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This is some kind of farewell – interview with Konni (vox) and DESPONDENCY. The band , after 11 years of brutal entertainment, closed the doors now. So let´s see what´s behind that decision!

Hi Konni, how are the last days of DESPONDENCY going?

Hey, we’re fine ,thanks for the Interview!!!We have just played our last show at the Houten Deathfest and it was great . Mike, Patrick, Jochen (Infested-rip-), Jan ”Blastphemer” Benkwitz and me are working on our new Band called “Chapel of Atonement” The Music is pretty heavy maybe a little bit more technical than Despondency but it’s still brutal and fast Deathmetal!!!!!

Your MySpace statement says “it is time to move”, means that, that DESPONDENCY was in stagnation?

That means some of us have to move on in Life, starting a family, getting Kids……

That your drummer has left the band, seems not to be the real reason to quit, it feels more like you use that fact to come to an overdue decision. Or am I wrong?

Well it was the main reason. Dirk and me where the only founding members left so releasing stuff under the name Despondency with only the original singer wouldn’t feel right .But you’re not totally wrong we had other (personal) reasons as well

What prevails, melancholy or pragmatism?

Can’t really answer that question right now coz as I’ve mentioned before three of us are playing together in a new band, it’s even the same rehearsal room and Dirk lives just a few minutes away from me .You should ask me again next year haha.

Is it not true, that this kind of brutal Death Metal with its possibilities to act inside the music, hits its own walls anytime?

It is true even there are a couple of great new bands out there. Unfortunately a lot of bands try to be as fast, guttural, technical as possible nowadays instead of creating a own style.

Has DESPONDENCY to fade from the spotlight because Dirk and you are involved in other bands?

No!!!I’m the only one who’s involved in other bands. Dirk was just playing a few shows for Disavowed in 2006/2007

Are bands like INGURGITATING OBLIVION or GALLERY OF DARKNESS a greater challenge as DESPONDENCY ever could be?

No. Of course IO are playing a way more technical style of Deathmetal than Despondency but I wouldn’t say it was/is more challenging than Despondency. It is just another kind of Music.

What will you miss the most?

Hanging with the boys, touring …..but I’m playing a lot of shows with another German band and we’re also planning to play shows/Tours with Chapel of Atonement .

On MySpace are some wistfully responses. Does it touch you?

Yes of course. I’m thankful for all the kind words and the support and sorry for the people who will miss Despondency.

Is the Houten Death Fest the ultimate end? Have you planed something special? Or do you let it just fade away?

Yes Houten Deathfest was the ultimate end of Despondency. We didn’t had a special show we have just played a couple of old songs we haven’t played for a while.

If you look back a decade, what do you see?

Nothing but great memories!!!

Please describe the enthusiasm of the early days!

Hard to describe a feeling but it was a great time. I’ve founded my first Deathmetal Band 1993 and played in a couple of Death and Blackmetal Bands before I have joined Dirk and Steffen to complete the first line up of Despondency .We’ve played a few local shows and recorded the “Extinction” album. I remember how awesome it was to open for a bigger band and getting good responses from the audience or reading the first reviews in Rock Hard and Metal Hammer Magazine. Also I was totally enthusiastic about the “Womb of Shit” promo because it was probably the sickest and most uncompromising music ever recorded in this part of Germany at that time!!!

After your 2001 ep you have changed your musical style. Was that the point where it all began? Or do I see it in a wrong way?

Mike joined Despondency 2001 and he was pushing us into a more brutal direction.

“God On Acid” your first album was released as a vinyl version too. 500 pieces is a high edition for a young band, how long do you needed to sell them all? Who is the vinyl freak in the band?

Harry from Autopsy Stench/Merciless records wanted to release “God on Acid” on Vinyl and everyone in the Band wanted to have it on Black Gold, don’t know how long we needed to sell them coz we had only 25 copies, but it’s great to have one of your records on vinyl!!!

Can you say you have reaches all with DESPONDENCY that was possible?

Probably not… but at least we’ve recorded a few good songs and played a few good gigs hahaha. I’m proud of what we have reached.

How do you see all that brutal bands and the scene of these days? It must be hard to find his own place?

It is hard!!! Of Course we’ve had our influences but we never wanted to sound like Band XY, I think you can say we had our own sound. I hate all these beatdown slam gurgle MySpace Bands… oh and I hate Deathcore too.

Last spot is yours!

Once again thanks for the interview. Hail the Metal of Death!!!

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