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On the first of January FACEBREAKER started to record the new studio album called ”INFECTED”. This time they choose to work together with Jonas Kjellgren at Black Lounge Studios and Peter Tägtgren at ABYSS studios. This is their most brutal and best played album yet, with the intensity and horror that makes them Facebreaker. I have talked with Mika Lagreen about it.

Congratulations to “Infected“, that album includes some unique shit. Tell me something about the incurrence!

Thanx!! We just did what we always do and this time as well it turned out really great. We have some new elements on this album and perhaps some stuff is unique.

Detractors assert you will copy yourself again. What can you hold against it?

All band copy themselves I think otherwise they would not be that special band. Look at Maiden, Entombed or Motörhead to name a few. You can instantly hear what band you are listening to. I am not comparing us to these bands at all that would be ridiculous but you get my point.

I know you don´t like it to be compared with others, but I see no negative facet on it. I´m sure FACEBREAKER has its own irrevocably identity, am I right! Was it a long way to stay where you stay today?

You always get compared with other bands unless you start a new genre. If someone thinks that we sound like some other band then I really don´t give a shit. We are not trying to sound like anybody else, but since we play death metal we have of course been influenced by many other death metal bands. This kind of music is not a new born genre.

I asked this because I want to name some inevitable parallels. You have got a common touch to BOLT THROWER (such as “Mankind Under Siege). How far am I away from the truth?

I think that Bolt Thrower is going to like that song and maybe they even would like to have done it as well hehe. “Mankind Under Siege” is a perfect song that should be performed on a late night festival stage.

Can you explain why this symbiosis of Swedish death and British war machinery works so excellent?

This is something that we love and the combination is just something that came out naturally and not something that we were thinking about that hard.

I also have noticed, that “Cannibalistic” has some peripheral similarities to Illdisposed´s “Submit”. Is it easy to assimilate that kind of groovy attitude into the sound of FACEBREAKER?

"Cannibalistic" is perhaps the grooviest song on the album, it is all about that kind of groove that you mention. As we are not into the new and technical death metal that many new bands play, we do it like this because this is the way we like it to sound ourselves.

How important is it to have a sound that shows you are Swedish?

It is not that important to me at all. If you listen to our albums and compare the sound you might recognize that we have a much more cleaner sound than before. We don´t try to sound old it is just that we play some kind of old school death metal and that’s why it sounds that way.

Is the Swedish Death Metal history actually influential for the band?

Yes it is since we all grew up with it.

Tell me about the title track and its introducing guitar riff. And why have you chosen it as the last song. Is it not a bit stepmotherly?

Although it is the title track we felt that it was not the typical Facebreaker song so it ended up as the last song on the album and what a great way to end “Infected” it is. The intro riff is something that I came up with a long time ago and since the song “Infected” is one of our most melodic songs I thought that a melodic intro would be a great thing. I recorded the intro and showed it to the other guys and they liked it so that’s why we have a intro on that song. Don´t know if we will play the intro ourselves or just let it be a played back intro to the song. Anyways it is going to be really cool to do that song live.

What about the bonus track “The Return” and why did you release a limited digi pack version?

Because we wanted to do something special this time for the Digipack and Vinyl.
The extra song is not some song that we recorded just because we needed to. It is actually the first song that we made for this new album and it stands out from the rest of the songs just because it is so god damn slow and exploding groovy.

Was the work with Jonas Kjellgren and Peter Tägtgren determining for the final result?

I would say yes. The collaboration between Jonas, Peter and Facebreaker turned out to be a great combination. They are really professional guys and they know what knobs to turn in the studio. Facebreaker is also not their typical band they get to the studio so I think that they really enjoyed it and put allot of effort in making it special.

The change from Pulverized to Cyclone Empire opens some doors to make FACEBREAKER more popular, am I right? What are the advantages being on Cyclone Empire?

Cyclone Empire has been acting very professionally from the day that we started to talk about the fact that we wanted to sign with them. I think that we have made the right choice joining Cyclone. This time we will get the proper distribution that we deserve and we will also release it through Metal Blade in US and Canada. That will be a new thing to Facebreaker as well. We have also signed a deal with Sure Shot Worx to do the publishing thing. So we have more behind our backs this time.

After “Dead, Rotten And Hungry” you have left the shadow of the masses and foreshadowed you own. What happened to FACEBREAKER in the last 2 years besides recording a damn cool album?

We did some festival gigs and a European tour. Then we concentrated on making new songs.

Is your musical heaviness, your way of dull and brutal warfare your secret ace in the hole, because no one can avoid that tank.

Hehehe man ….. you have the fieriest questions. Hopefully no one will be able to avoid the Facebreaker tank that we have become. We are heavy just because we can´t do it any other way.

Now, when you hold the finished album in your dead cold hands (LOL) are you absolutely satisfied with it? What chance do you give it in the confusing scene of today?

We are totally satisfied with it and I don´t know at all what people might think of it. If I would rely on the reviews we have gotten so far I might say that we are in for a ride this time. I hope people like it because we have put allot of effort in it, and it would be a shame to let this album go to waste without anybody listening to it.

Do you have another view about the scene with the years? Are you more quiet or more determined or more confident and more hardened or what ever now?

The death metal scene has been finding it´s way back from the dead and I think that we are just right in time to release this epic album Infected. We have done our best album so far, so we are pretty confident about it.

Is FACEBREAKER that kind of band who runs forward with all power or do you see it easy, drifting with time on your side?

To this point we have had some time to do whatever we want besides Facebreaker, but I guess that we take it is more serious now. We have put our foot down with this album and it is time to prove that Death Metal is here to conquer you all.

Last spot is yours!

Well I have nothing more to say than this as always: Keep Supporting death metal or I will come and Kill You !! See ya out there Mainiacs !!
Cheers // M Lagreen

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