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CEASE OF BREEDING are an violent steam hammer from Greece. They have released their album "Sounds of Disembowelment" late last year and to all of you who have not heard it already, I can recommend it honestly, if you are into brutal death metal. Check this interview and get some interesting details!

Hi Leon, how are you. Tell me something about the band, members and all that boring shit!

Hello and thank you very much for this interview and your rating in the review of "Sounds of Disembowelment".
The band was formed as infernal ritual in 2003 by John and George's brother Tom. Few months later George joined the band as the singer and we had Bill as the drummer. After Tom's departure I joined the band as the bass player in may of 2004 and the name was changed to CEASE OF BREEDING inspired by MALEVOLENT CREATION.
Since then we've had 4 releases (demo, promo, mini-cd, album), a lot of line-up changes and live shows all of Greece and finally in August 2010,our debut album released from Amputated Vein Records, in which we have put our most effort up to date.

Anyway for anyone that's interested in more details, check out our myspace page.

Cease of Breeding are:
Jan -Drums

Give me some details about the album. It lasted almost 8 years to release a full length, why? Are you maintaining Mediterranean comfort?

The album recordings started in Germany at Sounlodge studios were we recorded the drums on January of 2009,all the other instruments were recorded at Massroom studios in Thessaloniki Greece in December of 2009 by Stelios Koslidis who also mixed/mastered the album, I also did additional mixing.
Juanjo Ccastellano did the album cover, we knew him from his "Primal Massacre" work for VOMITORY and we really wanted him to design for us.
After the album was completed the search for a label started and Amputated gave us the best offer so we signed there.
The main reason for the 8 year-delay was the timing and we wanted it to be perfect. Of course we also had 3 releases before that so we weren't in a great hurry.
The first demo in 2004,the promo-cd in 2006 and our m-cd "Expanding the Massacre" in 2007 by Reverb Records, also liveshows all over Greece took place all those years and the most important was as a support act for VADER in Thessaloniki.
Also we delayed the album process a few months in 2009 in order to collect all the money in order to complete it.
We are never in a hurry when it comes to releases. We don't want any pressure in all stages (composition, pre-production, final production).
At the end of the day, the result is the only thing that matters, that’s why we deliver our best work to date and we are satisfied with every aspect of it.

The bass guitar sound got a lot attention. How important is a clear bass sound for your band?

Yes indeed, the bass is really important for our music. First of all it's really basic to have a good bass in every music production no matter what the genre. If you don't have a good bass result then you cannot control all the useful frequencies that comes from the instrument, consequently the production will be fucked up and there will be always something missing from the final result.
Secondly there's no meaning for me, and I think that goes for every bass player that can play his songs, to record your instrument and bury it in the mix.
A lot of bands don't realize these factors and they end up with hardly any bass at all and a weak production because they do not understand that the bass is an important key for a great production.

Instead of innovative reforms you rely on proven brutal tunes. Are you not afraid to become part of the gray mass?

No because we play the music that we feel, We never plan what style of song/album or whatever we are going to make. The "gray mass" that you mention follows the trend no matter if this is brutal death metal, I think we've all saw trends coming on and disappear on the scene.

“The Sight Of…” differs on its end to the rest of your album. Tell me something about!

Yeah it's strongly influenced by IMMOLATION which is one of our favorite bands, it was perfect to use it as an outro for the album, because we've also added a lead guitar that made it sound darker. There are more IMMOLATION parts in other songs but without leads, for example in “5,2 Litres Of Blood” or “Semen Exorcism”. We will include more stuff like that in our second album! The songs that we have ready are faster but also darker than before!

How are you creating the dynamic of your songs?

It's easy to create cool riffs and we only keep the best ones we have, but the most important factor is the song structure. There’s a huge attention when it comes to this, in general we usually have a chorus that's repeating 2/3 times, cool brakes and slow parts in order to avoid boredom etc. We aim to create memorable songs. Of course it's important to try different techniques without repeating the same song structure all the time.
Also we work with preproduction’s so it's easier and better to understand if a song leaves you satisfied as time passes.

Is the running time ok for you? It seems you are not the guys who expand an album with live recordings or cover song

The running time is perfect for us, the 26 minutes is a result of fast bpm speeds, the faster you play the shorter length your songs will have. If we played 40/50 bpms slower then the album will be something like 30/35 minutes. An album is the most important release for every band, so there's no meaning to overload it in order to increase time, it’s cool to add some covers/live tracks and we are open for that, but I don't think we will do that in order to have a bigger cd length.

