Saturday, March 13, 2010


Well kiddies it’s “Ali the great Metallian” (and altar boy) back with yet another interview with “Whoregrinder”, a gore grind band hailing from the snowy mountains of Colorado in a small one horse town called Empire. I’ll be chatting with the drummer, Tony Mayer. Enough with the introduction, lets ask some questions.

Please, introduce yourself what your position in the band is.

Well I am Tony first off my position in the band I would have to say Drummer/Pervert

How did something so heavy come out of the little town of Empire , Colorado ? I mean when I think of these small towns, I think of beers, brats, and lake fishing. Not degenerating gore grind.

Well thats the thing about living in a small town their is not much to do so definitly beers,brats, dedragating grind about fucking pregnant girls in the ass.

So give me some insight to the band. What made you want to to start the band, and who are your influences?

The band actually started out as just kind of a joke side project that me and Dennis were doing aside from Blud Klot. Then we kept talking about it partied with our friends Jeremy and TonyO told them the name we had in mind and they were both in. After that is was on !

I have to ask this. With the whole “more power to the woman” thing we have going on today, I bet you don’t get laid from chicks knowing your in a band named Whoregrinder. If so I bet their ugly chicks huh?

No I would have to say that would be inncorrect. We get laid by women who are just as dirty as us. Of course there are plenty of chics that are anti-whore grinder. Not all women like Too $hort either you know what I mean.

I understand some of you are in other projects… can you elaborate on these?

Me and Dennis started out in Blud Klot which we did for years, now Blud Klot is not active. So we Started Therapist which is Dennis on Drums Me on Guitar and our friend Phil doing vox. Last summer me and TonyO did a noisegrind project with our friend Creepy Chris called Puppys and Kittens.

What has the reaction been to the band? Have you been received well by audiences, or do you have tired and hagard woman fighting at the venue doors at each show to kick your ass?

Its usually a good reaction cause we play with other grind and death metal bands so the crowds are pretty accepting. We have recived some hate mail both on the internet and a local music zine, and one show we played at a local venue called rhinoceropolis there were a bunch of "P.C." kids that hated us

I heard the guitarist suffers from some sort of vanerial disease called, “clito-phobia-ritus”. I understand “clito-phobia-ritus” is…?

After having sex with a fat girl it makes a person completely scared of the opposite sex, and now they are scared of vaginias. Is this true? you would be scared of vaginas too if you ever seen a big hairy syrup soaked roast beef pussy !

When can we plan on hearing some more studio recordings from Whoregrinder? It’s been a while since the last recording hasn’t it?

True its been a while . we are poor.

What do you guys do when your not jammin shows or rehearsing? I heard of a street by the name of Colfax aveue, located in downtown Denver is the main strip for hookers… have you ever visited the staff of Colfax avenue?

We mostly smoke crack and fuck each others grandmothers.

What is on the horizon for Whoregrinder?

Well we are going to continue on writing and jamming playing shows. were going to Portland in September for the Sickness in September fest so that should be awesome other than that just being sleazy assholes

Last crap is yours, spit fourth what you can.

Whore Grinder would just like to say cheers to the true fans of this music thanks for your support and falling out of your mothers cunt and listening to us. We have no plans on quitting this . so hope to party in a city near you . hopfully your sister comes so we can bang her out .

Interview by Chris / ZHB