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INTRORECTALGESTATION aka IRG is one of the most brutal and young bands from UK.
Taking into account that "young" is relative. But for sure they are responsible for an damn murderous musically tempest with their current ep “Hooves Of Human Teeth”, that is out on Amputated Vein records. I have talked with Doug and met an intelligent dude, total dedicated to his music.

Hi, how are you. Your band name speaks volumes! Are you in therapeutic care giving?

Hey Jorg! We're great thanks, hope you are well too! Haha, our band name provokes a number of responses from the sublime to the ridiculous, we generally just shorten it to IRG to save offending our family members! Doug used to be a nursing auxiliary prior to becoming an archaeologist and brutal death metalist - so I guess the band name is quite apt - although we know of no known medical case of a baby actually being born out of an asshole!

How has the band found common ground? Where are you stumbled about each other?

The band formed in the early part of 2007 around a core group of people who knew each other loosely through the Hull metal and hardcore scenes. Through our journey so far, only 2 members of the original band now remain (Doug and Kris), yet the new members who have come into the band - such as Reese from mid 2008 are of course an integral part of the band in addition to the newest members (Ben Southern on guitar and a new bassist soon!) who are of course just as important. The common ground is music and personality compatibility - the desire to write to most intense and kick-ass riffs and songs AND get along.

Tell me about your Ep!

"Hooves of Human Teeth" was recorded during December 2009 and January 2010 with Rob Hobson of Silent City studios (Leeds, UK). The work involved was hard and we waited a long time to get a record label to release the EP as it was. We have always had interest from Masakatsu and Amputated Vein Records, so after over more than a year - our close collaboration with AVR paid off and they released the MCD (which is the 4 song Hooves EP and our 2008 2 song promo) on August 2nd 2010! This is such a big thing for us as we all know who great Amputated Vein are, and all the cool bands that they have released in the past. His distribution is worldwide also, which really helps us to get the band known more around the globe. Our MCD was released on the same date as Cease Of Breeding's new album (also on AVR) - so we now know it as Double Brutality Day!

You have to explain the Ep title! What perverse idea is behind it? This shit is an anatomical impossibility, isn't it?

It appears to be the worst in sexual, surgical, depraved backwoods hillbilly shack debauchery! When you read the lyrics it is clear the story evolves around one person taking one, or several, women apart and reconstructing them in, as you say, an anatomical impossibility, to fulfil a desire which cannot be sated. One can imagine that the person doing this doesn't even know themselves, and is expressing their ego and id through twisted, despicable ways. Reese worked incredibly hard on the lyrics to bring these visions alive with this song and the rest on the MCD also.

The artwork is pretty sick too, in what a deranged brain is it born?

That depraved and dispicable brain belongs to the one and only Tom Bradfield of Infected Disarray and Grindethic Records. Without doubt, he is a very good interpreter of lyrics to fit visual themes and as well as the artwork, we feel that Tom has always been supportive of our band with putting us on shows, and getting us on the Damn and Blast compilation cds from a couple of years ago; he even did the layout for our website. We hold him in very high regard for many aspects - he is a legend and massive pillar in the UK, European and Global Death Metal scene - I don't really think he even knows how much, the humble and friendly man that he is.

Why comes that release now, are you too impatient to wait for a full album or are you too sluggish to write one?

We are confident that the material on the MCD can stand on its own two feet and we are very proud of it. It is a culmination of a couple of years very hard work in many ways, and we feel as though it represents the band in the best possible way at this moment in time. We also wanted to get that material out to the fans who had been waiting for it a looooong time! The songwriting process in IRG is necessarily slow and torturous - for example, it took 5 guys almost 2 months to write and perfect the first 52 seconds of 'Scrotalitarian'. Kris is a consummate percussionist, just as Doug is a egotistical maniac guitarist and these personalities work great together but it is very hard work. With our newer members in the band, we are working hard to write more songs to make a full length album, but with members living in the Hull areas, Leeds, and Preston, it can be a little difficult to get all the band members together in one room to write due to organizational difficulties and personal lives. However, it is going really, really well at the moments and we anticipate that we will be ready to record an albums worth of material in the nest year or so. We feel that it will be worth the wait!

Your label is pretty far away. Do you think that works? What about local companies?

