Saturday, February 20, 2010


If you shoot someone in the head with a .45 every time you kill somebody, it becomes like your fingerprint, see? But if you strangle one, stab another, and one you cut up, and one you don't, then the police don't know what to do. They think you're four different people. What they really want, what makes their job so much easier, is pattern. What they call a modus operandi. That's Latin. Bet you didn't know any Latin, did you kid? Go for BLACK MARKET BODY PARTS! Go for GrimeCore!

What´s up man. Are you ashamed of your music actually, or why will you to stay anonymous by all means?

We're choosing to remain anonymous essentially to make it hard for the cops to track us down should the shit really hit the fan.

Maybe you hide some perversions behind a good middle – class persona and your neighbours have no clue about the maniacs next door! Or can you proofe the other thing?

Well in middle class Australian suburbia every second house has a nice big garage. Most people keeps cars in their garages - we keep the ladies in ours...

How is the Ep running and what is your opinion about it some time after the release now?

Good man, still enjoy turning up the volume and scaring the shit out of the neighbours.

Was “The Perfect Grime” planned as free download and why? Probably you know theres no money to earn with! Despite that it is for free you have some copies for sell. What sense make it? You will keep it untill it moulders to dust for sure!

We decided ultimately that nowadays everyone's file sharing be it on MySpace or through torrents, so if people want the music they'll download it for free. We thought if we just said "Hey, here's what we got - take it" we'd generate more interest and it seems to have paid off so far. As you mentioned we've got hard copies of 'The Perfect Grime' available to, but online and that's aimed at the real grind enthusiasts. Personally I love holding an actual CD in my hands; the artwork, the packaging and so on. The hard copy is a double disc edition that contains some brutal multimedia art by DeadOnArt that is exclusively available on the hard copy - GET IT!

What about the full length? Will you go the same musically way or is a directional change on the cards?

Our full length album is being written right now and looks to be even more brutal than the EP! Musically we're talking songs that are longer and more experimental with a technical edge along with a few surprises.

By the way, what is your problem with the Valentines Day, LOL? I had a good one!

Valentines Day is a shitty commercial gimmick fed to the public so they spend money on shit they don't need.

Artwork has obviously a central significance in the band! Why?

Art and music go hand in hand. Particularly in the grindcore scene I dig that you need to have a band logo that is unreadable. I rate a grind band on how fucked up their logo is! Lots of bands go for the gory death angle which is cool for them but we choose to go for something slightly different by using pretty girls to hook you sick bastards.

You have got a perdilection for beautiful and mutilated women without pornographic or disgusting topics. Explain it!

Lots of grind bands choose to go for the porn thing, hence the whole pornogrind scene. It's easy to show that shit and get a reaction so we decided to change shit up. The beautiful mutilated girls we use are cool as hell -you know they're pretty but the bitch is missing a fucking hand!! It's funny and fucked up and sexy all at the same time.

You are unusual fixed of wide eyes! What kind of perversion is behind it? Maybe it is time to contact your psychoanalyst!

Haha that's a question I should raise to DeadOnArt - he's one sick fucker who's art never ceases to amaze me. Just when I think he can't get any crazier he proves me wrong.

Why do you hide your insipidness under the guise of art? Even if many pics looking aesthetic the content of the lyrics are ordinary smut, or am I wrong?

Everyone reads into lyrics differently man and they can have lots of different meanings. We don't write about political shit so all we have left is the murder thing and we're good at that shit. You give me a power tool and a sexual act and I'll write you a fucking song about it!

What do you think differs your way of brutal music from all the other lunatic and ungifted bands?

Our style of music is almost entirely digital so that creeps into our sound. We use lots of digital bass frequencies and samples too so all these things combined along with the pitch-shifted vocals kind of makes us what we are. FUCKING GRIMECORE!

What genres do you use to create your unique style? It is more than Grindcore for sure! Tell me about and who came up with the idea?

We dig lots of different styles of music and our varied influences shape our sound. We came together and just laid out what we wanted to hear that we hadn't heard done before. We're big fans of exploitation film and that influence can be found in the sound clips we use along with the lyrics we write. After changing our sound and refining it time after time we finally coined the term 'GRIMECORE'.

What chance do you give your music for the future or does it not play a roll now?

I think we've got alot more music to pump out. We've managed to gather a good strong following so far and it keeps on growing! Heavy music keeps evolving as do fans of heavy music so I guess then idea is to keep developing the sound of BxMxBxP.

You use a legal disclaimer on your myspace? Is this a precaution or did you made some bad experiences in the past?

Yeah the disclaimer is on the page for all to see - we don't want to churn up shit that happened in the past... I'll leave it at that. Essentially it's there to deter people from blaming us if they do any stupid shit.

“Dirtier Than A Whore In A Pig Pen” is your slogan on that side. What wants the say with that, LOL. Don´t you think it is too profane?

Too profane? You ain't seen nothing yet man!

What could you prevail to deal with the womankind more respectful and fairly and to stop your noise?

We've had a great reception from the ladies here at BxMxBxP - the girls love it! If you doubt it have a peek at the pics on MySpace. My suggestion to anyone, male of female, who doesn't like our music is to shut up and fuck off elsewhere. If you don't like it, don't listen to it.

Last spot is yours!

"The Perfect Grime" EP is available for free download at the headquarters of Black Market Body Parts An exclusive double-disc edition is available through PayPal containing graphic imagery for the GRIMECORE enthusiast. Listen to this shit if you dare!!!


Wednesday, February 17, 2010


OBSCURE OATH are a bunch of grinding maniacs and friends of mine. So it is time to give them some space in this blog. And the bass player Alex is my partner in alcoholic excesses as well. So get a move on!

