Sunday, September 26, 2010


ENTRAILS are the best proof that Swedish old school death metal works until now. As I heard “Tales From The Morgue” first time, I felt a kind of nostalgia into my arthritic knuckles. So give it a listen and support that amazing band! I have talked with Jimmy, the leader of the pack.

Hi Jimmy, how are you. To release an album after 20 years is shit for the Guinessbook man. You must be a patient person!

Hey Jörg. Things are great. I'm working on some new stuff for the moment, but I'll answer your questions.
I'm quite patient, hehe. Better late than never. The story of my band is written on our myspace, very detailed.

Seriously, where have you been in the last 20 years?

After I put Entrails to sleep around the middle 90´s I began racing with cars instead, and didn't play at all for a several years. When I got tired of that I started playing in a small scale again, and bought a new guitar to see if the lust and spirit were still going....
I found my old box deep in the closet with tapes that contained all the old material from the early days. So I started to record some of them again after a few years and when I got to much nostalgia in my life so to speak. And 2009 I decided to make a demo and after that I managed to do one more before the end of the year... and now we are here with a fullength album. hehe

Tell me something about you and your comrades and the idea to re – animate ENTRAILS!

Hmm, I'm just an ordinary guy who lives in the bush and works alot when I don't play music. Mathias Nilsson is an old friend that I found again after 15 years, and he joined the band after a small discussion.
Jocke Svensson got in the band after Mathias recommended him. The same way about Adde Mitroulis. They both play in Birdflesh and some other bands.
The idea to restart the band has always been there, but it wasn't possible until now, because I had not the musicians. It became serious when I signed a record deal with FDA Rekotz. Before that it was just homemade demos for fun. Now we are going to do a small tour in Germany in November. If you miss it you must die!

I hope the songs on “Tales From The Morgue” are more than recycled legacy issues!

Well, all the songs are made from old material, because I have ALOT at home to go through and re-record. But that doesn't make it bad, in my opinion. Great riffs are great riffs, no matter when they were made.

Have you never thought about where the band might be today had ENTRAILS released these songs in the early days of Swedish Death Metal?

Actually, I met my old drummer some year ago and we discussed Entrails and how it should have been today if we had continued playing. We both agreed that we probably wouldn't be sitting in our apartments with shitty jobs today. But what can you do?
We missed the train at that time but hopefully we will catch it this time. hehe

What do you expect from your CD today? The scene has changed in the last 20 years for sure!

That someone will buy it, and that we get some good response. It's not easy to sell alot of albums nowadays, as it were before. But I think metalheads are pretty supportive though.
And that is really important for the bands..

Nevertheless this album is amazing, so please give me some details about it!

Oh thanks alot! It's old material in it's best that I made in the early 90's, that never was released. I found the material a few years ago and decided to re-record it. After releasing two demos, I chose the best songs from those to and recorded them again for the fullength, plus one new song. And I got help from a real drummer this time, and also the legend Dan Swanö to mix it.

“Euthanasia” is a variation of the main theme of the horrorflick “Phantasm.” Why do you like those kinds of stories?

I have always liked horror movies, so it was natural for me to make such sounds. I had alot of fun making it. I like creepy melodies and sounds. If i make a melody everything else comes naturally and it always become pretty cool.. hehe

It seems you are not impressed about much of today’s new kinds of “metal” these – metalcore, deathcore, etc. Why do you walk the old – school way ?

That's correct. I don't care for that kind of music. It's too modern and everything has to be so technical and too melodic like In Flames.
The cliché that everything was better before is something I live up to and believe in 100%.

What will you do in order to prevent the band from splitting up again, like it did the first time?

There's not much I can do, just fill the holes if someone leaves the band. But I don't think anyone will do it, I hope.

The album includes a classic and morbid intro. Who has written that monotone melody and where are the screams and other noises from?

Hehe, I made it quite quickly, because I needed some cool intro, and something that reflected the album cover. I think I managed to do it pretty well. The victims and the zombiekillers want´s to be anonymous, haha.

How do you manage to write songs that have those harsh down-tuned riffs, yet still have melody?

Well, after listening to good old bands like Slayer, Venom, Hellhammer etc, until the death metal came into my life around 1990, I did a mix with all those bands and the death metal bands like Entombed, Nihilist etc, and got the right sound for Entrails. The melody comes along in the mixture between those all influences thru the years of all music I think..

Why is Dan Swanö the best man who could give your music that venerable sound? (stupid question…probably)?

He knows death metal and how it should sound. He has been around since the early days, so no one knows it better. He was the best of the ones that tried to mix the album, of course. No hard decision there.

