Tuesday, January 18, 2011


MORGOTH are back for some open air shows this summer. They will play the following fests over Germany: 0.-12.06, Rock Hard Festival - 23.-25.06, Deathfeast - 04.-06.08, Wacken Open Air - 11.-13.08, Party.San Open Air. I had a little Smalltalk with singer Marc Grewe about it.

Hi Marc, how are you, what about the preparations for the upcoming summer – shows?

Thanx I´m fine, we are rehearsing for the summer shows. Marc Reign (Ex Destruction) is now with us, which is absolutely working out great!

Why will you do that festival – tour and where will you play? Don´t you raise false hope by the fans, because they could think MORGOTH is reformed for a come back?

We got asked by a lot of fans for this...also from younger kids how did not have to see and hear the band live.

Can you get over the fact, that the fans would not go the same way with MORGOTH with an release like “Feel Sorry…” back then?

Yes I absolutely can!

If I´m right, you will play old stuff till the “Cursed” cd only, do you ground arms ahead your fans?

As it is the 20th"Cursed" Anniversary it´s of course the main goal to play mostly stuff from that album...but we are also rehearsing other songs..so it depends what the people would like to hear.

You don´t come back with the original line up. Who is MORGOTH now?

Harry Busse (guit), Sebastian Swart (guit), Marc Grewe (voc.), Thilo Mellies (bass) Marc Reign (Drums)

Do you expect an seamless junction that will erase the last 13 years?

We rehearsed a couple of times and the songs already sound like they should sound...It felt really natural!

Can you work in that session – like atmosphere absolutely concentrated, in the same way than you would prepare for a new album and new songs?

We are in the beginning to rehearse so it´s mostly fun to play the songs. The concentration is always there but we still have to work a lot on details, that´s for sure.

How long has it lasted to convince you to come back with MORGOTH. Who gets on your wicks until it has worked?

We got asked a lot of times by fans. But last year also promoters were interested into doing a Anniversary set.

What positions will you play at the fests? Are you not afraid to get run into the ground with a afternoon show at Wacken?

We just will do our thing..I think if people wanna hear the real Old school Morgoth DM, they will party in the Pits of Utumno at any time.

What will happen beside the shows? Live recordings, DVD, re – releases, stuff like that?

I don´t know yet. We haven´t made any plans for that. We just concentrate on the live set at the moment, anything else: we´ll see

What will you do after the summer, if the call for MORGOTH not dies away?

We just take it easy. We just plan until the end of August by now.

Do you miss the old times other while? And is there something that you can enjoy more nowadays than in the past?

It´s mostly great memories.

What have you done after the MORGOTH split? What about INSIDIOUS DISEASE?

I worked for several record companies and am now working it the movie/film business.
With Insidious Disease we are working on new material at the moment. Hopefully we will also to be able to play some shows during the summer.

Who has read “Lord Of The Rings” that time actually?

Me and our drummer ...

Is it a strange feeling sometimes, being a witness and maybe obstetrician of a whole new scene and now you are something like a veteran?

Hehe yes..sometimes it´s funny .

Can´t wait to see you back on stage (PARTY SAN I think, because it´s one of my favorite festivals). Last spot is yours!

Hope to see a lot of supporters in the PITS OF UTUMNO!!


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