Friday, February 25, 2011


You have to check out GORE OBSESSED, formed by a freak possessed from the good old grinding days mixed with great 70th/80th European horror flicks. You think there are a lot of them out there…yes maybe. But only a hand full of them can transfer their emotions into intelligent and rigorous brutal music. Take a listen to this remarkable one – man wrecking ball!

Hi Justin, how are you, I hope your band name GORE OBSESSED ain´t to do too much with CANNIBAL CORPSE?

Hi Jörg and all the Fatal Grind readers! I'm good, I got a few new GxOx activities going. Haha, when I was trying to think of a name, I wanted something that would show my love for Horror and Gore (unfortunately I couldn't find a fitting Impetigo song title to rip off). I saw the title of the Cannibal Corpse album I thought, I'm OBSESSED with GORE movies so that fits perfectly. It's not a tribute to CC (though I enjoy some of their early work...I don't like the albums with Corpsegrinder!)'s a shame that the name links to CC but I like it and it fits my vision.

You told me you play all instruments by yourself because there are no other talented guys in your area. But maybe it is about an big ego and you are an control freak, What would your psychologist say?

My psychiatrist would have a lot of 'interesting' things to say...none of which would be nice haha! I'm sure there are way more talented guys in this area...somewhere. Either I've not met them or they aren't into Death/Grind. It's probably down to me being a control freak and wanting GxOx to be a real one-man project where I can do whatever I want without having to listen to others haha. I've been working with a drummer and a vocalist in Turkey for a possible future project (but it takes a lot longer to get the material finished than working by myself).
Don´t you want to grind on stage, throwing bloody riffs into the crowd?
Yes and no...of course it's loads of fun being on stage destroying peoples hearing but it's not something I crave, I rather spend time recording new shit. If I was to play live I'd want it to be as a band with other members so I don't have to be the focal point.

Most people think GORE OBSESSED is just another Gore Grind project until they hear it first time. What are you? What influenced you?

I reckon it's some sort of old-school Goregrind...Death/Grind, with a bit of Grindcore...I play and that's what comes out. Actually I'm trying my best to sound like Impetigo...and failing haha. As for the influence, IMPETIGO! to me 'Horror of the Zombies' is the greatest album ever! Impetigo are the biggest influence on me. Other bands that have influenced me...Oxidised Razor (I love those sick bastards! after Impetigo they've been a big influence though it might not be that obvious), Dead (their sleazy style is something I've taken 'inspiration' from), Jungle Rot (those riffs! simple yet effective), Gut (the early recordings without the shit hip-hop!) and the gods of Mince, Agathocles (though they wouldn't agree with my Horror lyrics). Combining those musical influences along with the visual influence of Fulci, Argento and Troma movies GxOx is formed.

Tell me about your releases!

So far I've released mostly free EP downloads and a few splits (there should have been more splits but most never seem to get past the discussion phase). The EPs have been a good way to work on my musical ideas and trying to get a better sound mix. They've also helped in getting the GORE OBSESSED name out there. It's a kick knowing people out there are listening to my songs and hopefully they like them.

You produce songs like on a assembly line. Are you not afraid to be empty any day?

I hope I don't run out of song ideas haha. Some days I get an urge to write and the 'songs' (if you can call them that) flow, I'll have a few which I'll keep and few which get thrown away. I like to constantly work on songs in various stages.

Is constructiveness enforceable?

Not to me, I need to write when I get the urge/inspiration. There have been days I've wanted to write or finish new songs but at the end of the day all I get it frustrated without a single useful idea.

Why don´t you collect enough shit to release a full length. You just use it to do ep´s and splits. Are you impatient?

I'm extremely impatient! Once I've got a couple tracks, I can't wait to get them out there. That being said I'm currently working on the first full-length. It'll contain a few tracks previously released on EPs & Splits (re-recorded, re-mixed/mastered) and a couple of totally new tracks, all lyrics dealing with Italian Giallo films. So far for 2011 there'll be a 5 track EP to promote 2 songs from the full-length, then the actual full-length. After that I'll continue work on the 2nd full-length of which I have half the songs ready. Inbetween that I'll release the next Surgical Infection recording and a some other stuff.

