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Here is a young promising death metal band from the land of the Seneca, Rochester NY.
Their music stands for brutal and technical metal in the vein of SUFFOCATION. The proof for it is their debut Ep “Disintegrated Cognizance” distributed by Sevared Records. I have talked with Owen (drums) about this and that.

“Nur Oh Lep See“ is what stands on your myspace. Is that for quite idiots or is it an elfish language? Seriously, what´s behind it?

Well, we just wanted everyone to know how to pronounce the name. We've heard many different variations of it and wanted to set the record straight.

Tell me about your current six-song EP. Were they originated in one go, or over a longer period?

The demo itself was about a year in the making. We went through some line up changes early on, before playing out and a had a few songs that didn't make it into the album. We took awhile to find the sound we really wanted and allow us to grow on that.

I like the cover, it seems to be the epitome of the band name. Or am I completely wrong?

We really we're pleased with the album cover. I'd say if reflects the music of the demo more so than the band name. The album art is fucked up and so are our songs.

SEVARED Rec. Distributes your EP. Is there a special deal? I mean they are distribute regular demos. Is it a kind of unconditional support?

Sevared was very cool with us. We recorded the album ourselves in Watchmen Studios. Sevared distributed and released the demo. It worked well for what we were trying to do with this album. Just get our sound out there so people can hear and know what we're about.

I have had read the release is limited to 100 hand-numbered copies. As it is available as legal download (what are we talk about right now?) it seems pretty superfluous. Or is it just a good feeling holding a real CD right in your hands?

We allowed the album to be downloaded online for free because in today's internet run world, it is really beneficial to get your music up online. It can allows anyone all over the world to listen in. The idea is that people will hear the music by downloading it and like it enough to buy a CD. And yes, it feels damn good to hold that CD in my hands.

Has been the financial effort beenremunerated afterwards?

After the release we played a few shows with a nice payout, but we were never worried about the cash when we made it. We just wanted to make a brutal album that pushed us as musicians.

With that EP you raise the bar fucking high. Are you not afraid to overreach yourselves for the future?

The thought never passed through our heads. This is just the beginning for us. We are currently writing new material that continues to raise the bar.

Besides brutal parts you use some progressive elements. How does it fit together?

As I mentioned, we took time to really find the sound we wanted to have. It was a long fucking process, but well worth it.

It seems you are absolutely unimpressed from modern sounds like Metalcore or all that new brutal slam shit. How is that possible?

We have taken a stand to all the new shit that is rotting away the modern metal scene. Fuck all those metalcore bands who think they are progressing the genre. Keep it brutal and keep it underground.

Where do snottybrats like you get the brashness to fuck with adults? I mean you are pretty young!

Haha. We are all under 21 except Lewis the vocalist, but we know how to get shit done. If we are at a show, you will see us going off the wall. Metal has been a part of our lives from early on and we're not afraid of "Adults" telling us we can't be a part of the metal scene.

Your songs are legal downloadable everywhere. Can you still handle it or do you loose track of it?

Well the more the merrier. I think it's great that websites from all over the world are posting our album. Keep it up dudes.

Do you believe the downloads to be real chance for the band? What about “conservative” promotion like flyer, advertising and stuff?

The downloads have definitely increased the bands popularity and we will continue to allow downloads in the future. We are still playing shows and pushing flyers. We are waiting on a new design for t-shirts that will be coming soon.

Where do you see your band musically? Is it still upgradable? What influenced and impressed you?

Musically we feel that we are still young and that there is still refining to be done. I mean this is our first release and a demo. We are working to really create some sick new songs and looking to release full length in the distant future. Personal influences for this band have been Suffocation, Decrepit Birth, Gorguts and Ulcerate. Also, None So Vile changed the way I looked at drumming.

How much time do you spend with the band? Is it your focus? I mean you can´t just live from “air and love” only.

Well I am currently in four bands, in school and working as a chef. But Neurolepsy is definitely my main focus over mostly everything else. Especially school.

What connects you with the “old” bands beside the music? Could you comprehend the spirit of optimism of the late 1980s?

If only we had been there in those days. We have some idea as to how people felt back then. We hope to keep up the belief that metal is alive and well. Because it fucking is!

Where will the way of NEUROLEPSY lead? How serious can you expedite it in the future? The pioneering days of Death Metal are finally over. Today it is a stampede
for the last free pastures!

We hope to make our own niche for the future of metal. I see us being around for awhile. We aren't looking to get huge. We just want to make sure that real brutal grinding metal stays alive and kicking ass.

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