Your label AMPUTATED VEIN are not neighbors, if you know what I mean. What can they do for you in Europe?

Masakatsu is a great person and he promotes the band very well, for example he had managed an advertisement in Terrorizer Magazine and from what we have seen the album was sold out in 2 distros so the promotion is great. We received 6 label offers in total, we chose Amputated Vein because he gave us the best contract and had great artists in his roster!

The reviews for “Sounds Of Disembowelment” in the net seem to be positive. Do you trust the critics? Do you see your own impressions and intentions in the reviews?

Everyone has an opinion of course, but opinions are based on knowledge and experience, personally I don't mind at all bad reviews but you never know who will review your music, for example we read and extremely funny review when we released our first demo, the reviewer claimed that we play „thrash-grind music with black metal vocals" haha, the music was death metal of course. Think about that again, how can someone that haven't heard death metal and thrash-grind-black review metal music? haha.

Your line up was not consistent all the years. How influenced that fact your progress?

2 previous guitarists(Joan, Sakis)2 previous drummers(Bill, Paul)and 1 previous bass player(Tom) contributed in their way. We have great relationship with everyone and we still hang out. The only influence is that led us to the point to understand that the core members of the band are the 3 of us( George, John and me)
The hardest thing was to find a drummer after Paul because in Greece you don't have a lot of good drummers for this music, and if you find someone then usually he is already playing in 2/3 bands. That's the first reason that we recruited Jan Benkwitz, because he can play our songs really fucking tight.

Tell me something about Jan, is it more than a session episode?

Jan is one of the best extreme drummers in Europe right now, he is truly professional and has amazing skills. He is also a great friend so the cooperation is really amazing! He is in the band, he recorded the album and played live with us in Larissa-Greece as a support act for DESPONDENCY. He will also play for our next live show which is at Inferno festival in Norway along with bands like Immortal, Malevolent Creation, Atheist, Napalm Death, Dodheimsgard, Exhumed, Akercocke and many more. Can't fucking wait for this!

Jan has recorded his drum parts separate from the band in another studio. Is such an method difficult?

Not really, as I mentioned before he is really professional and Soundlodge is a great studio so we didn't have to worry about anything. We work with preproduction’s so it's easier for everyone to communicate and have a great result.

Are you not afraid the press will determine CEASE OF BREEDING with Jans presence and the rest will fade into the background?

Not at all, me and John are the music composers for the band and George writes all the lyrics/vocal parts. so it's a team work CEASE OF BREEDING is a brutal death metal band, not a drum "show-off" or whatever. We also exist many years before Jan joined the band.
Of course it's really natural that he will be the main interest for drummers you know.

What influences are important for the music of CEASE OF BREEDING? Is it easy to start ingenuous in a own project?

SEVERE TORTURE, IMMOLATION, GORGASM and CANNIBAL CORPSE are our main musical influences. We take those as our core influences and then we try to expand it.

There are so many bands in the UG, sometimes I think there are more than there are fans. Can you guarantee that CEASE OF BREEDING will still be playing together in 5 or 10 years? What's your opinion on all the new bands coming out nowadays?

I don't think that anyone can guarantee about anything in 5 years from now, not only for the band but in general. All I know is that we have the will and inspiration to continue and a lot of plans for the future so I believe that we will be active in the next 5/10 years.
The quality of the metal scene is not as good as it used to be 10 or 20 years before, but there are still great bands out there, it’s amazing that metal is still alive after all those years.

The whole international scene is absolutely overcrowded. What do you think qualifies you to get involved?

The combination of energy and inspiration is what CEASE OF BREEDING have to say, this is something that's missing from nowadays music and all the bands that I enjoy have this feeling. Our release is really clean and straight to the point. Pure and extreme brutal death metal. The band expresses our inner self.

I think it is hard to gain a foothold in the scene in general, because the mass of new bands is amazing and a lot of them croak without even being heard. What do you think?

