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MONKEY EATING FLESH are a bunch of sickos from the Philippines with a marked preference for brutal slam tunes. No more words needed, check them out! I have talked with singer Miko. (Some answers are maybe a little bit vague, but I don´t want change the interview too much)

Hi Miko, how are you. Do you actually jar on every zines nerves to get a fucking interview, LOL?

Hey bro whats's up!! First i want to thank you for this interview. Your a sweet guy hahahahah! You make our anus horny about this actually. No we don't jar on zines and interviews. I just love reading reviews and interviews of other bands. Well reviews helps us alot because of other people's opinion, we want to hear.Insights to know our own flaws our songs and other stuff. For the interview for the hahahahahhah! LOL.
Give me some details about the band!

Actually MEF started last september 2008, MEF was supposed to be a side project. We all met up our friend's studio and then we decided to form a band. Acutually we didn't ever expect that MEF will be a serious band. Ee also didn't expect to have a split cd. At first we were just playing about MEF until now we're taking it seriously. We are making this songs because of the people that helped us a lot including you hahahahhahah!

As God distributed monikers, you were apparently the last ones in the row. What the hell do you want to tell us about that?

Yes apparently we know that it is not important for us if were in last now. What matter is that we play the music If others don't want our shit we don't care and we'll do whatever that fuck we want
What about your last Split (with SEVERE METASTASIS)! Tell me about it! Are you reaching for the stars with it now?

Oh about our split Mr. SxMx tracks are really fucking brutal I can't say anymore about. I salute him he is a great friend, much respect for him. To Anura Records thanks for realeasing this split we hope someday that we can help them, much respect for them for all the zines, distro. This split of ours many thanks and much respect again we salute you! Thanks also to Mr. Braindrained for the artwork check out his works on his myspace account .
You will appear on a "100 way" split. Make some sense of that? Are you not afraid to get down within the mass?

Oh shit I very much like this! We're not afraid, we intend to reach other bands and to listen to their stuff. It is promotion and it helps hahahaha!
Your drums sound sometimes synthetic to me, that is pretty cool. Was it intended?

Yes. Because we just recorded it on a computer we don't have budget to record real drums, because recording here in the Philippines is so expensive thus if we recorded in a recording studio, the engineers wont even obey our demands. Their lousy people. We rather do it by our self. It's a different feeling when you make your own songs.
You are a pretty young band, what pushed you ahead, when will you sow one´s wild oath?

Yes we know that we're a yound band and we know that we still have to eat pussies to reach the top, only satan knows when to sow one's wild oath.
You describe your music as "Porn – Slam". Is that not foolish? Are you the kind of guys that like making music with their cocks or is it more with a wink?

No its not a foolish genre, because it's a medicine for pervers like us. We are just expressing ourselves through PORN SLAM. We make songs because of horny sluts that we like torture in bed. Its all about anal grinding and cunt hunting most of all the brutality.

It seems you are a very excited band! Is that juvenility or total addiction?

Yes were totally addicted to what were doing. Because many people appreciates this, especially the one's in the scene and in other countries, that's why it's fun to do this shit!
Does classic metal play a roll in the band and for you personally?

Yes, because classic metal is really extreme and most of all the raw quality is fucking blasting our ears. Classic metal is the most appeared theme in the scene. Classic metal it's best theme ever
You are aware there are real musicans with real skills out there beside brutal slam banging! But how serious do you take your music personally?

LOL! I think were part of that real musicians not jus brutal slam barging ogag gago LOL! hahahahhah. Yup we take our music really serious, because we enjoy it, we can express our thoughts in our kind of music.

You must be aware too, that you with this kind of neckbreaking tunes never reach the top of the charts. Do you mind that brutal music is underrated in the publicity?

Yes, we're aware underrated. Only a few people really appreciate the brutal scene, we know that people who listen to brutal music appreciate the kind of music more than anyone else. Thus that as well we can find true musicians and friends

With what do you earn your money? From a music standpoint it is almost impossible in that country isn’t it, therefore you have to bring your own money, LOL.

Yes we need to earn a lot of money, we don't deny it and we are not ashamed of it, what can we even do? We are just less forunate people, we'll do anying for our music just to express ourselves LOL!
The world of music has focused more and more on the internet. Are you afraid for the classic size cd and vinyl? Or do you have a different mentality on the Philippines?

No were not afraid because mainly you can do anying over the internet, maybe someday music cd's aren't that important, mainly you'll only be noticed if your in the internet.
Do you ask yourself sometimes who the hell shall buy that vast numbers of releases that run over the market every week? Do you have comprehension of people downloading music for that reason?

Yes were aware of that, many people doesnt want to spend money on cd's, that's why they download a lot of it on the internet. A cd is only useful if you want to collect the bands real cd, most important for all the musicans, nothing else matters.The only hurtful thing is, that only few people buy our cd's, our thoughts are just wasted as well as our music, Only few people appreciates it. That's why only a few people buy cds.
Bands from the Philippines are not the spearhead of the international metalscene! What could be the reason for that? Music? Economy?...

Yes we are aware of that the problem is our economy, only a few people can promote his/her band here on the phillines. Bands, productions, record labels are selfish for their own needs. Actually crab mentall, no cooperation that's why the metal scene here in philippines is not that popular, that is actuallytrue.
Last spot is yours my friend!

First we want to thank you for this interview ,thats means a lot bro, we really appreciated it. Much respect and we salute you alot. Interview more bands. Someday you can come here in the Philippines and we hope you drink, grind bitches and slam with us. For more details about our gigs and info's please visit our Feel free to visit our page for other inquines email us at

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