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Exhale was founded in the summer 2004 by guitarist Johan and drummer Gustav. Since both had been raised with Brutal Truth, Napalm Death, Nasum and similar grindcore-acts they went with the concept "grind is the shit, let´s make some". After a few rehearsals they went to a studio to record some hard grinding tracks. The studio engineer Ulf took place as a vocalist and Karl was brought in to handle the bass. Three tracks were recorded and finally released as "...die inside" in august the 4th. Late 2004 new bass player Johan is added to the lineup.
Spring 2005 Exhale made a bunch of live performances and recorded a full-length album. After trouble with a Spanish label Exhale later signed with Emetic Records to release the album and "PROTOTYPE" was released early 2006. Soon after, Ulf quits and new vocalist Peter joins. After touring Europe in 2006 and touring the US in 2007 the writing of a new album begins. Viktor joins as a second guitarist and quits soon after. Andreas make a try on the axe and proves to be up for the job. After touring Sweden in 2008, the last details of the unnamed album are done and discussions are starting with different labels. Early 2010 Exhale signs to Dark Balance records for the release of the most furious and chaotic grind/death album yet, titled: "BLIND".

Tell me about the band! What is the state of play currently?

We are five regular guys who share a passion for music. Started in -04 and since that evolving into the well-oiled bone-chrushing grinding machine.

To what extent has the stuff been changing and what has influenced the musically orientation? Or was it way clear from the beginning?

We added a new guitarist and got a new singer, this combined with more experience and the will to take the music a step further to what we think is grindcore. In the beginning we didn´t have a real vision of the sound, we just wanted to create some hard grinding music. The sound has developed since the start and will continue to do so.

Many people approach you close to NASUM. Are you bothered about that? Or is it maybe your satiated aim?

We are not bothered about it, and Nasum is not our main influence either. We just want to play fast music and Nasum is the kings of grind so the comparison is inevitable.

I mean musically it's unmistakable. And the can´t get out of this. Beside that comparisons' you have the power to kick yourself forward...I´m sure. Have you got your own identity? Your own special way to feel and live Grindcore?

No it´s true. We took the name from Nasums "Inahle/ Exhale", but we just wanted to play some fast, hard, grindcore and and did not care if the sound was/is similiar to another band.

Tell me about your album "Blind" and the way of production into the studio.

Blind was recorded in the same studio as “Prototype”. It´s recorded by our former singer Ulf Blomberg, and it was recorded in two sessions.

You have some kind of Sunlight sound on that album. Was that in your mind from the beginning or was it blind chance?

I think the Sunlight studiosound is the best you can get. So we tried to get our sound similiar to that audiopicture.

By the way...blind. What do you mean by blind? Blind for what?

People are in general blind to what is happen around them, people have to open their eyes, start to think critical, and questioning their sourrondings. Short said: Dont´ swallow everything you beeing feed with.

One of my faves is "Paperwings". What is it about lyrically?

It´s about having the courage to take a step beyond your comfort zone and broadening your horizon, growing as a person even though there may be a risk involved.

"Fools"is a pretty catchy song. Tell me about who are the fools?

The "fools" are the ones you don´t want to be, the ones that only seek material happiness when there´s so much more to life.

It seems you have a foot in the door of real Swedish Death Metal. Not on the firs look, but if I hear "Turning Blind" I feel some of the spirit of the early days. What means it that for you? Is it just for fun?

Classic Swedish death metal has always been a inspiration for us, but when it comes to writing songs we just do what we feels to do to, if it in the end result in a swedish deathmetal sound then be it.

"Blind" deals with high speed and a lot of aggression. Because that, is it all the important to use some decent heavy parts to go ahead. Or am I wrong?

A mix of fast and heavy parts are necessary to keep the songs dynamic and more interesting to the listener. And the different kinds of riffs and beats also give each other more effect when they are mixed up with different tempos.

Would you say "Blind" is a typical Swedish product? Never thought about having to deal with other influences, other styles? Are you proud about swedish scene?

Yes it probably is since we are coming from Sweden and have the Swedish scene in our blood. We are proud about the Swedish scene, it´s good grindbands that are coming from Sweden like - Nasum, Regurgitate, Saayadina, Arson Project and so on.

Don't you think the running time of "Blind" is a bit too short? Maybe it leads people just to rip it for free from the net instead of buying it?

Those who plan to download the album will do so anyway regardless of how long the runningtime is. Quality can´t be measured in minutes for example: " Reign in blood" is shorter than our album but still worth it´s weight in gold. We could always fill the album with 10 more songs but it wouldn´t be songs where happy with and that wouldn´t be good for anyone.

Is "Blind" something like a follow up to "Prototype". Or were you looking for some "new shoes"?

It´s a follow-up to prototype but what you hear on “Blind” is just the natural development of the band. We wanted to to take the music a Stepp further to next level without losing what we where satisfied with earlier.

Your album has been ready for some months now. What's with the delay? Are you pissed off? Are you disappointed with Shane Embury and Feto Records?

The reason for the dealy was labelbussiness. We had a deal and a releasedate witch didn´t actually result in a release wich of course made us dissapointed at the moment, but Kim of Dark Balance did an amazing job and weré really happy with the result and how everything tourned out in the end.

Is Dark Ballance really the right label now, I meam they deal with a lot of metal, but grind seems to be new ground for them. Does it not play a roll? What do you expect from the label?

DB has done more for us than we expected already. And the label is not the only contact with the world a band got, and we can set up a lot of things ourselfs. Though contacts we´ve established through the years. In any case, DB will defenately keep doing a great job.

Any firm intentions for the near future? Or do you take things as they come?

We are going to do as many shows as possible and record and release new material as soon as possible. We always make plans for the future but sometimes things don´t work out the way we plan. But that´s life.

Last spot is yours!

Thanks for taking time and having interest in Exhale, check out our shows and keep the scene alive!!

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