You give away a lot of your music for free on a digital level. Why?

Why not...haha! There's no specific reason. It's up there for everyone to download and listen too. Once the full-length's out or when I eventually get t-shirts made, hopefully people will be willing to support GxOx.

What about the net labels you work with. Do you think this way of distribution has a real future?

I really enjoy working with Torn Flesh Records, it's a great netlabel with a huge fan base. The releases I've put out through TFR have had insane amounts of downloads (whether the downloaders have actually listened to the music is another story haha). I have my own small netlabel (called "Dis-Organ-Ized") through which I released GxOx (as well as a few other great bands) but it doesn't receive anywhere near as many downloads as TFR. Digital downloads are a good way to easily promote and discover new music. The Internet isn't the future, the internet is now! It brings the world to you, so why not use the internet to bring your music to the world...the way you want with all the control in your hands. You don't have to rely on labels or distributors to get your music out there, you can do it all yourself or in combination with other like minded people. Digital album sales have been on the rise and seem to be the future, however, I still prefer a physical copy of an album (CD or vinyl) and hope these formats will still be released for some time. According to sale stats digital music accounts for some 45% of music sales in the US...not sure if extreme music was part of those stats though. Certain people/bands/companies seem to feel threatened by this new leveled playing field where even small D.I.Y bands can get their name out there and build a fan base. They slag-off the 'myspace' band thing, but why would you complain about having more choice? If you don't like it, don't listen to it. People have to stop being lazy and search for it themselves, don't let others form your opinion on what's good or not, listen with an open mind and you'll find loads of quality music out there (either for free or a small amount of money). And support sites like FATAL GRIND and D.I.Y labels which help give a voice to the small bands.

How do you manage the recordings? And what about the cover art?

The recordings are done in my 'Home studio', 100% D.I.Y. With the availability of decent recording software and a bit of experimentation I'm able to record without having to rely on a pro studio (which my budget would never support haha). However, nothing pisses me off more than trying to get a sound I like! Out of the hundreds of different mixes I've tried, I've yet to find one I actually like. I love the cover art aspect of albums and do all GxOx designs myself (I use Horror movie poster art and then mess it up in photoshop to give it a grindhouse feel). The artwork for 'Last Cannibal World' I drew myself (inspired by Stevo form Impetigo) but mostly I stick to using horror posters. I'm a Graphic / Web designer by trade so I've got some experience with layout, design software and such which helps haha.

Covers are like a outstanding art form. Is there any kind of philosophy behind?

Oh yeah! cool cover art is essential. For Gore Obsessed covers I go for the old grindhouse poster style (I'm 'obsessed' with old horror posters haha). I try to link the cover art with the overall theme of the album or the title track. It probably takes me longer to decide on a cover than it does to record the music.

Is your drum machine the measure of all things? What about using real drums any day?

It's not the measure, it's simply a tool which makes it possible to release my songs. I use the drum machine the same way I use guitars and vocals, they are all tools to create the noise, neither more or less important. As for using real drums, who knows. I'd probably have to learn to play them myself seen as I want to keep GxOx as a one-man project...but I don't see that happening. I can get away with sloppy guitars but I'd rather have a good drum-machine than a sloppy real drummer.

What about your passion for 70/80th European horror flicks?

Nothing beats a classic Italian Cannibal, Zombie or Giallo film. the crazy plots, nudity and gore all done with virtually no budget. I love the vivid colors and outrageous stories used by Argento, Bava and Fulci...not to mention some of the greatest soundtracks. Thanks to a great Horror convention in Germany I've had the chance to meet the maestro Argento, as well as a few other Italian Horror actors and actresses and the band Goblin who did awesome soundtracks for a lot of my favorite movies. And finally...Fulci Lives!

