I have had read the release is limited to 100 hand-numbered copies. As it is available as legal download (what are we talk about right now?) it seems pretty superfluous. Or is it just a good feeling holding a real CD right in your hands?

We allowed the album to be downloaded online for free because in today's internet run world, it is really beneficial to get your music up online. It can allows anyone all over the world to listen in. The idea is that people will hear the music by downloading it and like it enough to buy a CD. And yes, it feels damn good to hold that CD in my hands.

Has been the financial effort beenremunerated afterwards?

After the release we played a few shows with a nice payout, but we were never worried about the cash when we made it. We just wanted to make a brutal album that pushed us as musicians.

With that EP you raise the bar fucking high. Are you not afraid to overreach yourselves for the future?

The thought never passed through our heads. This is just the beginning for us. We are currently writing new material that continues to raise the bar.

Besides brutal parts you use some progressive elements. How does it fit together?

As I mentioned, we took time to really find the sound we wanted to have. It was a long fucking process, but well worth it.

It seems you are absolutely unimpressed from modern sounds like Metalcore or all that new brutal slam shit. How is that possible?

We have taken a stand to all the new shit that is rotting away the modern metal scene. Fuck all those metalcore bands who think they are progressing the genre. Keep it brutal and keep it underground.

Where do snottybrats like you get the brashness to fuck with adults? I mean you are pretty young!

Haha. We are all under 21 except Lewis the vocalist, but we know how to get shit done. If we are at a show, you will see us going off the wall. Metal has been a part of our lives from early on and we're not afraid of "Adults" telling us we can't be a part of the metal scene.

Your songs are legal downloadable everywhere. Can you still handle it or do you loose track of it?

Well the more the merrier. I think it's great that websites from all over the world are posting our album. Keep it up dudes.

Do you believe the downloads to be real chance for the band? What about “conservative” promotion like flyer, advertising and stuff?

The downloads have definitely increased the bands popularity and we will continue to allow downloads in the future. We are still playing shows and pushing flyers. We are waiting on a new design for t-shirts that will be coming soon.

Where do you see your band musically? Is it still upgradable? What influenced and impressed you?

Musically we feel that we are still young and that there is still refining to be done. I mean this is our first release and a demo. We are working to really create some sick new songs and looking to release full length in the distant future. Personal influences for this band have been Suffocation, Decrepit Birth, Gorguts and Ulcerate. Also, None So Vile changed the way I looked at drumming.

How much time do you spend with the band? Is it your focus? I mean you can´t just live from “air and love” only.

Well I am currently in four bands, in school and working as a chef. But Neurolepsy is definitely my main focus over mostly everything else. Especially school.

What connects you with the “old” bands beside the music? Could you comprehend the spirit of optimism of the late 1980s?

If only we had been there in those days. We have some idea as to how people felt back then. We hope to keep up the belief that metal is alive and well. Because it fucking is!

Where will the way of NEUROLEPSY lead? How serious can you expedite it in the future? The pioneering days of Death Metal are finally over. Today it is a stampede
for the last free pastures!

We hope to make our own niche for the future of metal. I see us being around for awhile. We aren't looking to get huge. We just want to make sure that real brutal grinding metal stays alive and kicking ass.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Check out HUMAN CARNAGE from Canada. Meet their music on the edge of Old School Death Metal and modern influences and you will get a bunch of fresh and brutal tunes! I have talked with bassplayer Yves.

The band got formed in december 1999. Have you done something special for your 10th anniversary?

No, not really. We did our last show in october, and then locked ourselves in the jam room, writing and rehearsing. And it will be so until march/april. No shows are planned for the winter, we should hit the stage again this spring.

Can you tell us more about Human Carnage? Where do you see yourselves musically?

Well, we’re a technical and brutal death metal band; it is hard for me to categorize or compare the band to others. Lets say that we could please both old and new school fans, for we have a huge range of influences. As you mentioned above, the band is in its tenth year of existence, there‘s been a few line-up changes throughout the years, but now it is stable since 2 years or so. We have released an Ep in 2009, ‘’Feast Of Darkness’’, and are now working on our next release due out later this year. The band also released a 6 song Cd in 2006, ‘’Rest In Pieces’’, but with a different line-up.

How is it going with the Ep so far?

The response’s been great, we’ve had good comments from around the world. But if you ask me about sales, it’s a bit disappointing, but this is no surprise, people don’t buy Cds anymore, unfortunately….

You’ve also started your own label, Stabwound Industries. Was it because other labels didn’t show interest in releasing your Ep?

We’ve send a couple of promos here and there, but no one responded quick enough for us; we wanted to release it as soon as possible and be able to promote it all summer long with a bundle of concerts, which we did. As of now, we are looking for a proper distribution, which isn’t easy to find. Sadly, the record industry is slowly agonizing, labels hesitate to sign new bands ‘cuz sales aren’t there anymore.

What are the assets and drawbacks to hold all strings in hand?

Well, you have total control of the content, no deadlines (at least you decide them). But the biggest drawback is money for sure. Quality studios are expensive, artwork and printing do cost a lot also, so you have to be imaginative and hard-working to get all going, which sometimes can be breath-taking!