Your question is a very good one Jorg! Amputated Vein approached us initially in late 2009 to release the EP. As you say, AVR is a half a world away! We had thoughts of maybe getting a UK or European label to work with us, but even after sending out the promo and such, most record labels, understandably, wanted a full length release - this was something we did not have at the time, and as mentioned above, we really did want the material on the MCD released 'as it was'. AVR have always been cool to do that and communication with AVR has always been superb. The record label is very well known throughout the death metal scene globally which helps us as a band immeasurably and in the end, we could think of no one better at this moment in time to release our music. With his distribution and reputation being global, we know that our little death metal band from Hull, UK is in the stores in the USA, Europe, Russia and the Far East. We can think of nothing better than that for us.

Your blurb comes up with comparisons to Cryptopsy and Devourment. Do you have the balls to see your music in that way? Is that mixture successful?

Oh yeah, we have the cajones from a musical standpoint. This is not an ego thing for us in any way - we just know that we aren't a bunch of guys who played Green Day or Atreyu cover songs or something then just downtuned and chugged our way into the scene. All the musicians in the band who helped to write the music are so diverse musically that the end product was something that we are all universally proud of - it is something that we will live with forever, so will always be proud of that. The bands mentioned in the promotional blurb are big influences on us musically, so I guess it is more a way of paying homage to that rather than saying 'we are like this!' The Devourment reference is pretty cool right at this moment in time as we had the chance (thanks to Paul McGuire of Cerebral Bore) to play the opening set of the Dead Haggis Death Fest in London, UK recently where Devourment played their first ever UK show! I tell you, seeing those guys for the first time live was sooo incredible - they are the nicest guys you could want to meet, and course they completely slayed live with the whole room being one, big pit!

What is your plan to push to the front of the endless line of brutal death metal bands?

There is no plan for worldwide, brutal domination. Right now there are soooo many good bands out there, better bands than us by far. All we can do is to carry on and write the music that feels right for us. Doug has been playing guitar for nearly 20 years and IRG is the first band that he has been in which has actually gotten anywhere for him, so that is enough - although he is in a kick arse project with Eddie from Infected Disarray called Sorrow of Depletion! Reese has been in a number of well known, underground bands (Reth, Microsleeper). Kris is currently doing percussion for a number of projects, most of which are not death metal related whatsoever. Ben plays with his brother in The Lotus Tree. What we are trying to say, is that we are proud of being in the death metal scene, as that is what is very close to our hearts, but we are certainly not attempting to rise to the top - all we can do is write music that means something to us and if that happens to gel with what everyone else wants to hear then that is incredible and is something we cherish wholeheartedly. Plus, we love being brutal haha!

On the first view your music seems raw and primitive, but that deludes, am I right?

Thank you for that insight! The production on the MCD makes it clear that there is a lot going on musically; it is fast, chaotic in its construction almost, but we are happy with a arrangements and note placement. We made it clear when we were writing that if it was hard to play, as well as enjoyable, then the riffs stay. Even a year or more later, we find playing the music difficult, especially live - but this just spurs us on even more to become better musicians. There was no cheating on the recording with digital wizardry - pure hard work and take after take - we feel it was worth it.

“…lift the bar of UK Death Metal to another level” Do you like it being snooty? Have you guys big balls?

The advertising blurb is just that - advertising. Would you really pick up a CD where the description says 'Here is a standard chug blast chug bree bree death metal bland band'. We wouldn't. We hope, that although the advertising is slightly provocative, that it is also fairly accurate! Of course, we love and support UK death metal to the fullest - the band are still very much underground in nature and without doubt, some of our favourite bands are from the UK also: Infected Disarray, Cerebral Bore, Ingested, Kastrated, Neuroma, Regurgitate Life, Decrepit Womb, Revokation, Embyronic Depravity, Dyscarnate, Bludgeon. These are just a very few, there are many more and we suggest to all our European brethren to check out the UKDM myspace page to hear these bands and many more. Of course, we just mentioned the more underground bands there, but equally, we love the 'bigger' UK bands too, Carcass, Mithras, Napalm, Anaal Nathrakh and so on. In any case, there is a difference to being proud of what we have accomplished so far and being snooty, although we are far from being offended - being British means being snooty, eh? Hahaha!

And why that straight reference to UK Death Metal, when it sounds like Yankee – music? What differs it from UK sound?

