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Each serious death metal maniac has to check Germany´s DEFLORATION and their new album “Abused With God’s Blessing” released by WAR ANTHEM RECORDS. I have talked with drummer Christian about the cd and the band in general. Don´t miss these bastards with their brutal gunfire – sound!

Hi, how are you, are you excited to showcase the new album to the crowd?

Hello! Sure, for every band it is an honor and pleasure to release a new album. First reactions are really cool!

Tell me something about “Abused With God’s Blessing” and the work you have put into the studio!

“Abused with Gods blessing” is our fourth full length album and our first release on “War Anthem Records” We recorded it in April 2010 in 10 days in the “Sound Lodge Studios”. The work in the studio was harder than before because we weren’t as prepared as on the other recordings. But with much sweat and patience it became our best record so far.

The title stands for a serious topic, or is it just a gimmick that fits to your music?

No, it is a serious topic decorated with gore and typical Death Metal lyrics. We wrote the new songs for the new album and the topic of Mixa (German ex - bishop,) and abuse of children was in the media. So we thought to make a kind of concept album.

Who came up with the idea and why? Too much yellow press?

The idea came from our vocalist Uwe. And the reason I mentioned in the previous question.

Have you had bad luck as acolytes in your childhood? And what is it about the good old sex, gore and rock´n roll?

No, that’s not the reason. We all had a childhood without church or religious stuff. Mixa was a good topic to do this album at this time. Sex, Gore and Rock’n’Roll is still an actually lifestyle. On Concerts or Open Airs we enjoy this lifestyle every day.

Is provocation a subject into death metal? Actually, I mean outside no one registered brutal music and into the scene we have had all kinds of provocation.

All Metal Bands, Black, Death or Heavy provokes in any way. It’s a part of this music. This starts in the early seventies with Black Sabbath and anno 2010 it’s also a topic. Who wants to see a metal band with white clothes and lyrics about lovely god?

My favorite song is “Mr. Finster”, but is not those kinds of mass murder stories to much stereotype?

Yeah, that’s right in some way! But this belongs to every Brutal Death Metal album and why not also to us. I have to say, it was also one of the first songs for the new album!

How convinced are you about the new one?

In my opinion it is our best album so far. In the past we were too playful and wanted to do more technical songs. This time we wrote a little bit more in the old school vein. More catchiness, straight forward and cause of that more brutality. But that’s a matter of opinion.

Tell me something about the collaboration with WAR ANTHEM, was it a spontaneous decision? How much free space do you have to do what you want?

With WAR ANTHEM we were already in contact for a longer time. Mieze wrote us an email that they are looking for bands and we have a good chance. After our third album with “Remission Records” our contract was finished and so we decided to collect a new experience. Until now we are very satisfied with this cooperation! And I have to say...We have more free space as in the past!

You cover has that usual Death Metal comic style look. Tell me about the artist! Had he had free hand or did you gave him some targets? To be honestly, I like more the older cover art work.

The idea for this Cover Artwork was also created from our vocalist Uwe! He is
the sickest brain in the band! There are different opinions about this artwork. Some like it, some hate it. We think it is a good variety and shocked maximum. The older artworks are still the same. A monster in the background and it seems very computer animated. But they are still good.

What do you think makes your album something special?

That’s a difficult question. But I think Uwe has a really good and deep voice and also the guitar work is very interesting. Surely we didn’t invent death metal but it rocks.

If you draw a comparison to “Necrotic Nightmare”, are you walking the same way?

Absolutely not! “Necrotic Nightmares” was more technical and not so catchy. It was a good CD with a little bit progressive feeling and very good songs. But “Abused With Gods Blessing” was the next logical step.

The reviews seem positive, is not it scary…a bit. Do you think the mags and zines tell their readers always their true opinion?

Why not? What is the advantage for the zine if they lie in a review. We have also reviews which are not so good. But that is normal. I have more the impression that some writers even don’t hear the whole CD....

If anyone reproaches you and tells you that you are close sounding to a band like CANNIBAL CORPSE, I’m sure it is nothing that offended you, am I right?

Never! CANNIBAL CORPSE is one of our greatest influences and we all love them! Also SUFFOCATION! It’s a big honor for us if somebody says it sounds like CANNIBAL CORPSE!

Are the possibilities you have into the death metal exhausted any day, maybe the scene is limited because their own borders?

I don’t know. But Death Metal is still alive since about 20 years. I think and hope it will never die! In the moment Death Metal is really big I think. So many bands around the whole world...great!

How long will you still do that pulp? Until your liver collapses, or your children feeling awkward?

So long we are healthy and have fun with the music, we will do it. At the moment I can’t imagine a life without music. It's so great to visit festivals and wear metal shirts! And my child must hear Metal!

Last spot is yours!

At first ! Thank you for the interview! Metal fans, come to our concerts, buy our new CD “Abused With Gods Blessing and have party with us!
Christian & DEFLORATION /

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