There are positive and negative facts for this factor. First of all older bands created better quality in their music in general, the important history in the scene has already been written.
Secondly of course we have some killer new bands nowadays but things have changed, there is less budget for the bands in general.
Nowadays it's really hard to collect money from sales and usually you have to pay for a tour, which is the main reason we haven't toured yet. For example I saw our album on a random torrent with 450 downloads, that’s great for us because those people listened to the album and know the band, some of them are fans some are not etc.
But on the other hand if we actually had 4500 Euros then we would have definitely be touring right now. The positive thing is that the internet connects the band with the fans easier and much faster than it used to be, it’s also harder for a label to "ban" a band from the press because there are so many webzines nowadays, and it's impossible for a label to stop any communication between the band and the fans. It’s both positive and negative at the same time.

On the other hand it is impossible for the fans to stay on top of things. What is your opinion as fan?

If you find a band that you really enjoy then you are going to follow them, Every new band that I discover or a friend suggests and I like, I'm becoming a fan and support them, buy the merch spread the name etc you know.

Last spot is yours

Thanks for the interview and the review man. We can't wait to perform at Inferno Festival in April! It will be fabulous! We also have a new second guitarist named Alex Bondroit from a killer death metal band called MARGIN OF EXISTENCE - - check them out There will be also a promo-cd recorded in late 2011 including 2 new songs!

Cheers to everyone that supports the band! / Leonidas.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


MORGOTH are back for some open air shows this summer. They will play the following fests over Germany: 0.-12.06, Rock Hard Festival - 23.-25.06, Deathfeast - 04.-06.08, Wacken Open Air - 11.-13.08, Party.San Open Air. I had a little Smalltalk with singer Marc Grewe about it.

Hi Marc, how are you, what about the preparations for the upcoming summer – shows?

Thanx I´m fine, we are rehearsing for the summer shows. Marc Reign (Ex Destruction) is now with us, which is absolutely working out great!

Why will you do that festival – tour and where will you play? Don´t you raise false hope by the fans, because they could think MORGOTH is reformed for a come back?

We got asked by a lot of fans for this...also from younger kids how did not have to see and hear the band live.

Can you get over the fact, that the fans would not go the same way with MORGOTH with an release like “Feel Sorry…” back then?

Yes I absolutely can!

If I´m right, you will play old stuff till the “Cursed” cd only, do you ground arms ahead your fans?

As it is the 20th"Cursed" Anniversary it´s of course the main goal to play mostly stuff from that album...but we are also rehearsing other it depends what the people would like to hear.

You don´t come back with the original line up. Who is MORGOTH now?

Harry Busse (guit), Sebastian Swart (guit), Marc Grewe (voc.), Thilo Mellies (bass) Marc Reign (Drums)

Do you expect an seamless junction that will erase the last 13 years?

We rehearsed a couple of times and the songs already sound like they should sound...It felt really natural!

Can you work in that session – like atmosphere absolutely concentrated, in the same way than you would prepare for a new album and new songs?

We are in the beginning to rehearse so it´s mostly fun to play the songs. The concentration is always there but we still have to work a lot on details, that´s for sure.

How long has it lasted to convince you to come back with MORGOTH. Who gets on your wicks until it has worked?

We got asked a lot of times by fans. But last year also promoters were interested into doing a Anniversary set.

What positions will you play at the fests? Are you not afraid to get run into the ground with a afternoon show at Wacken?

We just will do our thing..I think if people wanna hear the real Old school Morgoth DM, they will party in the Pits of Utumno at any time.

What will happen beside the shows? Live recordings, DVD, re – releases, stuff like that?

I don´t know yet. We haven´t made any plans for that. We just concentrate on the live set at the moment, anything else: we´ll see

What will you do after the summer, if the call for MORGOTH not dies away?

We just take it easy. We just plan until the end of August by now.

Do you miss the old times other while? And is there something that you can enjoy more nowadays than in the past?

It´s mostly great memories.

What have you done after the MORGOTH split? What about INSIDIOUS DISEASE?

I worked for several record companies and am now working it the movie/film business.
With Insidious Disease we are working on new material at the moment. Hopefully we will also to be able to play some shows during the summer.

Who has read “Lord Of The Rings” that time actually?

Me and our drummer ...

Is it a strange feeling sometimes, being a witness and maybe obstetrician of a whole new scene and now you are something like a veteran?

Hehe yes..sometimes it´s funny .

Can´t wait to see you back on stage (PARTY SAN I think, because it´s one of my favorite festivals). Last spot is yours!

Hope to see a lot of supporters in the PITS OF UTUMNO!!