Tuesday, May 18, 2010


UNLEASHED released their 10. album “As Yggdrasil Trembles” this days and again it is a step in new land ...a bit at least. With every album they came up with some kind of progression. And the new one distinguished a lot from the last 2 cd´s. But let´s see what drummer Anders think about!

Congratulations to a new terrific album. What means it to you, is it just another one in the row of good Death Meatl releases or have you any special feelings about it?“

Thanks, great to hear! Of course every release is special and not just another album. This one is our 10th so thats a bit special I guess. But we are extremely happy with how it turned out in any case.

“As Yggdrasil Trembles” sounds more “filigreed”, with a lot of metal solos and
classical metal arrangements, without losing your raw way of Death Metal. The Black Metal arrangements of the last 2 cd´s are almost gone. What made you go that way?

Well I do think it does have a certain black element still. But it may well vary from album to album as they are all written over time and things may take different directions slightly. But as long as there's still the Unleashed Death Metal in the base of it it is the way it should be.

Viking themes mixed with modern ones and personal stuff, fits that together, do you feel connected with your ancients beyond all stereotypes?

Of course there is a connection, it's our past and our history. We write lyrics we feel for and that will never change, regardless of any trends. Just like the music.

Precisely “Courage Today...” seems to be one of that linking. Tell me something about it!

Well its basically a call to arms for all of us who stand for metal music and our way of life.

As a German, who saw your first tours over here in Germany in the early 90's I have to ask this: “Wir kapitulieren niemals” deals with some German sentences. Is this a slap on the back for your German fans?

Sure, thats one way to put it. Although its more than a slap on the back we feel. It's a tribute to our always loyal german fans who have been with us for so long.Bbut in extention it's an equal tribute to all our warriors worldwide.

Lyrically I could read that someone has pissed you off extremely! Could you explain it?

Well the lyrics speak for themselves and who ever feels targeted may well be the intended mark.

“Master Of The Ancient Art” sticks out of the other songs. That could be as well a Motörhead song. This is unbelievablely heavy! Tell me more about it!

Thats a song I like very much! Its got a very cool vibe to it. It is done a bit differently than usual, which shows there's room for progression and other influences without losing the basic sound of the band.

What are your intentions with the DEATH cover. Will you show that UNLEASHED can handle more progressive tunes or were DEATH just a terrific band?

It's a song we've played live on occasion for a while now and we felt it would be cool to record it. It's our tribute to a great band and inspiration, and of course to the memory of the almighty Chuck Schuldiner!

Yggdrasil trembles now, without question. Do you think mankind stands on the edge of destruction? Are we ready for the end and a new dawn? Is that what you wanna say with
that song?

It's definitely one way of interpreting it. The times we're in pretty much answers that question. The bigger question is what will come next...

Today you think about climate warming, you take up the cudgels for straight Christians and you use passages from the Torah. How important is it nowadays to make your fans use their brains. And is it something that you missed in the past?

We're not a preaching band in any way. And how deep one wants to go with the lyrics is each ones choice. But if it does get anyone thinking it's a good thing.

As a Swedish band who arose in the early days of Death Metal you don't use the typical “Sunlight “sound. The sound that made Scandinavian Death Metal famous. Do you do it with purpose or is it just something happened.

We wanted to establish our own sound and go our own way, sure. But the main reason was that we didnt think that sound would really fit what we were doing.

In a time when Death Metal was young, we were delighted about something new, something raw and brutal. Death/Black was close together. Nowadays every band lands in its own drawer. The scene is full of ignorance and aggression. Can you explain that ridiculous development?

It is true the times have changed. But thats inevitable I guess. It's so big with so many bands that it hard to keep things close it seems. And the idea of labeling everything into so many different categories is a bit rediculous I think. But at the same time I still feel there is alot of comradery and union within most of the different styles.

Do you miss the old times? Or do you work with the same energy, the same attitude?

Of course one sometimes likes to reminisce about the old days. Nostalgia is a strong thing. But there's no reason to live in the past, and for sure we feel we have both the same energy and attitude as then. Or more even!

UNLEASHED are close to their fans at every show I saw. Is it just part of a perfect entertaining or does it mean more to you. I remember a drinking horn at your shows in Berlin (Neue Welt), is this still alive?

Yeah thats the way we always did it and always will. We want to incorporate the people at the shows. We would not be there without them and thats important to remember. And yes, the horn is still alive and there at every show.

Thanks a lot for your time, last spot is yours!

Thanks alot for the great interview! Hope to see you all at festivals and shows throughout the year and onwards! Join the battalion! Cheers!
Anders / http://www.unleashed.se/yggdrasil/

Saturday, May 8, 2010


FLESHROT from UK came up with their new album “Traumatic Reconfiguration” via Deepsend Rec. Recently. That one is an amazing blast, unbeliveable complex and brutal, one of the best Death Meatl releases this year so far. I have talked with singer Ben about bits and pieces.

Hi Ben, how are you. You must be damned proud about your new album, it will be hard to beat, even for you. It has a lot of complex, tight structures.

Yeah were all really happy with this release, since the recording (1 year ago now) we have changed lineup so the new guys are REALLY eager to try and better what we have previously recorded!! Look out for a demo/split coming this year!

It has a lot of complex, tight structures. What about your songwriting, I refuse to believe it is so easy!

The way we write is relitively straight forward, each member would go home, write some ideas, tab them or record at home, and just bring the idea in, sometimes its a whole complete song, sometimes its just riffs, but wel all sit there and piece it all together. some of the riffs are pretty tough, and even the guys who originnally wrote them find them difficult still!! But thats what it is all about! Pushing the boundaries!!

