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INFERIA is one of the “longest serving” brutal Grindacts nowadays. This year they strike back with a new album like an elephant’s blowjob. “No Sperm Shall Be Spared” sounds like a confession of inveterate steady – erection. I have talked with Jani, the leader of the pack.

Hi Jani, I hope you have survived your last trip to Germany. How´d it go?

Hello Jörg! First I say thanx for this interview. We played at Death Feast Open Air in Germany, hell yeah it was great fest to play and great people there! Gig was good and everything goes well. We met there lot´s of new fans and older too, yeah.

And how have you survived the last (more than) 20 years as INFERIA? What is left from the original line up? What about the guys that turned off from the band?

It´s been a long time in this scene with INFERIA and it´s been fucking fun. I´ve never thought that I must give up and end this kind of life, no. We have been thought a member changes, if you playing like over 20 years, there could be changes, people do another thing with their life, it is ok, if you don’t like grind anymore, fine. Now we have a line up which is more grind and death than many years. New album out now!

Can you remember the atmosphere of departure of the early days? How was it? What was your initial spark to “raise the axe”?

It´s been so long……there are a lot´s great memories, I think we don’t have the time for all of this, we were angry, hungry and horny.

INFERIA is part of the brutal scene from the beginning but you never became popular like a lot of the early bands. Does that fact annoy you? What do you think is the reason for?

INFERIA, is a pure product of Finnish grindcuntrol since 1989. When we start there was sings for popularity, we got very good reviews and record deal, we did tours, but then came black metal and off course from Finland it is harder to come and play show´s to Germany, Poland… was expensive and difficult. We play our style of music, we don´t change it so much and don’t sell our souls to another…No Sperm Shall Be Spared!

Spawned At The Dawn” was my first touch with INFERIA, tell me about this ep!

It is our first cd and released in 1993, it is done by Invasion Records from Germany and it sold good. We get out copies…yeah. Good time. There is song´s like Lunatics anal Fanatics.

That ep had blown me away that time. From where did you get the balls to play such brutal shit?

Ok, it is brutal shit, then you must get our promo93 it is more brutal than cd, it is fucking great, it think. We find our style almost right away, we want then brutal music, there were thrash metal bands and we didn’t liked that so much. We wanted to be more faster with growling vox , and our line then was good for that, great players and good friend of mine.

It was released by INVASION RECORDS, the label that released CRYPTOPSY´s first album too. How did you come in touch with them? It didn’t well with them at the end, what is your opinion about INVASION?

Cryptopsy? Ouh, I didn’t know that, ok. We sent demos to couple of labels in these day´s and Invasion wrote to us. Seriously, I don’t have a bad things to say about them. They did our cd. We tried to have a deal for a full-length with Invasion but they wanted us to play black metal. I said no.

How naive were you at the beginning and how mature are you today?

Hehehe. As I say, Angry, Hungry and Horny, now I´m just Horny!

Now you are ready with a new album, tell me about it!

“No Sperm Shall be Spared” is the sixth album by Finnish sick of crushing death grind band INFERIA. It is released by Rising Nemesis Records(Germany), Coyote Records(Russia) and Sevared Records(USA).

No Sperm Shall Be Spared features 18 brand new death GRINDCONTROL song´s
Your lyrical themes have not changed I think, always smut! How serious do you take it? Is it too ridiculous sometimes or have you guys really so gigantic cocks?

I know some guys who have a gigantic cocks. We don’t kill girls like Cannibal Corpse, because you never know that you might get laid her again. 20 seconds to the most orgasmic moment of your life.

You have released on yet a different label again, like all times. Why are you so fucking erratic?

Sex is a process, when you get a better deal, I think…..we take it.

What do you think brings the album for the band on the overflowed metal – market?

What? Cunt get no satisfaction?

Have you ever doubted the way of INFERIA in the past 20 years? It was not only heydays I think. Was it a continuous development? Particularly the lineup changes could be a problem for a band, or am I wrong?

No I never thought that, I try to find people to play this kind of music, we have had lot´s of fun and it is fucking great to meet new people on the show and everything, it is not like Erectile Dysfunction. Off course, if you have a lot members changes, it will slow you down, because it takes time to get inside the band. I do song´s a whole time. I have a new song´s ready and our cd is released in June 2010. I try to be creative.

Just the position of the bass player seems to be very vacant. Is the poor bastard with the 4 – string the band – pussy maybe, the guy who has to suffer all time?

Poor bastard, Tatu has been in INFERIA like 5 years now, I hope he had get some 69 Position. He is sixth INFERIA bass player. He is fucking pro!

Are you sometimes terrified if you look back, playing over 20 years in a band, getting grey maybe and still loud and brutal. What do you think about?

No, playing over 20 years in band is been great time. In these older days we don’t tried to be the fastes band all over the world, we never did. Just our style and staying brutal.

How do you see the development of the scene, you as a “veteran” LOL?

Incredible! If you look every scene, more people come to shows, people are moving now again. Fucking great, we are not unsatisfied customers anymore.

Where do you think the band leads in future, what are your wishes for the band?

For sure, I know that we play in Jalometalli festival in Finland, there is Suffocation, Carcass, Destruction…oldies:) We try to play as many gig´s in autumn. Maybe we visit in Portugal too. Waiting now for reviews from our new cd, and news from labels, writing new song´s and drink a couple of beers sometime.

Last spot is yours!

No Sperm Shall Be Spared! Listen our new crushing album! Visit our myspace too. Thank you Jörg for this interview and patience.

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