How many old songs do you have and will they be released at some point?

Wow, I think I have around 15-20 songs left to choose from, before I dig deeper into my box to find more, hehe.

What do you say to people who persist in saying ENTRAILS is a copy of DISMEMBER, CARNAGE and co.?

Well, I can only say thanks and take it as a compliment, because that's how Entrails wanted to sound like in the old days, and still of course.

Tell me about your relationship to Rico and FDA REKOTZ. Why is he the right man to promote ENTRAILS?

A really cool guy that gave us the possibility to release our first album. He has promoted us well and we have reached out more that I thought we would. I'm satisfied with his work. He has also put together a minitour in Germany in November, that will be awesome.
And if you miss it... ITS YOUR PROBLEM. hehe

How important is morbid feeling and deranged lyrics in to the music you play?

It's important, of course. It must be a terrifying and morbid feeling in the lyrics. It goes natural with the music. And play DM without that sort of theme is not very cool.

Is it easy to orient oneself in the scene of today, to find a place for a “new” band? The laws of the marked have changed a lot I think!

Yeah, it's quite difficult. You have to be out playing every weekend to get yourself a name that people remembers. And we will hopefully do more shows later on..

Do you miss the old days? Are the challenges of today different than in the past?

I miss it a little bit. There are so many things I'd do different. But I'm satisfied anyway.
Hard to tell... but sure there a challenges in all kinds of ways I think.

Last spot is yours

Keep buying our album, merchendise and come to our shows in November! We will bring you hell in the shape of Entrails!
A new album is planned, and will be recorded this winter, Hopefully is were you can find us

Only death is real!!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010


After 5 years of waiting DOMINATION THROUGH IMPURITY, a two – piece from Charlotte / North Carolina with preference for disharmonize and brutal, technical tunes, have released their second album “Masochist”. I have talked with Joe Payne and got some interesting details.

Hi Joe, 5 years is a long time. What have you done since the first D.T.I. album?

Hallo und Guten Tag! Well...directly after the release of "Essence of Brutality", I joined Nile on bass for a couple years, then Divine Heresy, also on bass, following my stint with Nile. I also started my more progressive metal band called Pain After Death. With all of these projects going on, I'm sure one can understand my lack of availability to work on our latest album, "Masochist". I wrote a lot of it by recording the songs with a drum machine on my laptop and sending mp3s to my drummer, Jordan Varela, since I was on the road so much.

Now your new opus “Masochist” is released. Was it worth to wait so long?

To me, the wait was worthwhile in the long run. From 2004 when I started writing the album to 2009, when we actually recorded it, I feel I grew a lot as a musician which if the listener pays attention, you can hear the difference in the writing. I think it made for a very versatile album, overall. The real question is: Was it worth the wait for the fans?

You give your fans a money back guarantee if they don´t like it. Are you kidding? I mean you don´t sell vacuum cleaners or cornflakes!

Haha! That was, for the most part, a joke. I'm surprised somebody payed attention to that post, wherever it was online. In reality, if somebody really hated the album and shipped it back to me, I would refund their money because I take such an immense pride in my work and hope others enjoy it as much as I do.

And that offer is not valid in Utah? Could you explain that “nonsense” to a clueless German?

Haha. Once again, a joke. In a lot of offers you hear on American T.V. or the radio, there's always a disclaimer at the end where a guy speaks fast and says the offer isn't valid in certain states. I just picked Utah because nobody gives a fuck about that state. HAHAHA! (just kidding)

So give me some details about the album!

Well, there's a drum solo on the album that I hate, but I let Jordan keep it in there because it was the only spotlight he got because my amazing talents overshadow him throughout the length of the entire album. Haha! When I was recording vocals he wasn't there and I did a jazzy "scat" vocal part accompanied by a trumpet performance over the whole drum solo and emailed him the track. He was pretty pissed off but thought it was ultimately funny. I thought it sounded better that way, but once again, my amazing talent would have supremely overshadowed his drumming, so I took it off. haha. As for the tracking, Jordan recorded his drum parts in about 4 hours with about 2 hours of minor edits. I recorded all stringed instruments in 14 hours for the album because we were at an expensive studio but I got to spend a week on the vocals since I recorded at my friend, Dan Royer's studio (Still Undead Studio).

Are you maybe a masochist a little, because you torture yourself with that complex and technical music? Or are ideas just flowing out of your mind?

Actually, I think mankind in general has a bit of masochism woven within our mental structures. We tend to destroy ourselves in one way or another and we get off on it. Wars, drug abuse, greed, etc. I don't see my writing as masochistic. I think it's more sadistic because my writing is torture for Jordan at times. haha. I do like to push myself and my musical abilities whenever possible and "Masochist" was no exception.

