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The highly anticipated new Full Length CD from one of the Sickest Brutal Death Metal bands from the USA today! This will be their 2nd Full Length CD. Expect nothing but the most Crushing Brutal Death Guttural Death Metal. A must for fans of "Stabwound era" Gorgasm.” This is what their label sez about HUMAN FILLETED and their new album “ Blunt Force Embludgeonment” and I agree without doubt. Therefore I sent a bunch of questions to Kyle Christman (vox/guit). So here is what he has to say!

Hi Kyle, what´s up in “Tippecanoe County. “Blunt Force Embludgeonment“ became a nice killing – machine. Have you celebrated the release appropriately?

Fuck yeah we celebrated! Haha! We celebrate appropriately every time we get together…lol

Give me some details about your band!

Well, it started out as a jam for fun type thing and slowly evolved into what it is today…we have had a couple line up changes(due to the legal system over here, haha) but right now with this release and this line up we wanted to do something a little different than our previous album. I think some of our influences show a bit more in this release too.

If you started as “fun project”, when was the point you began to play?

Well I cant remember exactly, but me and the original guitarist(Ryan Saylor, now 2nd guitarist in Sadichist, also guitarist in Sarcophagy) started jamming with Kevin(drummer) in the early 2000’s…say maybe 2002

Tell me about the origin of the band’s name! How serious do you take yourselves actually?

Well we got offered a show and didn’t have a name…jokingly at first we said Human McFillet(like a fast food sandwich made of people,lol) but we played the show as Human Filleted…the name kinda stuck around here so we didn’t change it, as it seemed people liked it. In my opinion, no brutal death metal band is very seriously taken. If so, we would actually be out chopping bitches up and eating hooker steaks  well, maybe we do…who really knows aside from us????

What about the work and production of the new album?

That’s another thing we did different…we self recorded and produced the album. I recorded the drums with a digital 32 track, then uploaded them into Joeys (guitarist) computer, and we did the rest there. Finally we sent it to Mercenary Digital Studios for mastering. It took some time, but I think for a self done album it turned out well. Kevin did his entire drum tracks in a couple hours on one day. Guitars took a bit longer. Leski (Gorgasm) is here nearly every day so we had him do some vox, and Shawn(Putrid Pile) was here for a show/party so we got some vox from him too.

The new album has new members different from “Hideous Sculptures Of The Dead” from 2008? Where do you see differences?

Well, I do most of the writing so as long as they are capable, they pretty much learn what I write. Sean (bass player) is a different style bassist than Anthony was (who now plays with Sadichist), and Joey has a different approach to leads and rhythms…as well as harmonizing.

What´s your opinion about your debut today?

I still like it. I don’t listen to it hardly ever, but when I do, it brings back good memories. I still think its solid for a first full length.

I really like “Bodily_Liquefaction”, what is it about?

Haha! Bodily Liquefaction is about a killer who puts his victims in sealed tubs, in storage, until they rot to the point of turning into liquid…the point when all solid matter of human remains becomes acidic and turns everything into a sort of slime…and later he returns to the storage units, opens the tubs and harvests the liquid to take home and use as lubrication to pleasure himself, so disgusted by it that he also commits suicide during the act by gunshot to the head.

You use classical Death Metal influences besides brutal stuff and you show your “melodious” side with “Reduced To Pulp”. Are you want to proof that you don´t know limits or are you doing it because you just can?

We just did it because that’s the way the song flowed…instead of writing a riff and saying no, we cant use it, its not brutal…we just decided to use the melodic stuff we write and if it works and fits, then its like a break in the song. Kind of a breather between brutal parts. Hell, Gorgasm is one of our bigger influences, and they use melodic, semi classical riffs a lot as well.

Tell me something about the idea to “Reduced To Pulp”!

Reduced to Pulp is about someone who kills his lover, and later digs her back up to rape and brutally beat the corpse that he is still in love with. It’s a romantic tune. Haha!!

To what extent do the new members participate actively in the band, with songwriting, etc?

As I said before, I write most of the music. But they contribute with ideas and harmonies a lot, whenever I need them to. Joey all of the engineering too, so he played a huge role in this release.

Are you writing your songs just with gut instinct or is it concentrated work too?

Whenever I write it just flows…usually at least half a song at a time. If I have to think about it too hard I just come back later when I can flow more freely.

What are you expecting from the change from Crematorium to Sevared?

Well, Crematorium was great. He took care of us well, anything we asked for. Barrett is sorta the same. Good people. And he has good distro, so our album should be in pretty good circulation.

2 years ago you have released “Packaged Human Meat”, your first records from 2005. Why were they worth being released 3 years later?

Well, we were just offered to release it. We never planned on it. But we had it sitting around, and when we were asked if we would, we figured why not? Its old, bad sounding, different vocalist…but it shows the progress even more I think.

How are you keeping your quality high when other musicians aren’t making any progress?

I don’t know how to answer that really…I mean ours is decent, but there is a lot of amazing stuff out there. I just take everything that is great, and use it as motivation and influence to keep writing.

Are you not afraid that brutal, slam …what ever…music will die any day or allow the scene to find new facets?

Well, I’m sure it will one day slow down…but I hope it doesn’t. I will be a 80 year old man(if I’m alive!) still listening to my favorite death metal cd´s. There will always be that heartbeat from the true lovers of death metal. It’s a form of art and expression. You cant kill that.

Even in the states there are probably 100 000 brutal bands who are playing extreme and brutal music. Does this cut the ground out from under your feet?

No, I believe the good bands that have some sort of originality, and something to offer musically, will stand out as they deserve to. Not saying that we are one of those bands…it’s just that half of the bands are copy cat bands of another. The good ones will stand out on their own I think.

Last Spot is yours!

I want to thank everyone who has shown us any support over the years!!! We appreciate it truly and hope everyone keeps supporting the scene and keeping death metal alive! It’s the most loyal scene out there! Also, please be sure to check out my newest project, SADICHIST http://www.myspace.com/sadichist, featuring Damian Leski of Gorgasm on guitar/vox, Ryan Saylor(ex-HF) on guitar, Anthony Voight(ex-HF) on bass/vox, and me(Kyle Christman) on drums. Thanks a lot for the interview as well bro!! http://www.myspace.com/humanfilleted

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