Can a small label like yours be able to invest lots of money in promotion? Sending CDs worldwide and all?

Postage fees are very expensive nowadays, so you have to target your shipments, send your promo stuff to the ones that should get you the most exposure. Fortunately, Internet is an amazing tool for promotion, fast and reliable. But it is impossible for us now to get, for example, a half or full advertising page in popular magazines like Terrorizer or Kerrang, that’s way too expensive.

How big is the influence of Internet for a label? I mean, promotion is easier, but once the Cd is out, it becomes, most of the time, available for free download via a bunch of sites. How do you see this?

As I just said, the web is a must in today’s industry. Sites like MySpace, Facebook or Reverbnation are great for promoting music, and they’re free. The only sad thing, as you said, is illegal downloading, which is the main reason people don’t buy Cds anymore. Fans should be aware that if they do continue so, it is the whole music scene that will disappear. Bands and independent labels won’t be able to afford the costs without revenue.

More scheduled for Stabwound Industries?

Well, as for now, I really don’t know. I am kinda on a hiatus right now. The next Human Carnage Lp will probably be released on SWI, but I am hoping that, at least, I can find a good distribution. I am not signing bands for the moment, I do not have the financial strenght for it.

Back to Human Carnage. How is it going so far for the next album? Will it be similar to the Ep?

‘’Dead Eyes Open’’ is our working title, and will probably stand. We already have songs that are finished, other that we are still working on arrangements. Our way of writing has changed if you compare it to the Ep; we now try to find a main ‘’theme’’, then work around it. We’ve been influenced a lot by classical music lately; Bartök, Beethoven, Wagner, Hölst…these composers have a huge influence on how we arrange our songs now. I would say that our new stuff is much heavier and technical in a way, so it will definitely blow ‘’Feast Of Darkness’’!!

Musically, the band has changed a lot since the old days. Is there something left from the old crust tunes?

‘’Sang Espoir’’ (the first Lp) was released in 2003, and only Dan and Dave remain from this line-up. We now definitely don’t sound like it, that’s for sure. Maybe someday we will play one or two songs from it live, I don’t know, but for now, we prefer to concentrate on our new stuff. There is probably a little influence left of it in Dan and Dave’s playing.

You had many line-up changes in the past years. Ever though of restarting under a new moniker?

You should’ve ask this one to Napalm Death!! No, seriously, you rarely see bands having the same line-up unchanged since their beginnings. I think it is inevitable in a way; as a band evolves, there is often some members who will diverge from the new direction the band takes. Our line-up is stable since almost 2 years now, and hope it still will be for years to come. As for the band name, I don’t think the original members ever thought about changing it.

How solid is your structure now? Can something hold you back yet?

We have developed a strong musicianship together, you can feel it in our live performances, as well as in the rehearsal room. We all know each other well, our habilities and weakenesses…And it gets stronger as we go on, so…The only thing that could hold us back would be ourselves I think, if we try to do more than asked.

What is the fascination in spending lots of time and money, permanent rehearsing and doing shows in front of, sometimes, 10/15 drunk freaks? What motivates you?

First of all, we do it for the love of music. You have to be passionate about what you do. Some spend lots of time and money in other hobbies; collecting old cars, scubba diving and so on…Our motivation comes from the pleasure we have playing music, and even if there is 15 or 1500 people in front of us, we will always give the best we have. It doesn’t matter to us.

Every member has his own musical background. Does it make the band more creative or can it be hindering at times?

I think it is a good thing to have different influences. It gives the band its own identity. Each members’ experience is a plus for us. If this makes us more creative, well, I really don’t know, but if I look at the way we are working now, it sure ain’t hindering at all.

Are you always full-motivated or would you like to pack it all sometimes?

As in everyday life, you have your ups and downs. Financial issues would be the most demoralizing thing I’d say. But you have to stick to your guns, every negative experience just gets you stronger in the end.

Where do you see Human Carnage in 10 years? On the fast lane or stuck in the traffic?

Hope we will still be there in 10 years, although I’ll be 47 at the time!! As long as we have fun doing this, I don’t see any reason to stop. And if we can get more exposure and recognition in the future, it will be great for sure. But, you know, we all have our day lives, work and/or school, some have kids, so, it’s hard to say.

Any last words?

Well, thanx a lot Jörg for the interview. Long live to Fatal Grind!! Keep supporting the underground scene. Everyone interested in Human Carnage, just drop us a line, it will be a pleasure for us to write you back. Cheers and take care.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


...and no one played the guitar!! Check out this bassguitar thunderclap from Nuremberg / Germany! I have talked with Sabine and she gave me all important details about her unusual Death Metal band. So hold your ears and eyes open for them!

Hi Sabine, how are you? 12 years in music and not on my screen? How is this possible? Are you playing only at Christkind market?

We played the first 6 years with Andabata mainly in Saarland and Rheinland-Pfalz. In the year 2003 we moved to Nuremberg. But we are not only on the road in Bavarian. For example we’ve played already gigs in Berlin. So, there were many possibilities to get to know our music.

Are there no guitars in Nuremberg? Maybe you need some emergency supplies from East Germany!

