Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Ali the great metallian back with yet another EXPLOSIVE interview with the humorous, always entertaining and some of the best grind played on this planet… Birdflesh from Sweden.

Please introduce yourself and what is your position in the band?

I am Smattro Ansjovis and I sing and play drums in a band called Birdflesh.

How did you come up with such a whacky name like birdflesh for the band?

When we started the band I wrote down some typical death metal band names on a piece of paper. But when it was time to name the band, Birdflesh was the only name I could remember because I had lost that piece of paper. We thought we could use that name until we found something better. I guess we never did.

You lyrics are basically funny… What made Birdflesh decide to take the extra step of originality? Why not continue in the same vein as all the other grind core bands, singing about politics or gore?

Exactly! Why not do like everyone else? I hate serious and boring lyrics and I have no idea how to write them. It's funnier to write and read crazy and stupid lyrics. It wasn't really our meaning to write these kind of lyrics. It just came from our brains.

And your stage attire, that cracks me up… no one else has the guts to come out dressed up like that. What made you guys decide to dress like the way you do?

It is our former bassplayer's fault. He was a much better musician than me and our guitar player so at our first show he was so embarrassed playing live with us so he wore a mask and pyjamas. It was a great success and on our second show we all wore stupid outfits.

Birdflesh has played the Maryland death fest a few times (located in the USA) why not a US tour as well? Most bands will make tours out of their travel time for Maryland.

It's about being away from families and work. Of course we'd love to tour but so far the time hasn't been right.

What happened to Barbro? What led to his departure from Birdflesh?

Barbro plays guitar in another band and he felt that he couldn't give Birdflesh enough time. It was probably the best thing that could happen to us. Barbro wasn't that into extreme music and he is not a bass player. And his voice sucked. We love him though.

I also understand you are involved in other projects. General Surgery, Jigsore Terror, Etc… Care to elaborate on any of these other projects, or any others?

Right now it's only Birdflesh and General Surgery that I play with. GS has some shows coming up this spring and summer. We will probably start writing new songs later this year. I have also plans doing another album with Jigsore Terror. If there is time of course.

You must be pretty busy since you have so many musical projects… Does it pay well for you, or do you still have to have a full time job when you’re not playing grind core.

I have a full time job. I make signs. You know, with neon lights and stuff. So unfortunately I don't get enough money from my music.

Any plans for a new album in 2010?

We have some new songs ready but I don't think we'll do a new album this year. We havea split with PLF in the works and I hope we will record some new songs soon.

The „farmers wrath”, is there any significance to why you picked a farmer for the theme of your latest CD? Or is it just adding to your humor?

We are from the farmy parts of Sweden. So it was in our nature to use a farmer theme. We get bullied because of our accent and stuff. Especially the guys from General Surgery, they laugh at us and call us farmer boys.

How do you feel about the American music scene? There are some good bands form here, but there is also bands that like to call themselves grindcore, but are really not… (I.E. between the buried and me, bands in that vein)

I don't really care about what bands call their music. I think it's up to the listener to decide what to call it. I know we have a lot of crazy fans over there and we get very good response when we play there. And you havea lot of good bands, yes.

I like to call them lipstick metal… If you had to describe those bands in 3 words, how would you sum it up?

Lipstick metal is a good description. 3 words? Dont. Careabout. Them.

I honestly feel Europe has the better scene in metal music in general… granted we have a few bands, but nothing like Europe… Why do you think us Americans are not able too catch onto that scene. Is there something in the drinking water in Europe that makes every child a grind core musician straight form the womb?

I have no idea. Very good question but I don't know what to say. Maybe it's the weather? We have to sit inside drinking beer and write songs all the time.

Ok, Last crap is yours… maybe contact for fans and merch orders… or maybe use the space to just people hi…

First, a big thanks to you for your support. And to all our american fans, we love you. Cheers!
People can reach us at myspace.com/birdfleshgrind

Interview by Chris / ZHB

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