Do you have a latent problem with excessive sexual horniness or has this kind of music just to comply some stereotypes?

That's something you'd have to ask my shrink haha! It's probably a mix of both.

Are you just an underground bard or do you endeavor for more?

Definitely just an underground bard. I love this type of music and I love making it...simple as that.

What´s your definition of success?

For me success is achieving what I've set out to do. It's a journey with multiple peaks, were one success builds on another. And it's all driven by my passion for the subject.

You run a second project…with the same potential and zeal?

Definitely with the same zeal, however, I wont be putting out as many releases with Surgical Infection as I have with GxOx. Where GxOx concentrates on my horror / Impetigo obsession, Surgical Infection is all about Pathological Goregrind and medical atrocities. There's a lot of similarities with the music but they come from a different mindset and different goals. At the moment I'm working on a 3rd project (retarded I know haha) which is more grindcore / punk driven. I have a handful of songs (if you can call a 4 second blast a song). This project will be heavily influenced by Agathocles, Sore Throat, Rot and GG Allin. At the moment I don't have a name for the project (any suggestions?), lyrics will probably deal with the shit mankind gets up to, like experimenting on humans, serial killers and war...the usual.

How long will you still fight your single combat?

For as long as the good lord allows me :p (joke) Seriously, who knows...I'll keep going for as long as I can, if I'm joined by others or not, only time will tell.

Last spot is yours!

I'm gonna keep recording this shit...I hope sickos out there will give it a listen!

Friday, February 11, 2011


Sweden’s PUTERAEON released their debut “The Esoteric Order” these days via Cyclone Empire. After 3 strong demos, I wasn’t really surprised of what I got to hear but I´m impressed of every tune because it’s uncompromising toughness! Prepare for an interesting mix of Swedish old school death and British war machine!

Hi Jonas. Tell me something about the idea behind founding a band like PUTERAEON and how it went from a one man project to a real band?

It started out with me just doing some old school riffs. I put a couple of songs on myspace and people wanted to buy the demos. I did a few more songs and released the first demo. In time the pressure became bigger and bigger and I decided that maybe the one man project ought to become a band instead.

Do the experiences from bands like TAETRE, NOMINON in which the members have played, play an important role in PUTERAEON?

Well, maybe not just those 2 bands. Maybe more that we have been playing music for a long time and that we have been on tours and played live numerous times. Experience is good you know. Also, I guess if we hadn't had experience in the musicbusiness, we would probably taken the first offer that was given to us. Now we didn't but waited for the perfect one.

Give me some details about the album and how long you worked on it?

The album was recorded from I think it was 26th July and maybe until a month later or so (at most). Hard to keep track on the time cause we recorded everything except the drums in our own studios. The drums were recorded by my old TAETRE bassist D.K in his studio. I wasn't attending the drum recording due to I became a father on the 22nd of July. So all guitars and vocals were recorded with a sleeping baby in the next room.

Any songs from the demos included on the album? If yes, did you change them at all from their original versions?

Yes there are mainly songs from the demos on the album. All re-recorded and some stuff a little bit re-arranged. We didn't want to throw the old songs in the trashbin just yet, mainly since the demos weren't properly mixed or anything and had drummachine. We wanted them “for real”.

Any “tidbit” on vinyl that is not on cd? If you are loyal to old school death, a CD version should never should exist! LOL

No sorry not. The vinyl is limited though.

What about digipack? I´ve never understood who the hell needs that whole digipack boodle! Can you enlighten me?

Well the digipack is also limited and contains 2 more songs than the vinyl. I think digipack is cool and I think it's fun to have different “additions” of the album. Some people like vinyl some people like digipack, others prefer casette hehehe.

One of the strongest songs on “The Esoteric Order” is “Coma” I think. Tell me something about the work for the video and the idea behind it!