There a many good guitar players in Nuremberg, but we don’t need one.

Seriousely, what is behind it to play with 2 bassguitars instead of a guitar? Was it maybe something like a workaround?

No, it was nothing like a workaround. Andabata was planed from the first beginning as a band only with basses without guitars. And it works really good. It sounds deep and aggressive, just like it have to.

Who operates it technically? How do you fill the empty spaces? How do you make this sound?

What empty spaces do you mean? We have a lead-bassguitar and a rhythm-bassguitar. Carsten – he is the lead-bass-player – plays with a extreme distortion. My part is the clean rhythm bass. So it works like in any other three man/ woman band with only one guitar, bass and drum.

Give me an short overview about the band!

Andabata was founded in 1997 by Carsten as a one-man-project. 1998 he recorded the first CD “The Door To The Other Side”. Since 2000 we are a complete Band. Between several gigs we recorded in 2002 the second CD “Never Ending War”. As I said before we moved in 2003 to Nuremberg/ Bavaria. Here we had to start from the beginning with new musicians. With the new lineup we published in the year 2006 “Bloody Screams”. Because of the new members the CD is faster and more extreme then the others was before.

Your last album was released in 2006. What happened since then?

Since 2006 we have played many gigs and we were working on new songs. By now we have all songs for a new album written. So we just started with the preparations for it. In a few weeks we will begin with the recordings. We hope the CD will be done in 2010.

Your band has some member changes to list. Is Carsten such a complicated guy that they all left the ship hastily?

I think hastily is the wrong word. Some of the musicians (like me for example) were a long time in the band. There are many different reasons, why they left the band: time, family, health. Only few were kicked out, because of their attitude to the band and their work on it.
Not least there was the move from Saarland to Bavarian (nearly 400 km), so we had to replace all other musicians.

Are permanent staff changings a career brake?

It’s difficult because you have to start every time nearly from the beginning. The new musicians have to learn the songs. So you lose some time in the practice room, before you can go on stage again. And it takes some time until you are really a team again.

Have you got some money left to produce a new album? And will you pay something for the cover this time? Or let you crochet it from a one armed Indian under water with his ass?

From the sale of the last CDs (the first one is nearly sold-out!) and the proceed of the concerts we will finance the next album.
The new cover will be different from the last one. But not because we don’t like the actual one. Every of our CDs has its own style, as you can see in our discography. We like everyone and we’ve got good and bad critics for every. It is just a matter of taste. May be you like our next one.

Seriousely, Who has botched the last? Maybe it is subjective but in a critical point of view it seems it was someone with a big ego!

As I said before it’s really subjective. I like it anyway and I hope even if you don’t like, you will listen to our music and judge afterwards.

How many Doom music of the early days is left in the band? Did Doom become too boring?

I think it’s nothing left from the Doom music. But I still like Doom. It’s not gone because it’s too boring. It was not even a deliberate decision. With every new musician the style of the band changes a little bit. And in the meantime there is a mixture of death and black left.

Tell me about your musical background! Has it changed with the years or are you unimpressed from all the developments in metal around?

No one should be unimpressed from the development. Nothing worse than stagnation. But my main background is the same as a few years ago. Some new bands were added, others I don’t like anymore.

In that merciless overcrowded metal scene; where do you see the band? Is the pressure bigger as in the old days? Or stay you unspoilt of this?

Everything has it’s advantages and it’s disadvantages. Today I think there are more people that likes metal; so there are more potential listeners. But sometimes they are satisfied from the overwhelming number of events, which take place every weekend.
In my opinion pressure is not the right word. When it starts to crush me, I will come to an end.

Are you satisfied with your status or would you like to reach more? How do you see the realistic possibilities for an underground band?

If we would be satisfied there will be stagnation. So we have always new goals to reach: more gigs, bigger gigs or festivals, sell a greater numbers of copies of our CDs…
How I see the possibilities? Mainly you have to be to the right time on the right place.

The press reviewed your music rather different. Can you explain it! I mean they all wanna be impartial!

Can anyone be really impartial? In my opinion not. Music is and was ever a matter of taste. Some of my most loved albums got really bad reviews by the press. In the end everyone has to deicide on his own.

How are you going about criticism?

To tell you the truth nobody is happy about criticism. But we try to remain true to our principles. We play the music we love. We think about every critic and if it’s (in our opinion) justified, we try to change something or to improve our work.

What made ANDABATA to a real neckbreaker in your eyes! What is the special thing with you? Convince me!

First there is our unique sound because of the two bassguitars. Our songs are fast, rough and deep. Listen to our stuff and you will be convinced!

When Carsten played in his other band ENTERA, did he set priorities? Or has he the same ambition in both bands?

Normally Carsten has to answer this question. But in my opinion he has nearly the same ambition in both bands. But Entera has a little advantage, because it’s the “first-born child”.

Last spot is yours!

I invite all metal-heads out there to come to our homepage (, to listen to our music and come to our concerts. It’s worth it to come again and again, because we will publish our fourth album this year. As soon as it’s finished you can hear some stuff on our page.
Stay metal!
Sabine / Andabata