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Founded in late 2004 LIFELESS have been performing ultimate true to the bone traditional Death Metal ever since. Without any fucking compromise!!!
In 2007 LIFELESS recorded their debut album "Beyond the threshold of death" all by themselves. The mastering was done by Vesa Kenttäkumpu from Swedish Death Metal legends EVOCATION. In fall 2009 LIFELESS signed with US based Ibex Moon Records - the label of INCANTATION mastermind John McEntee. "Beyond the threshold of death" was officially re-released world wide on the 8th of June 2010. I have talked with Marc (vox/guit) about bits and pieces.

Hi Marc. Tell me, what connects some guys from NRW with Sweden? Do you like sweet broad, expensive alcohol and barn door high elks?

Hi and thanx for inviting us to do this interview. Well, Death Metal, and especially the Swedish way of playing it, is one (and maybe the most important) of the sounds we grew up with. After the Thrash-era it was a new and even extremer sound. So it was the ultimate soundtrack for the rebellion of kids in the age of 13, ha, ha.

With your logo you show one´s cards before I listened only one tune. How important is authenticity?

Very important. Lifeless was founded supposed to be a band in the vein of the early 1990´s DM bands. Everything should be as authentic as possible. This is our way.

You have your album “ Beyond The Threshold Of Death” single handedly originally back in 2007. How expensive is it without financial support. Does it to pay itself off with only 500 copies?

Finally it is not that expensive. Nowadays you can do a lot of things on your own. I guess we payed about a thousand bucks at all. But it didn´t pay off in a financial way. But that doesn´t matter. We reached a lot of people by having an album out and finally got a deal. That´s pay off enough...

Are there differences between the first version and the new one on IBEX MOON?

Yes. I did a whole new artwork and layout (I´m doing artwork and design services. Watch my art at: and we recorded "Casket Garden" from Dismember as a bonus track.

How does it work with IBEX MOON. Have you any advantages over here in Germany of this deal? Has it helped to push the album a second time?

Working with Ibex Moon is very relaxed and fair. John McEntee is a true Death Metal lunatic and offered us a fair deal with good conditions for a band in our position. He really tries to push us as far as it is possible for him. Unfortunately they have some trouble in conquering the European market. But I guess this problem will soon be fixed. Promotion wise it is definitely an advantage to have a record deal. I don´t know why, but people take your music more serious if you got a deal. Sad but true.

I have had read you don´t want sound too Swedish (besides guitar). I would say attempt failed, or is something wrong with my musical sense?

Well, in the beginning we haven´t thought about sounding Swedish. We just wanted to sound old school. Nowadays we sound totally Swedish and we want that sound wise. But musical wise we offer a lot of early American styled parts too I think.

Are you not afraid to get your sound too close to original Swedish Death Metal of the early days and getting problems with your identity because of that?

This is our identity. We don´t want to re-invent the DM wheel. Our identity is to sound like the early bands. If someone wants to hear a band that has an own and fresh identity he should not listen to Lifeless, ha, ha.

Everywhere I read reviews about LIFELESS they deal with the word “traditional” very fast. But do you see yourself as traditionalist in any way?

Yes. We have been spreading this description by ourselves straight from the start. Traditional Death Metal. This is what you get listening to us.

Do you understand a band like yours or maybe FATALIST like a reminiscence of an bygone time?

Yes. I guess people just remember the pure and raw spirit of the early days. Nowadys most bands just sound polished and almost clinical. Some are even just Pop bands with distorted guitars (NuMetal, Metalcore in parts). That´s not really rebellious. But Metal is rebellion, isn´t it? All is improving up to a certain point. Then people are bored and they remember the origin. That´s quite normal I guess. I still prefer the first outputs like "Left Hand Path" and the like, as well as new outputs in this vein.

Are you able and willing for compromises in any way?

No. Lifeless is traditional DM. No compromise! If one of us wants to play another sound he has to do that in another band.