Cool! The work behind it was a mix between a couple of different ideas and the themes or whatever came growing along the process. We wanted parts of a cemetery mixed with a guy in a coma (which later became the priest in the video). And along this we wanted the band playing. The video was filmed by our guitarist Rune Foss and edited by a friend of the band Pontus Bengtsson. I think it turned out very good. Way beyond our own expectations.

The video contains a small intro that is not on the album version. Who had the idea for it and why?

It was Pontus Bengtssons idea. First I think it was because we had trouble with getting the story into the video. I had the idea of the camera going fast over the graveyard and into the crypt, and this was the way it was kept in the video, by adding a intro.

Tell me something about “The Innsmouth Insanity.” Have you forgotten the lyrics in awe of H.P. Lovecraft?

When the song was made there were no lyrics at all and we added 2 samples. On the album we skipped the samples and did vocals for those 2 samples instead. It was made though of as an instrumental song. “The Innsmouth Insanity” obviously refers to the story “Shadow over Innsmouth” and listening to the song you can almost hear the story in the notes and riffs.

What about the lyrical connection to Lovecraft and his dismal novels?

I think it's a cool inspiration. NOT the only inspiration we have or use, but perhaps the most obvious one on the album.

If you write the lyrics, does the rest of the band know what it is about? Or does it matter?

I write the lyrics yes, and I think the other guys know what it's all about. I wouldn't say that our lyrics are most important in our band, but more spice in the dish you know. Adding a bit of flavor to the meal (that is the songs) rather than playing the important part. The music is the most important part in PUTERAEON.

I think your music catches the mood of Lovecraft´s stories very skillfully. Are lyrics and music coordinated to each other, or does it just happen?

I always write the music first. Then after that the lyrics are fitted into the song. I try to feel what kind of song it feels like and try to fit something to the music. If we succeed with it that's great. Some parts are maybe by accident and some parts are carefully planned.

You can´t avoid the cross reference to BOLT THROWER. Take up your position!

It's one really good tank of a death metal band!

But to connect the Swedish sound with a British war machine is very effective, is it not?

It's not like we've sat down and thought these things up hahaha. But maybe you are right. To combine the crush from bands like Bolt Thrower with the “more” melodic attack by bands like Dismember. That's gonna be heavy.

Were all songs given the same attention in the writing process? Are there some in which you need more time to reach the result you want? When does a song finally sound finished to you?

Some songs just come directly, and some needs more attention. Some songs never make it. I usually continue with a songs until I feel it's good enough. Sometimes I start all over a couple times before it feels right and sometimes I discard all the stuff, all riffs and everything just because I can't make it work. Now we have done like this (for the next album). We do like half songs or 3-4 riffs put together and save them. Later we will try arranging those parts together and see what we will come up with.

3 years, 3 demos, 1 album, means that you are a very active band. True?

Probably yes. As I mentioned in the previous questions we have already started writing some material for the follow up although no song is complete yet, but there are more or less like 7-8 “skeletons” created. Sometimes you just have that creation “flow” and sometimes you don't. There are times when I can't write a damn riff too.

Is it easier to get ideas today from music out there now than in it was in the beginning of death metal when all was new?

Probably yes. But we don't want to get to much “new” ideas. We want to stay back in the mud of early 90's stuff.

You say you won’t play extended tours for clear reasons. But don’t you think you miss your chance? It seems you mark irrevocably priorities within the band, is not it?

Depending on what you mean. We don't do this to become “rockstars”. We do this because we love doing this music. When you reached a certain age and you have a family, rent dept to banks and whatever, you can't just run away on a tour (that probably will leave you in a bigger dept). You have a responsibility to yourself and your family. The most part of PUTERAEON have families with small kids. You must understand that we can't just leave them and run out on a tour with no economical income. Eventhough we know it would be really fun, it would be selfish towards our families. That's why we want to reach out to as many people as possible doing festivals instead.

Last spot is yours, can´t wait to see you on Party San stage!

Be there folks! And hope you enjoy the shit. Thanks for the interview and great support!
Cheers! / Jonas