What is the origin of your ideas, and how do you connect progressive disharmonies and brutal tunes?

Generally, I'll come up with ideas from riffs from guitar exercises and from mistakes while working on guitar exercises. Mistakes can sometimes turn into awesome ideas. I always have music playing in my head, also. Sometimes I'll have a riff that I created in my head, maybe subconsciously, and if the riff stays in my head, I'll put it on guitar and make a song. That's how I came up with the main riff in "The Dead Within".

Why do you prefer that kind of music? What about simple, raw and primitive Death Metal?

It might sound weird but I don't really listen to very much metal these days. I listen mostly to classic rock, which is where I get a lot of my ideas, and modern rock. I feel a lot of times that raw, primitive death metal has been done so many times by so many people that it wouldn't be fun for me. I love challenges so I play technical death metal.

Are you looking for musicians to play live? That music has to be on stage!

We are not currently looking for musicians since, for the most part, Domination Through Impurity is a studio band. Who knows, though? Maybe we'll get a tour offer that is too good to turn down and I'll have to assemble a full band, which won't be very hard since Jordan is such a slow drummer and my riffs are easy to play! Ha, ha!

You have had a bass player for some time. Was he overwhelmed with you guys?

Our former bass player, Dan Royer, was 18 when he played with us. We practiced at 6 in the morning usually since that was the only time mine and Jordan's schedule intersected and Dan couldn't keep up with our crazy rehearsal times. Jordan kicked him out then I talked Jordan into letting him back in then Dan didn't show up to the next practice. Ha, ha! He really made me look like an asshole. Dan is still my best friend, though and lead singer in Pain After Death.
It can be an advantage because we don't have to worry other members not being able to keep up with us musically, or schedule-wise but honestly, it is nice to have other ideas and opinions during the creative process as well as other people to help me insult Jordan at practice and tell him how gay he is. Hahaha!!!

How important is sophisticated music within the Death Metal scene? Do you think the fans understand what you want?

If the fans understand what I want, maybe they could tell me! haha. I'm not even quite sure what I want out of this other than to entertain those who find some kind of happiness listening to the music I create. I'm not really sure how to answer the importance of sophisticated music in the Death Metal scene. Sophistication is a matter of perspective and my perspective is a little out of date. I think variety is important in the Death Metal scene. If we all sounded the same, this shit would be boring.

Sometimes I think your music has something futuristic besides the brutal tunes. Does the cover stand for that maybe?

The cover is supposed to represent somebody being taken over by something dark and evil which will make them stronger but will ultimately destroy them. I don't know about the futuristic thing. A lot of people say they don't like the cover but I don't buy albums to sit around and look at the cover all day. I buy albums to hear music.

You have to separate different musical projects. How do you distinguish D.T.I. and DIVINE HERESY musically, for example?

It's pretty easy. The styles are very different. Divine Heresy writing is more "inside the box" and 90 percent of D.T.I. riffs wouldn't fit in the band. If I come up with a riff, I just think about which band it would fit it and build a song accordingly.

What does D.T.I mean to you, just a nice change from the other projects you do or is it in your absolute focus?

D.T.I. is a band where there are no deadlines, no stress outside of playing our instruments, and mostly very fun. It's all about the playing and having fun, not about the bullshit politics that I've had to deal with in the bigger bands I've played in. When money and egos are involved, it becomes a job and loses a lot of the luster. There have been times where I've hated touring and playing music because of fights, politics, percentages, mismanagement, along with a long list of other headaches. D.T.I. is fun and hopefully always will be.

What keeps you going in the scene? What do you like and what pisses you off?

What keeps me going is the fact that I feel like I belong in music. I don't think I only belong in death metal but definitely in heavy music. Also, sometimes I'll hear another badass metal album and I think "Oh yeah? Well look what I can do!" and I release another record. haha. I like the fact that I can inspire people and even relate to them through my writing. People I don't know. I think that's a pretty powerful thing and I can only hope that in my lifetime, I'll be able to see the full extent of whatever impact my musical creations make.

Have we to wait another 5 years for the next blast? Is it maybe question of time to promote the band?

Maybe I'll make the metal scene wait 10 years this time! haha. I'm not really sure how long it will take to write and record the next album. I promise, though it will be worth the wait, or else I'll refund your money personally! (not applicable in France). haha! Danke schön und hoffentlich werde Ich bald Deutschland wieder besuchen.

Last spot is yours!

Crush your enemies. See them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of their women.