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"We play fast, we dont care, if you dont like it, fuck you!! We dont care when or where we play, house/basement shows are the best, the slot on the lineup is not important to us because we are there to get pissed and drunk and play fast and harass some whores and have a good time! DIE FOR METAL YOU FREAKS!"
Here we have a loud & chaotic 2 - piece from Oregon with lots of metal in the ass, proclivity for tapes, strange names and a big mouth. You don´t know them? So here is your chance!

Hi, how are you mate. Oregon is the most western extremity of the states, is there anyone who gives a fuck about your music?

Disgustor666 -There’s probably not to many people who give a fuck about it, but there’s allot of chicks who fuck TOO it (our music) haha. We got a few sleazy people who hang around getting drunk that like to watch our live sexxxual assaults.

Just kidding. Tell me something about the band and your musical background! And explain the band name, sounds like you got it while you were drunk and stoned!

Disgustor666 - Well Me and Crystal Seth were walking down to the grocery store late at night, DRUNK, of course! Shoplifted a 6 pack of Mickys Grenades and proceeded to drink them in the park. When suddenly we were distracted by this sexy MILF getting naked in the window across the street. so obviously...we fucked her! And then buried her alive thus being NEKRO DRUNKZ!

Can be a 2 piece be a full value band? Do you miss anything?

Disgustor666 - I don’t understand what your asking here you drunk ass! haha, But being a 2 piece band is badass. Don’t have to wait around for idiot other members to quit banging their ugly girlfriends, or waiting them to come back from the jack shack. Although that’s not entirely true, cause the other asshole in Nekro Drunkz is always at the damn Jack Shack, that bastard!!!

You have got 2 ineffable pseudonyms! What the hell…were they born is Satan´s black lava – hole?

Disgustor666 - There’s too many idiot fags out there playing stupid fucking garbage grind, So our Alcoholic Death Perversion Rape titles are to let all the poser morons that come to our shows that we will STOMP YOUR HEADS!! INVOKE THE BLACK PUSSY BLOOD AND FERMENT IT!!

You release some of your music on tape. Are you lost in nostalgia or have you never heard about cd, mp3 etc?

Disgustor666- ONLY ANALOG IS REAL!!! Tapes live forever, cds do not! They get scratched and in a fit of rage you break ´em in half and stab ´em into the chicks tits behind you at jack In The Box.

Head split Records, where a lot of your stuff appears, that´s you or am I wrong. Tell me about it!

Disgustor666 - Yes that’s our record label, its basically a cassette label, although there will be some disgusting CD's coming out too. Currently were working on a Thrash Metal compilation tape, and also a split tape with Reeker(from Oregon, sick stinky death metal mongoloids), and a full length cassette as well. Eventually we will also have some shit released from our friend Histoplamosis Recs.

You have also some split –releases. What is so special about split´s?

- What’s so special about the splits? Cause its IMPORTANT to have a girl do the splits on her back, otherwise she’s not good enough for me, although I know all you fat nymphos couldn’t do that, so I’ll make an exception for ya! Splits rule cause if people don’t like our shitty side then they can flip it and listen to some other gross crap!

You don´t have a full length by now. Why? You must have enough music for sure!

Disgustor666 - No ones been brave enough to release our shit, so we will put it out ourselves!! We have over 50 songs of Whore Bashing, Drug Use, Drinking, Fucking Sleazy Broads, Fucking Hot Broads, Shitting, Pissing, Yeast Infections, Blowjobs, Murdering People(a must)... well you get the point.

You have got a quite sour statement on myspace “We play fast…” What pissed you off?

- We wrote that biography when we were wasted basically to tell all the slow bands and all the fucking pillow bitten fags in Portland to fuck off and stay away from us.

Is your music maybe an act of defiance because bad cutups and ignorance?

- Absolutely NOT!

How serious do you take that Metal thing?

Disgustor666 - Give Me Metal Or Give Me Death!

Tell me something about your next releases!

Disgustor666 - We have our full length cassette "Submerged In Beer" coming out very soon definitely before the year is over, and have a bunch of other splits lined up to do, were to busy. Whores occupy allot of our time.

Will you leave your local scene any day? Or has it already happen?

Disgustor666 - If we are on the run from the police. There’s a good scene here, Excuciator, Spellcaster, Reeker, Ceremonial Castings, Truculence, Extirpatients, Compulsive Slasher, Heathen Shrine, etc.

Your influences are from OVERKILL, over NIFELHEIM to ANAL BLAST and a billion more. You can´t work up with that range seriously?

Disgustor666 - We listen to TONS of shit. Recently I’ve been listening to
Blasphemy - Fallen Angel Of Doom
Destroyer 666 - Cold Steel... For an Iron Age
Deceased - Luck Of The Corpse
Pungent Stench - Been caught Buttering
The Mentors - Get Up & Die
Fornicator - s/t
Voor - Evil Metal
But yeah the few you listed above are always being played by me!! It still pisses me off the fat drunk asshole Don Decker died.. Anal Blast will always be one of my favorite bands!

What is the fun factor and what is hard work inside the band?

- We always have a badass time wherever we go, if we’re playing, recording, scoping out sluts at the laundry mat, smashing posers or fags with their acoustic guitars. The only hard work we have is boning all your mothers HARD!

You have got a partiality for old school metal, where is it from?

Disgustor666 - Like I said we listen to lots of shit. We rock the shit out of Manowar, Uriah Heep, Deep Purple, Motörhead, Sabbath, Dio, Priest, and lots of obscure shit too.

Tell me something about your other band CEMETERY URN! Is NEKRO DRUNKZ the foil to it?

Disgustor666 - Were not in Cemetery Urn haha. I wish we are, they rule Bloodstorm is a fucking legend, I am a big Bestial Warlust fan!!! We do however play in Cemetery Lust, another sleazy thrashing death band. . Those guys are good friends of ours and we decided to start a band with them, I was actually in the band before Crystal Seth, But Lust needed another guitarist so I hit the bastard up!

My fault.If you could travel back in time for 20 years, what would be the first thing you do?

Disgustor666 - Probably go to all the fucking rad tours that were happing back then.. or just to be able to check out any of the bands that I will never get to see now. Pungent Stench, Impetigo, Vio-Lence, Carnivore, Mentors (with Duce).. although some of my favorites are reforming, Autopsy, Order From Chaos, Repugnat, etc.

Last spot is yours!

Disgustor666 - TIGHT PUSSY YEAH!!

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