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UNITED GUTTURAL released the new album from the Transylvanian brutal death metal act NECROVILE, entitled "The Pungency of Carnage" almost one year ago. So let´s see what happened since them. I have talked with Ela/ bassplayer and very busy in her local scene with a lot of other activities.

Hi Ela. You are just coming back from tour with your band NECROVILE. I hope it went great? Tell me about it!

Hello! Yes, it was awesome! We played in Austria @ Apocalyptic Deathfest with Master & more bands, in Sofia (BG) and a few shows in Romania! You can find some photos and videos on my myspace blog profile

Your album "The Pungency of Carnage" was released via United Guttural last year. What did that do for the band?

We've sent the recordings to some labels and got a fast feed-back. We've chosen UG because they have a history in releasing brutal death metal bands like Deaden, Malignancy, Putrid Pile, Lividity, Corpse Fucking Art, Fleshgrind, Cenothaph, bands that have influenced us. It was a big step for us, as an Eastern Europe band to sign with a US label.

How do you see the album today, after almost one year after the release date? Is there something special on it that throws it into sharp relief of the multitudinous mass of yearly releases? I mean for you personally.

I see it is pretty ok for the first album, there is always room for improvement. But for the next one we will pay more attention to details. There are a lot of good bands out there, but we're just doing what we like and not try to copy anyone.

Your songs have a very special "drive" for me. They are brutal, very accomplished and seeming totally un-evaporated. Do you just knock out the songwriting or is it still hard work?

Thanks, the compositions are coming natural, it's not so hard work, we feel in that way.

In what musical tradition do you see the band? Have you found your own identity into the scene?

Brutal death metal, with some technical & melodic stuff. Yes, we're on our way in finding our own personality as a band.

Tell me about your guest appearance with LIVIDITY last year at Obscene Extreme? Was it just a spontaneous thing?

It was spontaneous in a way. I'm a big Lividity fan, musically they are also one of my influences. I met them in Romania before, they are great people! I talked with Dave, and I say "Man, I know to play some Lividity songs, and then Dave says: com'n Ela play with us @ Obscene, it will be fun!" What can I say more: A dream "cum" true!

What about the mandatory OEF festival cd? Did you have to pay for your song on it? United guttural seems to not care about European matters I think.

We decided to pay for the song and not to involve UG in this matter.

When you share the stage with the "big ones" do you get an adequate notice before going up on stage with them? A lot of bands go down fighting in the interlude. Or do I see it too negative?

Playing with bigger bands like Suffocation, Vader, Nile, Grave, Sepultura etc. always motivates us, so we don't have internal band fights. It's quite the opposite, in fact.

Does the band enough puff for a new album? What is the state of play?

Yes, we have 6 new songs, we're already playing a few of them live, and the rest will be finished soon! I hope in 2011 a new album will be out.

Do you see yourself as an exotic bird within the scene? I mean there are a lot of women into it, but it isn't in their domain. What do you think about nonsense like that actually?

I feel I belong to this scene, I'm just comfortable playing live & all that.

You are dancing on several weddings. You are playing in 2 bands and you run a promo agency. Can you give 100 percent on that all every time?

I try to do my best for all. Sometimes I'm really tired because I work a lot, but who cares, if I do what I like it's a pleasure! Also I'm a band manager for a good Romanian progressive death metal band, Illuminati, I write CD & concerts reviews for one of the best Romanian metal site, Metalfan.

Tell me about CLITGORE! Do you take yourself for a ride with all that porn stuff?

Hehe, Clitgore was my idea in 2007 when I tried to do a grindcore band with girls. But I didn't find girls. We begin to play from October 2009, and things are going really fast! We played more than 15 concerts already in three months. All the members play in other bands and have live experience, it's easy to work. Now we're recording our full length album.

What about Necrogore Promotion. Tell me about the staff and your work!

The name is play of words from my bands, "Necro" from Necrovile & "Gore" from Clitgore. I promote usually brutal death metal, gore grind & progressive death metal. When I can, I help some black metal, hardcore and punk bands.
I make once per year Transylvanian Deathfest for death bands, and Undergrind Party for grind bands. I organize shows in the biggest towns from Romania, Cluj-Napoca & Bucharest.

How do you finance your projects? I'm sure you're not getting rich with metal. Have you had enough sometimes?

I have a job like pharmacist. No, metal is just my hobby!

What status has metal been in your country by the young people? Do you have to fight against stereotypes? Does that music get recognition publicity?

Is pretty ok, with goods and bands, but the best fact is that the scene is still alive, and we're keeping it that way.

I think it is hard to gain a foothold in the scene in general, because the mass of new bands is amazing and a lot of them croak without even being heard. What do you think?

Yes is true, there are a lot of good bands, but if it's coming from our hearts the public feels it.

On the other hand it is impossible for the fans to stay on top of things. What is your opinion as fan?

I think that nowadays it's much more easier for the fans to stay in touch with the favorite bands because of the Internet.

Thanks for your time, last spot is yours!

Thanks Jörg for interview & support, hope to see you soon at some beers! Gore greetings to everybody! Support Your Scene, Support Extreme Underground!!!


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