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DIABOLIC from Tampa Florida are ready to conquer the underworld with their 5. Album “Excisions Of Exorcism”. It is the heaviest and darkest Death Metal album of them so far, I think and I really love it. Therefore I have talked with drummer Aantar Coates. Horns up!

The title of the new album… "EXCISIONS OF EXORCISMS" sounds like a challenge, or am I wrong about that?

Aantar - First I would like to personally thank you for this interview with Fatalgrind!!! Yes you’re right. It's always a challenge when there’s an Excorcism!!! The demon must come out of you to survive. Most Exorcism's don’t work and the body must die.

Tell me something about the new album! Is it what you want?

Aantar - This album is the best Diabolic CD ever. For me I like the fact that we came together as a team and put all the bullshit aside to create this new Diabolic masterpiece. I remember getting a call from Paul and he really wanted to record vocals over the preproduction recordings. Kelly, Jeff ad I recorded 7 songs and the timing was perfect to bring Paul in to hear what the songs would sound like with vocals. After the preproduction was complete we started band practice again. This cd is extra special because Paul had a collapsed lung on the way flying home from the Michigan Death festival, he almost died on the airplane. Paul also stayed in the hospital for 4 weeks recovering. Now he's back and ready to tour.
This cd is exactly what I wanted!!! The music, artwork, production are totally crushing and over the top! Deathgasm records and Salem Rose worked very hard to make this release happen in timely manner. I am just happy the cd is complete and now our loyal fans will hear the long awaited new Diabolic cd "EXCISIONS OF EXORCISMS".

You have done a great job in several ways. How did you get that powerful sound? What kind of equipment do you use?

Aantar- I use ddrum Inferno drums, ddrum 4 and triggers DDRUM has had a reputation for producing very reliable, great sounding drum modules. The DDRUM 4 triggers superbly and sounds very realistic. Their headquarters are here in Tampa Florida 3 minutes from my house. Crown amplifications, JBL monitors Paul also uses Dean Razorback basses and Ampeg gear. Kelly has almost every kind of guitar, too many to list. Kelly insisted that we keep the Mesa Boogie Triple Rectfier guitar sound. Kelly used his Jackson Kelly U.S. series guitar on the new cd "EXCISIONS OF EXORCISMS". He’s amazing!!! Guitar’ We have kept the guitar sound and tune to C!!!

One of your trademarks you have is heavy, dark and blasphemous riffs. Is it easy to clarify metal?

Aantar- The object is to write evil sounding songs before the lyrics. I am influenced by old horror movie music. Movies like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Phantasm and of course The Exorcist movie really has killer soundtrack music. It’s in my blood to write this style of music. Kelly and Jeff are my guitar heroes’ lol. I just wish we had more time to work as a team. We all work day jobs and I don’t always see them like back in the days when we had a band house.

What about the work for that album, specifically in the studio. Party or hard graft?

Aantar- It was awesome team work. I called Punchy and told him we were ready to record and it was perfect timing because he's a very busy tour manager for Nile. We take the studio very seriously because it’s costing us money. Jeff and Kelly recorded guitar scratch tracks when I recorded my drums.

What do you think is the main difference of "EXCISIONS..."in comparison to your last 4 releases? Or follows it the same way as ever?

Aantar - The line up is different. I’ve never worked with Jeff and Kelly in the studio. Kelly and Jeff recorded the lead guitars tracks at Kelly's house with no time limit so the cd came out way better than being recorded in the studio rushing thru to save money.

You prefer well structured and comprehensible songwriting compared with the progressive way of other bands. Do you love the straight and classic

Aantar – Yes, because if the song is too technical then playing it live is not so amazing and can lose the fans interest. It's always good to challenge yourself and try new ideas.

The album sounds like a product of the early 90ths, the hay day of real Death Metal. It seems the ravages of time don’t touch you. Do you still live in that glory times musically?

Aantar - I started playing in 1986 after I saw Slayer on their Reign in Blood tour. My biggest influence will always be bands like Possessed, Slayer, early Metallica and of course early Sodom, Destruction, Kreator, Celtic Frost and Bathory.

There are so many new tendencies in the scene during the last years. How can you stay so unimpressed of all that development?

Aantar – New bands have their own style and are influenced by other bands.

Tell me about the tour with CANNIBAL CORPSE! You have joined the tour in the last minute. Do you have enough time being so spontaneous?

Aantar - We were very fortunate that they called us. We played 4 shows up the east coast all the way to Long Island New York. Every show was packed full of people or sold out. Just like back in 2000. It was awesome! It really gave us a new hope for the band. The fans where really cool to see again after so many years.

Do you feel the same energy on stage than the early days? Or has anything changed?

Aantar - Yes we do feel the same energy. We are extremely intense when we play we become possessed by the unholy deathmetal that we play. We take what we do very seriously and we are lucky that Cannibal Corpse see that.

Your line up was often volatile. I think it must be obstructive for the development of a band, is not it?

Aantar - Yes it is. Not all bands can keep the same lineup. The important key is getting along with the members and having a high level of respect for one another.
If I’m not wrong yourself have left the band temporary. What leads you to come back?
Aantar - The fans and the music! The fans kept writing me and telling me they saw us play live and how they loved the band. So I took over the trademark and started to work on the Possessed by Death ep. Now that Brian Malone and I are friends again I just want to keep the band going. Sometimes I’ll be having a bad day and fans write to me with there support. It’s really good feeling when going thru hard times to have the support of the fans.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but your music stays mostly close to MORBID ANGEL or DEICIDE. Do you mind that comparison? Maybe you get it a lot?

Aantar - I think we are a cross between Possessed and Terrorizer. Don’t forget I played in Exmortis back in 1987. I don’t have a problem being compared to Morbid Angel and Deicide.

What about the reactions about the band in the past? What is worse, ignorance or criticism?

Aantar - Ignorance leads to criticism... if people know what’s really going on they wouldn’t be so critical. I don’t understand people that don’t play music or have a band. Why they write there negative opinion’s maybe they like to write shit, or maybe they are jealous that we have a talent that they don’t.

I am going to confront you on a couple questions… I going to name some albums and you name me your first choice over the other album and you
try to explain it
POSSESSED - 7 Churches vs. MOTÖRHEAD – Orgasmatron
OBITUARY – Slowly we rot vs. SEPULTURA – Schizophrenia
SUFFOCATION – Breeding the Spawn vs. PESTILENCE – Consuming Impulse

Aantar – Possessed – 7 Churches because they are my favorite death metal band of all time. I can’t pick OBITUARY – Slowly we rot vs. SEPULTURA – Schizophrenia because I saw them both live here in Tampa on tour and those albums are the just totally awesome!!! I love Consuming Impulse and have much respect for Suffocation. I prefer Martin Van Drunen's vocal style.

Last spot is yours.

Thanks for the interview stay brutal and keep head banging at Blasphemous Speeds!!!

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