With “Casket Garden” you have covered one of DISMEMBERs most famous but not necessarily typically songs. Why have you chosen for that one and why doing a cover anyway? I mean your roots are unmistakable?

Well, of course Ibex Moon wanted us to do something special for the re-release. We often played Casket Garden live before, so we decided to record it as bonus track because time was short. It is a very good song I think and our version is even faster and rougher than the original album version of Dismember.

Some (German) online – reviews criticize the album for some kind of indifference. Does that touch you?

The most reviews were really good and even the bad ones were mostly fair. I guess it is a good album but you have to remind that it is quite old now (three years) and that we did almost everything on our own without having much experience. Learning by doing, you know? So, there are things in the song-writing and production that would be handled in another way nowadays. The next album will be more varied music wise and or course the production will be way more professional.

Are we Germans too critical? Do we not see the forest for the trees? Why do Germans always have to nag?

Yes, German music journalists are very critical towards German bands compared to American journalists for instance. That´s sad. Sometimes it seems that in Germany every band has to re-invent the wheel. That´s impossible and not necessary at least. But how says a German saying: "The prophet doesn´t count much in the own country", ha, ha.

What do we find behind the “Threshold Of Death”?

Nothing but the truth! This song is about the victims of spiritual delusion. People lose themselves in religions. But religion means slavery, not spiritual enlightment. Religion is man made rules and traditions. But most people are weak and always need a leader. Especially in a spiritual sense. They sacrifice their lives in hoping for an afterlife. But those who waste their lives to man made lies sold their souls and lost the link to the true inner self. Ironically this is not even the spiritual lore of people like Jesus or others. It is manmade lores. But ignorance is the key to the domination of the mind. Time to wake up.

What happened “Under The Sign Of The Iron Cross”

This one is dedicated to the early days of Death Metal. A lot of bands in this period used the iron cross as a kind of martial symbol (Entombed, Dismember etc.). The lyrics of the song are kind of a martial story in which an unknown force (Death Metal) rose from the underground to fight the superficial (music) world. On the next album will be a song with a similar dedication...

Become songs about war, doom and martial clank of chain a pair of worn out shoes any day? Or will they stay an perfect food for all death metal bands in future?

Well, Death Metal has to deal with extreme lyrics I guess. But in my opinion most lyrics in this genre are too superficial and too trivial often. Metal is rebellion and as an artist you have got the responsibility to spread a massage to change the world in some way by making young people think. I would like to quote Ernst Fischer (an author from Austria) here: "In a decaying society, art, if it is truthful, must also reflect decay. And unless it wants to break faith with its social function, art must show the world as changeable. And help to change it." On our next album we will have got way deeper lyrics too.

To what extent is death metal rooted in your bio before the foundation of LIFELESS?

Of course all of us played in bands before or besides. Daniel (dr.) is also playing in Suffocated Art. Andy and I played in a melodic DM band called Non Divine and Daniel (b.) played in My Own Nemesis. All DM bands in very different ways. But this is our first old school DM band.

When will we get an “real” new album? Any reasons to change some details?

The next album is mostly composed. The recording will start very soon. The new songs are more varied and even more melodic in parts. But still old school to the core of course. We just improved song-writing wise. I guess everybody who likes the first album will love the next one.

What do you think about net – piracy (ripping albums and so on)?

Well, that´s the way it goes. Things change by improving technology. Of course it is quite bad for the business, but the business fucked the people for so many years... I think you have to deal with those changes. But personally I see music becoming a shallow entertainment. For us it was important to get the album, analyze the artwork, read the lyrics and listen to it from the beginning to the end. Now you put one or two songs you like from the net and that´s it often. But I guess it is not that bad in the Metal scene. I love to buy CDs, ha, ha.

Last spot is yours!

Thanx for this interview. To all out there: Never forget that Metal is rebellion! Be critical in this superficial world. Get all information possible and make up your own mind. Time to take a turn for the better.

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