Stands it still in some connection to “Gore – A - Holic”, or is FLESHROT a new band today?

Fleshrot is completely new, even since traumatic our sound has progressed, with the new members come new influence, new ideas fresh enthusiasm!! I think the Rot are still to find their "sound" or maybe were destined to be different!?

Are you more grown – up nowadays after a lot of line up changings?

Well the near on 7 years Fleshrot has been rotting has definately reflected on the members, being the only original member left, I find I take things more seriously now, its not just a hobby now, this is my life and i am always striving to get the band noticed. Our lyrical content has grown up alot too, from generic death metal titles like"drowning in menstrual excrement" in 2004 to "Expanding the Void" a song based on the Budhist theory on emptiness or "Dispossessed" a song about accessing the dark corners of the human mind, both on the new album.

Many zines compare “Traumatic Reconfiguration” with bands like CANNIBAL CORPSE, DISGORGE sometimes DERANGED. Is this ok for you or do you take it as an attack on your own identity?

We dont mind being compared to greats such as those bands, but our sound is so diverse we have been compared to old Devourment all the way to new Aborted and Whitechapel, so I dont think anyone can put a label on us just yet!

The first song “ From The Abyss” runs down like oil, it is so unbelievable eclectic. Tell me something about it. And from what is the selection and order of the songs dependent?

This song was the brainchild of ex-Bassist Ash, he wrote the music completely and we all learnt it, me and Ash both colaborated on the lyrics, we wanted a pure thumping rythmic anthem similar to Parasite from the Decomposition of Humanity EP. The lyrics are very loosely based on the concept from the movie Cloverfield, the idea of this massive unknown being emerging from the depths and completely destroying its unfamiliar surroundings, creates an awesome image in my mind, cant wait to get a tee design done inspired by that song!!

Do the brutal and progressive parts fit together? Or is it just a question of right combination?

I think the most important thing about extreme music is diversity, a blast beat isnt "fast" if the whole song is blast beats, a "slam" section wont be heavy if the whole song is basic and mid-paced. by combining technical, fast, slow and even bordering melodic sections I think weve created a reall "interesting" CD to listen to. Its also really important to us that the different parts blend in together, not just different riffs placed in sections ya know?

Are you personally satisfied with the album? Are there some detail on it, that you maybe want to erase again?

I´d love to go back and re do some vocal parts, but I will always say that with anything I release, im my own worst critic, which pushes me to improve I guess. There are other minor editing and mastering things i wouldve changed, but budget and deadline wouldnt allow!

How important are lyrics? Is it embellishment maybe?

I´d say with the older material, the "lyrics" or grunts were just added as another instrument, sounds to fit the gaps maybe, as weve grown and the music has matured, so has the lyrical theme and content, I´d hate to say its now embelishment, I think the vocals add character and depth to our songs, if you read the lyrics in the booklet, they let the listener in on what we were feeling or pissed about when writing the songs.

Which song on it is a real one for live performance? And is there one you will never play/sing on stage?

I´d say the best live song would be “From the Abyss” or “Traumatic Reconfiguration”, we haven´t played “Expanding the Void” or “Oblivion” in ages, so I think we may bring one of those back soon, I dont think there is one we´d NEVER play.

Were you ever drunk on stage, totally wasted without knowing what's going on?

In the older days yes, a few times, but it just led to a messy yet entertaining performance, I missed lines, broke shit, ate glass and dropped the mic all over the place, NEVER AGAIN!! I save the drunkedness for AFTER shows now!

What do you really hate if you are on stage?

I hate stage divers who stay on the stage, and headbang and stand there for recognition, "I´m not being funny bro, get the fuck off the stage!! People arent here to watch some drunk dick headbang, theyre here to enjoy some brutal bands!! Get a band, make some good tunes THEN get on the stage dickhead!!"

What was the most horrifying experience during/after a show?

I´d say letting some fan drink my bottle of tequila not knowing he was on medication for stomach problems, then watching him puke blood and pass out and be taken away by the ambulance! Or the typical power cut, thats the fuckin worst!!

Do you enjoy it every time on stage or do you think sometimes “fuck you all”?

I always enjoy being on stage, whether its in front of 5 or 500 people, but there have been times where some bad shit has happened just before a show and its set the bad mood yaknow?

Who would you like to torture people 24 hours with your music?

HAHAH that´d be the best!! Us metal heads have to put up with the "pop" industries music pumped out 24/7, every store, every TV channel, most radio stations, its EVERYWHERE! so fuck yeah I´d love to torture people with 24/7 ROT!

Does Sex, drugs & rock 'n' roll belong together? True or overrated and obsolete?

Majorly over rated!! Its a sad Cliche, I cant stand drugs, have witnessed friends and family members ruin their lives and even die because of it, fuck that, why glamourise somehting that completely destroys the person you are? Sex is always good to include with metal though! My girl doesnt like metal, but it certainly puts me in the mood and she dont complain!!

As far as I know there is a band in the USA with the same name. What will you do, if they copy write their name tomorrow?

We´re already copywrited back to early 2003, with lryic sheets, music sheets AND recordings, even our myspace was made before theirs, we´ve had words in the past, when we were less established, but I dont see the problem, were signed, their not, were toruing, their not, weve got several releases, they have one self released. were a full time band, their a side project. I really dont have much worries about them.

Last spot is yours!

Well cheers for the interview bro! Make sure you all keep your eyes peeled for the official "Traumatic Reconfiguration" video and keep posted on www.myspace.com/fleshrot for tour dates near you!! THE UK BOYS ARE HERE TO SHOW HOW BRUTALITY IS REALLY DONE!