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17 years of existence, 9 albums, dedicated to Death Metal without compromises, this is ABOMINANT from Kentucky. I have talked with Mike (vox) and Tim (guit) about their latest release “Where Demons Dwell” So let’s see if demons dwell in Kentucky!

What does a band in Kentucky do besides releasing an album every two years?

Mike - We drink....Alot! We like to do shows in and out of state every few months and a couple fests a year...but most of the thrill of the band is just getting together and coming up with new ideas, and even playing a few covers for fun.

"Where Demons Dwell" is the perfect soundtrack of a post apocalyptic age. Under what influences is it originated?

Tim - Watch the news, read the paper. Mostly World War 2. What perfect way to write an album than base it off war in general.

Tell me something about the work and recording session for the new release!

Mike - We went to a different studio this time. Velocity studios in Cave City, whereas we had done 6 albums in a row at Canyon Studios before this. Turned out to be not only a fresh start for us but ended up being alot less stressful and less expensive than any album in our history.

In compositional regard the songs are tight together. Could discuss one as an example?

Tim - The song "Where Demons Dwell". is really the depth of the human mind, a dark side so sadistic that it has no conscience for humanity at all. I feel all the songs fall to this subject.

My favorite is "Rain Of Ash", tell me something about it!

- I believe that was one of first songs we wrote for this album and one of our favorites still. It has very fast War metal aspects going on as well as a midsection that reminds me of Mercyful Fate. I'm glad you like it!

Is "Where Demons Dwell" just another album of ABOMINANT or is it something special?

Tim - To me it's very special. Me and the guys really came as one when writing W.D.D. All the past material was great but what I brought to the table was much more eye opening to the guys. From the line up changes, I felt we were still feeling each other out like starting the band over again, and now I feel we found our root. We are working well together better than before. This unit works the best and we do it for ourselves.

The riffs of the songs are often similar. Are you not afraid someone could hold it against you?

- Simple is sometimes better than technical. Jim (our drummer) said that to me when I was trying to come up with new material. I was racking my brain out writing riffs that to me really had no flow to them. This time around I decided to let the vox and drums be the forefront of the songs and the guitars be the binding. Of course the riffs are catchy, that’s what I was going for. Some death metal bands you can't tell what they're playing, just a chain saw in the back ground going somewhere.

You are not the guys who make compromises, or am I wrong?

Mike - That’s a positive, ghost rider...In a scene as small and trendy as where we live, we don’t feel the need to change our style to try to be a hit with the Hot Topic kids. After years of playing together, we just have to do what makes us happy, because in the end that is the only thing that is important.

It seems separating Death and Black Metal is not your cup of tea. Could you explain it?

Mike - I think we all listen to both styles to varying degrees of favoritism. Also traditional metal and thrash are in all of our daily intake as well. Personally, after years of listening to mainly death metal, I think it’s nice to see a band like our mix it up, because alot of bands stick to traditional and pretty boring styles that continue for years and years. I don’t see much sense on continuing writing songs if they are all gonna sound the same anyway.

Are your lyrics serious, entertainment or is it that sort of metal thing you just have to do?

Mike - I think they’re all in good fun, but we do have a pretty innate sense of hatred for humans in general. Mike B. seems to pretty good with the lyrics conveying the attitude of the music we play underneath.

Is the musical closeness to a band like VITAL REMAINS comfortable for you?

- Hmmmmm....maybe to some extent. We don’t write songs as long as they do , that’s for sure! I think we enjoy their music but most of our influences may just come from the same place (older death/thrash/black metal) not so much form Vital Remains themselves.

In what tradition do you see the band and where will you go in future?

Mike - Never can tell, and that’s the way we like it! Hopefully, we'll never become too predictable. The war themed fast songs we play now seem to be gelling pretty good. I think we’ve talked about leaning a bit harder on the death metal aspects in the future, but that could change.

You work reliably like a German craftsman. Are you the kind of creative guys who can release an album every 2 years without problems?

Mike - Mostly, we just get along like brothers and like to write new material. I think alot of bands in general have problems with egos or attitudes, and that’s just not the case with us. We all know each other so well, and we try not to step on each others toes too much, be respectful, you know...I think that’s the secret of us staying together this long and continuing to do what we like, is just the fact that we all still really want to be here and move the band forward. I can't imagine my life without the band, and my brothers of metal!

Are you not afraid of stagnation?

- No, not at all. It’s basically to the ears of the beholder. Each album is different than the last and support each other in some aspect in the sum of the same style and influence. Honestly, there is no stagnation in any of our albums and there will never will be. There is alot of death metal bands that are far stagnated that I have reach to other shores to hear something fresh. Hell, sometimes I'll just pull out some good old rock or old thrash albums (Heathen, Dio, Priest) and something there will influence me.

Maybe the possibilities for expanding in a musical way in the Death/Black scene will be exhausted some day. What do you think?

Tim - I feel it will always be there. Unlike screamo bands or At the Gates type bands. They to me follow a trend like US top 20's music; there will something new the next year.

ABOMINANT has not had the same high profile in the DM scene as other some bands. Does that bother you?

Tim - No. We don't do a whole lot of touring, we may do a weekend thing at times but the one thing we all look forward to is getting together and jamming, writing and drinking. But that’s good that we're not in that same profile. I still consider us an underground band. We're defiantly not Cannibal Corpse nor Dimmu Borgir, we are Abominant.

What is the meaning of the underground for you? Maybe it is just a cliché phrase nowadays? Or has it the same meaning as in the past?

- Just trying to keep stuff true and not do what others in the mainstream want. Support other bands, and never give up on your past.

What can we expect in 2 years? Are you good enough to surprise us?

Mike - I would guess we'll still be here, doing what we do and having fun as a Brotherhood of Metal Warriors! We're looking at maybe doing a min cd/ep next year , which we've never done , so you may want to check back for that!

Last spot is yours!

Mike - Just thank you to Fatal Grind for the support and to all our Metal Family worldwide...Metal Above All!

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