Good morning neighbor. I hope you are aware of forbidden psychedelicsubstances.Why do you still work in The Netherlands actually?

Hey boy, of course I´m aware. Why do you think I´m still working here,ha ha. But I miss the fucking magic mushrooms, the life is relaxed and easy, I have a good time here.

Tell me something about the band! But not the old crap, the current state of play only!

Since 2006 we have a final line up, the "nice boy" Daniel plays the drums, Micha "the chief" plays guitar/vocals, those guys write the music. I play bass and for the rest of the time I do the band business. We play modern death-grindcore and I think it´s just the name for our music.

After so many years there have been various styles and changes in line ups are you grown at last?

The last couple years we have tried different styles of music. It was a terrible time, it was difficult to find good musicians who want to make such kind of music. The trying phase we have left behind, it took more time then we thought. But, the quality of our music has developed. As persons we are still fucking bastards, which have fun in playing extreme music. We will never grow up, rather old.

Has anyone believed in you? Believed that you can accomplish some usable tunes after all that years?

We have seen the band as sideproject, nobody has believed in our band, even we did not believe in it. We just met somewhere, tried to play together and practise some after that we went home. Since Daniel is with us and Micha had worked with him very hard, we think we can accomplish something again.

Give me some details about your new release!

We have a new split-cd with SLAUGHTER OF THE INNOCENTS. Since December 2009 this cd is published from 'Rotten Roll Rex'. It contains 8 tunes. Recorded in the Soundart studio of Alex Lysiakow (DOWN BELOW). This is our first official publishing.

It sounds pretty modern and independent. How have you found that style? Maybe it took some doing?

You know, the last couple years we have tried everything. We were never satisfied with what we tried. We are also not very good musicians, it did not matter much to us. To accomplish something we had to work harder and that is what we have done the last 2 years. After a while we knew that we had found our sound.

You have abstained from your harmonizer (not completely). What was the reason for that decision? Is it the right way after all?

In the beginning we thought that to let our music sound more brutal we need a pitch shifter. After a while this did not fit with our music anymore. We wanted to get away from 'ufta umpa gore-grind' because other bands can do this better. All the newest songs have a bit more playing time and are sung clean.

The recordings were finished long time ago, but Rotten Roll released it only now? Why?

After recording we were looking for different labels. So it took quite a while before we found a label who wanted to make a split cd. Rotten Roll Rex told us to do a split with S.O.T.I.. We had to wait for the other band because they were still recording and some of them got ill and were busy.

Is SLAUGHTER OF THE INNOCENTS really the right split - partner. You would think it would be a popular top seller and the better choice perhaps?

I want to return the question: Which top-seller wants to make a split cd with an unknown band? I have contacted some undergroundbands, but I did not really get an answer. We can cooperate with S.O.T.I. well and that is important.

What about the deal with Marco and RRR. Has he made you rich now? Fits your style in the concept of his gore and porn actually?

Marco ment to say that he liked to try out with different bands. He liked the music and that is why I think that he has choosen us. Look to the other and bigger labels, they also publish different styles of music. Why can a smaller label not do the same. He also wanted to work together with 'normal' people. Haha

Any problems to drive the band steady? Lastly you have to hurdle good distance from Holland to eastern Ger-money!

There is no problem at all. The drummer and gitarist practise regularly together, they send the recorded result to me. Once a month I go to Germany and then we practise together, this works someway. We also have a stand-in for the bass, for when I am not available. The whole band-business-shit I control from Holland. And actually there are no problems.

But it seems you have picked up pace now. Do you think it works? I mean it's a question of time and money? Maybe you have to renounce for Fußball or the things you do, if you visit a match.

We try our best, nowadays when you want to achieve something you have to be better then the others, that is how it works. We have little time and fewer money, but we have the will to achieve something. Fuck you, football is my life, I will never let pas any football game, also not what happens before and what afterwards. Haha I would rather loose my job.

Your drummer is pretty young I think. How do you hold him in the band? I'm sure he wants to run riot instead of fucking around with old farts.

Our drummer is 22 and is head is full of bullshit. But he is a very good drummer. He really made us go forward. He has his own group of friends where he can do is own thing. Everytime I hear bad things about him. Haha. When we are travelling with the band we have a lot of fun. Our gitarist had to make us stop, because in the end something can go wrong,
that's Rock 'n Roll.

You left behind some years of stagnation. What about that time? Was it funny or frustrating? How many times have you wanted to hang it up?

I have had a lot of times doubt if it can go on like this. I am here in Holland, work 6 days a week and the time is flying, without me noticing it. I experienced a lot of crazy things. positive and negative. Oh shit man, you cannot believe it, but I can only tell you in privat. Hang up, I did not dare, in Holland there are funnier things to get yourself in heaven / hell.

The scene moves fucking fast. Can you keep abreast?

Nowadays it is difficult to follow, time is moving fast, when you do not publish a cd once or twice every year, a band will be forgotten. It is not normal what is happening, with so many bands, festivals. There is so many crap, but I believe that quality will carry through.

What influenced you most and how has the development in the scene influenced the band?

A lot of bands have influenced us: Nasum,Haemorrhage,Dying Fetus and Cripple Bastards, to tell you some, also pop and trance. This gave us everytime the mood and fun to go on with our music, even when wanted to give up. The scene develops really good. Everybody can record his own music and you can find every band on the internet, for example: Myspace. I think that we also became more modern, if you look to our music and bandbusiness. I do not want to create half work with our band. Fuck it

Last crap is yours.

Book us for your concert, you won't regret. Thanks for your support.
Greetings to your family.

Cheers & greetings from the hague