An interesting question. We refer to UKDM as we are part of that whole scene inclusively - our friends and peers form this group and the myriad of styles within that take their influences globally of course. We thank you for inferring that our sound is kind of American, many of our favourite bands come from there, and Doug is Canadian by birth so that is good. However, we guess the difference may stem from the fact that the majority of UK death metal bands are heavily urbanised, just like many of the black metal bands also. We hail from a country which used to be a big player globally in history, now we as a country ride on the coat tails of Europe and America politically and financially. It is important to try any keep our own identity within this morass of the global community (a good thing regardless). Whether these are just words or they have more meaning is up to the listener, make your own choice, we are just a band trying hard to make our way in a very busy, friendly and musically competant scene.

Please prove that INTRORECTALGESTATION stands for more than raw noise!

The proof in is the pudding as the Brits would say! On the back of the music, we have been on UK tours with some of our favourite bands, we have undertaken a European tour, we have played shows with bands that we never thought we would have dreamed to have met in real life ever. When people in established, long running death metal bands turn around to us and say 'we like your music' and mean it, that speaks volumes to us. We aren't looking for notoriety, infamy or fame. We aren't looking for money. We are looking for achieving the best in ourselves as musicians - it just so happens that our genre in our hearts is death metal which by its very nature demands the best in techicality, grooviness and, we guess, brutality (such an overused word, but very apt!). To put it bluntly, death metal is just pop music played 4 times as fast, so how can it be noise?

Who of you has to hide his cock behind a black joist on MySpace? Are you island dudes such freaky birds? And why is the joist on the picture so damned long?

Hahahahahahaha! That man is Reese, vocalist for IRG. He WISHES it was that big! The picture is meant of course to be a bit of a joke - there is much humour in the band as laughter makes the world go round. We tried the whole photoshoot where we stood around looking mean and surly, we couldn't pull it off!

Do you see your band as a serious act or is it all just a big fun? Is there a lot of work behind the band?

We are a very serious band who have fun. The music is so serious, we mean every single note, every riff, every drum hit and every vocal pattern - it is all meticulously planned and executed. However, the whole point, for us, of being in a band is to have fun. And man, we have had so much fun so far it is crazy! When the band stops being fun, and becomes 'work' is when we stop. So we try to keep everything as enjoyable as possible while making some of the best music that we can as a group. It took between 2008 and midway through 2010 and a couple of band members to realise the MCD. Much money was spent on rehearsal rooms, much money lost on playing gigs early on, but we don't care about that side of things at all; it is the experience and friends gained which means so much more. In terms of practicality, all the band members have full-time jobs which we actually like, we are lucky in that way. It that sense it makes the band work hard sometimes as there are less hours in the day to do the band stuff than we would like - however, we feel as though we are doing a pretty good job so far.

What makes brutal music so fascinating for yourself? Is it maybe more than music?

I can only speak for myself here (Doug). I am the eldest in the band at 34 (Kris for example is 22 - not that it matters as age means nothing when it comes to music). I got into metal with the 'Big Four' in the late 1980s, but was a classical musician before that. I got into bands such as Carcass, Terrorizer shortly after. I then got into the international punk and hardcore scenes of the 90's loving bands such as Larm, Spazz, Hard to Swallow etc. I take my influences from all those 'scenes' as it were and put them into a melting pot and out come the riffs. Oddly enough, as a guitarist, I take more influence from percussion and vocal patterns than guitars (apart from Morbid Angel, who I worship). All I can say about brutal death metal, is that that is how the music turns out when we write as a group. It is just another label, another tag. It is one I am happy with - although I personally, I just write riffs.

What do you think, how intensive you can conduct your band in future?

With Ben coming in on 2nd guitar and a new bassist in tow, both of whom are very capable musicians and have strong song writing skills, IRG hope to carry on with our tradition of writing very silly and crazy music. The core of the IRG music with Kris and Doug is still strong and we hope to bring all these new influences together with Reese's insane lyrical visions to produce music that we love to play and hopefully people may like? We push forward, we progress, not regress.

Last spot is yours!

Dear Fatalgrind readers,
Keep your hearts and minds open and free from negative and divisive influence. Brutality may open your eyes and ears, but you must learn to see and hear too! You can check the band out at http://introrectalgestation.com and all the usual online places (twittermyfacefuck etc.) or write to us at introrectalgestation@gmail.com. Mega thanks to Amputated Vein for the release of the MCD 'Hooves of Human Teeth' and many thanks also to Jorg for giving us this chance of an interview, you are the man!

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